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Welcome to PAO's Live Galactic Activation Webinar for April

Join Colleen and Miles for a lively question-and-answer discussion.

By joining together each month as a group, we can significantly assist the GF
in speeding up the necessary processes that will lead us towards full consciousness.
As always, the Galactics will envelop Webinar attendees in activational energy.

Joseph McNamara, PAO's guest this month, shares his comprehensive knowledge
of Tachyons, which possess an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect.
Tachyon energy integrates and enlivens the energy matrix, which shapes all matter
and our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies as well. All of this in turn
affects greatly our physical health and well-being. And, because it harmonizes all
electromagnetic emissions it also offers excellent protection against all forms
of electrosmog. A healing session inside the Tachyon chamber takes 20 minutes
and has enduring positive effects on every aspect of our being.Joseph answers
our questions and gives us his personal perspective on the multiple levels of
spiritual healing, and the thrilling future that awaits us.

Tachyon Topics include
• Joseph's Mission
• History - The Pleiadean Connection
How tachyon knowledge came to our planet
• What are Tachyons?
• Tachyon Chambers - Benefits of using them
• Tachyon Success Stories
• Tachyon Chambers vs Med Beds (Celestial Chambers)
• Where are Tachyon Chambers located - Can we buy one?

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About Joseph:

Joseph McNamara was born and raised in Ireland.

After graduating medical school, he moved to the United States, drawn there by what he felt was the most open-minded and exciting culture in the world.

In the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, he practiced medicine for over 20 years as a physician. He started in Emergency Care, shifted to Family Medicine, and then felt called to open his own practice. He named it Cara an Anam, which is Gaelic for “Friend of the Soul.”

In 2012, he began working with the Earth-Keeper organization, which aligned with his spiritual interests. As part of the leadership of Earth-Keeper tours he shared his knowledge of ancient Celtic lore.

This organization invited him to travel, which set him on the path of giving presentations to forward-thinking organizations around the country.

He is currently working on a book that explains his innovative theories in depth, although his real gift is the spoken word. During his presentations, audience members often report wonderful feeling and deep realization.

The presentations combine rigorous science with spiritual belief and healing– a winning combination that will take us forward into the Golden Age.

After the Webinar we will answer your questions live.
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Sunday, June 23, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT

Please note: If you are unable to attend on Sunday, June 23, you can still register.
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