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Many of you have mentioned that it is difficult for you to find people with whom you can share galactic information. Some may suffer from isolation while others, in trying to explain your feelings and knowledge to friends, often feel ridiculed, misunderstood or somehow judged.

If you sense that some of your friends, family members and/or colleagues might be receptive, PAO encourages them, and you, to tune in to this special Webinar on YouTube.

Have you ever asked yourself:

- why our world is in such chaos

- where humans originate from

- if our planet could be made more pristine

- about life on other worlds

Learn the answers to these questions, and many more, during
Sheldan Nidle’s FREE Webinar, Galactic Humans 101

• My Story And My Mission
• About PAO
• Our History & ET origins - Starseeds
• The Great Shift - Why Now?
• The Galactic Federation and Other Factors in the Shift
• Becoming Galactic Humans

To assist in the awakening process, we ask you to send this Galactic Humans 101
Webinar link to at least 3 people who are unfamiliar or unclear about galactic information.

Galactic Humans 101 FREE Webinar