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Galactic Activation 16 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 16

Joseph McNamara, PAO's
guest this month, shares his
comprehensive knowledge
of Tachyons, which possess an
extraordinary healing and
harmonizing effect. A healing
session inside the Tachyon
chamber takes 20 minutes
and has enduring positive
effects on every aspect of our
being.Joseph answers
our questions and gives us his
personal perspective on the
multiple levels of
spiritual healing, and the
thrilling future that awaits us.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Joseph's Mission
• History - The Pleiadean Connection
How tachyon knowledge came
to our planet
• What are Tachyons?
• Tachyon Chambers - Benefits
of using them
• Tachyon Success Stories
• Tachyon Chambers vs Med Beds
(Celestial Chambers)
• Where are Tachyon Chambers located
Can we buy one?

About Joseph:

Joseph McNamara was born and raised in Ireland. After graduating medical school, he moved to the United States, drawn there by what he felt was the most open-minded and exciting culture in the world.

In the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, he practiced medicine for over 20 years as a physician. He started in Emergency Care, shifted to Family Medicine, and then felt called to open his own practice. He named it Cara an Anam, which is Gaelic for
“Friend of the Soul.”

In 2012, he began working with the Earth-Keeper organization, which aligned with his spiritual interests. As part of the leadership of Earth-Keeper tours he shared his knowledge of ancient Celtic lore.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, June 23, 2019

GAWA-16 $13.95 U.S.

GAW15 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 15

This month, our Galactic
Activation Webinar guest is
Tricia McCannon,
who is blessed with an
intriguing perspective on life
in 3D and beyond.
Tricia takes us on a thrilling
and empowering journey,
guiding us in the discovery of
our divine galactic purpose
and assisting us in
gaining insights of humanity's
global awakening.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Tricia's Mission
• Lost Civilization of Atlantis
• Angels and Extraterrestrials
• Awakening the Divine Feminine
• Discovering Your Divine Purpose
• Global Awakening
• Timelines

Tricia McCannon Image

About Tricia:
Tricia McCannon is an American
mystic. Over the last 20 years she has
been a headliner at conferences in
many cities around the globe.

Raised in a traditional Episcopalian
home, she blends the wider
perspectives of history, mysticism,
science, archaeology and spirituality
with her own unique warmth and
wisdom, making her a powerful bridge
teacher for thousands worldwide.

She is the author of over 30 DVDs and
13 on-line books, all focused on
personal transformation, awakening
Christ Consciousness and
Global Healing.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, May 19, 2019

GAWA-15 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation
Webinar 14

During PAO's April Webinar
our guest, Meg Benedicte,
shares her unique gift of
understanding subtle energies
and discerning the traumatic
patterns thatrelate to
dysfunction and ill health. By
ascertaining and applying
alternative healing methods,
she will explain how we can
heal ourselves by using
Quantum Healing and
Ascension Activations.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Meg's Mission
• Quantum Access - Transformation
Activation Tool
• Activating Metatron's Sacred Geometry
• Zero point Fields
• Stargates
• Ascension Upgrades

Meg Benedicte Image

About Meg:
Drawing from 20 years of healing
experience and extensive research,
Meg Benedicte has created an original
and powerful healing approach, the
distinctive proprietary process known
as Quantum Access™. By activating
Metatron's sacred geometry,
Metatron's Cube, into a Torus
Merkaba, she can access unlimited
free energy to help eradicate disease,
polarity and the decomposition of time.
Quantum Access™ enables her to
accelerate one's awakened
consciousness to reach higher levels
of spiritual enlightenment.

'By embracing Soul presence, we can
break free of human limitations'

Webinar Date:
Sunday, April 14, 2019

GAWA-14 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation Webinar 13 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 13

Lately, many Starseeds and
Lightworkers have been
experiencing what we
interpret as symptoms of
severe ascension syndrome.
But how can we know
whether they are true signs of
our approaching ascension or
actual medical conditions that
require immediate
intervention? Scott Werner
shares his insights on a higher
dimensional approach to
healing and wellness.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Scott's Mission
• How to distinguish galactic ascension
adjustments from actual diseases
• How to manage ascension symptoms
• How to manage actual diseases
intermingled with ascension symptoms
• Discovering a higher-dimensional
approach to wellness
• How to connect with your
spirit guides for help
• Examining our ascension
preparation timelines

Scott Werner

About Scott:
Scott received his medical degree
from Saint Louis University School of
Medicine. He has lectured extensively
to private and professional groups
throughout the United States,
educating them about multiple healing
modalities and herbal products.

Scott truly believes that all "dis-ease"
is a combination of too much toxicity
and not enough bodily nutrition,
coupled with negative emotions that
deplete our health. He has a very
spiritual understanding of the
approach to wellness. Having worked
extensively with world-class healer,
Katherine Beck, he has mastered a
wide range of healing techniques.

Scott Werner is the author of 2 books
• The Next Step in Human Evolution
• Take Back Your Health

Webinar Date:
Sunday, March 24, 2019

GAWA-13 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation
Webinar 12

February is traditionally the
month of love, and this month,
PAO’s guest is Vidya Frazier.
Vidya will shed her light upon
how we can love ourselves
unconditionally – an essential
practice we must master
before we can experience 5-D

Subjects to be discussed:
• Vidya's Mission
• Get in touch with your
Sacred Heart power
• Emotional heart vs Sacred Heart
• How to begin loving yourself
• Move beyond guilt, shame
and self-hatred
• Handling the challenges
of the “Ascension Void”
• Unconditional self-love and 5-D

Vidya Frazier

About Vidya:
Vidya Frazier is the author of three
books on the subject of Ascension:
• Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
• Ascension: Embracing
the Transformation
• Triumph of the Light

As an author, energy healer, and
transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya
has offered workshops, classes
and public presentations over the past
forty-five years on a variety of subjects
pertaining to spiritual awakening,
drawing on sources from both the
East and the West as well as her
own inner journey. She has presented
at numerous IONS events, the
New Living Expo, and a 5D New
Paradigm conference.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, February 24, 2019

GAWA-12 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation Webinar 11 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 11

Again, this month, we are
joined by Jared Rand,
who is widely known for his
daily global meditation.
Demonstrating his
encyclopedic knowledge,
Jared will answer our
questions and offer us his
personal perspective on the
extraordinary future that
awaits us.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Jared's Mission
• Distraction of World Politics
• Endless Self-Serving Predictions
• Raising Hope with Evidence,
not Empty Promises
• Are Lightworkers Taking on Too Much?
• Combatting Fear - Coping with
Chaos and Self-Doubt
• Med Beds - Celestial Chambers
• Timelines Revisited

About Jared:
My mission is to uplift the
human civilization by
increasing their vibrational
frequencies so they RISE and
assisting them in connecting
with their higher selves or
God Sparks. 

We will leave behind: anger,
sorrow, hate, selfishness,
envy, ego, greed, arrogance, pain, conflict, war, disrespect,
dishonor, prejudice, disease,
poverty, starvation.
saturate all that there is. We

Webinar Date:
Sunday, January 20, 2019

GAWA-11 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation Webinar 10 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 10

Our special guest, Linda Dillon,
is an internationally acclaimed
channel, teacher, author and
healer. In this Webinar, she will
explain how we can overcome
the core issues that control us
and how we can heal, eliminate
and, ultimately, emerge
from them. During the Webinar,
she shares with us a live
channel from our Star Family.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Linda's Mission
• Ascension
• Core Issues
• Inspired Self
• Divine Mother
• Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies
• Live Channel from our Star Family

Linda Dillon Image

About Linda:

As the vehicle for the Council of Love,
Linda channels the vibration of pure
Love into the hearts of those who
work with her. Over the years, Linda
has developed Council classes on the
13th Octave; How To Create; How to
Channel; Joy; Wisdom Vision and the
healing modality of the 13th Octave
LaHoChi. She has channeled hundreds
of inspirational meditations that create
clearing, healing and expansion within
the hearts of the listener.

Prior to committing herself full-time to
her spiritual work, Linda was a
successful health care executive. She
understands the need to make
spiritual matters hands-on and
practical, applicable to all components
of your everyday life. Her purpose is to
assist you in integrating Love and the
conscious state of being into all
aspects of your being. Her goal is to
help you on your spiritual journey in
form - and to know the joy, creativity
and sheer fun of that journey.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, December 16, 2018

GAWA-10 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation
Webinar 9

Scott Werner, PAO's guest this
month, shares his knowledge
of a higher dimensional
approach to healing and
wellness. Scott answers our
questions and gives us his
personal perspective on the
multiple levels of
spiritual healing and the
thrilling future that awaits us.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Scott's Mission
• Our Toxic Environment: An
Environmental Catastrophe
• St. Germain: An Evolutionary
Approach to Survival
• Improving Your Health by Detoxing
• Spiritual Understanding: A Higher-
Dimensional Approach to Wellness
• Spiritual Intuitive Readings: How To
Connect with Your Spirit Guides
• How to Wake Humanity Up

Scott Werner

About Scott:
Scott received his medical degree
from Saint Louis University School of
Medicine. He has lectured extensively
to private and professional groups
throughout the United States,
educating them about multiple healing
modalities and herbal products.

Scott truly believes that all "dis-ease"
is a combination of too much toxicity
and not enough bodily nutrition,
coupled with negative emotions that
deplete our health. He has a very
spiritual understanding of the
approach to wellness. Having worked
extensively with world-class healer,
Katherine Beck, he has mastered a
wide range of healing techniques.

Scott Werner is the author of 2 books
• The Next Step in Human Evolution
• Take Back Your Health

Webinar Date:
Sunday, November 18, 2018

GAWA-9 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation Webinar 8 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 8

PAO’s guest this month Vidya
Frazier, enlightens us on
"Awakening to the Fifth
Dimension". Sharing her
knowledge as an energy
healer, Vidya answers our
questions and gives us her
personal perspective on all
aspects of our ascension
journey and the phenomenal
future that awaits us.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Vidya's Mission
• Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
• Our Spiritual Missions
• Ascension
• Past Lives
• Ushering in a New Earth

Vidya Frazier

About Vidya:
Vidya Frazier is the author of three
books on the subject of Ascension:
• Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
• Ascension: Embracing
the Transformation
• Triumph of the Light

As an author, energy healer, and
transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya
has offered workshops, classes
and public presentations over the past
forty-five years on a variety of subjects
pertaining to spiritual awakening,
drawing on sources from both the
East and the West as well as her
own inner journey. She has presented
at numerous IONS events, the
New Living Expo, and a 5D New
Paradigm conference.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, October 21, 2018

GAWA-8 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation webinar 7 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 7

We are joined this month by
Jared Rand, who is well-known
for his daily global meditation. Accessing a wealth of wide-
ranging knowledge, Jared
answers our questions
and gives us his personal
perspective on an astonishing
future that awaits us.

Subjects to be discussed:
• Jared's Mission
• Dark Cabals
• Population Control
• Earth Changes
• NESARA - Abundance and Prosperity
• New Technologies
• Full Consciousness and Inner Earth
• Timelines

About Jared:
My mission is to uplift the
human civilization by
increasing their vibrational
frequencies so they RISE and
assisting them in connecting
with their higher selves or
God Sparks. 

We will leave behind: anger,
sorrow, hate, selfishness,
envy, ego, greed, arrogance, pain, conflict, war, disrespect,
dishonor, prejudice, disease,
poverty, starvation.
saturate all that there is. We

Webinar Date:
Sunday, September 23, 2018

GAWA-7 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation Webinar 6 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 6

This month, we invited color
therapist Arlene Arnold to join
us. Arlene specializes in
helping those who struggle
with the anxiety that comes of
being highly sensitive and
intuitive. She works with
complementary color tools to
help people de-stress

Webinar Questions:
• How can your color tools connect us
with our chakra system?
• How can we best utilize color in our
meditations and visualizations?
• Why do we like or dislike
certain colors?
• Does our choice of clothing
colors matter?
• How can we use color to overcome
darkness and despair?
• How can we use color for our
highest good?
• Can using color help to unlock our
hidden talents?

Webinar Date:
Sunday, August 26, 2018

GAWA-6 $13.95 U.S.

GA Webinar 5 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 5

So many of you have written
in, asking to be guests on
one of PAO's Webinars.
Since not everyone can be on
at once, we have invited two of
our special friends,
Howard Richman and
Reverend Marilyn Latham,
to join us this month.
They are both long-time PAO
supporters and will give a
grassroots glimpse into
the multitude of galactic
questions and concerns
you may have.

Howard ImageMarilyn1

Subjects to be discussed:
• Galactic Federation of Light
• Dark Cabals
• NESARA - Abundance and Prosperity
• First Contact and Disclosure
• New Technologies
• Ascension - Inner Earth
- Light Chambers
• Full Consciousness
• Divine Time and Coping in 3D

Music for Transformation Image

A special highlight during this Webinar
is a brief sound healing sample,
Music for Planetary and
Individual Transformation
created expressly for
PAO by Howard Richman.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, July 22, 2018

GAWA-5 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation
Webinar 4

Are you being controlled by
events you can't see?

Have you ever wondered why
unexplained dark energies
seemingly take over your
life's path?

Would you like to discover a
way to overpower these dark
energies with the light?

Andrew Downey

Our special guest Andrew
Downey explains how you can
battle the dark forces that
control your urges, feelings
and actions.
You will discover how you can
balance volatile energies to
act in your favor by utilizing
the power of light.

• Explore the interface between your
body and parallel dimensions.
• Discover three critical aspects
that allow you to interact
between dimensions.
• Become aware internally
of this interface.
• Discover what you can do with your
new awareness.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, June 24, 2018

GAWA-4 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation Webinar 3 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 3

Includes several video clips
of answers from Sheldan.

Al Harris

To help us transition through
this galactic growth spurt, we
asked our friend,
Al Harris, founder of Bach
Flower Music, to share his
methods of balancing mental
and emotional turmoil. Bach
Flower Music is based on Dr.
Edward Bach's 38
emotional remedies that have
been successfully used for the
last 70+ years.

Regularly, many of you
contact us, expressing the
following concerns:

• How can I alleviate ascension
syndrome symptoms?
• I'm extremely anxious about the
chaos in the world.
• Why do I cry for no
explainable reason?
• How do I stop worrying about paying
my bills each month?
• What do I do when my family laughs at
me or my Galactic beliefs?
• How can I stop fretting and
get a good night's sleep?
• I hate my job, but need the money.
What can I do?
• My life feels empty and
without purpose.

During PAO's May Webinar we
addressed these questions,
and others, you sent in. Al
answered questions about
how music helps
us to move forward patiently
and calmly on our life's path.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, May 27, 2018

GAWA-3 $13.95 U.S.

Galactic Activation Webinar 2 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 2

Includes several video clips
of answers from Sheldan.

Question Topics Covered:
• The Galactic Federation
• N.E.S.A.R.A.
• Inner Earth
• Tapping Into Heart Logic
• Our Ascended Masters

Webinar Date:
Sunday, April 22, 2018

GAWA-2 $13.95 U.S.


Galactic Activation webinar 1 Image

Galactic Activation
Webinar 1

Includes several video clips
of answers from Sheldan.

Question Topics Covered:
• Sheldan and his Recovery
• Dark Cabals
• Abundance
• Escalating Earth Changes
• Technology Transforming Our World
• Ascension
• Understanding Our Timelines

Webinar Date:
Sunday, March 25, 2018

GAWA-1 $13.95 U.S.

Sheldan's PAO Webinars

UFO Icon Image

Webinar 91 Image

Webinar 91

Previously, Sheldan has
presented Webinars about GF
members of human origin.
Now, the Galactics would like
us to meet some non-human
species of benevolent beings.

In this Webinar, you will meet
the beings know as Antarians,
who are related to what
humans know as the Praying
Mantis. Prepare yourselves for an intriguing and breathtaking
Webinar journey!

Topics include...
• Description of the Antarian home world - where they come from.
• Physical description and lifestyle.
• Special attributes - masters
of sound and light.
• How they travel
• Antarians' place in the
Galactic Federation
• Their role with Gaia and
our Galactic Future

Webinar Date:
Sunday, September 17, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
Healing Powers of Antarians
Click Here

WBA-91 $13.95 U.S.


Webinar 90 Image

Webinar 90

Conspiracy theories and fake
news are modern terms for
sensationalism that aims to
confuse us and lead us away
from our truth.

Sharpening our abilities to
discern that truth is a crucial
step we can take along the
path to spiritual maturity. In
this Webinar Sheldan helps us
understand ways in which we
can hone our capacity for

Topics include...
• How the Cabals have conditioned
humanity to believe their propaganda
• Religion and how it influences
belief systems.
• Selling out to the power of money.
• Spreading cynicism and fear
through fake news.
• False flag events and their
impact on us
• How to separate truth from lies:
developing insights.
• How we can use the gift of
discernment to prepare for
announcements and the landings
• Discernment leading to full

Webinar Date:
Sunday, August 24, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
Separating Truth From Lies
Click Here

WBA-90 $13.95 U.S.


Webinar 89 Image

Webinar 89

The crucial questions
everyone is asking are:
Why are the Galactics so
focused on money
and prosperity?
Why are they not simply fast-
forwarding their arrival?
Why must we first transition
through abundance and
prosperity programs?

In this Webinar Sheldan
explains why a money
transition phase is necessary
as a first step before
announcements and the
landings can occur.

Topics include...
• Power Corrupts - How the power-
hungry cabal has exploited humanity.
• Debt Slavery - How a money-based
system has kept us in servitude.
• Why the Galactic Federation requires
us to transition through prosperity
programs and abundance.
• Why the Cabals are making it so
difficult for us to financially
move forward.
•Why our current banking system needs
to change to allow prosperity funds
finally to be delivered: a look ahead to
when this can be accomplished.
• What happens during delivery of
prosperity funds and after.
• After the transition phase: when and
how we will be able to travel to Inner Earth and enter our light chambers.
• What will happen to our money and possessions once we become fully
conscious beings of light.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, July 23, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
Transition Through Prosperity
Click Here

WBA-89 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 88 Image

Webinar 88

As we inch closer to
disclosure, abundance and
landings, it is important that we
understand the key role
Atlantis has played in
humanity’s destiny.

In this Webinar, Sheldan sheds
light on the many mysteries
that have perpetuated the
Atlantean legend and
bewildered historians
over the years.

Topics include...
• Where did the original Atlantean
colonists come from?
• Why did they come here to Gaia?
Why did they colonize the area now
known as Atlantis?
• Were the original Atlanteans fully
conscious beings?
• What is the legacy of Atlantis and why
did they align with the dark
Ancharan Alliance?
• Why were the Atlanteans allowed to
alter humans' DNA and plunge us into
limited consciousness?
• What event destroyed Atlantis and
caused it to sink into the sea?
• Is the myth of Atlantis part of the
UFO cover-up?
• Are we once again repeating the
missteps of the Atlanteans?
• How important is our connection to
Atlantis? Does it play a role in our
Galactic futures?

Webinar Date:
Thursday, June 21, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
The Atlantis Legacy
Click Here

WBA-88 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 87 Image

Webinar 87

For thousands of years UFOs
have visited Gaia, creating
controversy among her
inhabitants. Over centuries,
rulers and governments have
gone to extreme lengths to
conceal sightings and to
provoke fear and xenophobia
among their citizens.

In this Webinar, Sheldan
provides an overview of UFO
history on our planet and
explains how we are headed
toward disclosure and
landings ... the key to our
galactic future.

Topics include...
• UFOs: a brief planetary history
• Cover-ups: Conspiracy Theories
and Ridicule
• Fearmongering: Creating Xenophobia
• Sightings
• Disclosure
• Landings: the key to our Galactic future

Webinar Date:
Sunday, May 21, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
UFOs and Ascension
Click Here

WBA-87 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 86 Image

Webinar 86

Our path towards full
consciousness has never
been more intense.
Many of us are experiencing
daily episodes of ascension
symptoms. Must we continue
to endure these galactic
growing pains or ...
are we ready now?

Topics include...
• Purpose of ascension - Why now?
• Ascension Symptoms - How to cope
as we transition from 3D to 5D
• The Galactic Federation's role
in ascension
• The Ascended Masters' role
in ascension
• What's left for us to experience before
we ultimately make the shift?

Webinar Date:
Sunday, April 23, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
Divine Change
Click Here

WBA-86 $13.95 U.S.


Webinar 85 Image

Webinar 85

For many years, the Galactic
Federation, Ascended Masters
and Earth allies have been
working towards the defeat of
the Dark Cabals.

This Webinar will discuss why
there have been so many
delays and reveal the GF's
latest plans to overcome the
lingering obstacles created
by the Cabals.

Topics include...
• Who are the Galactic Federation
human first contact team members?
• Who are the Dark Cabals? Why do
they relentlessly create obstacles?
• Why can't the GF arrive immediately?
Why so many delays?
• What can the GF do now to bring about
the defeat of the Dark Cabals?
• Are we as Lightworkers doing enough
to help the GF? Could we do more?

Webinar Date:
Sunday, March 26, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
 Power of Divine Focus
Click Here

WBA-85 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 84 Image

Webinar 84

Feeling overwhelmed by
today's constant barrage
of fear?

The power of Love can free us
to prepare for announcements
and our shift to full

Topics include...
• Dark Cabal's agenda to
manipulate us with fear
• How our 3D system is
built around fear
• The Galactics: benevolent
beings of Love
• How the Galactics will mentor
us to awaken our Love
• How our Love can overpower fear
and move us toward 5D

Webinar Date:
Thursday, February 23, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
 Mitigating Minions
Click Here

WBA-84 $13.95 U.S.



Webinar 83 Image

Webinar 83

2016 was a roller coaster of a
year, with Brexit, the U.S.
election, escalating wars,
terrorist attacks and false flag
events. More and more,
humanity is being subjected
to global turmoil.

In this Webinar, Sheldan
outlines up-to-the-minute
strategies on how the Galactic
Federation, with our Earth
Allies, is working toward
reversing this chaotic trend.

Topics include...
The Latest Word On
• Abundance: Overcoming Security
and Legal Issues
• New Governance:
The Revolutionary Team
Working through an organic process
• Announcements and Disclosure:
Timing - Are we ready?
How it will affect the awakened
and unawakened.
• Ascension: Update on Ascension
Symptoms for both Gaia and humanity
• What's ahead in 2017

Webinar Date:
Thursday, January 26, 2017

To view YouTube Logo Preview
 Growing in Consciousness
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WBA-83 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 82 Image

Webinar 82

In recent days, our world
has been witness to
many surprising events.

The U.S. election, in particular,
has profoundly polarized and
disturbed many people.
During this Webinar, Sheldan
takes us behind the scenes for
a glimpse of the election's
aftermath, discuss humanity's
direction and explain where
Gaia is headed next.

Topics include...
• U.S. election: What's next?
• Brexit
• BRICS: An update
• Distribution of Funds: Where
do we stand now?
• Mass arrests: An update
• Announcement team:
Who will they be?
• Right Divine Time: Are we and Gaia
vibrationally ready yet?

Webinar Date:
Sunday, December 18, 2016

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 Distribution of Funds
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Webinar 81 Image

Webinar 81

Announcements could be
made at any time!
Are you ready?

Sheldan prepares us for a
new life as we become
fully conscious fifth-
dimensional beings.

Topics include...
After the Announcements - How We Will
Prepare for First Contact

• How NESARA will become global
• Creating worldwide peace
on our planet
• Cleaning up our environment
with new technologies
• Restoring our health with
new healing systems
• Re-educating us about our true
histories and origins
After the Landings
• How we will be prepared for
travel to Inner Earth
• Why Inner Earth? And who will
be going to ships?
• Working with our mentors - who they
are and what they will teach us
• What we will do in 5D as fully
conscious beings - work -
leisure - rituals, etc.
• Earth's role as a star-nation and GF
member - our roles within it

Webinar Date:
Sunday, November 20, 2016

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 New Medical Technologies
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Webinar 80 Image

Webinar 80

The time for full disclosure
is drawing closer.

In this Webinar, Sheldan
shows how current events are
unfolding that will culminate in
this long-anticipated moment.

Topics include...
• The latest Galactic perspective
on world events
• Our current drive for disclosure
• The art of discernment
• On the brink of a new reality: Why we
feel torn between dimensions
• Reconnecting to Gaia's 5D grids
• Life in a Galactic society:
How it will transform us

Webinar Date:
Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Merging Earth Grids
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Webinar 79 Image

Webinar 79

It is vital that we understand
how to process these multi-
dimensional frequencies.
Doing so will free us to
gracefully navigate
our way onward to full

Topics include...
• What are dimensions & realities?
• How we constantly create our reality
by playing on the grids.
• Understanding our three
forces of nature.
• Is the 5th dimension a hologram too?
• Duality versus oneness: learning
who we are.
• Our quantum leap in consciousness:
what it means.
• Why all planets and suns are hollow
(debunking the "flat Earth" theory)
• Participating in the true evolution
of our humanity.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Divine Light & Holograms
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Webinar 78 Image

Webinar 78

In this Webinar, you will learn
the key role the Arcturians
play in our understanding
of time and its role in
releasing the divine plan
to this galaxy.

Integral to their sacred
essence is the art of healing,
as they enlighten us in the
ways of harmony and the
reciprocal joys of compassion.

Topics include...
• Arcturian Solar System and
Description of Home Worlds
• Arcturians: Physical Description
• Arcturian Ships
• Arcturus’ Role in Creating an
Expanded Galactic Federation
• Arcturians: Creators of the Galactic
Federation's Revised Medical
Team Program.
• Special Arcturian Update on Our
Ascension Symptoms
• What the Arcturians Teach Us about
Divine Comfort and Divine Nurturing
• Their role with Gaia and our
Galactic Future

Webinar Date:
Thursday, August 25, 2016

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 Supa and Her Fellow Arcturians
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WBA-78 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 77 Image

Webinar 77

We are a diverse population of
7 + billion Souls. Each of us
requires personal mentoring
to prepare us for our own
individual, unique crystal Light
Chamber. These Light
Chambers are designed to
gracefully return us to our
True Selves ~ fully conscious
Beings of Light.

In this Webinar the Galactics,
through Sheldan, will take us
through all the steps needed
to prepare us for this
transformational experience.

Topics include...
• New Governance - Announcements -
• Mentoring to prepare us for
the Light Chambers
• Relocating to Inner Earth
A description of each day in the Light
• Day 1 • Day 2 • Day 3
• Mentors to train us in using
our full consciousness
• Discovering our future roles as fully
conscious beings

Webinar Date:
Thursday, July 21, 2016

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 Our Galactic Mentors
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Webinar 76 Image

Webinar 76

The Galactic Federation has
overhauled their strategies
for defeating the stubborn
cabals. During this Webinar,
Sheldan and the GF will share
their latest plans with us.

Topics include...
• Recap: What is the Galactic Federation
and why did they come to Gaia?
• How are the GF and Earth Allies'
new strategies defeating
the belligerent cabal?
• How will the GF and Earth Allies
speed up their plans for
distributing monies and implementing
new governments?
• What are the latest plans
for disclosure?
• Why must the GF rely on Earth Allies?
Why can't they immediately implement
mass landings and remove the
cabals so we can move towards
full consciousness?
• What is the role of the Ascended
Masters in this operation?
• What are the Agarthans presently
doing to help the GF?
• What can we as Light Workers do right
now to help the Galactic Federation?

Webinar Date:
Sunday, June 19, 2016

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 Awakening Our Potential
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Webinar 75 Image

Webinar 75

As part of our next steps
toward full consciousness,
we will need to intergrate
our divine feminine and
masculine energies.

In this Webinar the Galactics
help Sheldan explain
how we can tap into and
balance this vital energy.

Topics include...
• Reviving the Divine Feminine
• Re-evaluating Divine Masculine
• Understanding the Anunnaki's myths
surrounding the Feminine & Masculine
• Balancing divine feminine and
masculine energies ~ Preparing us
for full consciousness
• How the Galactics are balanced
with these energies
• Discover how we can tap into this
energy to become more balanced
• How our galactic Mentors will help us
to become integrated galactic Humans

Webinar Date:
Sunday, May 22, 2016

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 Reviving the Divine Feminine
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Webinar 74 Image

Webinar 74

Divine timing is the universal
clock, of which we and our
planet are a part.
It cannot be hurried, and
we must trust it.

Live Webinars give us the
opportunity to work together.
With positive intent, we can
collectively help to change
this reality.

Topics include...
• Understanding the nature of
3D vs 5D time
• Enduring frequent time delays:
Learning to trust the process
• Understanding the Divine Order:
Divine Time for... Announcements -
Disclosure - Landings - Mentoring
• Doing our part: Working together to
prepare ourselves as we await
our reality shift.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, April 24, 2016

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3D vs 5D Time
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Webinar 73 Archive Image

Webinar 73

Understanding the process
of transitioning from our 3D
world to a 5D world of
full consciousness.

Topics include...
From debt slavery to freedom
• How corporations will change:
co-operation and collaboration
with all employees
• Changing our perceptions of banks
and their role in our lives
• Money has a consciousness:
importance of shifting the
meaning of money
Preparing for Contact
• Old paradigm melting: how do we
transition to a new 5D world?
• How to manifest our deepest desires
by stimulating our imaginations
• What fulfills us in life - Making a plan
for our pursuit of happiness
• Selamat Ja! - Be in Joy. What does
that mean to you?

Webinar Date:
Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Growth of Consciousness
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Webinar 72 Image

Webinar 72

We are on the brink of receiving
prosperity funds as we unite in a
great shift of our current
debt slavery system. In this live
Webinar, Sheldan, guided by the
Galactic Federation, explains
what is to happen to us, during and
after funds are delivered, to prepare
us for the coming changes.

Topics include...
Prosperity Funds:
Why must prosperity funds be
delivered before Disclosure?
How will First-World countries receive
prosperity funds? 3rd-World countries?
Debt Forgiveness:
How will debt forgiveness serve
to end our debt slavery?
What will happen to the banks and
bankers? To corporations and
their shareholders?
New governance:
How will the new government
be formed?
What will happen to the people currently
running our governments?
Release of new technologies:
What type of technologies will be
released in conjunction with
the prosperity funds.
What type of technologies will be
available after the landings?
Managing our funds:
What do we do with our new funds?
How will our lifestyles change?
How long after the abundance program will the landings arrive?
After the landings, how long will it be
until we are mentored?
How will we be mentored?

Webinar Date:
Thursday, February 25, 2016

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End of Debt Slavery
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Webinar 71 Archive Image

Webinar 71

The Cetaceans are fully
conscious beings. They are in
touch with their divine selves,
and communicate with the
Spiritual Hierarchies and the
Galactic Federation of Light.

In this Webinar, you will learn
where they come from
and their special purpose
for inhabiting Gaia.

Topics include...
• Their origins
• Types of Cetaceans
• How they came to Gaia
• Where else they exist other than Gaia
• Their mission on Earth
• Cetaceans and their connection
with humans
• What happens to Cetaceans
after the landings

Webinar Date:
Sunday, January 24, 2016

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Aquatic Cetaceans
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Webinar 70

During this Webinar
Sheldan explains how the
Andromedans will propel us
towards our Galactic
spiritual scientific future

Topics include...
• Migration from Lyra: Largest
Confederation in Galactic
• Known for their Racial Diversity ~
origins for Earth’s brown, yellow
and red races
• Our Galaxy’s Leading Spiritual
Scientists ~ Innovators for
most GF Technology
• Architects of our Individual Crystal
Light Chambers
• Introducing Andromedan Ships
in the Fleet
• Buddha is an Andromedan
Ascended Master
• Fourth Star of the “GREAT SQUARE
OF WISDOM” in our Galaxy

Webinar Date:
Sunday, December 20, 2015

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Andromedans' Origins
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Webinar 69 Image

Webinar 69

In his youth, Sheldan was
educated by the Sirians, who
prepared him to be a herald of
the Galactic Federation.

During this Webinar he
explains why they are so
pivotal in advancing us
towards our Galactic future.

Topics include...
• Origins of the Sirians.
• The Sirians educate Sheldan
• Sirians: Guardians of the
Sacred Blue Lodge
• Sirian role in Lemuria and later Egypt
• Sirian influence on humanity after
the fall of Atlantis
• Sirian Starseeds
• Sirian/Cetacean Connection
• Their role with Gaia and
our Galactic Future

Webinar Date:
Sunday, November 22, 2015

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My Sirian Education
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Webinar 67 Image

Webinar 68

In this extra special Update
Webinar, Sheldan explains
what is happening to Gaia
and all of us right now!

Topics include...
• How the Galactic Core
Energies are affecting us
• Gaia's current ascension symptoms -
mini-Earth changes
• How the reality shift is affecting us
• The Galactic option - the New You
and prosperity
• NESARA: how we will celebrate
our new freedom
• Our actions can help (the Universe
rewards action!)

Webinar Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015

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Our Shifting Reality
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Webinar 67 Image

Webinar 67

Like a collapsing house of
cards, our 3D world is
teetering and about to topple.

With our awakening
perceptions of reality, we are
now able to help the Galactics
even more. Discover how the
'new you' is assisting in the
acceleration of our
consciousness shift.

Topics include...
• How the "New You" is altering
your perceptions
• Developing a new consciousness
• How the concept of transparency is
changing your world
• What once was acceptable is no
longer good enough
• A new science is transforming
our world
• Prosperity, ETs and new governance
• Relearning how we perceive ourselves

Webinar Date:
Sunday, September 27, 2015

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Divine Reality & Prosperity
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Webinar 66 Image

Webinar 66

The Pleiadeans played, and
are playing, a key role
in the future of GAIA
and Humanity.

This Webinar will reveal why
they originally came here and
how they will help us all to
become galactic humans.

Topics include...
• Pleiades ~ The Seven Sisters
of Taurus .
• Origins ~ Their link to Andromeda
and Lyra
• Pleiadean Ships ~ Their fleet
as it looks today
• 12 Clans of the Pleiades
• Gaia's History: Galactic wars, the
Anunnaki and more
• Pleiadeans' role in the Galactic
• Our joint Galactic Future

Webinar Date:
Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Pleiadeans and Synesthesia
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Webinar 65 Image

Webinar 65

Usually, when PAO prepares a
Webinar, we know in advance
what the topics will be. But in
July’s unique Live Webinar, for
the very first time, the Galactic
Federation transmitted to
Sheldan, instantaneously,
a fluid Galactic report
on our progress.

The GF tuned in to our
collective needs, and Sheldan
translated their message to us.

You will learn how our light
body integrations are being
accelerated, and be given
new information on the
abundance program.

Webinar Date:
Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Redefining Prosperity
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Webinar 64

Galactic energy flows
continuously, assisting in
raising our vibrations.
It is a gift that intensifies our
potential for more
synchronistic moments.

In this Webinar Sheldan
explains how we can use this
heightened energy to prepare
us for full consciousness.

Topics include...
• Awakening to our new energy systems
• Importance of connecting
with your I AM Presence
• Adjusting to new perceptions ~
Tuning into the flow of life
• Heart Logic ~ Honing your intuition
• What the Indigos are teaching us
• Intersecting our human energy
with divine energy

Webinar Date:
Thursday, June 30, 2015

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Webinar 63 Image

Webinar 63

The Galactic Federation has
informed the PAO that the
energies we created during
our last couple of Webinars are growing in a most positive
way and they are pleased.
They encourage us to keep
the momentum going.

In this Webinar, Sheldan
outlines ways for us to carry on
this momentum as we await
abundance, announcements
and disclosure.

Topics include...
• Making sense of the unexplained:.
• Tipping the scales ~ taming the Cabal.
• How the rising consciousness is
affecting our global society.
• How we can cope while becoming
Galactic Humans.
• Why so many delays
and strategy changes?
• Getting ready for a Quantum
Leap in Consciousness.

Webinar Date:
Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Sacred Divine Reality
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Webinar 62 Image

Webinar 62

So many of us, now, are
struggling with the meaning of
time. We wonder when, at long
last, the Earth Allies will
distribute the abundance
money so we can take the first
steps in our joyful journey
toward full consciousness.

In this Webinar, Sheldan brings
us the latest information on
current abundance timelines
and explains how we are
gradually overcoming the
obstacles put in place
by the dark cabals.

Topics include...
• Timing - Why the GF must be cautious
• Dark Cabal - Cause of Delays
• Earth Allies & Secret Societies -
Their mission
• Abundance Program - Funding and
testing the new system
• The role of NESARA
• The BRICS countries ~
Alternative to the cabal
• Need for patience: 3D time vs 5D time
• A new society - A new GAIA

Webinar Date:
Thursday, April 23, 2015

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BRICS & Prosperity
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Webinar 61 Image

Webinar 61

In this singular time of human
history, spirituality and
science are in the process
of converging into a
new paradigm.

In this Webinar, you will
learn the role science
plays in merging with our path
to full consciousness.

Topics include...
• Science of Lemuria Returns: Breaking
the Matrix using Spiritual Science
• Exploring Spiritual Wisdom: The
science of miracles
• The New Harmonics tap
into the World of Spirit
• Look to nature for answers
• Understanding what we
can't see or prove
• How we will benefit from new
(Lemurian) Science

Webinar Date:
Sunday, March 22, 2015

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Spiritual Wisdom
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WBA-61 $13.95 U.S.

Love Image Webinar 60

Webinar 60

Divine Love, Light
and Creation

In this Webinar, Sheldan talks
about love as a unique energy
and the life force that drives
our ascension process.

Topics include...
• The real meaning of Divine Love
• AEON and Divine Creation ~
We are in the 6th Creation
• Defining Spiritual and
Physical Creations
• Dark Love ~ Limited
Consciousness in Action
• The real purpose of karma
and the Akashic Records
• Love returns us to Joy ~
Our natural state of Being

Webinar Date:
Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Divine Love
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Webinar 59 Image

Webinar 59

The Galactics asked Sheldan
to present this very special
Webinar. It will prepare us for
2015, which ushers in a new
epoch for humanity.

Topics include...
• Why humans were selected
as Gaia's guardians.
• Battle between Atlantis and Lemuria.
• Why were we created?
• How were we created?
• Rise of the Anunnaki.
• How the legacy of the past
affects our present.
• Realizing the heavenly
prophecy of Michael.
• 2015 and beyond ~ a new
epoch for humanity.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, January 18, 2015

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We are Galactic Beings
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Webinar 58 Image

Webinar 58

After the landings, those of us
who are currently incarnated
on Earth will relocate to Inner
Earth, another planet in this
solar system, or travel to
another star system.

In this Webinar we will learn
about the new places we will
go and what our possible roles
will be in Galactic Society.

Topics include...
• Inner Earth
• Venus
• Mars
• Maldec
• Travelling beyond our solar system
• Life within a planet
• Keeping a planet's surface pristine
• Our future roles as Galactic Humans

Webinar Date:
Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Planets & Gravity
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WBA-58 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 57 Image

Webinar 57

Considering the extent of
cabal corruption on Earth,
many wonder why Gaia became
the object of the Galactics'
attention and concern.

In this Webinar, Sheldan
examines the reasons Gaia
came to be a key to this
Galaxy's shift in

Topics include...
• Why Earth/Gaia is a key
water planet in this galaxy
• Why Earth/Gaia?
Considering the levels of cabal
corruption, why did Heaven choose us?

The Gaia Cetacean Human Connection
• Gaia and Humans I: Together, we are
raising each other's vibrations
• Gaia and Humans II: Why are we
almost ready for first contact?
• Gaia's Secret Sacred Societies
• Gaia's Earth Allies
• What are our current roles as
• Gaia: a pristine and exquisite new
world after the landings

Webinar Date:
Thursday, November 20, 2014

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WBA-57 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 56 Image

Webinar 56

We are evolving back
to oneness!

Each member of the Galactic
Federation brings a specific
skill to their role in the first
contact process. In this
Webinar, Sheldan presents the
various GF first contact team
members and describes how
they will assist us in our shift
to full consciousness.

Topics include...
• Who was King Atlas?
Where did he go wrong?
• Are we repeating the
last days of Atlantis?
• Decoding Current Events ~ political
and economic realities
• Galactic Federation Members ~ their
key roles and how they are helping us
• Agarthans are walking among us ~
what is their role?
• Returning to Unity Consciousness
(Returning to Oneness)

Webinar Date:
Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Galactic Federation Member Roles
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WBA-56 $13.95 U.S.


Webinar 55 Image

Webinar 55

Lightworkers - Starseeds are
experiencing unprecedented
bouts of health changes. This
is a sure sign that the galactics
are readying usfor an imminent
shift. It is happening now, and
we as wayshowers are in
the midst of changing
our vibrations.

Coping with this preparation
requires cosmic common
sense. This Webinar will help
us develop a true
understanding of how the
Ascension process is
preparing us vibrationally so
that we can attain the galactic
frequency we need to
move ahead.

Topics include...
• Shedding our Ancestral Baggage
• The Battle between Head vs Heart: Trusting our Heart Logic
• Experiencing Awakenedness:
Dealing Sensibly with 3D
• Creating Realistic Expectations: We are a reflection of our readiness
• The role of the Galactic Federation: Medical Teams and us
• Cosmic Healing
• Are we ready?

Webinar Date:
Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Head vs Heart Logic
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WBA-55 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 54

The most anticipated event in our quest for higher consciousness is the announcement and arrival of
the Galactic Federation.

Topics include...
• How disclosure will affect our
societies, religious beliefs,
scientific theories...
• When, and how, disclosure
announcements will be made.
• Why E.Ts are benevolent and not
here to colonize earth.
• Off-world technologies we are using
now and will be using in the future.
• What must happen before full
disclosure is possible.
• The rise of a new economic system.

Webinar Date:
Sunday, August 24, 2014

To view YouTube Logo Preview
Road to Disclosure
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WBA-54 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 53 Archive Image

Webinar 53

Sheldan talks about Ascension:
what it is...
its implications for humanity...
and how we arebeing prepared
for a transformative shift in

Topics include...
• What is Ascension?
• Why Ascension now?
• Ascension and Our Reality Shift
• Ascension Syndrome
• Why Individual Light Chambers
are Needed
• Why We Need to be Mentored
• Joys of being Fully Conscious

Webinar Date:
Thursday, July 24, 2014

To view YouTube Logo Preview
What is Consciousness?
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WBA-53 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 52 Archive

Webinar 52

Every person on this planet is
a victim of 3D conditioning.
By amplifying and playing on
our fears, the cabal
systematically seeks to
program us into conforming
to their agenda.

Sheldan will help us
understand our conditioning
cocoon and show us how
to break free.

Topics include...
• The Politics of Deception
versus NESARA
• Transforming Corporate control
and Bank Fraud
• Media Conditioning: T.V.,
Internet, Entertainment
• GMOs: Contaminating the land,
crops and organic farms
• Education: Watering down knowledge
while dumbing down schooling
• The Ascended Masters and
the Quiet Revolution
• How We can Shed our
3D Conditioning

Webinar Date:
Thursday, June 26, 2014

To view YouTube Logo Preview
Connect with True Self
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WBA-52 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 51 Archive Image

Webinar 51

Our Sun, Earth, and Moon
each project special energies
that influence us as we
prepare for ascension and
full consciousness.

In this Webinar, Sheldan
describes the nature of these
powerful forcesand explains
how we can use them to
our advantage.

Topics include...
Sun: The Sun as a Heavenly Body (Star)
Sun Spots – Solar Flares
Truth about Global Warming
Earth: Meridians – Grids
Sacred Sites - Stewardship
Moon: Its Purpose – Moon Phases
Tides – What is the Moon?
• Sun • Earth • Moon and our
Ascension Process
••• How We can Tap into this Energy

Webinar Date:
Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Energy Meditation
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WBA-51 $13.95 U.S.

PAO Webinar 50 Image

Webinar 50

Sheldan explores the
dramatic events around
us and uncovers clues about
imminent change

Topics include...
• Hugely Destructive Earthquakes
• Collapsing Economies
• More UFO Sightings
• Odd Climate Changes
• The New Psychic Children
• Growing Power of the Internet
• Hints of Disclosure

Webinar Date:
Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Future Earth
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WBA-50 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 49 Archive

Webinar 49

Sheldan shares his
experiences aboard
motherships and with his
many contacts with the
Galactic Federation.

Topics include...
• Aboard the Mothership:
The Sirians and I
• How I First Learned about
My Future Mission
• My Current Mentors and Contacts
• Spiritual Love in Galactic Society
• The First Contact Mission Today
• Where We Stand Now

Webinar Date:
Sunday, March 23, 2014

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My Galactic Training
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WBA-49 $13.95 U.S.

Webinar 48 Image

Webinar 48

How conscious are
we at present?
How far have we come since
the Galactics began upgrading
our DNA and Chakra systems?
Are we ready yet?

Topics include...
• What is full consciousness?
• How long will it take before we are vibrationally ready for this encounter?
• Who will our mentors be? How will
they work with us?
• How will the Galactic Federation
and Ascended Masters
announce their arrival?
• Will there come a point when the
Galactic Federation
and Ascended Masters
force the Cabals to give up their hold on
us? Will they simply come, ready or not?
• Who will our mentors be?
How will they work with us?
• What should we do now, as we await
announcements, disclosure and
our mentors?

Webinar Date:
Sunday, February 23, 2014

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Mentoring Consciousness
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Webinar 47 Archive Image

Webinar 47

In recent years, weather
patterns have escalated,
becoming more and more
extreme. What will this
mean for humanity?

Topics include...
• Global Warming:
The truth behind the propaganda
• Extreme Weather:
Snow in the Middle East - Severe floods
- Hurricanes /Typhoons
Ice Storms - More droughts -
Change in Wind Flows
• Chemtrails: How they are
used against humanity.
• Sun's pole reversal
- Earth'spole reversal
• Earthquakes - Volcanic Eruptions -
Melting Ice Caps .- Rising of the Seabed
• Effects of Pollutants: Fossil Fuels - Fracking - Microwave Radiation
• How are we to survive these
escalating earth changes?
• 2014: The wonders that are next

Webinar Date:
Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Gaia's Pole Shift
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Webinar 46 Image

Webinar 46

Sheldan explains the many
levels of energy that power
our physical and spiritual
realms and are propelling our
shift into full consciousness.

Topics include...
• Spiritual and Etheric Energy - Auras
• Emotional Energy - Mental Energy (right brain - left brain)
• Magnetic Energy - Planetary Energy (Gaia's Energy)
• Solar Energy
• Zero Point Energy - Propulsion Energy
• How do these energies affect us?
• How can we manage our energies
both in daily life and as we
approach Ascension?
• Energy is the Power for Change
and for Transformation

Webinar Date:
Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Soul Energy
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Webinar 45 Image

Webinar 45

In this Webinar Sheldan
discusses how we as
Starseeds are working in the
front lines and leading the way
towards becoming fully
conscious Galactic Humans.

Topics include....
• The role of Starseeds –
Understanding our missions:
- Before the announcements
- After the announcements
• Leading the way in a changing reality:
- Why and how so few Starseeds
can achieve so much
• Viscerally tapping into our
ancestral memories:
- Feeling the anguish of our ancestors
who long ago were stripped of
full consciousness
• Strengthening our resolve while
coping with ascension syndrome
• Working together: As a collective,
we must hold the intent

Webinar Date:
Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Starseeds are Wayshowers
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First Contact Fleet Webinar 44

Webinar 44

When the landings arrive,
many of us will be invited
to visit spaceships.
Once aboard, we will be
shown many intriguing
aspects of galactic life.

In this Webinar, Sheldan
gives us a preview of what
those visits will be like.

Topics include....
• What types of ships comprise the
fleet and how do they travel
throughout space?
• Sizes and shapes of the ship’s fleet -
typical interiors and what they look like
• What are the differences between
sentient and non-sentient ships?
• What kind of energy or vibrations
do these ships emanate?
• Who make up the personnel onboard
and what do they typically do?
How do they travel around the ship?
• How many ships will be visiting us
during first contact and what is their
purpose in coming?
• Why will scoutships be sent here
when first contact begins?
• If we visit ships, how will our 3D
energy levels be adapted so we can go
aboard comfortably?
• Will some of us go directly to the fleet
instead of Inner Earth to be mentored
into full consciousness?

Webinar Date:
Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Ship Propulsion Systems
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Webinar 43 Archive Image

Webinar 43

A host of events must unfold before the reality shift
can be fully manifested. By working together as partners,
we are bringing ever closer the moment when each
event, like a string of beads, falls perfectly into place.

The divine partners:
Spiritual Hierarchy
Galactic Federation
Ascended Masters
Secret Sacred Society
(Earth Allies) - Agarthans
Gaia - Humans

Topics include....
• How we are working together.
• Why has it taken so long
to coordinate the shift?
• What can we do now to help
make it happen?
• What happens to us before and during, the Announcements?
• What happens to us after,
the Announcements?
• How can we be more patient
while we wait?

Webinar Date:
Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Power of Divine Partnership
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Webinar 42 Image

Webinar 42

In this Webinar, Sheldan
discusses how the Ascended
Masters are supporting us in
our transition to ascension
and the actualization of
our true destiny.

Topics include....
• Who are the Ascended Masters?
• How are they assisting the
Galactic Federation?
• Ascended Masters and our
Spiritual Destiny:
How they are bringing our
compass back to its true direction
• Fulfilling Our Roles in Gaia's
Spiritual Revolution

Webinar Date:
Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Ascended Masters
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Webinar 41 Image

Webinar 41

Sheldan discusses humanity's
true purpose and how we are
realizing our life's contracts
at this extraordinary moment
in Gaia's history.

Topics include....
• Where we come from
• Why we are here - our roles/missions
• Our Guardian Angels and Guides - how they assist us
• Why Earth is so special in this galaxy
• A unique moment in galactic time

Webinar Date:
Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Starseeds as Boosters
for Humanity

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Webinar 40 Image

Webinar 40

In this Webinar Sheldan
updates us on the events that
must intervene before we can
be ready for first contact.

Topics include....
• Recent events pushing
first contact forward
• The Agarthans and first contact
• Growing chaos of dark cabal's war with Galactic Federation
• Weather changes resulting from dark cabal's battle with Galactic Federation
• Ending the fear: exposing
the UFO Cover-Up
• First contact - key to our new reality
• Shifting first contact scenarios

Webinar Date:
Sunday, June 23, 2013

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First Contact is Imminent
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Webinar 39 Image

Webinar 39

Sheldan discusses global
events and how we can help
reset the energies for our
coming new reality.

Topics include....
• Our False Economy – How we
are being fed lies
• Growing the New Economy
• BRICSI Countries – What they
are currently doing
• False Flag Events – How we
arebeing fed fear
• How Can We Discern the Truth from Media Propaganda?
• Time to Recommit to Our Purpose:
Meditation to Set the Energy
for a New Reality
• We are not alone!

Webinar Date:
Thursday, May 23, 2013

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A Refocusing Meditation
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Webinar 38 Archive Image

Webinar 38

In this Webinar, Sheldan
outlines how sacred geometry
and Gaia's sacred energy
sites are helping us to
move forward in the
ascension process.

Topics include....
• The Divine Elements of Creation:
Light + Love = Matter
• Earth's Sacred Crystalline Geometry:
Grids and Portals - Planetary Gates - Earth Chakras
• Pyramids Long Ago -
Light Chambers Now
• How Gaia's Sacred Energies are Helping Prepare Us for Ascension

Webinar Date:
Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Earth's Sacred
Crystalline Geometry

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Webinar 37 Archive Image

Webinar 37

Sheldan answers
your many questions
about the Agarthans

Topics include...
• The Agarthans:
Origins, Society and Customs
• Cities: Crystal and Others
• Inner Earth’s Importance to us
• Our Agarthan and
Galactic Federation Mentors
• Metamorphosis Light Chambers: Why are they needed and are they safe?
• Agarthans’ galactic society versus
our future one
• Final overview: Dispelling the
negative viewpoints

Webinar Date:
Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Hollow Earth
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Resetting Our Solar System Image

Webinar 36

Water planet Earth, a jewel in
our solar system and galaxy,
plays a very important role
in the energy of creation.

In this Webinar, Sheldan discusses how Earth
and our solar system
will be reset when we shift
to full consciousness.

• The Water planets.
• Earth's place in our galaxy.
• Restoring Pax/Asteroid Belt
• What about Nibiru?
• The non-Water planets and their roles.
• The Sun: Importance in galaxy -
Solar flares.
• The Moon: Is it real or man made?
• What about Pluto?
• What other planets will we live on?
• Our solar system and how it is tied into
full consciousness.

Webinar Date:
Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Earth’s Origins
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Webinar 35 Image

Webinar 35

Do you feel forgetful, exhausted, irritable,
disoriented or out-of-sorts?
Do you feel as if one foot is in
3D and the other in 5D?
Do you question when we will finally be vibrationally ready for this transition?

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from dimensional fatigue.

Topics include...

• Walking between Two Dimensions
(3-D and 5-D)
• Latest Adjustments to our DNA
and our Chakras
• How the New Head Chakras Operate
• Galactic Medical Teams and
How They Work With Us
• Physical Ailments Induced by our Constant Adjustments
• Adjusting our Rising Vibrations (Toward First Contact)
• The Ever-Shifting New 5-D Reality

Webinar Date:
Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Body Healing Meditation
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Webinar 34

Webinar 34

The Great Galactic Year...
marked the resetting of
time for the Light to
rise once again

Topics include...
• Significance of the Mayan Calendar
• Dark versus Light
• Why the time collapse is a boost
for the Light, giving the dark
no room to maneuver
• What is the significance of this time?
• How will it affect Gaia and Humanity?
• After December 21, what's next?
• Our Collapsing Timelines:
the process explained

Webinar Date:
Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Converging Time
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Webinar 33

Webinar 33

Sheldan answers your many questions about Galactic Federation Members

Topics include...
• Why have so many GF members
come to earth?
• What are they doing to assist us?
• Human Members: What are they like?
• Non-human Members:
What are they like?
• Who will meet us first when
the landings come?
• Which GF members will mentor us?
• Will some GF members stay here
after we are fully conscious?
• What will happen to the dark cabals?
• Gaia becomes pristine again

Webinar Date:
Thursday, November 29, 2012

To view YouTube Logo Preview
First Contactees
Need to be Human

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Some Webinar Essentials

How does Sheldan communicate to his friends in space?
Although directly linked to the Galactic Federation, Sheldan’s mission is only to be a messenger. When he speaks, he carefully
avoids mixing in his own opinions. By keeping it pure, he keeps the Webinar message true without adding his own personal agenda.

Why do Sheldan's Webinars keep repeating the same message over and over again?
Repetition of truth raises one’s vibration and helps us hold the light. Not everyone understands information in the same way. Presenting
it from many different perspectives helps cover all aspects of a topic. It is important that the GF message touch everyone.

How do we turn a negative into a positive?
Discerning truth creates balance and helps us become patient and confident about our Galactic futures. Focusing on the positive creates
a field of energy to help us complete our journey towards the reality shift and full consciousness.

Why are live Webinars so important?
Most every month for the past several years, Sheldan Nidle has conducted a special live Webinar. The purpose of these live Webinars is to bring together at the same time as many people as possible to share a common energy and hold the light. More and more, it is essential that we as Light Workers not feel alone or isolated and that we connect with like-minded others: during each live Webinar, we are able to join together to collectively bring about the necessary world changes that will lead to our becoming fully conscious Galactic humans.

What happens during live Webinars?
• Galactic Federation teams heighten the energy fields around our planet.
• Special energies encircle all Webinar attendees.
• Galactic medical teams attend to each of us.
• The Ascended Masters bring in Angelic joy.
• During each Webinar Sheldan is directly linked to the Galactic Federation.
• The GF adjusts their message to vibrate with each live audience while Sheldan is speaking.

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