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DNA Activation Meditation

This meditation is for maintaining your structure and allowing your DNA to activate.
There isn't a specified time limit on any step. The time required for each step is up to the individual.

Follow the 6 meditation steps below or Click Here to listen on YouTube Logo

Step 1 Meditation Relax:
Use your selected method to connect to source
Step 2 Purple Light Surround Yourself with Purple:
From Source bring in Purple or Violet energy. Feel it start to
vibrate your Spiritual body.
Step 3 Mediation Surround yourself with an inner layer of Gold:
Feel each cell in your body begin to vibrate to a universal rhythm.
Step 4 DNA Mediation Gold Light Align Your Inner Self Energy with Source:
Move down to the cellular level. Visualize and align your body's
energies with those coming from Source.
Step 5 Earth Angel Image Let the Angels Complete the Process:
Call in your Angels and let your Angels complete your activation process.
Step 6 Meditation Return to Your Normal State:
Finish up by gradually returning to your present conscious state