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Dear Friends of PAO:

My friend, Sheldan Nidle, is one of those rare individuals blessed with the ability to activate people. He is an unassuming man who is possessed of a unique and ennobling mission - to inform those able to hear about changes in our world and our universe. He is a man whom the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy have chosen to act as their spokesman on Earth and, in so doing, to tell us that we are on the brink of first contact.

Every week for the past thirteen years, over the Internet, Sheldan has been transmitting messages from the Galactic Federation. These updates give us knowledge and encouragement: they energize us and reinforce the connection between our lives now and the glory that we know is about to come. Conveying this information through updates, books, DVDs and e-mails, and anchoring in the energy for the Earth's heart chakra are all facets of Sheldan's job. It is his total focus. He has devoted his life to this mission, to passing on the communiqués of the Galactic Federation and to working toward the ascension of Mother Earth and her peoples.

In a recent conversation with Sheldan, I asked him why the updates repeatedly mention that contact is imminent, yet nothing obvious seems to have happened. He told me that the Galactic Federation is now fully ready for first contact.

Miles: But why are they taking so long to appear?

Sheldan: Many layers are in now place, but Heaven is still waiting for the right divine moment.

As I understand it, first contact is not simply a physical arrival. It also includes our shift to full consciousness and is connected to Earth's changes and a shift in Creation. The process is extremely complicated. Added to the mix are the stubborn cabals, who are determined not to give up their power.

Which brings me to my purpose in writing this letter to you.

Contrary to what you may think, Sheldan does not have hidden sources of income. Revenue from his activation materials are not great enough to cover much more than basic living expenses. Since the founding of PAO in 1997, Sheldan has been surrounded by a close circle of friends who have freely volunteered their time and efforts to help him spread his message. Now, we are turning to you.

How Can You Help?

Several years ago, PAO introduced a voluntary subscription program to support Sheldan's FREE weekly updates. It works like this: If you enjoy reading them, we ask that you send PAO a contribution, perhaps the price of a good book or your favorite magazine subscription. Renew your subscription now! Your contribution will enable PAO to continue providing our free updates.

The other way you can help PAO is by ordering our books, videos, DVDs, etc. These activation materials are based upon subjects you have requested, or are important communications given Sheldan by the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy. They are powerful consciousness-raising tools that help to explain what is actually going on, here on planet Earth, and the current status of first contact.

We at PAO are deeply grateful to you for giving immediate attention to our request for financial help.

Webmaster for the PAO
Miles Simons

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