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Planetary Activation Organization (PAO)

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Have you ever asked yourself:

- why our world is in such chaos

- where humans originate from

- if our planet could be made more pristine

- about life on other worlds

Learn the answers to these questions, and many more, during
Sheldan Nidle’s FREE Webinar, Galactic Humans 101

Topics Include:
• My Story And My Mission
• About PAO
• Our History & ET origins - Starseeds
• The Great Shift - Why Now?
• The Galactic Federation and Other Factors in the Shift
• Becoming Galactic Humans

Galactic Humans 101 FREE Webinar

Who is Sheldan Nidle?

When Sheldan Nidle was a young boy, he and his sister were contacted by Sirian 5th- dimensional beings who were members of the Galactic Federation. For a number of years, Sheldan was educated aboard a Sirian mothership. When he was14, he decided to go his own way and pursue an interest in science. Some years later, the Sirians contacted Sheldan again and explained that he was needed to represent the Galactic Federation on earth. His mission: to spread the message that we are to become Galactic Humans and to activate that awareness in humanity. In 1997, Sheldan founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO).

Over the years, Sheldan has provided lightworkers with weekly GF updates and numerous Webinar lectures. He does not channel his messages but is contacted through an implant. For over 20 years, he has revealed almost everything we need to know about our past, present and Galactic future

Galactic Human Links:

o PAO Webinar Archives (Covering every aspect of our past present and Galactic future.)

o Sheldan Nidle Books

o Subscribe to PAO's Galactic News Letter

o Donate to the PAO

Galactic Human Webinar Video Clips:

Our History & ET origins - Starseeds

A New Reality - Why Now?

Galactic Federation - Who are they and why are they here now?

Ascended Masters

The Dark Cabal - Money and Power "beating them at their own game."

Transitioning from our existing money system and from debt slavery

Divine Timelines