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Who is Sheldan Nidle?
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Galactic Heart Messages

Healing My Ancestral Lines

After reading a recent posting from Hilarion, I remembered that I was inspired to focus on healing my ancestral lines of dysfunctional patterns. My Mother's side of the family which is predominately Irish took me back to what happened to the Irish Celts when Christianity wanted to abolish the Celtic culture. Because Celtic women were considered "warriors" the church had to take away their power and condemn anyone who supported them. Women were deemed to be witches and persecuted. This was the beginning of my ancestral lineage to be strong women but silent for fear of being hung, set afire, publically ridiculed, etc.

Personally, I have worked on this "ancestral baggage" because as a Starseed I have come to planet Earth to speak my Truth, reunite us with our Galactic families and transform duality into Oneness. When doing my inner work I discover my fear to step further out with my mission. Some would say that I am already "courageous" with our PAO mission. However, there is so much more to do. So by going even deeper into my ancestral fears, I clear the path for my ever expanding spiritual nature. Remembering my "star lineage" aways brings me to tears...tears of Joy as the Love I feel is so immense I can hardly contain it in this current body temple.

I love this quote from Hilarion's message. It speaks to my heart:

"As you work upon the refinement of duality, let it not become so weighty that you lose your perspective. Make time and take the time, for frequent breaks from your dedicated efforts. When you do this you come back refreshed, revitalized and regenerated, filled with renewed enthusiasm and passion for your projects and goals. The fire within you that aspires to greatness of spirit and creation burns brightly once again and moves you forward on your noble quest in the search for higher meaning in life."


PAO's webinar (archive), Cosmic Common Sense, helps us to explore how to shed our ancestral baggage. It is a good resource as we raise our vibrations and embrace our evolving spiritual path.

Blessings of Love to All...


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