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Galactic Heart Messages

Magic of Ritual

I'm so jazzed. I have wanted to get a drum for awhile now. When I go to full or new moon circles, I usually use a rattle which is nice also. Monday night (July 27th) I met with 12 other friends to make a hand drum for ritual. The process of creating my drum has been amazing and a very spiritual journey.

When my friend, Ursula, was taking the order for my drum kit, I have to say I didn't know anything about size, skins, materials. She asked which skin did I want: deer, horse, elk or buffalo? I closed my eyes, went to my heart and asked: Buffalo came in strong. When the kit came, Ursula, gave us our hoops so we could write a dedication on the inside of the hoop. I set aside time to listen to my heart for words to honor my drum. First I smudged my space and lit a candle setting an intention for the future drum to speak to me. Before writing my dedication, I received the message to go look up buffalo medicine. Here's what I found which was perfect for me.

Buffalo Power Animal Symbol of Abundance

Buffalo medicine includes abundance, manifestation, protection, earth creativity, feminine courage, knowledge, generosity, hospitality, sharing work, courage, strength, challenge, survival, giving for the greater good, formulating beneficial plans for all.

Those with buffalo as power animal must walk a sacred path, honoring every walk of life. Buffalo will assist you in establishing a deep connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Pray/meditate/focus on harmony and peace among all beings. Ask the Universe for help and be thankful for the gifts brought to you. Buffalo teaches us that true prosperity comes when we are grateful for what we have and when we live in harmony and love with every body and being contained within the universe.(source: shamanicjourney)

My drum is bringing magic to me. I am elated with the process of connecting with buffalo medicine and my drum.

Thirteen people met to assemble our drums. It was a beautiful evening. Now it was time for us to hang our drums to dry. It would take 4-5 days to dry....just in time for the full (blue) moon (Friday, July 31). Whoohoo!

That night I had a dream about being in a circle drumming for NESARA/GESARA to manifest in the physical. Upon awakening, you know that twilight/lucid time before being fully awake, I realized my drum gave me her name (drums are female). It was Glory. In my mind I said, "Oh, Gloria, I like it." **NO, GLORY, I heard loud and clear.** I was so honored and excited about my drum providing her name to me. My heart welled up in gratitude ~ I reveled in the magic of the moment.

On the full moon I woke up early and went to my "healing room". I smudged the room, myself and my drum with sage. I made a sacred intention, lit a candle and began the initiation process by slowly beating my drum. It was beautiful as my drum and I synchronized our energies. After some time, I felt euphoric and deeply connected to both Mother Earth and Father Sky. Thank you Glory. I will celebrate life with you forever more. ZaZuMa! Heartfelt gratitude from my singing Heart for coming into my life and reminding me of the importance of ritual and to always be grateful. ZaZuMa!

Excerpts from Sheldan's book, Your First Contact, on the power of Ritual

As a planet's population develops and grows spiritually. the resonate frequencies of that galactic society continually shift. Hence, endless sets of moments or eternal 'Nows', that change according to the perceived reality, constantly take place. This changing balance between society and planet is maintained by positive group ritual. Ritual is one of the many responsibilities that each podlet joyfully shares with every other. It is an important part of daily life that expresses and maintains the vital connections among planet, individual, and Spirit. Rituals also assist in communicating a sense of the profound. It is this bond that is mainly responsible for all souls' happiness and growth. Ritual is one of the essential ways in which the podlet educates it many members.

Ritual is performed according to the regional location and the specific purpose of each pod. It is also carried out simultaniously on a global basis. Galactic society is established in such a way that many pods of similar purposes are scattered throughout the planet. Intermingling of pods assures that the planet's resonance can be balanced easily. It also permits each pod to come in contact with as many different purposes as possible. The key is to teach all how to blend their energies and join most efficiently and effectively. So you may ask, what is it that they do?

Positive ritual is lovingly performed at the many primary energetic nodes on a planet's surface. Here are located the great ritual temples of galactic society, always constructed according to the principles of sacred geometry. Temples serve as sites for properly balancing the planet's numerous resonate frequencies.

Balancing ritual consists of prayer, meditation, intention, and song accompanied by the inspired use of many great crystals, instruments, and drums found at the temples. In solemn procession, members of different pods bring into being the sacred geometry and chant the sacred oaths of their people. They perform this ceremony to create new balance and give sustenance to their holy Mother ~ the sacred, living Being that is their home.
(Chapter: Galactic Human Society)

As you begin to 're-member' who you are, planetary guardianship becomes one of your major responsibilities. The cetaceans provide a model of guardianship you can benefit from by observing. Through the use of their rituals, their song and their travels (migrations), cetaceans vivify the biosphere. Whale song has been found throughout all the oceans of the world. The actions of whale song are found throughout the skies of the world. Even in the deepest parts of Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the Devas of sky, earth, and water have joyously received the song of the cetaceans. Your world's tribal shamans have full knowledge of its great energies. These wise women and men are well aware that whale song creates necessary, life-sustaining resonace. During every winter in each hemisphere on your planet, the whales' songs bring forth a new and glorious life cycle. (Chapter: Physical Angels)


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