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Galactic Heart Messages

Memories of My Home World

Here's a little story I would like to share with you about my home world. Perhaps it will ignite some memories in you.

Sheldan and I moved to Maui in December, 1996. We were invited to stay with a family who lived in Kula which is up-country – very different than living by the ocean.

All around us were Jacaranda trees. In the spring, for one month, they blossom into the most beautiful purple flowers. Then the flowers fall from the trees creating a blanket of purple – a breathtaking sight.

One day Sheldan and I were driving back home from a shopping trip. As we drove up the highway the fallen jacaranda purple flowers were covering the road. My heart welled-up in a deep yearning that I could not explain. I started to sob deeply. I told Sheldan, "This is the most beautiful sight I ever seen.
I don't know why I'm crying. Now aren't I silly, why am I crying?" He casually responded, "Oh, you are just remembering your home world, Sirius B. Their vegetation is various shades of purple, browns, rosy corals and oranges. The purple on the ground is reminding you of what might be considered their grass. It is beautiful, isn't it! Oh, and the daily sky of Sirius B is like the fiery rosy/coral/orange of a beautiful Maui sunset."

WOW! I will never forget the mind-jogging and heart-expanding feeling I experienced looking at the purple ground. I wanted to get out of the car and run gloriously through the purple fields – it ignited a desire in me to return to Sirius where Love is the constant – a place where I am eternally happy and nurtured.

Just imagine all the new colors and different combination of colors on other planets that we cannot even fathom today. We have a whole Universe to re-explore once we return to being galactic Humans. Reuniting with our Galactic Neighbors – What a celebration it will be!

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