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Galactic Heart Messages

Mothership greets Colleen

Often after one of Sheldan's webinars, I want to leave the house. Usually I have worked long hours on Saturday and Sunday so I am anxious to leave the house to go for a ride, visit a bookstore or stop for a frozen yogurt. I simply need a different environment.

It was Sunday, June 24 around 2:30 pm when I got in my car. I was on my way to the local grocery store – they had organic blueberries for sale – yum yum, one of my favorites.

Before I reach the freeway, I drive about two miles on a country road. As I was driving toward Hwy 50, I had a strong feeling to look out my left car window. As I did, I was overwhelmed with the power of Love showering me. The sky was filled with cloud ships...the kind you see over Mt. Shasta. I've never seen these type of clouds in El Dorado Hills let alone over a dozen of them. I immediately burst into tears. I was overwhelmed with Joy. When I looked to my right, the sky was cloudless...only blue skies.

With my eyes full of joyful tears, I quickly pulled over to the side of the road. When I got out of my car I spread my arms out to welcome them. "Blessings! Thank you for coming."

There was one very large, what I call a double-decker Mothership cloud while the remaining cloud ships were a variety of sizes. With several of the clouds I could see a silver lining. They were alive and pulsating Love to me.

The Mothership started to communicate with me through telepathy. I stayed there on the side of the road for 20 minutes and not one car drove by (which is unusual). The Love I felt cracked open my heart to the point that I had to sit down – my knees were weak. I've been fortunate to have this type of experience before so I know to just surrender – allow and trust my experience.

I was greeted with joy, respect and honoring. I returned the greeting. They told me that they know what is in my heart. Recently I have been questioning if I am doing enough to usher in our new reality. I feel tired and feel that I am not able to keep up with everything. To be honest, I have been placing a lot of "shoulds" on my shoulders.

They reassured me that I am doing my part and doing it well. They advised me to shed my feeling of inadequacy because it doesn't serve me. Things are unfolding in right Divine Time and when we look back on what we (collective) have accomplished in a short period of time we will be amazed. They asked me to re-read my I AM Discourse books (St. Germain teachings). The information in them will help me to stay focused on manifesting my heart's desires.

The remaining communication was personal regarding my family so I'll keep that to myself.

I got back into my car and proceeded to the grocery store. As I got out of the car, I looked up to make sure they were still there. With a smile on my face, I saluted them. I was in the store for about 10~15 minutes. When I returned to my car, the skies were clear, just a couple of fluffy white clouds remained. All the ships had disappeared. Mixed emotions flooded my body. On one hand, I smiled knowing that I was blessed with a very special meeting. On the other hand, I was sad because it was over.

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