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Galactic Heart Messages

Perspective is Key

Recently my sister and I were having a conversation. She wanted to tell me that she finally understood what I've been telling her about the beauty in our world. A few years back she discovered information on all the so called "conspiracy theories". She became angry and disillusioned. As more and more of the dastardly deeds that the dark cabal perpetrates on the global population were revealed, the more her heart ached. I told her that although all those things were true and unconscionable, the true nature of people is to cooperate, lovingly give, create and serve each other in Joy. If one just shifts their perspective they can see that the dark cabal is losing its power. It's like the dark's power is a house of cards – although it still looks like it is intact, the truth is their power has been gutted and all that remains is the appearance that all is the same. All that remains is for us to come together to huff and puff with Love transforming the old power structure to one based on Love, prosperity, sovereignty and Unity. We are all One.

I reminded her of the Law of Attraction – what we focus on we attract or give energy to. But at that time, all she could focus on was the devastation around the world. I also reminded her that there is a divine plan and the Light will be Victorious. I asked her to focus on the world she wanted to live in – put all that angry emotion into creating the society she wishes to live in and the best way to do that is through her JOY.

For the six months or so, she made a conscious decision to eliminate all television and internet news. She decided to become more active in her church and to meditate more. She decided to take my advice and become more of an Active Citizen in her community. She changed from thinking that signing a petition won't do any good to believing that her voice is being heard by Heaven through her actions. Daily she sends Love to those in power, holding them in the Light of Love. As a result, her health began to get better. She still has a ways to go but she now feels that she will heal and she also has faith for the world at large to heal and prosper. You can imagine my delight.

I share this story because I hope it acts as a reminder for everyone. We are being called to let go of our old reality and to anchor in our new reality. We are being called to be Active Citizens. We are being called to choose LOVE.

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