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Galactic Heart Messages

Understanding the Power of Faith

Today I was reminded of something I learned a long time
ago from my first spiritual teacher, "Your role in the scheme
of things is to clear your consciousness and become an open
channel for the outpouring of your good. Remember that your
good already IS!"

It is not what happens in our lives but how we react to what
happens. We help the world when we lift up our consciousness
and become one with our "Higher Self".

Many don't understand the Power of Faith.

Believing-in and living by faith on the Living One inside
of you, activates a mighty spiritual magnet that draws the Miraculous to you.

Blessed are they that have not seen and have believed.
John 20:29

Faith is your consciousness. You think, feel, speak, and act according to your consciousness, according to your faith. Faith is the creative energy of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen; therefore, your consciousness is that which stands under and supports that which you are experiencing in your world. (quote from John Randolph Price)

If your consciousness is filled with fear and anxiety, that is where your faith is. You are putting your faith in the possibility and probability of misfortune, lack, and limitation. Perhaps you have not been aware of the Energy of Faith yet have been using it. You may have created illness through the energy of faith-faith in drafts, weather, germs, old age. We have all contributed to this world of illusion with our faith/beliefs.

Through our Faith energy we can transmute the negative frequencies and restore our consciousness to the vibration of Spirit.

Use the decree: "I believe there is NOTHING our Creator cannot do. I believe there is nothing our Creator cannot do through me. Come forth, my Faith ~ saturate my emotions with total trust, total certainty, total conviction in myself as a being of the Universe. I am Unlimited. I use the Power wisely and lovingly in the name of our Creator. I now let my world reflect the Divine Activity of Love, life, and abundance, for my Faith has made me whole. So be it."

Work with this decree daily. Notice as your consciousness is freed from all error thoughts and negative beliefs. It is one of the spiritual tools available to you for strengthening your spiritual consciousness.

We must go to our hearts and feel the Truth of these statements ~ leaving our doubting minds behind. For me, my heart tells me that we are blessed with intervention while humanity continues to wake up ~ while the Lightworkers continue to wield their Light through their loving hearts. I believe (have Faith) that we are being divinely guided and helped by the Galactic Federation, Agarthans, Ascended Masters and the entire Spiritual realm. We are All One. Truly, Together we are Victorious!

Selamat Ja!

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