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Galactic Heart Messages

Pineal Activation

Today I had the most wonderful pineal activation.

Chakra System Image

I'll start at the beginning. A couple of month's ago, my left breast started hurting. When it lasted over a week I became concerned. I asked Sheldan to see if he could get any information for me from Supa (our Arcturian GF med team member). In the meantime I dedicated some quiet time for meditation in search for answers. I received the message that it was a clogged lymph node. Then Sheldan told me that it was a "clogged lymph node." In fact, Supa told him that currently this is very common especially for women between the ages of 35 and 70.

The energies flooding our planet right now are activating a body detox, particularly heavy metals. Unfortunately, many women are experiencing congested lymph nodal points in their breasts, groin area, or under arms. I started using a lymphatic drainage cream on the area effected. Symptoms lessend but then as soon as I quit using the cream the pain returned. I also started jumping on a trampoline twice a day for 10 minutes. I asked some friends if they knew a good massage therapist who was trained in lymphatic drainage.Bingo! I made the call and today I had my lymph drainage massage. Gina, who is also a psychic, gave me the most wonderful, healing massage.

Pineal Gland Energy Image

During the sacral cranial part of the massage, my pineal gland was activated. The most brilliant golden white Light exploded in my head. It lasted for about 30 seconds before dimming slightly. My 5th dimensional counterpart, Andahra, lovingly came through. I haven't had conscious contact with her for at least 10 years. Immediately I recognized her energy and was thrilled to communicate with her again. A calm spread over my body. She proceeded to tell me many things that will remain private at this time. All I can say is I was in ecstasy!

After my massage, Gina shared with me what she experienced. She told me that another part of me from another dimension came in and asked permission to connect with me which she gave. Then she too experienced the white Light ignite in my auric field. She also heard some of the message given to me from Andahra. Tears welled up in my eyes. Gina said it was an honor to be a part of my experience.

My spiritual antenna is connecting up ~ my new head chakras are coming on line (Sheldan has talked about this in many webinars and in his book, Your First Contact. Our pineal gland is a spiritual gateway to all realms and all dimensions. I was asked to purchase a journal dedicated to my messages that will come forth during my daily meditations.

I'm sharing this with you because some of you may be experiencing lymph congestion as well. If you are, I hope my story helps.

I feel very blessed today. Thank you Gina for being the conduit for my pineal activation.

In gratitude, I AM,


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