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Galactic Heart Messages

Reflect, Release, Re-align

Before this writing I did not send out any postings for a week. I didn't know in advance that I was going to take a week off from the computer but that is what happened.

It seems Spirit had a plan. I was to take a break from the computer. I was guided to spend a week reflecting, releasing and re-aligning – the 3 R's.

I spent several days reflecting on this past year – 2012: The expectations of this year vs the reality of this year. In many ways, it feels that we did not meet some of our outlined 3D goals which made me sad. In other ways, an immense shift in consciousness was realized which excites me. People are waking up in record numbers. I reflected on the many ways my service contributed to the awakening of humanity. But could have I done more?

This question brought me to releasing. Spirit guided me through a (personal) process to release my disappointments, frustrations and what I was perceiving as failures. I didn't realize the depth of my frustration that announcements have not actualized yet. Spirit showed me that I had embraced the notion that I could not express my frustration because I believed it was part of my strength to remain steadfast in my beliefs. I was lovingly told, "It is OK to feel frustrated or disappointed. However, it is key that you let those feelings flow through you. When you block them, they build up and that's when health problems can manifest." So I released my frustrations, my disappointments and my feeling of being less-than. Of course, I know these Truths but I needed to be reminded of them. I am grateful to my Spirit Guides for they took me through this process with Love and grace.

A Return to Love. As 2012 came to a close, I was being guided to re-align with the Divine Plan and my part in it. Spirit told me that as the timelines continue to collapse into One timeline, our Ascension Timeline, it is prudent (wise) to remain fluid. Our Ascension is assured, however, the exact path remains fluid. Being present in every moment will bring the inner peace I desire.

Although I don't have a scientific background this is how I interpreted what Spirit was showing me. We live in a field of possibilities. When one possibility gains focused intention, it becomes a probability. As that probability reaches a certain potential threshold, it can manifest. We cannot avoid our destiny. We are indeed on our way Home, but we can, through making better choices from this moment help the ride to be a less bumpy one. We are co-creating our future in every moment. Through our actions, reactions, thoughts and attitudes we can indeed affect the ease of our transition.

During the releasing phase, it became clear to me what is in my Heart. I have no doubts about my galactic connection and that preparing the world for our reunion with our galactic and spiritual families is what brings me Joy. Spirit wanted me to have new eyes, a new perspective, on our ascension process – on creating our new reality. We affect our own reality simply by the way we look at it. The observed is altered by the observer.

In sharing my experience with you, I hope I have helped those of you who are also experiencing frustration or disappointment. By shifting our perspective, we can return to enjoying our journey to the fifth dimension. I trust that all is unfolding in Divine order.

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