December 27, 1999

My dear friends, we stand on the edge of a grand adventure in consciousness! Each of you, in your own unique way, is beginning to awaken to the welcomed vastness and joy that is Spirit. You are encountering the remarkable nature of your conscious potential. This potential drives you toward achieving full consciousness.

This level of utmost awareness and immaculate presence is very Christ-like. It allows you to dwell in quite an amazing society - a galactic society. This coming society arises out of our continuing growth in consciousness and an approaching first contact with our galactic neighbors - the Galactic Federation of Light. One of PAO's greatest challenges is to be one of the mediators as well as one of the guides bridging these realities. What does PAO need to meet this challenge?

With your help, we intend to expand our network of PAGs into every country on this globe and to create special consciousness discovery centers. It is our objective in the coming years to have well over 300 of these centers worldwide. In this way, we firmly resolve to do our part in moving this society toward full consciousness. Together, we can achieve our destiny and become a truly galactic society.

We plan to create more websites. We also intend to very soon introduce a series of teaching and information-gathering conferences to be conducted on a regional and global basis. In these conferences, we can discuss the future of this organization, introduce some amazing consciousness tools as well as discover the adventure that lies within us. Finally, we are preparing to bring forth many insightful publications. We are excited and in joy! We hereby resolve, in the very near future, to announce some truly remarkable projects which can help all of us in PAO to achieve our longed for goals.

Can you feel the excitement? Can you see that this coming decade, century and millennium is one to greatly look forward to? Come join us and together let us share the wonder, the enjoyment and the celebrating of all that we can become and all that we are destined to be.

Let me sincerely thank those of you who have worked so tirelessly without pay to bring our message to the world. Without you, PAO could not exist in its present form. We need more of you to come forward and help us to build PAO into what it can potentially be.

Despite what many of you may have heard, PAO is in great need of a steady stream of financial contributions. At present, due to a lack of sufficient funds, we are run on a shoestring budget. Many a month, I have had to scrape hard to pay our bills or even to pay the rent on my modest dwelling. I call upon those PAGs, PAWs and others whose hearts sing with our message to come forth and generously contribute to the continuance and the growth of PAO! (CLICK HERE for a copy of our contribution form)

Selamat Ja!
Sheldan Nidle
Founder and Director,
Planetary Activation Organization (PAO)

Since the galactic word "PA'O" requires certain clicks and high notes to be pronounced properly, we have decided to change the word to "PAO". This word is pronounced by just saying its three letters - P, A, O.

Thank you.
Selamat Ja!
Sheldan Nidle

We invite PAGs to send in their group photo to be published on our website every month. Our intent is to show the many faces of PAGs participating all over the world. PAGs can have their own unique group name and message to the world. This shows their autonomy and our respect for their identity. Send your scanned image in JPG format (for Windows) or JPEG format (for Macintosh) to Please give us some brief information about your group.

We welcome all PAG members to send in their experiences and stories of remarkable PAG people and amazing events to be published in our newsletter. Also, we would love to hear about projects accomplished in 1999 and projects planned for 2000. Please tell your stories as clearly and vividly as possible, and keep each story to not more than one page in length. The goal of these stories is to inspire other groups to initiate new projects, to self-organize, and to encourage cooperation and support among the groups. Please include the name of the author, the name of your group, address, and country. Also, please send a copy to your Regional Coordinator. Send your stories to:

To read the latest Pag Stories: Click Here

We are conducting a survey and we'd appreciate your feedback to the question:

What is special about PAO that inspires your support?

Send your brief response to to be published in the monthly newsletter. Please remember to put "PAO Survey" on the subject line.

Greetings. I am honored to write commentaries which appear on the PAO website for my brother, Sheldan. I live in Seattle, work as a critical care registered nurse and am in my 40's (enough about that!).

Sheldan is my elder brother and we grew up in Buffalo, New York. Our family consisted of just we two siblings raised by two odd parents, a huge extended ethnic family, and a strange assemblage of "other" personages. Both of us migrated west many long years ago. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for 24 years, while my brother has lived in California and Hawaii.

To clarify, my commentaries appear sporadically because, sadly, I am pressed for time due to a tight school/work schedule. I have gladly written for the site and have especially enjoyed feedback from readers. A deep satisfaction gleaned from the act of writing impels me to continue. My mind and personality crave the opportunity to write more articles, books and screenplays. The most pleasurable experience of my life, however, will always be the act of reverently gazing at the night sky and dreaming. This continues to the present unremittingly, as it has from early childhood. I believe it harms no one and nothing, except for straining my neck muscles. Writing gallops closely behind in my list of beloved pastimes. The worship of "Mary" in all of her forms and the love of animals, trees, music, and some people, occupies my heart. The appearance of a suitable, loving mate and the hard road to accomplishing a nurse practitioner's license and/or a writer's success, loom on the horizon. Why limits? What, me worry? As everything changes so profoundly before our eyes, one never knows what "them guys upstairs" have in store.


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If you could send a message to future generations, what would it be, and how would you send it? For those of you interested in doing something special for the new millennium, here's one idea...

Did you hear about the space art project of French artist Jean-Marc Philippe? He's the creator of KEO, a satellite designed to stay in orbit for 50,000 years. KEO is meant to be a work of will have giant wings that will flap for a few years after its launch in 2001. Its sole purpose is to be beautiful. When KEO finally plunges back into the atmosphere, its disintegrating heat shield will generate spectacular streamers of light. It will look like a shooting star.

KEO's core, a small titanium sphere, will fall to Earth intact. Inside will be LETTERS FROM US. Philippe hopes to collect millions of letters, store them on compact disks in a titanium sphere, and launch them in 2001. His goal is to get people to look beyond their desks and kitchens and ponder WHAT IS IMPORTANT today, and what kind of future they want to create for their world. He wants us to feel like one of the authors of the human community... equally... everyone - the child of the slums, the African sorcerer, the Nobel laureate in economics...everyone. As an artist, what he says he wants to do is "stimulate the beauty of the species, the grandeur of humanity." He has dozens of engineers from top industry and government labs in France working on his project for free in their spare time.

The messages will not be censored. You can say anything you like in any language. After KEO is launched, Philippe plans to publish all the messages. People will learn what other people - of radically different origins - think is important. What he believes is important is the moment of PERSONAL REFLECTION... that we may be a bit CHANGED by just taking the time to question ourselves. You could say it's a planetary adventure.

If you'd like to participate, here's the website. (I took quotes and sentences from Robert Kunzig's article "Ark de Triomphe" - DISCOVER magazine June 1999.) is accepting e-mail messages up to 6,000 characters or less and for those without e-mail access, you may send up to four typewritten pages to KEO's mailing address:

65 bis
Boulevard Brune
75014 Paris

Happy Holidays and a Joyful Millennium to all of you!

Selamat Ja!
Miriam de Vera

As the new millennium approaches, we'd like to pay tribute to the International Country Coordinators. They have been one of the keys to PAO's success over the past few years. We are truly grateful to have such great, loyal and dedicated people working with us as part of our PAO Family of Light.

We would like to highlight two Coordinators who have done exceptional work this year for PAO: Joohyung Lee, our Korean Country Coordinator and Ricardo Ocampo, our Ibero-American Coordinator.

Joohyung accepted his position with PAO on July 14, 1999. In less than 6 months this man has organized Korea into three regions, assigned region coordinators, and invited over 75 people to become PAG members in Korea. He and his core team have created a mirror site, translating all of Sheldan's messages In addition to all that, they published a book containing all of Sheldan's messages from January 2, 1999 through September 28, 1999, plus other website materials. What a joy it was to see the updates written in Korean! We are honored to work alongside of you. Thank you.

Ricardo has been with PAO for a couple of years now. During this past year, he has done an amazing job of introducing PAO to the Spanish/Portuguese speaking community. He and his staff have done miracles organizing Mexico, South America, and Central America, as well as bridging with Spain and Portugal. This year, Ricardo has taken PAO from 3 country Coordinators to over 13. Ricardo and his staff also have created a mirror site and established a forum for PAG Coordinators worldwide to communicate with each other and to share their ideas and experiences. He is filled with innovative ideas on how to share Sheldan's messages to the world at large. We sincerely thank you, Ricardo.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all PAG Country Coordinators and all PAG members. With all of us coming together in unity, we are successful in our shared, most sacred mission. This next year, 2000, promises to be filled with wonderment and profound changes. Sheldan and I cherish every part of our journey together.

Selamat Ja!
Colleen Marshall and Sheldan Nidle
International Coordinators

By Chyrene Pendleton

Greetings Starseeds and Lightworkers!

As the USA Coordinator, I have the opportunity to work directly with and serve all members across this country in many ways, including helping to form new PAGs (Planetary Activation Groups) and NETPAGs (Internet Planetary Activation Groups).

I feel as many of you do - a strong sense of urgency to get things in order now, to take action now rather than wait for something to happen first. In all that we do in life, I believe our primary focus must always be on how we can best serve others, using the wonderful talents we were each born with. And I believe we must focus on what we can do now to help activate as many people as possible. Regular ritual and meditation helps us to keep our focus, and our intentions clear. This is what PAGs are designed for.

Starting A PAG
When I receive new member applications, I am moved by how many are asking what they can do to be of help and how they can participate. One of the best ways to actively participate in this mission is to start or join a PAG and/or a NETPAG.

Since PAGs are made up of existing members, as well as like-minded people from the community, it is easy to announce group meetings by creating flyers and leaving them everywhere you think people may take notice such as:

  • Bookstores
  • Libraries
  • Metaphysical stores
  • Health stores
  • Existing spiritual/meditation or like-minded groups
  • The Internet (such as in AOL's New Age folder)
  • Local computer bulletin boards
  • Newspaper ads
  • Laundry rooms
  • Grocery stores (many have free ad areas)
  • Word of mouth is also highly effective.
If you would like a PAO poster you can print out and distribute: Click Here
For best results in printing this poster, please set font (type) size in
Netscape 'preferences' or Internet Explorer 'options' to 'smallest' or '10 pt.'

Where To Meet
PAGs have found places to meet where all in the group feel comfortable.

Some places where PAGs enjoy meeting are:

  • Their favorite restaurants (as a long-time PAG in Olympia, WA does.)
  • Clubhouses
  • Metaphysical bookstores
  • Libraries (usually free of charge during library hours)
  • Community centers (usually at low rates)
  • Private homes
These are just some of the locations where PAGs are currently meeting. Here in Denver, CO we have had meetings outside in parks during the summer, sharing a picnic at the same time. We've also visited other PAGs and like-minded groups, enjoyed PAG outings and field trips to related events (such as movies, lectures, drumming ceremonies, etc.) and invited guest speakers on related topics. All of these are just some examples of where and how PAGs across the U.S. are meeting.

A Word About NETPAGs
If you are a member and own a computer, you may want to join a NETPAG - it's fun! NETPAGs are just like PAGs but communication is done mainly through e-mail. It is designed for those who live too far away from a PAG, who do not have time to physically attend a group, or are disabled. Many existing PAG members choose to participate in both. Some NETPAGs meet and communicate on the Internet in other ways, such as in chat rooms (as the group in Pennsylvania does) or ICQ (as the NETPAG in Alaska uses). Each NETPAG has a NETPAG Coordinator and its own focus.

How To Join
At this time, the U.S. is divided into 6 regions, and each region is subdivided into areas. I help those who are interested create PAGs in each area, as well as NETPAGs (which can cover several areas), so all have the opportunity to be connected to a group. In 1998, I started a MAILPAG (covering all regions) for those members who do not have computers and live too far away from a PAG. In this way, they connect with other members by way of "snail-mail". If you are interested in joining an existing PAG or NETPAG (or MAILPAG) in your area, please let your Area or Regional Coordinator know, or you can contact me at:

PAG Projects
PAGs also have global projects, as well as ones the group decides on, so all can participate. At this time, we are continuing to ask PAGs around the world to send contributions directly to Sheldan Nidle. This will be applied to the publishing costs of his new book, Your First Contact.

Also, PAGs are asked to get the word out on the important, beautifully designed Galactic Calendars. Even if we were launched into our new reality next month, we would need our Galactic Calendars, as the current Gregorian one would no longer apply. These are universal, spiritual calendars which the Galactic Federation uses. The PAO created and sent calendar flyers to everyone just a few months ago, so they can be easily e-mailed or printed, copied, and distributed. If you need a flyer, please notify your Area or Regional Coordinator.

And if you are a PAW (Planetary Activation Worker), we encourage you to participate in these important projects in any way you can. It is truly a rewarding and joyful experience.

All in all, PAGs are beacons, providing safe environments in the Community where we can teach, learn, meet and have great discussions with other members and like-minded people. PAGs provide an environment where we can participate in group meditation and ritual. PAGs also interact with other groups, bringing in a wealth of knowledge. By starting or participating in a PAG, we can literally work as "ambassadors of Light", alongside our Galactic Federation brothers and sisters and our Angelic friends, to form a global Web of Light.

Chyrene Pendleton
USA Coordinator
Planetary Activation Organization

"Sioux Indian Story"

"My grandfather took me to the fish pond on the farm
when I was about seven, and he told me to throw a
stone into the water. He told me to watch the circles
created by the stone. Then he asked me to think of
myself as that stone person.

"You may create lots of splashes in your life but the
waves that come from those splashes will disturb the
peace of all your fellow creatures," he said.

"Remember that you are responsible for what you put
in your circle, and that circle will also touch many other
circles. You will need to live in a way that allows the
good that comes from your circle to send the peace of
that goodness to others. The splash that comes from
anger or jealousy will send those feelings to other circles.
You are responsible for both."

That was the first time I realized each person creates
the inner peace or discord that flows out into the world.
We cannot create world peace if we are riddled with
inner conflict, hatred, doubt, or anger. We radiate the
feelings and thoughts that we hold inside, whether we
speak them or not. Whatever is splashing around inside
of us is spilling out into the world, creating beauty or
discord with all other circles of life.

Remember the eternal wisdom:

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