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Webmaster's Blog

Anatomy of a Webinar

For just over 20 years I have been the webmaster-graphic designer for the PAO. Having heard most every bit of information shared by Sheldan over that time, I have been able to internalize it and allow it to become part of me.

One of my PAO tasks is to create a theme for each Webinar. I try to tune into lightworker/starseed needs by reading e-mails, identifying my own galactic aspirations and becoming informed about the world. Inspiration most often comes just after I wake from a deep sleep. You know - that early-day state when you are kind of groggy and groping to reconnect to 3D reality. Once the theme is formulated, topics need to be developed. After 60 Webinars it is very challenging to come up with topics that are relevant and fresh. Some topics are re-visits of previous subjects, updated to reflect current events. The next step is to send the idea to Sheldan and Colleen. Sheldan checks in with his Galactic contacts to see if the theme is suitable. They verify the topics and make adjustments. Sometimes only a few words are changed while at others, the theme is reworked to combine new and existing topics. And occasionally the Galactics ask Sheldan to do a specific Webinar that they sense we really need. Once the Webinar has been confirmed, my next task is to find a suitable image/graphic with the right vibration to match the theme. This is done by feel/intuition. The visual is important because it touches feelings that set the tone of the Webinar.

Live Webinars are crucial in actualizing abundance programs, announcements and disclosure, which are the first steps on our path to full consciousness. It gives each of us a chance to pool our collective energies and do something significant to help the Galactics. Many PAO followers have mentioned that they can really feel the intense and special energy generated during a live Webinar session.

What is so very special about live Webinars is that Sheldan is speaking directly with beings from the Galactic Federation, and with the Ascended Masters. He is not channeling his message. He has direct contact with them. While Sheldan gives his talk, and later, as he answers your questions, the Galactics are adding their immediate input to his words.

Because Webinars are so informative, the PAO creates an Archive of each live Webinar. They are available for downloading within 2 months. On the archive webpage you will find an extensive collection of Sheldan's Webinars. A list of topics, as well as a 3- to 5-minute free preview, is available. Do you have a question that you would like to have answered? Almost everything you may wish to learn about becoming a Galactic Human is listed here: PAO Webinar Archives

By tuning in to Sheldan's Webinars, we are working as a collective, together with the Galactic Federation, to help them launch our first steps toward full consciousness.

We welcome you to join us during our next monthly live Webinar. See you there.

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