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Webmaster's Blog

Conflicting Messenger Frequencies

People often criticize the validity of Sheldan's communiqu├ęs from the Galactic Federation, comparing them to those of others and commenting that other messages are much closer to 'the truth'.

If you have ever searched your radio dial for just the right music station, you know that, in finding it, you can settle back into your musical comfort zone. The same goes for Sheldan's updates: if you cannot identify with them, you may be seeking a different 'tune'. Some of you will stop to listen to Sheldan's messages, even share your listening joy with friends, others will move on. Some will try to persuade us to change our listening preferences and be just like them.

Not everyone responds to the same music or relates to the same radio station (frequency). Likewise, not everyone can resonate with the same messenger. Each brings to the world their truth for those who wish to hear it.

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