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Webmaster's Blog

Floating In the Presence Of a Master

The waiting room was almost empty. Only a few of us remained to have an audience with the Master. My turn finally came, and I was ushered into a huge room lit with softly diffuse light and polished floors.

On an elevated platform, in a high-backed chair behind a desk, the master sat, waiting for me. He motioned me forward and I lifted my eyes to meet his welcoming smile. But, when I tried to ask him why announcements and disclosure were taking so long, the words stuck in my throat. I could not speak. It was a struggle just to breathe normally and maintain eye contact. All the while the master smiled, emanating his benevolent, joyous light. He descended to meet me at floor level. Close-up,
I could see that the master was light brown-skinned, with short, cropped hair and the physique of a wrestler.

Floating in Air

We stood face to face. Then, suddenly, I was floating. I found myself gliding around the room, suspended by the master’s joyful light energy. My whole being seemed permeated with a sensation of blissful peace. I thought how perfectly natural it felt to float freely, beyond the realm of 3D.

After a time I was guided gently to the floor, directly in front of the master. With a final, loving smile, he wrapped me in his huge arms and gave me a great big hug.

After which, sadly, I woke up.

Throughout the day I felt the Master’s presence within. Its memory lingers still. I cannot help but wonder if this was not a preview of what is to come, a taste of what it will be like for us all when our mentors train us to become 5th dimensional, galactic humans.

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