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Who is Sheldan Nidle?

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Witnessing My Life's Contract

Remembering to tune in to spirit can be a real challenge, given all the many distractions we have to deal with in order to survive in our 3D world. For most of us, finding the tenuous balance between our everyday 3D routines and the multiplying complexities of our life's contract is a full- time job. And I suspect that most of us are coming to terms with the fine print.

Ah, yes - the fine print. Little did we know, in signing up to incarnate on Gaia, that we would be faced with such a challenge! Currently, many of us are dealing with a myriad of physical, mental and emotional changes, among them amplification of our RNA-DNA and the blossoming of our 13-point chakra system. All of this equips us for our transition to full consciousness. One senses that the time for a reality shift is very close.

For me, each day is an adventure in patience and resilience. I keep dipping in and out of energy hills and valleys, an endless loop of blurry vision; vibrating of pericardium and solar plexus chakras; dizziness and disorientation; digestive fluctuations; chest congestion and skin rashes. Sound familiar? All we can do in dealing with these 3D challenges is to remain positive and accept that we are going through galactic growing pains (ascension syndrome).

Life's Contract Image

To stay on track, I often call to mind a dream that showed me what my life's contract looked like. Rather than words and signature on paper, it was a living, breathing, organic sea of light on which symbols flowed in rippling streams. The entire contract was in continual flux, updating itself with each breath. I felt as if I were witnessing my agreement within consciousness.

Such intense and undulating energies are signs that our limited consciousness time on Gaia is drawing to a close, to be replaced by the full consciousness of galactic humans.

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