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Webmaster's Blog

My Mission Confirmed

Back in the mid-nineties, not long after my journey as webmaster for the PAO began, I had a special dream. In it, I was escaping from the authorities, trying desperately not to get caught. The world was in terrible disarray and people were being arrested for even thinking in disagreement with the ruling powers.

A brick wall blocked our exit. There seemed no escape. Suddenly, a nearby man told me to follow him. With no other options, I put my trust in this stranger. We ran straight towards the wall. Just as we were about to hit it, the bricks fell away and we were transported through the gap into a giant pyramid. The police following us faded into the distance and we found ourselves in the safety of a huge room, deep within the pyramid.

Brick Wall Pyramid  Inside Pyramid

The other man disappeared into a small, room at one side of the pyramid. The light emanating from the room shone brightly, and I could see my rescuer speaking with someone clad in white.

As I waited for the man to return so that I could thank him for saving me, I realized that several pyramid attendants were standing beside me. They wore the wrapped, light-coloured garb of Ancient Egypt and stood very tall, spears at their side.

One of the attendants asked me if I knew the true reason why I was there. At that same moment, a voice in my head told me that I was here to learn of my life's mission. Pointing to my rescuer, the attendant said that he was a messenger for the Galactic Federation and I was to be one of his assistants. My job would be to serve the Federation, and to help him spread the message to humanity.

To this day, some of my friends are bewildered that I continue in this work, considering our long wait for announcements and disclosure. But I have no doubt that, during that dream, I received a special energy to keep me steadfast in this mission.

Why I was chosen to be PAO's webmaster, I do not know. It just feels inwardly right, the natural work for me to do. Sometimes I wonder why Sheldan's messages from the Galactic Federation are known to such a small group of individuals. At other times I wonder why right divine time is taking so long. But for me, after a lifetime of searching, the Galactic Federation message is simply the only one that makes any sense, for humanity and for the future of our troubled world. Is there anything else out there that is better? I haven't found it: have you?

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