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Webmaster's Blog

My Glimpse of Events to Come

Light Beings and Galactic Symbols

It was night and I was in the upper floor of a building, looking down over a creek, and with a view of a highway that curved along a mountain ridge. A few moments later, the sky filled with multi-coloured symbols that looked like coloured crop circles in the darkened sky. A group of light beings danced hand-in-hand across the sky, against the backdrop of galactic symbols. I realized what was happening and yelled to my friends. COME SEE THIS!!! THEY ARE HERE!!! They have finally arrived for everyone to see!!!

Again we looked out the window and saw what looked like a galactic celebration. The sky was crowded with ships, symbols, and multiple bursts of light, like a gigantic fireworks display. Their range, brilliance and intensity of colour were dazzling. Losing all sense of time we stared, spellbound, savouring the fact that everything we had hoped for had finally come true.

I looked down to see that the sky's powerful energy had turned the creek into what appeared to be white water rapids. On the highway, cars had stopped and everyone was looking up at the sky.

What a feeling to be left with as I began a new day in 3D!

Vivid dreams such as these provide us with a preview of what is to come. The energy was loving, and all-encompassing.

As Jean-Luc Picard said in Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Make it so".

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