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Webmaster's Blog

Navigating My Life's Path in a Dark Tunnel Towards the Light

Light at end of tunnel

I liken my life’s path to negotiating a long, very dark tunnel. As my eyes have grown gradually used to the dark, so my need and ability to survive under its conditions have grown stronger. Once in a while, over the years, I caught sight of glimmers in the distance and wondered at their meaning. I dimly sensed that those flashes were a sign that maybe life was more than this endless dark tunnel.

One day, a friend of mine mentioned that he had discerned a small but steady light in the darkness and recommended a book that explained how I could see it, too. That book, by Sheldan Nidle, opened my eyes and my heart, and led me to the PAO.

That was some years ago. Today I see clearly that the light is shining brighter as I approach the end of the tunnel. And I am not alone: many of us are now awakening and beginning to see the light.

December 21st marked the end of the 26,000-year Great Galactic Year cycle. That moment in our 3D life was when timelines collapsed and we reached a point when all of those timelines met. It began the resetting of time in which the Light could rise once again.

With our move out of the darkness comes a transition period when we will need to get used to the Light. Think of the times when you have awakened from a deep sleep in a darkened room and suddenly looked out at the dazzling morning sun. There was an adjustment period while your eyes got used to the light.

So it will be when we leave the dark tunnel behind us and venture out into the Light. Nor can we expect to instantly adapt: entering the light will be a gradual process. But, once our light vibrations have been raised, we will be ready to be mentored by our benevolent friends from the Galactic Federation.

They are not here to rescue us. They wish only to teach and prepare us to become fully conscious beings. Once we have adjusted to the light, they are on alert to come. It will happen in a blink of an eye – then our life’s journey will propel us forward to become Galactic Humans.

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