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Webmaster's Blog

Dipping Into My Well Of Dreams

Man and Lightning Bolts

My teenage friends and I were leaving a workshop in an urban area near the water and mountains, similar to the city where I live. As we descended the stairs of the two-story building into a courtyard, I glanced towards the skyline and saw a space craft, shaped like a gigantic turtle shell, plummeting down upon the city. Horrified, I watched it crash, leaving untold devastation behind.

Minutes after, we glanced up and saw a demonic, coal-black giant with an oversized head emerge from the water. He looked around; for some reason, he noticed our group, but his focus was riveted directly on me. I felt sure he would attack. I was terrified but knew deep inside that it was up to me to keep us safe. There was no escape and the giant was relentlessly closing in on us. My mind was blank. What could I do?

Suddenly my fear dropped away. Just as he lifted his monstrous foot to crush us, I closed my eyes, pointed both hands towards him – and felt powerful light energy blasting from my fingertips. I let him have it!!! When my eyes opened, I saw only a pile of smoldering dust where the Giant had been standing. You can be sure that my friends and I were intoxicated with delight.

So why did I have this dream?

In our own way, each of us is about to discover the connection to our inexhaustible and yet-
untapped inner power. Already, the shackles that have bound us, sealed eons ago by the dark, are falling away. During the past few years our spiritual and healing guides have been at our side, meticulously raising our chakra center vibrations, painstakingly preparing us for the coming reality shift.

Now, we are facing a crucial phase in our timelines. December 21st marked the end of the 26,000-year Great Galactic Year cycle. In this critical point in our 3D life, timelines are collapsing. At the moment when they all converge, the resetting of time will begin and the Light will rise once more.

My dream showed me that although it is natural to be scared, we must still trust the power of the light within us. Our pending reality shift is not going to be the disastrous time for humanity predicted by conventional media. Rather, it will be our opportunity to reclaim, and tap into, the potential of our full consciousness.

Aided by the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters, we are to be mentored, not rescued. With their never-failing help, we will finally become Galactic Humans. Let's turn our dreams into a breathtaking new reality!

Sheldan's next Webinar is extremely important. During the Webinar, as Sheldan speaks, a team of Galactics will outline to him the significance of the collapsing timelines and he will pass that information on to us.

We are inching closer… At long last, our patience will be rewarded.

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