PAO Newsletter
March 2001

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A Message for the True Start of the Millennium
by Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Jarin!! Let me begin by extending to everyone our space family's deepest greetings, and my own. The time to come holds abundant promise for us. Dear Friends, we are in the process of receiving important announcements that will help to alleviate your concerns regarding the existence and true, peaceful intent of our space family. Many other miraculous events are imminent, as well. Use this time to further expand your inner discernment. Realize that you are in the final stages of challenges that are preparing for a liberation that will free your heart and allow it to become your true inner guide. Apply its knowledge and its wisdom to guide your path toward the Light. Understand, moreover, that you are not alone in your journey. There are, literally, a multitude of fellow incarnated Souls traveling with you. Come together! Learn more about each other and discover the shared power of your global meditations and prayers.

Last Christmas Day, a partial solar eclipse accompanied the Capricorn New Moon, proclaiming the arrival of energies that will bolster your discernment. Therefore, sit down and harness these energies to discover your true self-perception and the goals you wish to set yourself. Once you have done this, establish those goals as your initial benchmarks. Review them periodically to learn how they can be changed and improved upon. You will be amazed at how quickly you grow and begin to alter your perspectives of this reality. Here, we must make a suggestion. We ask that you agree to broaden your personal networks. Stretch yourselves more. Feel free to explore your world as if you were a small and curious child, and look at this world in a new light. Put away your adult-driven doubts and look, anew, at what is happening. Let your inner child guide you. As you do, make detailed intentions of your true desires. At a set time each day, practice a manifesting meditation, but do not reveal your intention until it has become real. See it as an experiment to expand your perception of what is real.

You are growing toward the Light and are being prepared to accept your space family. This special process is changing your physical body and allowing you to integrate, miraculously, with your spiritual body. More has still to be done. Many more souls are awakening, or just beginning to sense momentous inner changes. The process involves far-flung searching and a superabundance of questions that can never seem to be answered. To assist you in your quest, I have been asked to offer several tools that may help. One is my book, Your First Contact. Another is the Planetary Activation Organization's website ( There, you will find information that will help you to better understand what you are experiencing and where it all will lead. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

The Real New Millennium
By Chyrene Pendleton

From the time I was a little girl, I've had a very strong interest in spirituality, metaphysics, UFOs, extraterrestrials, earth changes, science fiction and prophecies from the Bible and others, such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus. I couldn't wait to grow up and live in this period of time. (One of my favorite cartoons was "The Jetsons".) I was always a major bookworm and, after reading a good metaphysical book or science fiction novel, I would sit back and daydream about what my life would be like in the 1990s and beyond. My daydreams were always exciting and positive.

Over the years, many of my futuristic thoughts manifested in artistic and creative abilities and in computer skills. In Colorado, I taught workshops in numerology, pendulum, Earth changes and Mayan. And, like you, I was very drawn to the writings of Sheldan Nidle.

Now that we have actually reached the year 2001, we have the opportunity to witness, firsthand, the unfolding of all the visions and prophecies and to experience significant spiritual and physical changes. Recently, I read the best book ever, Your First Contact by Sheldan Nidle, which reveals exceptionally powerful, detailed new information that I believe we all must have, in order to understand and be prepared for the real 'New Millennium'. Now, I'm more excited than ever!

Consider recent events: the unusual US Presidential election; wide fluctuations in the stock market; more frequent, destructive earthquakes; massive job layoffs; announcements of 'miraculous' technological breakthroughs; important new movies and books; increased spiritual awareness; more frequent sightings, worldwide, of UFOs and crop circles --- I believe that all of these play an important role in awakening the masses to the major changes occurring, not only to planet Earth and our bodies but to everything that we know.

To prepare yourselves, I suggest that you read Your First Contact, as well as the updates posted on the PAO website. And, if you haven't already and are interested, join a Planetary Activation Group (PAG). PAGs put you in touch with other starseeds and Lightworkers in your community, and help to create this global web of Light. Presently, I am helping many of you to start new PAGs or to join existing ones.

The real 'New Millennium' is bringing us all we've been waiting for and deserve --- a paradise here on Earth, freedom, joy and abundance for each one of us, and a true galactic society.

Selamat Jarin!

A Commentary By Sheldan Nidle

A large, strange, inscribed stone monolith found on Earth's moon motivates the space agency to send a special mission to Jupiter. En route, HAL, the ship's main computer, discovers a plot to dismantle his CPU and takes control. After HAL secretly kills team members still in suspended animation, two remaining astronauts struggle to disconnect the machine. HAL kills them, too. Later, in the 'white room', one of the dead astronauts materializes as a very old man who bears an enigmatic message for humanity. The movie ends as he is transformed into a 'star child' who travels triumphantly toward Earth.

Today's world leads us to believe that we have achieved only the bare beginnings of space flight and that we have just begun to explore our inner world of psychic experiences. In fact, we have achieved much more in the realms of space exploration, technology and psychic development than our governments wish us to know. They have yet to admit that they have developed the kind of advanced technology described in the classic Stanley Kubrick/Arthur C. Clarke film, "2001: A Space Odyssey". In this motion picture, we see a space station with regularly-scheduled commercial space flights, an advanced computer named HAL, a special propulsion system that takes ship's astronauts to Jupiter, domed moon bases, an advanced alien monolith located near the US moon base and a highly retrospective look at our psychic potential. All this is more truth than fiction, and, during the late 1950s and early '60s, many noted scientists and allied advanced thinkers were suggesting as much.

What They Didn't Tell Us
In actual fact, during the late 1940s, a number of technologically advanced extraterrestrial societies had contacted us and, in the '50s, with their help, we set up a highly secret 'presence' on our moon and on the planet Mars. This changed dramatically when, in the late 1960s and early '70s, the Galactic Federation of Light and certain other extraterrestrial organizations decided to limit our publicized manned space exploration to near-Earth orbit missions.

These space Beings warned that we should stay away from the moon and that our space program was to be closely monitored. We were to be allowed to obtain information about our solar system only from unmanned space vehicles. Our restrictions were specific: collect only information that these extraterrestrials considered essential to their mission objectives.

During this same period, our world's governments began a number of top-secret projects that were designed to exploit highly gifted children and adults by developing their innate psychic abilities through telepathy and telekinesis training, and advanced mind control techniques. The plan was to produce a kind of 'super-intelligence' operative. The result was a cadre of individuals, worldwide, now ranging in age from just over three to nearly fifty.

A parallel aspect of this project led to the development of 'psychic war' warriors, who employ 'remote viewing' and other forms of psychic warfare. Their main purpose is to come together as a team, in order to produce a complete overview of either a particular site, or an individual. When necessary, they are able to induce mental and/or physical discomfort in a prescribed 'target'.

To further this campaign, during the 1950s, 60s and 70s, various major governments introduced a whole line of hallucinogens, such as LSD, into the general populace. On a large scale, they also introduced wide-scale trafficking in highly addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine, creating a worldwide 'drug culture' and making it easier to conduct their extensive mind-control experiments. Meanwhile, as part of top-secret government projects, large multinational corporations converted ET technology for use on Earth. This resulted in the "development" of solid-state silicon-based electronics and made possible the production of certain other rare earth element-based electronics in secret underground government laboratories.

These developments have led to the creation of an even more advanced, real-life version of 'HAL' that is still in use, around the world, in many secret government underground bases and aboard their specially constructed craft. In the early 1970s, near our clandestine moon base, a large stone monolith system similar to that described in the movie '2001' was discovered, emitting radio-like waves that were picked up by scientists on Earth. Once again, science fiction, in its own way, was able to mirror the Truth. Inscriptions on this lunar monolith suggest that we are special Beings. At the right time, we are to be contacted by highly advanced Beings - our space brethren.

Something Wonderful Is About To Happen
While all of this was occurring, from the 1940s to the present, we, as a species, were undergoing a very rapid change in our RNA/DNA. We were becoming able to activate the dormant 'third strand' at the center of the double helix that forms our DNA. These alterations pave the way for the integration of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. In this, we have the amazing potential to become fully conscious Beings. Moreover, by the late 1990s, our space brethren's close observation of us had broadened in scope. Now, at last, we are swiftly approaching the time when the great change in humanity, hinted at in the film '2001', can become a reality.

Following decades of rapid growth and development, our/this civilization can expect the year 2001 to be a turning point in our grand journey in consciousness. Just as the mysteriously transformed astronaut in the movie revealed, "Something wonderful is about to happen," so the Galactic Federation of Light tells us to expect the same in our reality. This odyssey is preparing us to explore new realms and to discover exciting new vistas in our inner and outer worlds. We are the fetal 'star child' seen at the conclusion of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey". It is a vision symbolic of what is happening to our world and to all of us. We are becoming Galactic Humans.

For further information on this and other related topics, read Sheldan Nidle's new book, Your First Contact.


by Sheldan Nidle

The purpose of the updates is to inform, to activate, to empower, to uplift, to inspire and to bridge. Yes, some people are activated from reading the updates and books. The actual activation process is very subtle and involves a slight lifting of your spiritual amnesia. Activation takes place through the use of various combinations and sequences of words on each page of both my updates and my books. They contain a specific vibrational pattern that sets up a resonance in your suppressed RNA/DNA memory. Then, this vibration pattern helps to gradually activate your remembrance of past events and/or universal truths that are embedded in your cellular memory. You have suppressed them since childhood. When the time or circumstances are right, these profound memories begin to appear once again. I am very fortunate to be one of those persons who have been given the gift to activate people in this wonderful way.

There is a constant series of updates twice a week to let people know that there is an ongoing educational and activational process. The primary purposes of this mission are to inform you of what is unfolding and to aid the Galactic Federation in preparing you for the eventuality of first contact.

Some people have asked me why I wrote the book Your First Contact, knowing that there are weekly updates. The book's purpose is to give us all the essential background, everything we need to know about the universe and our part in it, up to the present time. Updates are like news bulletins that help us connect with the present and keep us informed about the latest developments.

People who have never read the updates or seen the website will find YFC activational. It will help to awaken them to the purpose of their past, present and future.


Over the last few years, our website has grown from a few pages to more than 800. Now, to enhance your enjoyment and assist you in locating hard-to-find information, we have added a key word search function to paoweb.

Want to read all the updates from the Council of Nine or learn about Starseeds? Just type a key word or words in the search window of our UPDATE section, click on FIND and it will link you to a list of relevant updates. To assist in your search, you may choose between matching ALL words or matching ANY word. If you want to see a particular year, add the date.

Some of the search results will be listed twice. This is due to the fact that each update is repeated online for printing purposes. This, however, will come in handy if you wish to print/copy pages.

Now you can access that missing information you have always wanted to read!

Happy search!

Miles (PAO webmaster)


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Note: All letters remain unedited to preserve the author's expression.

Here is a compilation of what people have shared about YFC.
Selamat Ja!
Colleen Marshall

Dear Colleen and Sheldan,

Wow!!! I have read tons of books and seemed to get a bit of information out of every single one of them. As time went by, all this reading seemed to create a beautiful mosaic of knowledge that got more and more interesting.

But reading 'Your First Contact' was a very different experience. It seemed that in one single book, I was able to get as much out of it as I did in numerous other books put together. It's as if I was sitting in class, being instructed for something very important and miraculous that was about to take place. What an exciting feeling!

The writing flows beautifully and makes it nearly impossible to put the book down. The content is absolutely mind blowing, precise and mostly easy to understand. Honestly, for the very first time in my life, I have a 'real' sense of what has happened, what is happening and most interesting of all, what is to happen to this beautiful planet and all of its various life forms.

The book has given me the courage to keep going forward with my belief that our world is definitely changing for the better even if at times, the signs seem to show the opposite. The book is an absolute complement to the bi-weekly updates on the site.

I must also add that before coming in contact with PAO information, I was exposed to David Icke's material. Reading his books and watching his videos 'The Road To Freedom' was great preparation to aid in understanding exactly what is meant when the updates mention the worldly cabals who control us. It is time for true freedom to grace this beautiful world of ours. What an exciting time to be alive.

Keep on doing your wonderful work! You are an inspiration and great mentors for so many.

Much love to you two!

Michel Leroux


I've been reading Sheldan Nidle's New Book, "Your First Contact" & It's quite a Trip or should I say many magical journeys. So snap on your Invisibility belts as we visit our distance earthly past. Or have our ship miniaturized as we venture into our own DNA & New Chakras.................

Being taken across the Galaxies to get a view of an Idealic Society gives us a look at what's ahead for each of us. It reminded me of a book about a journey I took thru the Astro conducted by an Indian Master. As I read it, I felt I was there with His Group experiencing all that they felt & saw from that perspective.

Likewise each Chapter Contacts a place, time and events uniquely intimate to our own journey of involution & evolution that we've been going thru for eons; Now brought back to Life as if we're once again part of the many experiences.

The Loving Presence accompanying the words adds another Dimension to this Book that makes you feel at home no matter where or whence you find yourself in this Vastness of relativity we've been living in & it in us.

I recommend you read a Chapter at a time since each is a Story you can savor deliciously & invokes deeply buried memories that come to life as if we're remembering our own distant past or near future. Oh!!!! Our First Contact will be a Loving Lulu considering that our space brothers & sisters have anticipated every possible reaction from every human being on the face of Our Earth. Now that's what I call Real Technology.

Our First Contact will be Beyond anything we've expected. Now I can get a glimpse of the Love that holds this Universe & us together: Endless &Infinite, Joyous & Richly Full & Complete.

Thanks Sheldan for all the Fun, knowledge & unveiling the mysteries surrounding this Most Spectacular Event in Our Earth's Long History.

All your time & efforts have been rewarded with a Time changing & most enjoyable Book.

As Always,
Jack Furst
California, USA

Dear PAO,

I have been reading the updates, hearing the lectures on cassette tape, and viewing the videos, since 1994/95. I have read Sheldan's two previous books. As you can see, I am well versed in the material. There has been some "unasked" questions in my mind. There has been some blanks in the material.

Your First Contact fills in the blanks and answers the questions!!!! I feel every person should really begin reading the book from the Glossary. If you have ever wondered: Who am I ? Where did I come from? What is life all about? Using your spiritual discernment, YFC will point you in the right direction!!

To sum up my comment: YFC is GREAAATT!!!

Selamat Ja,
Ron Henry
Florida, USA


I have just recieved your book, "Your First Contact" today. This book is amazing, it's to hard to put down.

Thanks for writing a great book!

Michael Paynic

Aloha Colleen and Sheldan,

The book was wonderful! For the first time I was able to put together all the history of human beings in a logical sequence that made complete sense! I had read bits and pieces of all the stories but this book finally organized it into a fascinating and spell binding true tale! I couldn't put it down! (and I hated history in school- must have known at some level it was all bogus!)

Thanks, Annie

Dear Mr Nidle,

I would like to thank you for the receipt of your magnificent book, which I read very carefully because for me it's like a door through which I had been in the past, then closed and now, as I read the book page by page, the door opens again for me. Thank you for being among our souls. It's a great blessing. I LOVE YOU for what you chose to do for humanity. I feel related to you in some way. THANK YOU.

I wish I could visit you but I live so far away from your island ! My heart, my soul, my thoughts are with you.

Bless you.

Your friend,

Hello Sheldan:

First of all I would like to congratulate you on Your First Contact! It is a fabulous book, with some incredible information. I just got it 2 or 3 days ago and have been reading it with great interest. It is not only fabulous but also hopeful information. Exactly along my line of interest, i.e. full consciousness...

In Light,
Bernard Brugger

Dear Colleen and Sheldan,

First, I just want to let you know that I received 'Your First Contact' and am just starting my second reading of your mind blowing book. Thank you!!

...Again, thank you for the incredible contribution to this wonderful planet!


Christine Hanna
Queensland, Australia

Dear Colleen,

I have received and read "First Contact" There was a lot of work involved in creating this manifestation. I am sure it will serve its purpose as it is read by many more people. I know it has created a lot of stability within myselves. By having read this book with all of its truth, I am sure that whatever comes next, is for our best interest. Wow! what a beautiful event this will be. Thank you so much for having help expand my visions and expectations. It is very rewarding to know that others such as yourself and the family of light showers us with peace and love, constantly. Truly a work of love!

Norman Doucet
Canadian Coordinator for PAO

Dear Colleen and Sheldan,

My husband, Check, and I appreciate your updates so much and we are happy to support your work. You have a tremendous job to get the word out and I talke to anyone that seems open...

We are enjoying your book very much. Check has read it and I am about half-way through it. I was very interested in the orders of Heaven and what life is like in full consciousness. How wonderful! we are ready, I wish everyone else was!...

Lots of Love, Selamat Ja!
Marge and Check        Old English Adage


Prayer for Peace

I pray that when I awaken, I will see the universal joy I only dreamed of yesterday.

       From the 'Twin Flames'

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