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Sheldan's Letter to the PAGs for 2002

Creating Money, Prosperity and Abundance Now

A Change in Update Schedule

Miriam de Vera's Thought for The Month

From PAO founder, Sheldan Nidle

During the past Gregorian year of 2001, PAO received many blessings. Thanks to you, our PAO friends and family, our publishing company took two giant leaps ahead by issuing two books of critical importance to our organization and its mission. In January, Blue Lodge Press published "Your First Contact" and in June, it issued "Selamat Ja! A Guide for Galactic Humans". Then, in October and November, Colleen and I were able to launch a tour to promote the books that took us to the cities of Denver, Phoenix, Dallas and Vancouver, Canada.

Over the year, PAO has made many advances. However, our primary goal remains to help our world "build a galactic society". It is a prodigious task. To accomplish it, let us take our direction from PAO's symbol, the Ummac Dan, which means "Peace and Inner Strength through Unity".

For the Gregorian year of 2002, PAO's theme will be "PAGs with Projects". For years, we in PAO have been doing our inner work, quietly but effectively shifting our outer environment. Now, it is time for us to expand this effort, to make our service more tangible to the general public. In the process, it will be a way for us as PAGs to actualize all of the knowledge and wisdom we have gathered on our continuing quest toward full consciousness. Indeed, it is a crucial step on our path toward bringing heaven on Earth. And we begin that journey in our own communities.

PAO encourages PAGs to work in harmony by selecting a group project that will honor your members' talents and strengths, while at the same time serving your community. The process of working harmoniously can be a worthwhile challenge and a priceless achievement. It is a perfect opportunity to learn and practice Fluid Group Dynamics. Your successful venture will serve as an example and an inspiration to other groups. To paraphrase a popular quotation, remember to "act locally and think galactically". This expresses, succinctly, our view of what lies ahead for every PAG.

To support the PAGs, here is a list of PAO's proposed projects for the year 2002

[1] PAG YEARBOOK: A compilation of PAG Projects 2002
PAO will provide a form that PAGs may submit, outlining details of their group project and containing testimonials and/or acknowledgments of the project's value to their community.

[2] DATABASE: An ongoing list of PAG members' talents, skills and knowledge
Soon, we will be asking you to submit a new membership registration form. It will be renewed each year, and will help us to maintain a database of current information on all PAG members. As soon as it is ready, please 'count yourself in' and register as a PAG member!

[3] NEWSLETTER: A publication, online and in print, to support PAGs' growth
PAO's periodical bulletin will encourage the individual and collective efforts of our PAG network. It will have five major objectives:

  1. To provide useful tools, products & services that help PAGs grow and fulfill their goals
  2. To present information indispensable to the success of PAG projects
  3. To impart continuous inspiration/guidance to sustain PAGs' vision of a galactic society
  4. To connect PAGs with other PAGs and help to build and expand our global network
  5. To increase community awareness of projects undertaken by local PAGs

[4] BOOK TOUR: A way for Sheldan to spread his message and get to know PAGs
PAO requires sponsors and volunteers in order to arrange this series of visits.

For these projects to succeed, PAO requires volunteers and resources. If you feel inner-directed to take on any of them, please contact us at On the subject line, please indicate in what area you would be most willing to work. For example: Newsletter; Database; Yearbook; or Book Tour.

As you can see, the PAO has set a series of goals that will expand our organization and help it to achieve our primary purpose, to "build a galactic society". Your efforts and your enthusiasm will make these aspirations a reality.

Please observe that we have outlined PAO's projects for 2002. PAO encourages your group to participate, as well, in "PAGs with Projects" by declaring its own project. To facilitate the process of defining your group's enterprise, you may find the exercises on Fluid Group Dynamics in Chapters 5 and 6 of "Selamat Ja!" quite helpful.

What's Your Project?

Over the past few years, many PAGs have completed successful and valuable projects in their communities. They have translated the Updates; created our international mirror websites; held musical performances; established healing clinics and even sponsored a portion of last fall's book tour as group projects. Now, these successes are inspiring PAO to publish a yearly reference book. This PAG yearbook will acknowledge future completed projects and can serve as a model for PAGs and other like-minded groups.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the PAG Coordinators for their efforts in nurturing the PAGs under their guidance. This year, let us join together to build and strengthen PAO and to connect and unite a worldwide web of PAGs. Know in your hearts that, through our inner strength and unity, we will inevitably bring peace to our planet and to our galactic community.

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

by Chyrene Pendleton

A few weeks ago, I was invited to give a lecture on money, prosperity and abundance in Denver, Colorado. The lecture was held on January 20, 2002 - appropriate, according to the galactic calendar, because it is the day of the Black Eagle that possesses energies of inner vision, creativity and imagination. I have given prosperity lectures over the years and, in light of the current massive restructuring of all world systems, including financial, I think that now is the time for us all to review our beliefs and refocus on manifesting prosperity and abundance in our lives. I do "walk my talk" and so I would love to share my experiences and knowledge with you. On the following pages, I will present you with some valuable tools that you can begin to use, right away, to create money, prosperity and abundance in your life - with almost instantaneous results.

About Me

I started on this spiritual/metaphysical path as a child, studying and absorbing all I could. My family, although not billionaires, did live in a beautiful mansion owned by a very wealthy and world-famous person in Japan. As a result, we were completely surrounded by an aura of affluence and security. On the property, and in the mansion itself, were several Buddhist temples, and that is where I started my daily (and secret) meditations at the age of five. By the time I was ten - a very magical year for me (and for many children, I've learned) - I had begun to give readings on the school playground and for adults. By then, I had already publicly demonstrated my artwork in Colorado.

Beginning in that tenth year, I also began to find money easily, usually on the ground. As I walked to school, I would frequently find dollar bills, sometimes five-dollar and ten-dollar bills, and once even a twenty-dollar bill sticking out of the snow. It was never that important to me, and I would always give the money to my mother, who recently had become a single parent. I would also hand over the loose change that I found in the schoolyard almost every day. When I look back on all of this, I realize that I was attracting money effortlessly, mainly because I didn't have any limiting beliefs about it. Also, at this age, I was already starting to do my life's work and I believe that the Universe always supports us in every way when we are doing our life's work.

As I was growing up, attracting money and good things was never a problem for me. I didn't even think about it. When I needed something, I was always able to get it. About 15 years ago, I started a metaphysical business (that was part of my life's work). I attended college to study computer science and, simultaneously, the School of Metaphysics to learn new concepts that I could teach. I have used the knowledge I acquired in all of these endeavors to enhance my life's work. While I taught workshops on various subjects, including prosperity and abundance, I held down what I refer to as "3-D" ("third dimensional") jobs. Not until I was finally laid off in the spring of 2001 did I feel truly free. On that day, I celebrated, for it was a very joyful occasion for me. I had already learned that, when we lose our job, it always means that that job wasn't for our Higher good. Always.

When a job no longer "fits", when it's a chore to go to work and it's no longer enjoyable, it's either time to examine our job and see what changes we need to create to make it enjoyable, or it's time to leave that job. We'll get those whispers and nudges from our inner selves, telling us what we need to do. We'll have dreams about it. We'll begin to feel increasingly uncomfortable at our job. In my situation, I knew it was time to go several months before the layoff and, as I pondered the best way to leave the position, I decided to bring joy and a sense of play into my workplace. So many of my co-workers were feeling extremely low by the increasing rumors that swirled about of job layoffs, declines in the stock market and the depressed economy. I initiated new ways to make work fun - potlucks, anything I could think of that would help change the energy of the working environment. This worked very well for me and, when layoff day arrived, I was joyfully ready.

I've learned that every situation in our lives teaches us how to love and that we can't leave something until we love it (or else we'll be tied to it). If you are in a job right now that isn't serving you anymore, find ways to bring love to your work. This alone may change the energy surrounding the job and you may find yourself enjoying it. Otherwise, you can focus on what you would really love to do (your life's work), while working at and bringing love to your current job.

My Book Recommendations

There are three books (among many wonderful books and sources) that I highly recommend to all who are serious about creating money, prosperity and abundance now. One is called, "Creating Money: Keys To Abundance" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. The book is important, channeled information provided by two high-level guides named Orin and DaBen, with whom I've worked in the past (along with my guides), on various subjects. Both are available to all, at any time. This book is full of easy techniques and exercises that will help you see immediate results in your levels of prosperity. Positive affirmations are printed throughout the book to assist you.

Another exceptional book is called "Merlin's Message" by Marelin the Magician. It's about reawakening and remembering who you are.

"Within these pages, for those who have the 'eyes to see' and the 'ears to hear', Merlin reveals the secrets to awakening the wizard within you. He guides you into remembering and reclaiming your natural state of magic, that of the master magician you truly are".

This book is highly recommended by many people and you'll find that all the book reviews on "Merlin's Message" give it the highest rating. This is the kind of book you won't put back on the shelf when you are done. You'll refer to it, time and time again, as the magic unfolds in your life.

And then there is the book called "Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation" by Lynda Madden Dahl. This book also contains step-by-step instructions on how to consciously create exactly what you want in all areas of your life. Lynda Dahl became a millionaire; she became wealthy and free, using conscious creation and shares everything she did in this wonderful, practical book.

There is a wealth of information out there on this topic and I'll include some more book suggestions at the end of this article.

What Does Money and Prosperity Mean to You?

In my prosperity workshops, I noticed that some people would become a little angry when their beliefs about money were challenged - especially those who are on this spiritual path. This subject can raise many interesting issues. Some strongly believe that, instead of being spiritual, a desire for money is greedy. Others believe money is evil. Many times, these beliefs originate early in life, from our parents (and they learned them from their parents), or from others who influenced us. We hold these beliefs throughout our lives, coloring our experiences regarding money and prosperity. In order to create prosperity in our lives, we must replace ALL limiting beliefs. There's no way around it. It means taking responsibility for our lives. It means being willing to change.

You may have heard beliefs and sayings yourself such as, "Money is dirty"; "A penny saved is a penny earned"; "Artists have to struggle to make money"; "You have to work hard to make money"; "I don't deserve money", and so on. Our beliefs really do create our experiences and that's why I would like you to carefully examine your own beliefs about money and prosperity.

I've learned that it is our birthright to have abundance, prosperity and money. We are supposed to have it. I've learned we are in the process of remembering who we truly are. We really are powerful shamans, masters, avatars, wizards, magicians and creators. All of us. We just forgot.

Money is a means of exchange. Money is energy. "Creating Money," states that prosperity is based on the amount of good you contribute to the world. It says that success is creating something when you need it, it's loving and respecting yourself and others, it's growing and learning from all of your experiences and success is measured by the quality and happiness of your life. Being rich is having the money to do your life's work. And again, money is energy. Now is the time to understand exactly how energy works and how to use it in your life. As we are dipping in and out of the fourth dimension, things are manifesting faster than ever before. It's more important now than ever to make sure energy is always flowing in every area of your life, in order to create your ideal life. How is your energy flowing?

Your Magic Wand

You are the source of your abundance. Have you heard that one before? I believe it's really true and I've experienced it in my life. Abundance doesn't come from your job or your retirement plans or your stocks, as many of you have been taught. Abundance doesn't come from your friends or partner or anyone or anything outside of yourself. Abundance has come from you all along. If it makes you feel better to say that the Universe or God or All-That-Is is the source of your abundance, please do so. It's all the same, anyway.

You really can create anything you want. I've learned that our thoughts are real, tangible things. Every day, we constantly manifest with our thoughts. When we think a thought, it takes on a form and becomes just like a magnet. It travels out there and, like a magnet, it attracts something that matches that thought. In "Merlin's Message", Merlin says that our thoughts and feelings are exactly like a magic wand and each of us holds a magic wand. Your magic wand is very powerful and very real - pay attention to where you are pointing it! When you point your wand at something (or direct your thoughts and feelings toward it), that something, eventually, will appear before your eyes like magic - whether you wanted it or not. Where are you pointing your magic wand?

The Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction is a very simple but powerful law that allows us to create our reality. It states that what goes out must come back. When we are directing a thought toward something with our intention - let's say it's about not having enough money - we will attract things that support that thought. We will attract more lack. That's where we are pointing our magic wands. You attract what you are paying attention to.

The trick is to point our magic wands only at what we want, to see it manifest in our lives. That's all there is to it! Most of us are used to focusing on what we don't want, out of habit. We have thoughts like, "I don't have enough money to buy that" or "I can't afford to buy that". When those words and thoughts are released, they will only attract and create lack. That's the Law of Attraction. In "Creating Money", Orin and DaBen say, "If you recognize a negative thought, simply place a positive thought alongside it. If, for instance, you catch yourself saying 'I don't have enough money,' simply say 'I have an abundance of money'..." "Rather than saying, 'I can't afford to buy this,' say, 'I choose not to buy this at this time'".

They also state, "positive thoughts are far more powerful than negative ones. One positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones." That's really handy to know. Again, our thoughts and words are very powerful, important and magnetic. It is to our benefit to think and talk about our abundance rather than our financial problems. That means focusing on and talking about all of the wonderful things that are happening in our lives and are about to happen. It means speaking as if you are prosperous and abundant now. This, in turn, will increase your prosperity and abundance.

Acting As If

Acting as if you are prosperous and abundant is another key to increasing it. For instance, if you find yourself really not having the money right now to buy that new car you've had your eye on, why not act as if you did have the money and check out the new cars? Gather all the material you can on the exact type of car you want. Test-drive it and really get the feel of it being yours. You will soon attract circumstances, people and money to you until that car (or something better) really is yours. "Acting as if" is another way to keep your magic wand pointed at what you want.

Your Imagination

Another extremely powerful tool you have is your imagination. Your imagination allows you to fantasize, daydream, visualize and play out your dreams. Orin and DaBen say,

"Your imagination is greater in its scope than you might think. It is the closest link to your soul. It is not bound by your past programs, beliefs, and fears. Imagination was given to you so you could transcend your physical world. It gives you the ability to step outside of your personal limits and unleash your greatest potential. Your imagination can travel into any dimension or world..."

As an artist, I've never stopped using my imagination since my childhood and I know how powerful it really is. What I do is sit back and use all of my senses in my imagination, making the scene as real as possible. I really "see" myself in my mind's eye doing or having what I want and I "hear" people talking and the sun really is shining and warming my skin. I play it out in my mind until I can almost touch it - it's so real.

Speaking of play, learn to play just like children do, just like you did when you were a child. Children are always using their imaginations, conjuring up imaginary people and scenarios, playing make-believe. This is actually a very powerful process, a very important part of creating. We can accomplish much with play.

"Creating Money" states, "if you can't believe it is possible, then you aren't going to have it". It's that simple. And if you aren't as visual in your visions and fantasies, I've learned that using your feelings is also effective. You won't attract anything until you can see it in your mind's eye or sense it. You must believe it is possible first, then see or feel it happening. Using your imagination in this way, visualizing, daydreaming with all of your senses in it, creates exactly what you want. You've been doing this all along, anyway -now you can do it on purpose!

Speeding Things Up

If you want to speed up the manifestation of what you desire, increase your emotions about it. Emotions energize thoughts. I've learned that strong emotion plus intention and desire will bring almost instantaneous results.

For an example, think of something you really, really wanted in the past that you did get. Remember how you felt about getting it? That excitement and expectation of having it, using it, and enjoying it all drew it to you pretty quickly, didn't it? And you probably didn't even notice the process.

Lynda Dahl of "Ten Thousand Whispers" writes, "Intensity is the core that draws the EE units (electromagnetic energy units) into an eventual mass, and the stronger the intensity or emotion, the sooner the mass enters this reality. It matters not whether the intensity is formed around a fearful event or a happy one, a consciously chosen event or one we entertain through unconscious focus, the result is the same."

So, using your strong emotions will also bring what you don't want more quickly to you if your magic wand is pointing at something negative, such as lack or fear. This is the Universal Law of Attraction. What you want to do is to energize your thoughts with feelings of joy, excitement and expectation and be prepared to see your desire appear before you very quickly.

Another powerful way to speed things up is to focus on the essence or meaning of what you want. For example, if you desire a large sum of money, think about what the essence of that money stands for. What does having that amount of money really mean to you? What is its purpose? Is it freedom, security, happiness? Once you pinpoint the essence and have a clear picture of it, focus on developing that quality or essence now. This will draw what you desire to you in ways you didn't even think of, and much faster.

Doing Your Life's Work

Now is the time for you to be doing your life's work, if you are not doing so already. If you don't know what your life's work is, look at your skills and talents. I believe that all of us were born with many talents and have, or will, acquire more during our lives. They will lead us toward our life's work, what we really came here to do. Little children usually provide strong clues of these talents and gifts and, many times, they will express what they came to this planet to do. Having been a numerologist for over thirty years, I've assisted many to discover their true purpose in order to get their lives started.

Your soul is always nudging you in the right direction. If you are currently in a job (or without a job), thinking that you must save enough money, first, before you can do your life's work, I would ask you to reconsider that. As I mentioned, I believe when we start doing our life's work first, the Universe will always support us. Before we know it, we are meeting the right people, we are in the right place at the right time, and we are attracting whatever money we may need to accomplish our goals. Even if it's a little step toward what you really love to do while you are working at your current job, you will always be supported and many doors will begin to open.

Giving and Receiving

It seems that people generally find it easy to give, but more difficult to receive. Receiving is a very important part of giving. Both keep that energy circulating in our lives. And they keep prosperity flowing in our lives.

I've learned that we should receive with joy and gratitude. Thank the person and thank the Universe. In this way, you keep the doors open to receive even more. And you may even receive money and prosperity from unusual sources. "Creating Money" offers an exercise (one of many) that you can do right now. It suggests that you ask the Universe to send you money through a new channel in the next several weeks and acknowledge it when it comes. Try it and see what happens!

And don't forget to accept compliments. Just smile and say, 'thank you'.

Accept money and gifts only when they're given freely. I've learned that the only times you don't want to accept money or gifts are when there are strings attached, or if someone is trying to buy your friendship.

Giving is an important part of receiving. Giving could come in many forms besides things, such as your time, your skills, your good examples, etc. I've learned that it's important to give gifts that really serve and assist people, something they can really use in their lives. Throughout my life I've enjoyed giving my time and skills doing volunteer work for charities I truly believe in. And I've donated money to organizations I truly believe in. It's such a great feeling to give in this way. And when we give freely, the Universe will give to us freely.

By the way, it's important for us to give to ourselves also, to keep that energy flowing.

Then, there are times when it isn't right to give. That's when we give with strings attached or when we feel obligated to give or when we have expectations about the gift we are giving. Doing this creates a block in our energy flow. We must always give freely, and with detachment.

In my experience, I've learned that giving to people who are always in need, who always need to be rescued from a situation, who are always in the same situation, no matter how many times you've given to them, can actually harm them and stifle their growth. They can become dependent upon you. There is a reason why they keep pointing their magic wants toward lack. Maybe they have important lessons to learn, and if we constantly give to them, they never learn to empower themselves. I've learned that it is best to assist them to create their own prosperity and abundance.

Manifesting Tool # 1
The Magic List

First, I would like to share with you a tool I've used successfully, beginning early in my life. I know that many others have used this tool successfully and authors have written about it, especially in recent years. It's actually very simple and very powerful. I used to call this simply my "List" but now, I call it the "Magic List", inspired by one of my non-metaphysical students several years ago. (More about that later). With this Magic List, you are using the power of the written and the spoken word that is released to the Universe to manifest in your reality.

All it requires are these steps:

  1. Take a piece of paper (any kind of writing paper - from a notebook, or your favorite color of paper, etc), and write a numeric list of all of your desires. They can be short-term of long-term desires. State your desires as clearly as possible.

  2. After you have written down your desires, at the bottom of the page, write something to this effect: "May all of these desires, or better, manifest for the Highest good of all." This releases any need to manifest your desires in a particular way. It opens it up to the Universe to bring you what you want in the best and Highest way possible, and at the right time.

  3. Keep your Magic List with you at all times, in your wallet, purse, etc.

  4. Read your list (aloud if possible) just before going to sleep, first thing upon awakening and before going into meditation. Do this every day, and you will soon see profound results.

  5. As your desires manifest, cross them off your checklist. Soon, you will want to rewrite it, creating a new Magic List (the old one eventually can look pretty unreadable with all of those lines crossing things off!) on a fresh piece of paper. If some of the old desires haven't yet manifested, you can add them, too. Personally, I prefer to do this on the new and full moons, taking advantage of their powerful manifesting energies. Several years ago, I studied Native American spirituality from a Lakota medicine woman and learned the ritual of clearly stating my written desires to the Universe on the new and full moons and then burning them, releasing them to the Universe. You'll want to keep your Magic List as a separate list, however, as you'll be using it every day.

  6. Finally, do not show your list or talk about it to others. Keep it to yourself. This is a way of keeping your energy totally and directly focused on what you want. Talking about it and sharing it with people only disperses your energy and it may take longer for those desires to manifest.

    The Magic List really, truly works. Anyone can do it. The non-metaphysical student (also my co-worker at the time) I mentioned earlier was in one of my prosperity workshops and, as I described what I originally called my "List", he became very pale. After the class, he told me that he had started to write a list just like the one I described when he was a little boy. He said he called it his "Magic List" and never told a soul, not even his brother. He was so amazed to hear me speaking about his secret! And he just had to show me his list, even though I protested. I'm glad that he did in this particular case, because his list was very unusual and it demonstrated how miraculous this tool really is.

    This man, then in his fifties, had several hobbies, most centered around finding and collecting unusual, rare, old objects and bottles - some valuable. The items on his list were things most people have never heard of or seen before. His list was well worn, with several items crossed off. He said he kept it in his wallet, looking at his list a couple of times each day. He described to me how each item came to him, just like magic. Sometimes, it meant suddenly driving down a street for no apparent reason, just to discover that there was a garage sale going on, and then seeing one or several of his desires on the list for sale at the perfect price for him. He would continuously find himself in the right place at the right time. One of the items on his list manifested about three weeks after he had showed his list to me. It was a classic car (I forget the model) in the exact color and year he had specified, and in mint condition. An elderly woman had kept it in her garage all these years and decided to get rid of it. On his way to work one day, he happened to turn onto her street. He saw the 'For Sale' sign, and the price was right. Later, he drove the car to work to show me.

    I wanted to share this experience with you to emphasize how the Magic List always works, even for those not familiar with metaphysics.

Manifesting Tool #2
The Magic Wheel

As a teenager, I started to create what I call a "Magic Wheel", learning from people like Catherine Ponder, author of "Opening Your Mind To Prosperity", who calls it the "Wheel of Fortune". In the years since, I've learned other names from different sources, such as the "Prosperity Wheel", but the main thing is that this is another powerful tool that works for everyone.

The Magic Wheel works like the Magic List, except that you are creating pictures of your desires instead of writing them down. Your subconscious communicates to you in pictures and symbols all of the time, mainly through your dreams. Why not communicate directly to your subconscious in pictures? You do so, anyway, with your imagination. This is yet another very powerful way to manifest what you want in a short period of time.

  1. First, buy some large poster boards in the colors that appeal to you. For example, if you are working specifically on creating wealth, prosperity, or a new job, you may want to select green poster paper. Gold will work well for this, also. Visually, the subconscious will associate green or gold with money. Remember that color is vibration and energy, also, and what we are doing is working and playing with energy. If you are working on love and romance, for instance, you may want to select a pink shade of poster board. Use whatever color you personally resonate to for what you want to achieve.

  2. Cut the poster board(s) into large circles.

  3. Search through magazines, brochures and ads and look for pictures, specifically color pictures, of what you desire. The subconscious will more quickly respond to color than to black and white pictures. Then cut them out and paste or tape them to your wheel.

  4. I've taught people to use different wheels for different kinds of desires. For example, you'll want the love and romance wheel to only have pictures that represent love and romance to you, such as hearts, pictures of couples, etc. Put pictures representing prosperity and money, or your ideal job or life's work, on your prosperity wheel. You may want to cut out pictures of money in the denominations you want and place them on your wheel. A picture of your new career will show your subconscious exactly what you want. You can have many wheels, just be sure not to clutter them with your pictures or you'll attract cluttered results. And make sure the pictures you place on your wheel are exactly what you want to see manifest in your life.

  5. Once you have completed each wheel, put something on it that represents your spiritual connection, such as a picture of an Ascended Master that you resonate to, pictures of angels, etc. This doesn't have to be a picture; it could be a solid object, like crystals or a cross, for example. In my Native American spirituality class, we learned to also add something that represented our personal totems to our wheels. By adding something that represents your concept of spirituality, you add power, energy and protection to your wheel.

    You may want to place a picture of yourself on each wheel, also, so that your subconscious can see you associated with the pictures you wish to materialize. However, your subconscious will get the message very clearly with or without your picture.

  6. Look at your Magic Wheel every day, especially when you first wake up and before you go to sleep. And again, you don't want to share your wheel with others. As Catherine Ponder says, "what is sacred is secret".

Manifesting Tool #3
Positive Affirmations

Many of you have heard about the power of using positive affirmations to create what you want in life. If you have beliefs such as those I mentioned earlier in this article, beliefs that have been holding you back from what you want, use of positive affirmations is the key. When used repeatedly, positive affirmations literally re-program your subconscious mind. They are positive instructions that replace those old beliefs with the ones you need, in order to manifest exactly what you want. Using positive affirmations is one of the most powerful things you can do to help yourself.

Positive affirmations are positive statements that you write down and/or read daily, until what you wish manifests in your life. Reading and writing positive affirmations repeatedly about money, prosperity and abundance is another very powerful tool that always works.

  1. To start, write down a page of positive affirmations in the present tense. Start with "I" or "I Am". Write down these affirmations several times each, 10 - 20 times. For example, you may want to write, "I am a success", or "I am a magnet for prosperity", or "I deserve to be wealthy", or "I now have a wonderful, new job", over and over. The statements you use must feel comfortable to you. You can write positive affirmations for all areas of your life, including love and health.

  2. Read your positive affirmations out loud. The spoken word is very powerful and will create results quickly. It will set certain vibrations into motion that will manifest into form.

  3. Say your positive affirmations aloud in front of a mirror. At the School of Metaphysics, I learned how powerful it is to look into your own eyes in a mirror while doing certain exercises such as speaking affirmations. Your eyes really are the windows to your soul, and repeating affirmations while looking into your eyes is highly empowering. The benefits are many, including gaining a greater self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image, self-love, and optimism. Louise Hay, author of 'You Can Heal Your Life," also suggests speaking affirmations in front of a mirror while looking into your eyes.

  4. You can also tape your affirmations in your own voice and play them at work or in your car, or anywhere, anytime. The more you use your affirmations, the faster your affirmations become beliefs. And your beliefs will always become your reality.

    For examples of powerful, positive money and prosperity affirmations, I strongly suggest reading "Creating Money" and/or ordering the affirmations on tape at There are many suggested affirmations throughout the book, channeled from guides Orin and DaBen, which are designed to create major changes in your life.

In Conclusion

These tools are some of the ways in which you can quickly manifest money, prosperity and abundance, or anything you desire. Some other very effective tools you may wish to explore are Feng Shui (which keeps positive energy flowing in your personal and working environment), mudras (yoga hand postures), mantras (word/sound affirmations) and using the power of sound, such as "AH", to manifest while visualizing your desires. All of these tools are ways to keep your magic wand pointed only at what you want. These tools and techniques use energy and spiritual laws that truly create magic in your lives.

It is also important to let go. In my workshop experience, this is where many people get stuck. They want to control how and when something is going to manifest. This only creates a block in the energy flow. After using any or all of the above manifesting tools, directing your attention only on what you want, it's important to let go of the outcome. Just let it happen. Don't worry about it. Allow it to come into your reality. Trust that the Universe will bring it to you in the Highest possible way.

Anytime you want to see or measure just how your manifesting is progressing, just look around at your life. Your life is a mirror of everything going on inside of you. Your life accurately reflects your beliefs, desires and dreams. If you don't like what you see, change it by changing that picture in your head and by changing your beliefs. Make sure your wand is pointing exactly at what you want at all times.

Know that you are never alone. You can always ask for assistance from your Higher Selves, angels, guides, the Ascended Masters, All-That-Is, at anytime. You are really standing on the brink of the Golden Age. Now is the time to remember who you really are. You truly are magicians, shamans, wizards, masters, avatars and creators.

Dolphin Heart

The dolphins want to remind you to play, play, play,
for you will find great power in play, they say.

Where there is less play,
you will always find more work.

They remind us that being in the now
moment, we don't have to wait for a
reason to be happy, in order to know
we prefer to be happy.

Create the feeling of being happy,
and attract all the reasons to support
the happiness you have created.

Feel joy for the sake of joy.
Have fun for the fun of it.
Feel excitement just for the feeling it gives you.

Laugh in the delight of your laughter.
Let yourself flow into the sea
of all wondrous possibilities.

Focus on joy above all else,
for where there is joy,
there can be nothing else.

Feel the flow that uplifts you, and
uplift ALL-THAT-IS through that flow.

Celebrate the spirit of the dolphin
in the joy of living as magnificent creator.

[reprinted with permission from Marelin the Magician Serious Comedy Publications]

Additional Book Suggestions

Merlin's Message "Reawakening and Remembering"
by Marelin the Magician

Creating Money: Keys to Abundance
by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Do What You Love The Money Will Follow
by Marsha Sinetar

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
by Deepak Chopra

Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation
by Lynda Madden Dahl

Beyond the Winning Streak
by Lynda Madden Dahl

Money Love
by Jerry Gillies

You Can Heal Your Life
By Louise L. Hay

The Power is Within You
by Louise L. Hay

Open Your Mind to Prosperity
by Catherine Ponder

Creative Visualization
by Shakti Gawain

The Magic of Believing
by Claude M. Bristol

Feng Shui Design
by Sarah Rossbach and Master Lin Yun

Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands
by Sabrina Mesko Ballantine

Healing Mantras: Using Sound Affirmations
for Personal Power, Creativity, and Healing
by Thomas Ashley-Farrand


For the past 6 years, I have been posting updates twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Now that PAO is expanding its activities, I am required to spend more of my time in other areas of service. Please be advised that, beginning on February 12, 2002, I will begin to post updates only once a week, on Tuesdays.

Sheldan Nidle


"There's only one corner of the universe you can be
certain of improving; and that's your own self."

       Aldous Huxley


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