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By Miles Simons
Webmaster, PAO

Dear friends of PAO:

Sheldan Nidle is one of a very few persons I know with the gift to activate people. Through his messages, this unassuming man informs us about our changing universe and, on behalf of the Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy, prepares us for the eventuality of first contact.

For some years now, Sheldan has been bringing us twice-weekly updates whose purpose is to inform, to empower, to activate and to build a bridge between our daily present and our glorious future. Sheldan spends all of his time preparing updates, promoting his book, answering your e-mails and helping to anchor in the energy for the Earth's heart chakra. That is his work. He has dedicated his life to this mission, and to meeting the specifications of the Galactic Federation.

In a recent conversation with Sheldan, I asked him what proof we have that what he talks about will actually happen. Sheldan told me that our scientists have all the evidence they need but that our governments (cabals) have consistently forced them to suppress it.

He concluded: "The most important announcement in human history is that there is life beyond Earth. The question isn't, 'is there intelligent life in the universe?' but 'why haven't they visited us?' The answer is, 'they have' and 'they are here'!"

A week later, in synchronistic confirmation of Sheldan's information, I received an e-mail that outlined Dr. Steven Greer's plans to expose the "Fifty Years of Official Cover-up". He has shared his research with presidents and other top officials but, because they fear to speak out, they have given permission for him to reveal previously undisclosed information. Therefore, together with CSETI (the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Dr. Greer is currently holding a major press conference. Click Here for "Disclosure Project" details

Extraordinary announcements are likely to emerge from this monumental conference that will severely challenge most skeptics. Imagine the level of hysteria were the public to learn that benevolent ET's are, in fact, here on Earth. Now, realize how crucial it is that people be prepared, by having access to a guidebook such as 'Your First Contact'.

Which brings me to my purpose in writing this letter to you.

At great personal sacrifice, Sheldan borrowed the funds to publish the original 2500 copies of 'Your First Contact'. All the money generated from sales of the book's first printing have been used to pay off that loan. Now, Sheldan has reached another stage in bringing YFC to the world. The time has come to raise additional funds for a second printing of the book. However, set-up and distribution costs will leave him with very little for his basic living expenses.

As I have mentioned before, Sheldan and Colleen rent a small, unassuming 'starter' house. Their furniture and possessions are second-hand. They drive a borrowed car. They live frugally with barely enough money to get by. Life is a constant struggle. Long-postponed dental work is now badly needed. Sheldan's computer is 7 years old and barely operational. Soon, it will be beyond repair. Sheldan desperately needs a new computer so that he can continue to produce his regular updates, send e-mails and edit his books.

Some people think that Sheldan is being supported by his books or by a trust fund. This couldn't be further from the truth. For almost 5 years, Sheldan and his organization have provided you, twice a week and without charge, with vital information about the future of the Earth and her peoples, and about first contact. From the inception of PAO, a few of us close to Sheldan have donated freely of our time and resources to further his cause. Now, we must turn to you.

With further printings of his book, "Your First Contact", we have high hopes that Sheldan will be able to extend his message and his mission to the world. We, Sheldan's readers, are the lucky ones who have been blessed with activation and knowledge of our true destinies. It is time for us to intensify our support of Sheldan's efforts in bringing this important guidebook to many more people. This is vital to lessen panic and increase public awareness when first contact is made.

As those who have been given advance knowledge of the amazing events that are about to unfold, we have been chosen to be a part of history. Now, we must take our places in it, by taking care of each other. Now, we must not only receive, we must actively give something back.

Please give Sheldan, and PAO, your financial support. His need is immediate. Without your help, his message and his books cannot go further, and the world will be the poorer. Please send your contributions now, and please remember to contribute on a regular basis.

CLICK HERE for a copy of our contribution form

We send you love and light.


A Commentary By Sheldan Nidle

For untold centuries, our ancestors dreamed of traveling to the Moon and back. Only in the last century has such a seemingly impossible journey become feasible. Interest peaked in the 1960s, with the 'space race' between the United States and the Soviet Union. Out of that competition, eventually, emerged the Apollo Moon program. Apollo sent nine crews of astronauts on missions to either circumnavigate or land on the Moon. Still, many questions surround these missions, including: Did Apollo actually land on the Moon? What did the Apollo astronauts actually encounter while en route to the Moon? What did they experience while on the Moon? Let us now review these cogent questions to see what really occurred.

The Truth About the Moon
Contrary to popular belief, our Moon is not actually Earth's natural satellite, but an artificial one that replaced Mother Earth's natural satellites during the tragic, long-ago destructions of Lemuria and, later, Atlantis. The unmanned probes that landed on the Moon in the early and mid-1960s conducted experiments proving that the Moon 'rang like a bell', an unusual phenomenon that resulted from the enormous titanium alloy shell upon which the Moon's crust is laid. Moreover, the Moon's atmosphere is very slight, with a specific gravity much higher than the commonly held and popularly expounded beliefs of Earth's scientific community. Also, between Earth and Moon exists a multi-layered band of radiation called the Van Allen Belt that can make any trip to Earth's moon potentially dangerous.

Apollo's Bizarre Beginnings
For most of the 1960s, Apollo labored under the burden of a martyred president's mandate to land U.S. astronauts on the Moon before the end of the decade. Consequently, the real powers behind the 'space race' were pressured to engage in some apparently bizarre behaviors, which caused its deepest detractors to raise serious questions about the Apollo program's validity. To its scientific critics, the Apollo program seemed either to be an enormous hoax or a massive 'cover-up'.

In fact, it was both. Apollo was surrounded by a massive UFO cover-up, as well as by a space agency 'up to its eyeballs' in the exotic technology that resulted from that cover-up. Global black operations, created by the world's ruling cabals so as to deal with the 'alien presence' and its exotic technology, kept close watch on the space race. Remember that the period of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s abounded in the many outlandish consequences of the 'cold war', and Apollo proved to be no exception. The Moon was the site of various alien bases and of a strategic 'high ground' much coveted by our military leaders and planners.

Was Apollo a Hoax or a Cover-up or was it Real?
The Moon was a future base that had already been secretly occupied by different groups of off-worlders and their invited guest - global black ops. Many leaders in global black ops saw Apollo as a way to acquire some important advantages for their earthly masters with these strange 'off-worlders'. But they still required a neat, squeaky-clean, 'apple pie' cover story to prevent sudden public uproar concerning the covered-up existence of these ETs.

To the public, these highly publicized men with the 'right stuff' were the heroes of the Apollo mission, courageously traveling through outer space on normal, rocketry-equipped hardware. In fact, the astronauts were merely pawns, held to secrecy by governmental non-disclosure oaths.

Nothing was, as it appeared to be. A complex plot with sinister goals was now afoot. Apollo had to go to the Moon, but not just to discover what was there. In reality, the Apollo project was to be used to create a form of 'bargaining chip' for use in ongoing negotiations with global black ops' highly secret 'allies' - a group of dark star-nations.

Beginning in the late 1950s, this same group of dark off-worlders had brought several specially selected military and civilian scientists to their inner-Moon bases. Global black ops acquired their alien-based technology by either retrieving 'crashed' UFOs or back-engineering vehicles that the dark aliens had given them. Yet global black ops felt that they lacked an essential tool. They needed to discover extra ways to accumulate more advanced alien technology and to obtain greater freedom for their special operations at the alien Moon bases. Global black ops needed a ploy. They invented Apollo.

Apollo's Smoke and Mirrors
The Apollo project needed to develop some very special hardware in order to meet its end-of-decade deadline. To the public, this hardware had to appear normal at all times. The global community had to firmly believe that we went to the Moon using only advanced rocketry and other 'state-of-the-art' technology. In addition, Apollo's secret payloads, including the advanced alien technology, had to be easily hidden. Moreover, the Moon had to appear exactly as Earth's scientists had previously described it. To enable this to happen, the Apollo project, from its inception, was divided into three parts, like Caesar's Gaul. First, global black ops established a specially constructed television studio at a secret Earth location. Second, Apollo astronauts were deliberately given badly focused or 'grainy' video cameras for use on the Moon. Third, to make Apollo seem real enough and so as not to reveal the existence of the dark ETs and their exotic technology, the Apollo project later released a number of 'doctored' and/or specially made photographs. Selected optical scientists and technicians, 'borrowed' from other global black ops projects, had manufactured them.

Initially, the Apollo project required unusually high levels of internal secrecy and of specially focused publicity. In order to succeed, global black ops had again to consult their true masters - the sundry groups of secret cabals that long had exerted influence in controlling Earth's high finances and its various governments. The mass media had to be prevented from delving into the 'right places' and destroying this very expensive cover-up. Essential government departments and their allied agencies, which were involved in the Apollo project, needed to be kept from taking part in any sudden 'independent investigations'. A manufactured 'united front' such as this was needed to carry out the massive cover-up successfully. Thus, at all times, Apollo had to create the outward appearance of being non-military. According to this fiction, Apollo was simply a fact-finding scientific expedition to our closest neighbor - the Moon. On the contrary, Apollo was actually global black ops' mission to show the dark 'aliens' our secret trump card, thereby gaining much-needed concessions from them.

For Apollo to reach the Moon, global black ops employed some of its back-engineered alien technology, which was expressly designed to assist Apollo in successfully landing on the Moon and returning to Earth. This equipment was also able to protect the three-man crew from any dangerous radiation they encountered while in Earth-Moon space. Global black ops deeply believed that both good and bad aliens would closely watch over Apollo's many voyages to the Moon. Therefore, they developed a specific code to communicate important facts to ground control. But this code had a second, more sinister intent - to keep the public from knowing what was really happening to Apollo. For example, on one flight, UFOs were identified as 'Santa Claus' and, during a Christmas circumnavigation of the Moon, one astronaut stated, "there really is a Santa Claus". According to the code, he meant that many alien observational craft (or UFOs) surrounded Apollo. Many other 'tricks' were involved in carrying out this elaborate cover-up.

A Trip to the Moon
Each manned Apollo mission to the Moon was carried out as a three-part project. First, the actual Apollo crew and their immediate equipment. Second, the constant series of secret television studio work that was needed to convey the image of a dark, foreboding and airless Moon. Lastly, the post-flight photo shoots that provided much-needed 'doctored' lunar photographs. As mentioned earlier, these photographs were meticulously produced to keep the Apollo cover-up going. A series of global black ops 'producers' and their large crews wove all of these elements together. These producers had direct access to the Apollo mission and to its major ground stations, including Apollo mission control centers in Texas and Florida. Every aspect was followed according to a pre-arranged script. The ill-fated Apollo 13 mission was the only exception. However, Apollo 13's difficulties were due, not to an exploding fuel cell, but to carrying an illegal cargo, consisting of a small plutonium bomb, to the Moon.

This mission was cut short by the rapid, well-placed burst from a particle beam weapon carried onboard a trailing UFO craft. The true secret agenda of global black ops had been duly discovered and thwarted. Global black ops intended to send such 'devices' to the Moon and use them to gain additional concessions from their dark off-world allies. Global black ops also used incidents such as these to illustrate one crucial point to their dark allies. Regardless of what happened in space, black ops were always able to conceal these incidents as easily as they had the decades-long conspiracy involving the dark star-nations. Apollo 13 was graciously helped home by several friendly UFO craft nearby. With the help of tractor beams and other life-supporting technology, the UFO crafts allowed Apollo 13, first, to circumnavigate the Moon and, then, to land successfully on Earth.

Apollo: Its Lessons
This sudden discovery brought about the expected dissolution of the manned Apollo Moon program. Collectively, Galactic Federation of Light forces based upon the Moon and on Mars, as well as those of the dark star-nations, soon prohibited further manned missions to these spheres. This decision forced the cancellation of the proposed Apollo missions that had been scheduled beyond the mandated Apollo 17 mission.

The simple truth was that Apollo was not really intended to take man to the Moon. Beneath the Hollywood-type production and vast cover-up, the Apollo mission was an attempt at lunar sabotage and skulduggery. Apollo's quick demise brought an end to the first chapters in America's highly publicized manned space flight programs. It did not, however, end global black ops' back-engineered technology programs, or its true 'star wars' plans. The truth is out there. However, as the saying goes, that is another story.

by Chyrene Pendleton

Several years ago, Christine Sutherland and her partner decided to leave their 3-D jobs, travel around Earth (starting with New Zealand) and teach the Mayan Calendar freely to help people start to use it instead of the Gregorian calendar. She was my teacher and I learned much from her on how to connect with the Mayan Calendar as the Mayans did -- body, mind and spirit. Eventually, I, too, began teaching workshops here in Colorado, while she continued her travels through the States and then on to Mexico and South America.

As some of you may have noticed, there are now many different Mayan calendars using different day counts. Which is the accurate one? It can be confusing. Sheldan Nidle's "Galactic Calendar" uses the traditional Mayan elements but has the accurate day count originally presented to us by ancient Arcturian timekeepers, then, in recent years, given to us once again. Sheldan's galactic calendar is the one to use. It is one of the tools to help us become fully conscious and truly flow with time.

Although the galactic calendar is very informative and easy to understand, sometimes I receive questions and comments from members with a copy of the galactic calendar who would like to learn additional techniques on its use. Now, I would like to share information I have gleaned, which has made it easier for my students and me to connect with the calendar in a short time. Although I'm certainly not an expert (we'll probably all become experts as everyone uses this calendar in our galactic society!), by practicing the calendar's basics and using it every day, we integrate it into our lives and begin to understand more and more on many levels. We start to remember.

First of all, it's important to approach the galactic calendar with our feelings, not with our minds. In this way, our bodies more easily absorb and remember it. As we look at each glyph, we see that it contains the exact emotional information we need to help activate us. It doesn't matter if we don't understand it intellectually. If we use the calendar every day, it eventually will make sense to us. The galactic calendar is about remembering, about activating our memories.

Now let's begin.

Look at the "Thirteen Tones of Creation" listed at the back of the galactic calendar. As you can see, the numbers 1 through 13 are represented by dots and bars, which the Mayans used to count. They also used their bodies to represent these Mayan numbers. By learning which part of the body is assigned to which number (along with its meaning or energy), we understand it more easily.

When I started, I decided to make 13 laminated cards showing each tone (with its meaning on the back) and 20 colored laminated cards showing each glyph. I did this to use as a visual teaching tool for myself and for others. As I looked at each one of the tones, I touched the part of my body that corresponded to that tone.

Here is the list of the 13 tones and the related part of the body:

     One - right ankle
     Two - right knee
     Three - right hip
     Four - right wrist (move your right hand up and down as you hold your wrist)
     Five - right elbow
     Six - right shoulder (wriggle it a little)
     Seven - neck (place a hand on each side of your neck)
     Eight - left shoulder (wriggle it a little)
     Nine - left elbow
     Ten - left wrist (move your left hand up and down as you hold your wrist)
     Eleven - left hip
     Twelve - left knee
     Thirteen - left ankle

Touch each body part with its tone (or number), beginning with "One". At the same time, say aloud the keyword that that tone represents. The keyword (or energy) for each of the 13 tones is also listed at the back of the calendar.

For example, bend over and touch or hold your right ankle and say, "One, Unity". Touch your right knee and say, "Two, Challenge", and so on. Try it. Go through the 13 tones and touch each body part associated with that tone as you say its keyword aloud. Start with your right ankle and work up the right side of your body, then down the left side, ending with your left ankle. Then start again. After you have practiced this a few times a day, you'll soon easily connect the meaning of the tone for each galactic day's date. Your body will also remember. You will connect with the energy of the tone very quickly.

This exercise can be a fun (and powerful) activity to do with your family and friends -- children learn it very quickly -- and when you meet in your PAGs.

Also, as each day comes, learn the energy for that day and, in 13 days, you will know the energy of each tone and where it is located on your body. And if you have health issues associated with one of the listed parts of your body, you can help to heal it by using the energy associated with that area.

In a future newsletter, I'll describe how the Mayans associated each of the 20 glyphs (pictured directly under each tone in your galactic calendar) with other parts of the body. For comprehensive, in-depth information about your galactic calendar, please read "Your First Contact" by Sheldan Nidle.

By Ronald McNeil

As I was talking to my guides and spiritual family one night a few weeks ago, I was thinking about the StarTrek movie, 'First Contact', and also Sheldan's book. If you all out there have not read the book, I urge you to do so. The book is a guide, along with a lot of other ones.

Anyway, back to the story plus talking to the family about other things. Also, remember that spirit guides are really your family - you just forgot their names, etc.

But the veil is becoming thinner and is a thing no longer needed. They said we have a surprise for you. They have given me surprises before, but nothing like this.

Traveling home about a week later at midnight, I see a scout ship off to my left, hovering and letting me see the craft for about five to ten minutes, matching my speed of the car, then zooming away. A very nice surprise.

I live on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, in one of the most populated counties (Tampa - St Petersburg area) in Florida. I do not live in the 'boonies'.

The top part was crystal shaped, clear with a green light on the bottom.

First contact is getting closer, kids, and the time is fast approaching when there will be peace on the planet.

My family also tells me that this summer will be very interesting, with lots of activity going on and the unfolding of certain truths.

It was nice talking to you today.

Much love and gentle hugs.


Richard Fuller of Metaphysical Reviews endorses:

In the preface of his new book, best selling author Sheldan Nidle sets the tenor of YOUR FIRST CONTACT. He writes, "Countless millennia ago, the Spiritual Hierarchy of this galaxy and of numerous others nearby, sent you on a short journey into a mysterious house of cards called "Limited Consciousness".

YOUR FIRST CONTACT is the vehicle that takes the reader to a place of Light where the veil of darkness is lifted, and the vision of the new, radiates. Through his associations with the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light Allies, Sheldan has first hand knowledge of the transmutations of our destiny towards harmony and peace.

Sheldan's journey to understanding began at childhood. He describes our past, and how our galaxy was formed some ten billion years ago. His insights lead to a fuller comprehension of the ways in which creation operates physically. We learn, "The purpose of physicality is the acquisition of divine experiences--knowledge. This knowledge is used to expand the wisdom of heaven."

Further, YOUR FIRST CONTACT is a look at the bright future in store for us and how Earth and the solar system will evolve. In doing so, an understanding of our real purpose will emerge, and thus, our spiritual destiny. "You have been incarnated here to fulfill your destiny as guardians of a renewed and fully-conscious Mother Earth...also a most remarkable galactic society."

Author, scientist, telepath and visionary, Sheldan Nidle transports the reader to the next level---a place of imagination, creativity and innovation that will open your eyes to "...a fresh, vital step in the beginning of your experience of galactic citizenship and its vast, cosmic responsibilities." In this reviewer's opinion, YOUR FIRST CONTACT is a must-read!!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor
Metaphysical Reviews

"I just received a marvelous gift. It was Sheldan's book!
What a wonderful work, so personal, such a work of art in itself. The issues you raise, the story you tell, the revelation of the depths of our reality, are an inspiration. It's a book everyone should read and gives exposure to a dimension of reality that can enrich everyone's life. "

V. Vernon Woolf, Ph.D
Author, Holodynamics (How to Develop and Manage Your Personal Power)

by Miriam de Vera

What is a Fax-On-Demand and what difference will it make to friends of PAO?

A Fax-on-Demand -- FOD, for short -- is a telecommunication tool that allows anyone with a fax machine to obtain documents that they will receive by return fax. The procedure is simple: using your fax machine, dial the Fax-On-Demand number (connected to an FOD computer that stores documents) and, at the voice prompt, enter a PIN or document number (see PIN numbers below). Your fax machine will receive the documents.

PAO is pleased to announce that we now have FOD numbers for the latest weekly updates and for our List of Products and Order Form. This means that you can travel anywhere and receive the most recent document from the convenience of your nearest fax machine. This is good news for those without a computer or Internet connection. To obtain Sheldan's newest Update, go to any fax machine and dial up its FOD numbers. Those who wish to receive a list of PAO products with current pricing and ordering information may simply dial the specified numbers on your fax machine. Unfortunately, previous Updates are unavailable. Our particular FOD service is very basic and offers only the most current Update published.

To receive Sheldan's most current update:
Dial (402) 951-5501 and enter PIN# 128.

To receive Sheldan's List of Products with pricing and Order Form:
Dial (402) 951-5501 and enter PIN# 129.

Why use fax-on-demand?
A fax-on-demand system allows anyone to call, 24 hours a day, to request information stored as word processing documents. Even images can be transmitted instantaneously to the caller's fax machine. Also, multiple callers can access our fax-on-demand service simultaneously, without busy signals!

Can callers outside the U.S. and Canada access FOD documents?
Yes. It's just like any international long distance call.

Who pays for the call when we use the FOD numbers?
Our particular FOD system is set up to be a long-distance call. Your long-distance carrier will charge you for the duration of the call.


'The meaning of life is service. The perfection of your soul is service,
and so many times without any applause...
You only answer to God, Who knows where your heart is."

       Sylvia Browne from her book "Soul's Perfection"


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