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By Chyrene Pendleton

In 1996, I attended an excellent lecture at the Colorado UFO Society by Dhyana Markley about her Inner Earth experiences. She recounted that, about 10 years earlier, as she planned a move to Oahu, Hawaii, she encountered two friends, both spiritual masters, at a seminar. When she told them of her intentions, each asked her separately if she was aware of a great, ancient tunnel that extended from Sedona, Arizona to Kauai, Hawaii.

Once in Hawaii, Dhyana began to research the ancient writings and archaeology, and learned about Hawaii's sacred ceremonial sites and language. She also learned about the 'little people', whom the Hawaiians call Menehune, who one night suddenly disappeared. From this, she studied stories of other little people, such as the leprechauns in Ireland and those found in the mines of Colorado.

Meeting With an Inner Earth Guardian
Dhyana told us that, although she now has the ability to travel in other dimensions at will, at that time she had to shift herself into a ready frame of mind. In that state, she soon met Agnotti, a person about 4 1/2 feet tall "who looked like Yoda with big eyes and really big, pointed ears, and who was filled with love". He told her that he was a guardian of the tunnel entrances leading to Inner Earth in the Pacific Rim's Ring of Fire, and that he works with helpers at each entrance.

Agnotti took Dhyana (and a female friend who was visiting her at the time) to the entrances. In Oahu, he kept a small, six-seater hovercraft, which he taught her to operate. From there, they travelled through a tunnel, 25 to 30 feet in diameter, which Agnotti called one of the 'lesser tunnels' that leads to the 'greater tunnels'.

An Entrance Explored
From the north shore of Oahu, they travelled northwest until they reached the eastern shore beneath Kauai, which, Agnotti told her, forms the main hub of the Pacific Rim. From this hub a greater tunnel leads to Australia, with others extending to Sedona, Arizona, to Mongolia, and, she thought, to Alaska. She told us that the hub resembled the center of a very ancient wheel and all of the tunnels converged in the deepest point of the hub.

To the south and the north of the hub, she saw two wide, ancient staircases carved into the rock. On each side of the steps, sloped ramps leveled to form landings large enough for hovercraft to park and turn around. This freed people of luggage as they walked up the steps. On the northern side of Kauai was yet another entrance. Dhyana was told to go to the eastern tunnel so that, in the physical realm, she would be able to leave a map at its entrance to guide others. Then, at the appropriate time, that entrance would open.

Dhyana and her friend noticed that the entrance was narrow, even for their slender bodies. They were shown a niche, about 15 feet across and half-moon in shape, cut into the rock. In the middle of this recess was a small crevice. Agnotti told Dhyana that, when the time came, she would need to physically search for this crevice.

The next day, Dhyana had made plans to travel from Oahu to Kauai. There, she arranged with two friends to travel to the place she had been shown. She described its location, in a marshy area backed by cliffs. Since that time, she has learned that entrances to Inner Earth seem to be located on public, or accessible land.

They drove by Jeep as far as they could, then got out and hiked. Dhyana told her friends that they were looking for an entrance that, thousands of years ago, was underwater. After crossing a swamp and reaching the falls, they still had not discovered the entrance. One friend scaled the cliff and, at its top, found a stone sun calendar. The calendar appeared to be Aztec or Mayan, but there was nothing to indicate why, or how, it was there.

Finally, after further searching, they crossed a small stream and found the 15-foot niched arch. Dhyana had expected to walk through the opening, narrow though it was, but found it closed. Discouraged, she was told that it was not yet time, because the area was open to hikers who would try to enter.

A City Below Denver
Nevertheless, Dhyana continued on. Another friend from Phoenix, Arizona, told her of an out-of-body experience in which she had visited a city 400 miles below Denver, Colorado. There, she saw Inner Earth people talking to surface dwellers, telling us what to expect when we arrived. When the discussion concluded, a gentleman approached her friend, looked her in the eye and said, "Tell Dhyana".

Dhyana lay down and immediately met a man named Eeon, who had a two-seat hovercraft (like a suspended "golf cart with an awning-like top") and who took her on a tour of a city 400 miles below Denver. When he showed her the cultural buildings, he apologized repeatedly, saying, "We built a city for you, but didn't have enough room in town and had to put it outside of town". Dhyana told him that to her, it didn't matter.

She saw wide, beautiful, emerald-green fields of food and was told that, once surface-dwellers arrived, Inner Earth people will no longer be able to grow food. Dhyana felt that that was immaterial, since people would have to learn to farm so that they could feed themselves when they returned to Earth's surface. When she asked how long that would be, she was told - this was eight years ago - that surface-dwellers would remain there for 10 years. That time-frame would later change.

Interested in health and healing, Dhyana asked to see the hospital and was taken to a "gigantic hospital in which hallways were huge and people were very tall". She said that Eeon seemed like a normal surface being, but that there were people who were seven to eight feet tall, maybe taller, slender, with pale skin and blue eyes. She said that she met three or four different species in Inner Earth, and that most have physical, 3-D bodies, though some may have lightbodies.

From them she learned that many of the great, ancient tunnels were lost during the fall of Atlantis. In the past, a tunnel had led through Atlantis, from South America to Africa. Many tunnels have been lost due to Earth changes, and, though people of Inner Earth have been forced to close some, they have repaired others, whenever possible.

In the course of her lecture, Dhyana told us, "In any realm or dimension, I choose who I deal with by how much love I feel emanating from them . . . The great, conscious Beings are filled with wisdom, filled with love." She also said that, because more people have come into their power and into the Light, events and the time-frame have changed.

Dhyana Speaks At Our PAG
In September 1998, I invited Dhyana Markley of Buffalo Creek, Colorado to speak at our Denver PAG. Because of her lecture at the Colorado UFO Society, I thought that people in our group and organization would be most interested in what she had to say. She gave a thoroughly intriguing presentation, detailing her experiences in Inner Earth, and outlined her plans for an expedition into the Earth, scheduled for later that fall.

She answered many of our questions concerning entrances all around the world, the appearance of the people, their landscape, technology and much more. She emphasized that the tunnels, cities and beings found only a few miles beneath the surface are part not of Inner Earth, but of the secret government.

An Expedition Planned
Dhyana's lecture focused on a city 400 miles below Denver, Colorado. She said that its residents have prepared land and housing - wonderful cities for those who want to travel beneath Earth's surface during some of her coming changes. One of the entrances was located somewhere near Buffalo Creek, where she lived.

The expedition into the Earth was set for October/November 1998. Dhyana told us that she would not attempt such an undertaking until representatives or guides from Inner Earth notified her that the time was right. Only then would she allow interested people to gather in the area of Buffalo Creek until it was time to go.

Dhyana was given specific instructions regarding provisions. Each person was to bring food and water to last up to three days, as well as necessities such as eyeglasses and medicine. Personal tools such as "artists' paint and brushes, crystals and activators for healers, builders' hammers and saws, etc.", were considered of paramount importance. People were welcome to bring animals, "as long as they were well-behaved", along with sufficient food and water for them. (Dhyana planned to take her 5 horses, which would carry their own food and water, as well as other supplies.) And participants were to "bring nothing electric, for they will not work here. We utilize a different form of energy".

Eeon also urged, "Please find joy in this experience and in the anticipation of it. We are delighted to have you come and hope you will feel the same. Chaos is about to break loose on the surface of this planet and we want to avoid as much of it as we can. So the more prepared you are, the quicker and easier it will be for all of us".

On Money and Dates
When Eeon was asked if there were any firm "or slightly firm" dates for quitting the surface at this time, he said, "not firm, but, at this time, it seems as if late summer, August or September [of 1998] would be best. Later, perhaps, but I doubt it. Things will occur in a domino effect once one or two of the really big events set them off. As you already know, all of the nuclear testing and HAARP aren't helping."

"The stock markets and banking system are being propped up by a feather, so that should give you some idea how quickly the entire structure can fall apart. A collapse should happen before the year 2000, but probably not before we all leave for Inner Earth."

On the subject of bringing money, Dhyana was told, "Your currency will be worthless in Inner Earth, and worth not much more on the surface. Tools that enable you to contribute to the whole will be most useful . . ."

Transportation and Inner Earth Inhabitants
According to Dhyana, it would have taken between two and three days to complete the trip on foot. Then, transportation - a transit system that would take people to their destination - would be provided. And what kind of transportation did they have? "Many individuals own hover-cars. Some prefer to walk. Others have a kind of bicycle, while still others use public transportation, such as tube trains and moving sidewalks."

And what do those who live below Denver look like? Eeon told Dhyana, "Some, such as I, look like you. We could easily walk among you and not be recognized as inhabitants of Inner Earth. Others, such as the Kryons, average between eight and ten feet tall, and have white skin and blue eyes. Although some are blond, their hair, for the most part, is white. Dark hair is rare. They are slender and quite intelligent and telepathic . . . Then, there is a relatively small group that you would call Mayans. They are short in stature and look much like your Mexicans. There is also a group of Eekenese who resemble a blending of insect and human. Once you become used to their appearance, you will love them and trust them as we do."

Later in the fall of 1998, Dhyana learned that to a mass shift in consciousness made her trip to Inner Earth unnecessary at that time and she would have to cancel it. Since her original contact, she has met many more humanoid species from Inner Earth. In the following article, Dhyana shares new information provided by her Inner Earth guide, Eeon.

Conversation with Eeon of Inner Earth
Regarding the Galactic Federation and Inner Earth Peoples

by Dhyana Markley - May 6, 2001.

D: Nice to see you again.

E: Nice to see you.

D: As you know, Sheldan Nidle has asked me, by way of Chyrene, about the relationship between the Galactic Federation of Light and the inhabitants of Inner Earth. Could you give me any information on this?

E: Of course. The members of the Galactic Federation of Light have been a part of our lives for thousands upon thousands of years. They have helped us in our individual conscious unfolding, and, when necessary, have provided protection from those who would attack us.

About 3,000 years ago, some off-planet raiders of the Dark Forces decided that they wanted to control Earth and enslave all her peoples, both of Inner Earth and of the Surface. Our friends of the Galactic Federation helped to prevent those of us who belong to Inner Earth from being oppressed. The Dark Forces continued to return until, secretly and unknown to the Galactic Federation, they gained influence over the Surface Dwellers. Once that was allowed to happen, we were forced, irrevocably, to allow the Surfacers to be manipulated.

Heaven deemed the Dark Forces' domination appropriate. Though it would cause the Surface Dwellers pain, adversity would provide them new challenges and experiences and, eventually, increase their consciousness. For a long time, it seemed as if the Dark Forces would succeed in enslaving almost all of the Surface Dwellers. For that reason, for a thousand years, we prepared to evacuate those who would come to us from the surface, before the chaos of the great earth changes and man's destruction of most of surface life.

Fortunately for all of us, that didn't happen. As you are aware, it was not until November 1998 that we knew the extent of the consciousness shift. About a month before, we had learned that surface evacuation was not necessary at that time, but we did not know, then, if it had been cancelled or merely delayed. Later, we learned that it was cancelled for all of the original reasons. However, now it appears that, because the Galactic Federation wants to heal Mother Earth's surface completely, much of her surface population may come to Inner Earth, after all.

D: When we spoke earlier, we were going to have to walk part-way and carry clothing and tools, plus food and water. Will we still have to do that?

E: I am told that you will not. Although we are more advanced, technologically, than Surface peoples, we are not as advanced as our Galactic Federation friends. They have been almost as careful in sharing their technology with us as they have with you. It was the dark forces that negotiated a deal with your secret cabals, exchanging technology for influence and the lives of some of your peoples.

D: How did Galactic Federation Members influence Inner Earth Dwellers?

E: They worked individually with some of our scientists, teachers and a few others who wished for help, asked for it and were open to it. This process influenced our overall population in a slow and gentle way. The Lemurians moved into an existing Galactic facility about 13,000 years ago when the Atlanteans attacked them.

D: What can you - and we - expect from Galactic Federation Members now?

E: Love, compassion and help. They are humble in heart and action and will take what you might call "forceful action" only when it is "Heaven's will", and for the good of the whole. Their weapons can destroy those of others; yet still leave the warriors uninjured.

D: That sounds wonderful!

E: Yes, I think so too.

D: Do they currently have any underground or underwater bases here on Earth?

E:Yes. There are many, all over the world. There are several on every continent, but I know of approximately 12 in the Americas alone. As I said before, the Lemurians moved into one at Mt. Shasta, California. I understand that there is also one in the Tetons, two or three in Canada, at least two in Central America and four or five in South America. I believe that it was they who built the original, deep Inner Earth tunnels that connect all of the continents, long before we moved here.

D: I have seen many races and species living in Inner Earth. Where did they all come from?

E: Different places, star systems and galaxies. Almost everyone and everything was brought here from somewhere else. You do know that you're not originally from Earth, don't you?

D: Yes. I know that I am a multidimensional being who always has been and always will be. We simply keep moving around so that we can experience new things. Most of the time, it's really fun and interesting. I do admit, though, that I am incredibly tired of all the pain and suffering. I think we've learned enough from it, and I'm ready for all of that to be over.

E: They say we're starting a thousand years of peace.

D: I wonder why it's not a million or a billion years?

E: Maybe it is, or maybe we'll all have shifted to an even higher consciousness by then, and create something else that's new.

D: Yes, that would be interesting! Can you tell me anything more about the relationship between Galactic Federation Members and the population of Inner Earth?

E: Not really. Like you, I have had very little conscious interaction with them. I know that I've met some of them, but I don't remember much. We've been extremely busy making trips to the surface, to prepare for some of the changes. But several from our Council have been working with the Members. And they are teaching us so that we can help to instruct Surface Dwellers in some of the new technology, and calm some of your fears.

D: Do you have any last words of advice?

E: I would suggest to the Surface Dwellers that they search their hearts and minds, and drop their attachments to people, places, ideas, concepts and material things that will no longer serve them in their new consciousness. You will no longer need to carry with you everything you require for survival. Once you know who you truly are, it will all be created for you in most wonderful ways. And that is coming soon!

D: Thank you, Eeon.

E: And thank you for asking, Dhyana. See you soon.

By Miriam de Vera

A New Galactic Calendar Announcement
Happy Galactic New Year to all! The Galactic Year of 10 Caban begins on Thursday, July 26 when, at dawn, the star Sirius is visible above the Mayan Pyramid, Chichen Itza, and above Maui's volcano, Mount Haleakala. As we begin a new cycle of energy, let's remember that the Galactic Federation wishes us to use the Galactic Calendar as a tool for understanding time as an experience, rather than as a measured event. It is vital to master and appreciate Galactic Time if we wish to actively participate in building a galactic society. Galactic Time serves as a consciousness tool, training us to sense the energy of the day and to flow with the currents of Creation.

Now is also the time to begin a Galactic Time Study Group to implement our intention to ride the waves of time and to expand our consciousness.

The Year 10 Caban is a time for learning how to successfully steer your true dreams and desires toward fruition. It is a favorable time to learn who you really are, and to see your abilities in a new light.

Recently, a group of individuals studied our Galactic Calendar and compared it with more popular Mayan calendars. They confirmed the accuracy of Sheldan's calendar over others in synchronizing their daily energies.

You will find the new calendar larger (8.5" by 11") and easier to read. It comes in an attractive, four-color laminated cover. If you haven't already ordered a calendar, purchase one now by CLICKING HERE

Sheldan also plans to create a video tutorial on Galactic Time, to be released in a few months. Stay tuned!

By Miriam de Vera

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