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by Sheldan Nidle

On Tuesday, June 20th, almost a day after leaving San Francisco, I arrived in Istanbul and was met at Ataturk Airport by Mr. Haktan Akdogan and some of his associates. After introductions, a car whisked me to the Richmond Hotel in the older European section of Istanbul. On the way, I had my first views of Haga Sophia and the Bosporus.

The vicinity of the hotel was extremely old. Building exteriors were caked with pollution from motor vehicles and factories. Streets were extremely narrow, and architecture was shabby, gray and very old-fashioned. Traffic was heavy and filled with the same strange, driving, almost suicidal rhythm I had first discovered while motoring across Manila and Mexico City.

By the time I was able to enjoy a day relaxing in my hotel, most of the remaining 13 conference speakers had arrived. They were greeted by a press contingent, and subsequently driven to the Richmond to rest from their long trip. My first opportunity to meet them came that evening, at a special party held by the Richmond Hotel and the organizer of the symposium, the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Center.

The following day, Thursday, we attended a press conference at the Istanbul Convention and Conference Center, the site of the symposium. There, for several hours, more than twenty press and television reporters interviewed us. Next morning, Haktan and his lovely companion, Esen, showed us morning editions of all the major city newspapers, which had published photos and interesting feature articles on the symposium.

One of the highlights of my trip occurred following the press conference. After a brief return to the Hotel to rest and refresh, our group was taken by bus to a chartered yacht, on which we enjoyed a four-hour evening dinner cruise on the Bosporus.

There were many spellbinding sights: a mystical wishing point near the Fatih Bridge; ancient castles from the times of the Crusaders; mosques and other marvelous relics of the many civilizations that have been part of this city's 5000 years of history. During our cruise, we met Mr. Nuri Sozkesen, Chairman of Funika Holdings, and his wonderful family, as well as Beygu Gokcin, a well-known Turkish artist and musician. Nuri Sozkesen had kindly provided the funds that made this most marvelous experience possible.

Before the Conference began on Friday, I was privileged to meet Ayhan Doyuk, President of Perfect Science AD. We had arranged a lunch for the purpose of mutual introductions. In the course of a most pleasant three hours, I experienced a truly elegant exchange of energies and information.

We discussed consciousness and the formulas, possessed by Perfect Science, which can return Mother Earth to its original, unspoiled condition. These formulas also had the ability to balance all of the cells in your body, to return you to a well-proportioned and harmonious state. I realized that I had found another spiritual brother in Consciousness, with whom I shared many similar goals. We ended by pledging mutual help and support in returning Mother Earth to its pristine glory, and in expanding the consciousness of humanity to its fullest levels.

That afternoon and evening, I attended the Symposium's opening ceremonies. During the evening session, I began to feel unwell and had to be escorted back to the Hotel. By Saturday, I had become quite ill. Desperate, I phoned Ayhan for help. Despite a hectic schedule, he arrived that afternoon, bearing a 1.5 liter bottle of a special formula he had prepared. He instructed me to drink the water, saying that it would initiate a cleanse that, normally, should last for two or three days. That evening, I was much improved, and by Sunday morning, I had largely recovered. A brief rest in morning and early afternoon was enough to prepare me for my lecture that evening.

In mid-afternoon, the symposium's security services chauffeured me, along with several other speakers, to the Convention Center. Upon our arrival, many people approached me to autograph their copies of Galactic Human (Turkish edition), or for photographs. My lecture, on Consciousness and Contact, clearly was well received. A brief question and answer session followed, that featured all of the Symposium's speakers. The closing ceremonies immediately thereafter were highlighted by a magnificent multimedia presentation, created and performed by Beygu Gokcin. Each speaker was presented with a large certificate of appreciation, along with a terry cloth bathrobe embossed the Funika logo. A farewell dinner, given by the Symposium's sponsors, was held subsequently on the Hotel terrace.

On Monday morning, we were taken by bus to Ataturk Airport and, early that same afternoon, left for New York. Late on Tuesday evening, the last leg of my journey ended in Kahului. I had returned, at last, to this most beautiful paradise that I call my home, where Colleen greeted me warmly. Filling me were many lasting memories of new friends made, and of the beautiful people of Turkey who had forever marked my journey with their great Love.

To conclude, I wish to thank Mr. Haktan Akdogan and all the wonderful people at the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Center, for inviting me to participate in this symposium. My special thanks to Mr. Nuri Sozkesen of Funika Holding, for funding this most marvelous event.

by Chyrene Pendleton

In the last newsletter, I wrote an article on how to start a PAG (Planetary Activation Group). Included were suggestions on meeting places, how to join a PAG, and NETPAG and PAG projects. The article also featured Patt Hendrickson, a longtime PAG Coordinator in Michigan and Regional Coordinator for the Central US States.

Since I am often asked how to start a meeting and what to do in a PAG, I will focus on those things in this article. I would also like to offer some suggestions that can help get you going and that I know will start your own creative juices flowing!

Start With An Outline
Let's say you've decided to start a PAG at your home or local library (where meeting rooms are usually free). You've already informed your Area and/or Regional Coordinator, told friends and acquaintances and posted flyers to announce your group in local metaphysical stores, libraries, health food stores, etc., to attract like-minded people. Now: what are you going to talk about? What exactly do PAGs do? As a PAG Coordinator, you can first create a simple outline of the flow of the meeting. Anything can happen during a meeting, but a guideline can be very helpful, especially when it's the first meeting and there are time considerations. A simple outline might look like this:

  • Clearing: Clear the area before people arrive
  • Opening: Begin the meeting with a meditation, prayer or invocation
  • Agenda: Topics/Ritual/Sharing
  • Closing: End the meeting with a meditation, prayer or toning
  • Clearing: Clear the area
If you are holding the meeting in a public place, it might be a good idea to "clear" the room or area ahead of time. For example, an energy chime (available in many metaphysical stores), effectively clears the air of negative energy, using the power of sound vibration. If you are meeting outside, in a park, for example, smudging the area with sage works very well and many people enjoy the ritual of smudging themselves, too, as they arrive. Some PAG Coordinators use sage in their homes before starting a meeting. By the way, a meeting in a natural environment really intensifies the group's connection to Mother Earth and ensures an enlightening experience.

Opening The Meeting
To raise the vibrations, open the meeting with a prayer or meditation, or by invoking the angels, Ascended Masters, or our galactic brothers and sisters.

For example, the 'meditation of the day' from the Galactic Calendar is an excellent way to set the meeting's tone and energy.

"The Great Invocation" is another example that the group, as a whole, can read aloud simultaneously.

Afterward, a brief introduction of each person in the group makes everyone feel more comfortable and connected.

Ideas for Meeting Topics

Ritual / Sharing
It is important to incorporate "fluid management" into your PAG. This is based on the fact that each of us has singular gifts and aptitudes and we have the right to freely express our talents and to be honored for our uniqueness. For important exercises in fluid management, see "Working Lessons for PAGs" under "Planetary Activation Groups (PAGS)" on this website.

When we think of a ritual, we usually imagine a special ceremony or formality. In galactic society, rituals hold a different meaning. "Rituals or rites to us are simply the accomplishment of something or the doing of a certain task" (You Are Becoming A Galactic Human 164). The PAG Coordinator can have a topic in mind to present to the group, or can ask the group what they would like to discuss.

Using The Galactic Calendar
Since the Galactic Calendar is designed for use as a consciousness tool whose purpose is to help us understand the nature of time, a great "time" to use it is in a PAG. Each day or ki'n has its own energy, and instructions are included in the calendar on how to best use it for meditation. Sessions with the Galactic Calendar can be incorporated into each meeting for study and experience of galactic time. Group members can be encouraged to order their own calendars for daily use, as well as for during meetings.

Video and Audio Tapes
Sheldan Nidle's video and audiotapes (as well as related others of interest), followed by discussion, make for lively meetings.

Guest Speakers
A guest speaker is another great meeting idea. Many would be happy to speak free of charge, in exchange for presenting their books or services to the group. Sources for guest speakers can be found in metaphysical bookstores and journals, and on the Internet.

Networking with like-minded groups in the community is one of the key functions of a PAG. In this way, we can share and exchange information to quickly expand this web of Light.

Field Trips
Group field trips can also be fun: see a movie, visit an observatory, attend a lecture, visit sacred sites or portals, participate in spiritual ceremonies, combine efforts with another PAG, etc.

Group Book Study
Group book study is another good idea, especially important when Our First Contact becomes available. After each person has read a passage, the group can discuss what they have learned.

Group Projects
Group projects can be a lot of fun. There are many ways to help people awaken to what is happening --- making posters and flyers to be distributed in the community is just one example. Creative ideas can flow and each person can contribute her/his own talents.

Discussions and Sharing
Other topics for discussion can include movies, dreams, channeling, healing techniques, earth changes, ET contacts, etc. Or an open discussion works very well.

The sharing of personal experiences since your last meeting helps to reinforce the group's connection. For example, we are undergoing adjustments to integrate our physical and Light bodies --- more intensely now than ever --- and it really helps to have a safe place to share what is happening. The group can also decide, at the first meeting, how often they would like to meet and how long the meetings should be.

Closing The Meeting
The meeting can be closed with a prayer or meditation, or by listening to select music, toning, joining hands and/or focusing on this global web of Light.

These are all suggestions and ideas that I've successfully implemented, and again, I'm sure you can come up with many more wonderful ideas in your own PAGs. If you are interested in joining a PAG, complete and send the application provided for you at "How To Participate In A PAG" on this website. You can also apply many of these suggestions to NETPAGS, where groups communicate mainly by e-mail or meet in chat rooms on the Internet.

In looking at PAGs on the inside, we find starseeds and Lightworkers all over the world who are joyfully participating in meditation, ritual and fluid management, and who are actively helping to awaken people about the current changes in consciousness, in our bodies and with Mother Earth.

In Love, Light and Joyful Service,
Chyrene Pendleton
USA Coordinator
Planetary Activation Organization

Hundreds of thousands of people from nearly every country in the world contributed small swatches of cloth to be sewn into a peace quilt that is nearly a mile long. The project, called "The Cloth of Many Colors", is a living prayer. PAO sends our sincere gratitude to all PAG members who participated in the "Cloth of Many Colors - Peace Project."

This month (September), it was presented at the United Nations in New York City, and then wrapped around the US Capital Building in Washington, DC and finally, the Pentagon. This was one of the most powerful opportunities we had to create a world based upon the laws of love, rather than the rules of fear. Millions of people joined in a twenty-four hour peace vigil on September 19th and 20th. For more information:

Sheldan's new video, Lecture #1 in the 9 EB Lecture Series: "Consciousness, Heaven, and Physicality": a one-hour lecture video with bulleted slides and graphics, videotaped in Maui, Hawaii on August 21, 2000.

Ummac Dan T-shirt: Galactic Federation symbol for the Sirian Star System, imprinted on purple.

Ummac Dan button: Activational symbol used aboard Sirian Motherships to maintain a field of truth and harmony during meetings.

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by Miriam De Vera

"You can break one arrow easily, but not ten in a bundle."

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