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By Sheldan Nidle

On September 11th, we witnessed two of the most shocking tragedies in United States history. They abruptly forced us to appreciate our society's fragility and our real and indestructible connections to each other. My first reaction was astonishment and sheer horror at these events. Later, I felt a need to look inward. What I found showed me that, even in the midst of calamity, our Love and caring for each other is our one common bond. In that frame of mind, please read this article. It is a story and a fate that each of us carries within - our ancient fall from, and our forthcoming return to, full consciousness. Come from your Hearts as you read this, and know that what it says is true. Remember, as well, its lesson - grace, forgiveness and Love.

Once, long ago, humans were fully conscious Beings, almost God-like in their abilities. They lived in an abundant realm on Earth known as Lemuria. Then, approximately 300,000 years ago, a daughter colony, Atlantis, arose. It was inhabited, primarily, by the Pleiadeans and Centaurians. They had encountered the vast dark multitudes of Anchara, who were most directly responsible for inflicting malicious cruelties upon the Light.

These Atlanteans pondered the vile conditions that existed at that time over a wide area of this galaxy. Intrigued by the dark and its ways, they developed an insane desire to emulate its conditions and, eventually, to rule the entire Earth. An essential component of this was the Atlanteans' obsessive wish to enslave humanity in limited consciousness. Slowly, as the Atlantean rulers came to favor these ideas, they authorized a series of grotesque experiments.

By the time of the Atlanteans' demise, their bizarre genetic experiments, to some extent, had succeeded. They had created a human with limited consciousness. Happily, remnants of full consciousness's magic remained, lying dormant and awaiting restoration. Only the proper sequencing had yet to be authorized.

Approximately thirteen millennia ago, humanity began its chaotic journey through the morass that is limited consciousness. In such an environment, where physical and Spiritual worlds had been violently disrupted, humanity seemed lost and incapable of adapting to its strange, new reality. Soon, the Atlanteans' distant cousins, the Anunnaki, appeared and, for a price, presented our distant ancestors with several options for survival. Guided by the evil Anunnaki, humanity reverted to its former glories. The cost, however, was that they worship the Anunnaki as gods/goddesses and obey their every whim. Now, we traverse the final stages of that journey. Let us look back, to see how far we have come and ahead, to where we are going.

The Beginnings
The fall of Atlantis, some thirteen thousand years ago, resulted in a worldwide flood that devastated everything in its wake. Soon, it, too, was gone, leaving the tatters of humanity confronting a cruel dilemma. Gone were the trappings of an advanced civilization that had provided for every possible need. In its place were deprivation, inadequate shelters and rampant starvation. Into this world stepped a small, dark band of opportunists - the Anunnaki.

This unfortunate situation arose because the divine plan temporarily declared Mother Earth a planet where the dark ones would seriously challenge Beings of great Light. There, the Light would gain a thorough knowledge of the dark ones and, from it, would fashion a greater wisdom. That wisdom would serve them well at a future time, when they would transform the whole of physicality.

Gradually, through the early millennia, a series of great, post-Atlantis civilizations rose, fully dedicated to the worship of the Anunnaki. During that period, the first appointed earthly underlings of these 'sky deities' appeared. Initially, the Anunnaki treated these earthly rulers as their prime surrogates. They were the priestess/priest class, in charge of the various ceremonies and projects that their imperious 'celestial rulers' often commanded.

Soon, the Anunnaki's appointees acquired several identifying traits. Some became as arrogant as their off-world rulers. Others, turning away from those who, supposedly, had created them, sought to restore the traditions of ancient Lemuria. Secretly, Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and their Galactic Federation of Light supporters had provided them with this 'forbidden knowledge'. The first battles in the long, silent war to restore humanity to full consciousness had begun. With yet another cataclysm, the Bible's great flood, the Anunnaki ended this first post-Atlantean age. Once again, humanity was confronted, within the raging waters, by a most primitive and precarious dilemma.

After the great flood, the Anunnaki treated humanity more cautiously and watched carefully as they achieved several Golden Ages. But, approximately 7,000 years ago, it all ended in a great and destructive fire that raged across the globe. Again, as a result of the influence of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their Galactic Federation of Light supporters, the earthly subordinates began to seriously question the extent of the Anunnaki's authority. The Anunnaki decided that they would try once more to correct their mistakes.

The Last Stages Home
In the period immediately after the great flood, the Anunnaki established a few primitive city-states across the globe and enslaved most of humanity. In this harsh world, the Anunnaki felt more confident of their control and believed more strongly in unquestioned compliance to their will. Yet, even in this scarce and unrelenting realm, the Spiritual Hierarchy was able to find individuals and groups willing to inform humanity about the Light. From it emerged the great avatars and prophets and the origins of our major religions and religious philosophies. Slowly, the necessary agents were being put into place for humanity's re-awakening.

Which leads us to our present age, filled with miraculous inventions and endless possibilities. Since the inception of the electronic age at the end of the Second World War, humanity's consciousness has been rising exponentially. The base frequency of your physical body has increased considerably and a significant mutation of your RNA/DNA from 2 to 3 strands has begun. During the past 10 years, this process has approached a true crescendo.

The process involves full integration of your physical and spiritual bodies. It will allow your physical mind to interact freely, on all levels, with your 'spiritual mind'. When completed, this process will let your spiritual essence (Soul) communicate freely with you. The inner direction that you lost in Atlantis will be restored. Once again, you will be a fully conscious Being.

Clearly, the awakening of all humanity is underway. The dark, also, has felt this silent eruption. Be aware that the dark intends to issue the Light a strong challenge before acquiescing to its wishes. We are now entering such a period. It is crucial that we remain focused. Understand that massive chaos is our reality's last resort. Do not be caught up in it, or let its siren call throw you off-course. Remain centered and, when your levels of frustration become too high, take the time to find a calm and comfortable space within. Remember that the journey to 'now' has been tediously long. Realize how close you are to its glorious culmination.

Take heart from this, and find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Spirit is orchestrating the whole unparalleled symphony. This bizarre last movement will also be the most arduous. Beyond it, a coda and your ultimate triumph await! Breathe it in and feel the Joy!

Spirit invited humanity to a great sideshow - limited consciousness. We all participated in the performance, which was staged to indoctrinate us in the upside down ways of the dark. Now, the show is about to end so that we can be returned to the main stage - full consciousness. Never lose sight of these important facts. Whenever timings dishearten you, reread this article and understand three major points. First, you are NOT alone. Second, you WILL prevail. Third, it IS unfolding and WILL occur, in right divine time. Remember these words and, above all, remain focused, committed and sane. Selamat Ja!


Recently, we asked you to fill out the 'Our First Contact Tour' questionnaire. Its purpose was to ascertain which centers Sheldan might visit.

You indicated that you would most like to see Sheldan come to the cities of Denver; Dallas; Phoenix; San Francisco and Vancouver, Canada.

More and more, in these times of change and upheaval, it is imperative for Sheldan to meet the people who resonate with his message and to increase his presence in the world. If you would like to volunteer for Sheldan's visit, we could still use your help.

Most of all, Sheldan needs your financial support. His Maui commitments do not disappear while he is away - he must still pay rent - and he will need sufficient funds to cover travel and expenses during his journey.

If ever there was a time for Sheldan to bring his message and his presence to more people, that time is now. Recent events are awakening us to this changing reality and bringing us closer to those things we truly value in life.

Your contributions will help Sheldan bring his message directly and personally to you.

CLICK HERE for a copy of our contribution form

Your First Contact Lecture Tour Dates:

Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 13th, 2001 (Celebration Faire Main Lecture)

Denver, Colorado
October 14th - Booksigning/Lecture 3:00 PM - Nic Nac Nook Metaphysical Bookstore
October 15th - Global Science Lecture/Booksigning 7:00 PM - Holiday InnNorthglenn
October 18th - Workshop Evening 3-4 hours - Full Moon Books & Coffees
October 19th - Lecture/Booksigning 7:00 PM - Metaphysical Bookstore
October 20th - Workshop 3-4 hours TBA - Metaphysical Bookstore
October 21st - Lecture/Booksigning 3:00PM - Tattered Cover Bookstore at Lodo

Phoenix, Arizona
November 6th to November 13th
November 8th - Lecture 7:00 PM - Scottsdate Plaza
November 10th - Workshop 1:00 PM (3-4 Hours) - site TBA

Dallas/Fort Worth
November 13th to 19th or 20th (Sites and actual dates pending)

Vancouver, Canada
Tentative for late November.

San Francisco
Tentative for early December.


First-Hand Rescue Experience
Sorry I haven't been too communicative lately. Times are hectic. Yes, I spent two days at the WTC. It is horrific. It's much like the pictures you see on TV and newspapers but in 3D... along with the smell and the racket of heavy machinery and choking dust and unceasing activity. It is sensory overload. Everyone who first arrives on the scene just stops and stares and cries. It's a tough sight even for the experienced.

I just couldn't believe that I was standing in Manhattan. It is unrecognizable. The extent of damage is unfathomable. There are many more buildings that must be torn down, either due to fire damage or to structural damage. Everywhere, there are signs of those who entered the towers that morning and will never emerge. There are commuter parking lots full of debris-covered cars belonging to people who will never claim them. There are personal items of clothing and photos strewn throughout the wreckage that reminds you that there are still 6,000 people in there, somewhere. Every time an employee ID card is discovered, the police take it and begin a missing persons report.

Although there is great sadness in my heart, I have not found a bit of anger or rage in me. I can truly sense that these people who have been sacrificed (or sacrificed themselves) are part of a collective of souls who will be a key part in bringing the entire world together. Their tragic passing will be the much-needed catalyst to polarize the planet against the last dark forces that are holding us back.

Let those who are behind this act be brought to light--all of them. They will wither without a single weapon being fired. Every time someone around me cries for revenge and war, I try to explain that we are being manipulated into this behavior and are playing into the dark forces' hands. Who would we kill, civilians in another country? What would that make us? We would be reduced to terrorists ourselves. We must resist the urge to strike out. We must devote our energies to exposing the terrorists and strategists and the rest will take care of itself. Pray for peace... and keep digging.


"Arrogant Evil Doers"
For whatever reason, terrorist leaders have been successfully promoting their view of Americans as "Arrogant Evil-Doers" They have convinced many people that this view is the truth, and they have looked for and found a lot of evidence to support this view. Anyone who shares this view will find it easy to justify hating, harming, and/or terrorizing Americans. They will even give their life to make their point. Anything Americans do will be seen from this viewpoint, and acts perceived as arrogant or aggressive will serve to fuel their hatred.

Here is the question:

How can we, the people of America and the world who stand for freedom and justice for all, challenge their view of us?

Not by attacking. Not by bombing. Not by intimidating. These kinds of actions are what they expect from us. These kinds of actions prove them right. They are willing to die to be right. They are willing to wage a holy World War to be right. How could such a war be won?

What we need to kill is these people's view of us, not the people themselves. More to the point, we need to give them a new view. A view of us as strong. Compassionate. United. Respectful. Protective. Concerned. Vigilant. Proactive. Willing to learn from our mistakes.

Hatred can spread like wildfire among people who live lives of poverty and desperation. As we seek justice by finding and putting terrorist leaders on trial, let us also demonstrate our compassion and share our freedom and abundant resources with those who have been oppressed by these same terrorists. Let us unite with all the people of the world, and leave terrorists devoid of followers who are eager to hate.

This kind of war will indeed take a long time. And our children's children will thank us. Not for fighting for peace, but for demonstrating our strength and wisdom and compassion in the face of hate.

Laurie Simons
Seattle WA

The Power of Creative Visualization and Ritualised Meditation
I believe it is very important that people understand the power of creative visualization and ritualised meditation to turn this evil inside out.

These calamities are the birth pangs of our quickly arriving new reality. How many of them we must suffer, and for how long, remains entirely in our hands. How much love can we add to the Christ grid? How much fear can we convert into hope? How much compassion are we willing to demonstrate?

Brian Lynch
New Denver, B.C.


September 9, 2001
"The Disclosure Project" arrived in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday, September 9, 2001. It was an historic visit. Vancouver was their first stop beyond the continental United States, their first stop in Canada, and the beginning of their movement out into the world. Dr. Greer intends them to visit Vancouver annually.

"The Disclosure Project" was held at Simon Fraser University, immediately east of the City of Vancouver. Its beautiful, modern campus perches on the top of a low mountain, overlooking the City yet close to the stars, and seemed to us a perfect venue for this special presentation about UFOs and space. 450 people attended the 5-hour session that day, and what struck us most was the range of their ages, from teens to great-grandparents.

From the moment the host introduced himself, promptly at 1:30, the crowded room was totally silent, and we all sat, spellbound by the information that swirled about us. First, a 2-hour video was shown that included astonishing accounts from courageous retired military, government and aerospace personnel. All of these witnesses possessed documented evidence of sightings and government cover-ups that, had it been revealed, could have ruined their reputations and destroyed their careers.

After a brief, 20-minute break, Steven Greer took the stage and began his presentation. "I am just a country doctor from Virginia who could not walk away from the truth," he began. With those words, he captured our minds and our hearts, as did Alfred Webre and Carol Rosin, who followed him in turn.

"The Disclosure Project" was the shortest long afternoon we ever spent. It was full of anger and frustration at the stubborn and shortsighted governments who conspire to conceal the existence of UFOs and plan to arm space with high-tech weaponry. But it was also full of humor and hope, for what Steven Greer and his associates have already accomplished, and for what we, their audiences, can do to further their mission.

Those of us from the Vancouver PAG group who attended "The Disclosure Project" were fascinated by how closely its information dovetailed with Sheldan's. They are like two sides of the same coin.

Below are a few items from our notes. They are in random order and point form. (The notes were taken in a darkened theatre so you may find some of the information fragmented.)

Your Webmasters

Notes taken from the Videotape:

  • Astronaut Gordon Cooper was shown proof before the lunar landing that there are artificial structures on the moon, built before the US arrived. There is a base on the back side of the moon containing massive structures, 1/2 mile in size, some with reflective surfaces.
    ET Retrieval
  • There have been at least two dozen. 3 or 5 bodies were retrieved from Roswell; 1 was partially alive when found. Eisenhower's fear for the decentralization of UFO research: "It's not going to be in the best hands".

  • Ship Sighting: Big; teardrop-shaped; purplish-green; colour shifted; deep bass hum; 'fish-gill' fence - for propulsion

  • UFO at sighting at Fort Dix. An ET was shot & wounded there. It headed for McGuire Air Force Base, where it died.

  • Someone who saw ET's said, "They are living, breathing creatures, as mortal as you and I."

Notes taken from Dr. Steven Greer's Talk:

    Government Secrecy
  • Compartmentalization keeps UFO info secret from even those with adequate clearance. It's beyond a "need to know". Fewer than 50 people in the intelligence community are aware of UFO info. Their greatest weapon is this compartmentalization within government that debunks the truth. It extends even to the President - mentioned Carter, specifically. There are 38 levels above 'Top Secret': highest level is 'Cosmic'.

  • 1993: How do we disclose what we don't have access to? Even the US President was denied access; even sitting CIA Directors who knew UFO's existed were denied access by compartmentalization.

  • Werner von Braun knew that space weaponry was being planned decades ago, and that an ET threat would be used to justify weapons in space. In his last years, he fought against space weapons.

  • According to Von Braun's sequence of rationalization, the Americans would use a progressive chain of enemies: Russians----terrorists----Third World crazies----asteroids----extraterrestrials to justify their use of space weaponry. Von Braun said that the rationales would accelerate until they would suddenly be a 'fait accompli'.

  • A few people are playing a costly game of weapons for their own power. That game is based in the U.S.

  • Greer: Intimidation of personnel continues to maintain secrecy. People are threatened with discreditation; with court martial; and with transfer to the Far North ("Alaska"). On the video, Daniel Salter mentioned 3 levels of intimidation. One is ridicule. The ultimate threat: "You will be erased". He says that, "these people are evil".
    Why the secrecy?
  • Greer: From the '30's to the '50's, governments felt that society was unprepared, psychologically, religiously and culturally. That argument is no longer relevant. Secrecy evolved to protect the economic order and special interests, such as gasoline-based and propulsion-based energies. We now have technologies that will supersede these energies.

  • "If we're the only ones in the universe, God sure has bad judgment."

  • A member of the US Congress told Greer, "the fact that you are here [in his office] means that time is short".

  • Ancient Chinese saying: "Unless we change directions, we will end up where we are going".

  • Greer calls the move toward space weaponry "2001: A Space Idiocy".

  • The internal combustion engine will give us a "Mad Max" scenario by the end of this decade. We have not needed the internal combustion engine since 1955.

  • "The Disclosure Project" is about choosing a good future for humanity.

  • In our lifetime, we have begun to commit "planet-icide".

  • We need a rapprochement between the 1st and the 3rd Worlds. The good news is that if we disclose facts and disseminate technologies for peaceful purposes and enter space, forswearing violence there, we can thus create an abundant civilization for the next generations.

  • Greer approached high-level people. Eight years later, he is here. In spite of it all, he has no regrets. He asks himself the question: 'Is this the right thing to do?' When the answer is 'yes', he acts and is content.

  • "The Campaign for Disclosure has been launched and we will persist until our goals are met."

  • The people of Earth deserve to know the truth. We must get the word out, empower ourselves. There is a universal flow, but we must put ourselves in its way. Without thought of personal gain, we must 'look beyond to 20 generations' (Cherokee saying) and now, even more, to 20 million generations.

  • The most discouraging thing is that people in high places pass the buck. He met with people, even the head of NASA's Commission to Planet Earth, who wouldn't help because of their careers.

  • We must act so that they [our leaders] will follow. "Courage in Washington DC is the rarest of all commodities".

  • Government secrecy is a serious problem. A rogue secret government has perverted government agendas for the US and Canada.

  • If things don't change, we are headed toward an increased erosion of our human rights.

  • Greer met with Lawrence Rockefeller. Also met with Mrs. Boutros-Gali at U.N., who told him: "It's too dangerous for Boutros".

  • We must encourage our leaders to call for hearings and investigations. They need the support of a mass call from the people so that they can act.

  • The human race will endure. We have created dysfunction on earth. Cosmic co-dependency keeps us from recognizing our own powers to make these changes.

  • ETs are not hostile; otherwise we would be long gone. Greer says that a cosmic quarantine is going on until we lose our weapons of mass destruction.

Notes taken from Dr. Alfred Webre'sTalk:

  • Part of the Carter White House 'ET Research Studies Project' that was cancelled.

  • Alfred lives in Vancouver.

  • Jimmy Carter was a UFO contactee in 1969 in Georgia. As a result of this encounter, his consciousness was raised.

  • As a campaign promise, Carter promised to announce UFO existence. The Carter White House started out pro-UFO - Ham Jordan, Jody Powell, etc - but, by June 1977, their plans had all been shut down by secrecy. (Webre was told that he would lose his contract if he didn't back off.)

  • 2001 is a year of breakthroughs. "The Disclosure Project" is a breakthrough, because people are coming forward to speak their truths. US Congressman Dennis Kucinich will introduce a bill to ban space-based weapons on October 2. This is a breakthrough, too. On July 26, John Manley, Canada's Foreign Minister, announced Canada's initiative to ban space-based weapons. Two Canadian Government senior defense critics have contacted "The Disclosure Project" to assist in banning space-based weapons and in alien disclosure.

  • Webre: "The Universe is highly populated, highly regulated and beneficent."

  • Russia, China and now Canada, are all beginning to safeguard outer space. The war machine is an empty shell that we can transform. 500 well-placed faxes can change the world.

Notes taken from Dr. Carol Rosin's Talk:

  • Website:

  • Ex-spokesperson for Werner Von Braun

  • Dedicated to keep space free of weapons and safe

  • She is in service to a vision of life on earth and in space

  • 'Mission Possible' is her action plan

  • Rosin started as 6th Grade science teacher. As the result of her 'spaceship earth' teaching unit, she met Werner Von Braun, who told her to report to work with him at Fairchild 3 weeks later. He taught her who the players were for weapons in space.

  • She phoned Saddam Hussein from her kitchen to ask why he was lighting oil wells on fire.

  • "We are all living under a canopy of lies." We know the truth, and are looking for people who are reachable.

  • Use websites as a base for communications.

  • Rosin focuses on space-based weapons.

  • "None of them are hostile", she says of ET's.

  • "The Disclosure Project" on May 9, 2001 was the largest press conference ever held at the US Press Club. "TDP" is careful to highlight only credible people and issues. "TDP" is activating a global movement to transform the entire weapons industry and its mindset. Given weapons' potential for devastation, that movement is imperative. (In the last hour, since Rosin began her talk, 32,000 children have died.)

  • People outside the US must contact everyone they know to get this movement going in their countries.

  • George W. Bush is accelerating space weapons programs.

  • Bush will do anything now - it's all based on lies.

  • We should bring people in from the military industrial complex to learn what's in their field. The military has a role to play for peace in space. And they'd rather do that than fight.

  • Everyone must get involved. Focus on the good everyone, even the war industry, can do.

  • We can create "peace on earth through peace in space".

Answers to Questions from the Audience:

  • The biggest supporters of "The Disclosure Project" are from those in the military industrial complex who learn of it and know the true risks of our inaction.

  • There must be honest disclosure. Secrecy is like an abscess that has festered for 60 years.

  • If people knew the benevolent nature of life in the universe, they would move us ahead.

  • Governments are masters of spin. So many people have been brainwashed (re: aliens) "The Disclosure Project" speaks of getting to know our neighbors in space.

  • Strategic Deception - space weapons have been ongoing since the '70's - and are really going on, now.

  • What we think is being done by terrorists may actually be done by space-based weaponry.

  • Role of musicians and artists - "Organizing Artists for Disclosure" - will include Bono of U2, ZZ Top. A record company in Boulder is helping Greer to organize a CD.

  • The visual and creative arts can be used positively, rather than for disinformation, as they are now. Carol Rosin is trying to reach people with positive images of aliens in cinema and education.

  • Greer: Faraday, Tesla advocated getting energy from existing space.

  • Braun worked on anti-gravitic energy. Boeing has had anti-gravity propulsion systems since '50's.

  • Rosin suggests that people take the media to lunch. Present disclosure as a positive, and see the media person as a positive agent.

  • "Time and the truth are on our side".


A Letter From James Twyman

Dear Friends,

Many of you will remember when I was invited to Iraq by Saddam Hussein in 1998. We were on the verge of war and I was asked to sing the Peace Concert at the national theater in Baghdad, a concert that was attended primarily by government officials. I was able to secure valuable contacts during that journey, feeling that there would come a time when I would need to use them again. That time has come.

Last year over 250,000 prayers were contributed to the Million Prayer March after Yasser Arafat said that it would take "a million strong prayers to bring peace to the Middle East." (A web site had been set up to collect the prayers.) It is safe to say that this statement applies to the whole world, for our prayers of peace are needed now more than ever.

I have arranged through a contact in Iraq to have the millions prayers of peace delivered through that country to the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Likewise, because there is evidence to suggest that Iraq was involved in the planning of these attacks, another copy of the prayers will be delivered to Baghdad, hopefully to Saddam Hussein himself.

Finally, because this prayer march originated with the conflict in the Middle East, a conflict that has increased in the last year, a computer disk containing the million prayers will be secretly inserted into the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, lending energetic support to peacemakers on both sides of that terrible war.

We need your help if we are to meet our goal of a million prayers of peace. Can you think of a simpler, more profound way for you to be personally involved in the process of healing? Please pass this on to everyone you know, and tell people you meet. Simply click onto this link or go to, then follow the instructions.

The events of September 11 were a wake up call. We need to actuallycreate a world of peace and compassion, not expect it to happen on its own. Can your one prayer make a difference? YES!!! Add a prayer everyday...ten prayers a day till we reach our mark. It is up to you.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!
James Twyman


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
committed citizens can change the world:
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"

       Margaret Meade


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