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Explanation of the Cover Art for "Your First Contact"


Dear PAG members, PAO supporters and fellow Lightworkers,

You have all waited very patiently for my latest book, Your First Contact, to appear. Now, with the book soon to be printed, we thought that you might like to see a preview of its Table of Contents.


  1. In The Beginning
  2. The Transformation of Heaven And Earth
  3. Making The New You
  4. Galactic Human Society
  5. The Lords Of Light
  6. Physical Angels
  7. The Galactic Federation Of Light
  8. Why A First Contact
  9. Your First Contact
  10. Galactic Time
  11. Your Extraterrestrial Origins
  12. The Great Flood And Its Aftermath
  13. Modern History
As you can see, Your First Contact is NOT a reprinted collection of the Updates, but introduces a vast amount of new activational information. It answers your questions about first contact and provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of your ongoing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes. It explains the intricacies of galactic time and reveals the compelling circumstances that have determined our history. Written in the style of an adventure story, the book is embellished with more than 36 large illustrations, and a six-page glossary of the most relevant galactic terms.

The book you have been waiting for is almost here! Order now, or you will have to wait until Your First Contact reaches your local bookstore in May 2001.

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
Sheldan Nidle
Founder, Planetary Activation Organization (PAO)


Dear Starseeds and Lightworkers,

Yes! It's finally here! Your First Contact by Sheldan Nidle is the book we've all been waiting for! And, as a special publication offer, you can have your own copy of Your First Contact long before it hits the bookstores in May of 2001. You can now order Your First Contact for only $19.75, plus shipping and handling. Take advantage of this special price, and buy extra copies as holiday gifts for friends and family! (How can you resist?)

So many of you have asked how you can participate actively in this organization and help to increase this web of Light. Sheldan Nidle's first book, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, reached over 100,000 readers. Your First Contact can reach millions! Now is a perfect opportunity for you to share the news about Your First Contact with as many others as possible.

We can each take a few moments to list any friends and family who would love to receive a copy of Your First Contact, and e-mail, fax or 'snail-mail' copies of the attached flyer to them. This flyer is in PDF format, which can be printed out (with the free Acrobat Reader software) and distributed, or you can print the flyer directly from the website.

We can also list places where we can leave copies of the flyer and/or the website address for people to get information on Your First Contact. Some examples of great places (though many require permission) are:

  • Metaphysical and regular bookstores
  • Health food stores
  • Libraries
  • Metaphysical/Spiritual groups
  • E-mail groups
  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Internet Service Providers (many offer free ads or announcement areas)
  • Newspaper ads (some local papers offer free classifieds)
  • Local computer bulletin boards (BBS)
  • Website message boards
  • Word of mouth (highly effective)
If you have other ideas for publicizing Your First Contact, please share them with your Area or Regional Coordinator (or me!), so that we can all spread the word!

This special offer will be over soon, so share the attached flyer. And don't forget a copy of Your First Contact for yourself!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

Chyrene Pendleton
USA Coordinator
Planetary Activation Organization

The time of 6 Ben, 1 Xul, 9 Eb (November 4, 2000) marks the moment, specified in previous messages, when their dates will be posted only in galactic time. This will familiarize you with galactic time and help you to more fully understand the spiritual energies that form these updates.

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
Sheldan Nidle

by Colleen Marshall

The following is an update from Ricardo Ocampo, PAO's Iber-American Coordinator and Rosemary, a South African PAG member. We thank and honor Ricardo, Rosemary and their staffs for the wonderful Light networks they are coordinating throughout the world.

The Spanish Speaking PAG by Ricardo Ocampo.

Following our inner guides and the PAO essential philosophy, as well as several confirmation channelings from members of our groups, we began to organize, in physicality, the various segments of Iber-American Web of Light this year.

In April, we organized two meetings in Mexico City, in the ProSer School, and now have 70 more volunteers taking on several projects and integrating several task forces in the context of our OPA-Operation Planet Love and the PAO.

In May, we held another gathering in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, in the Kinich Ahau School, for the big conjunction. This was followed by a ceremony in Uxmal City (an ancient Mayan sacred zone), and a day- long discussion with 20 different groups on better information strategies. Finally, in June, our first international gathering, attended by 30 groups and 200 Lightworkers, was held in Monterrey, in the Oro* Mu School.

Next year in 2001, we plan to hold our second encounter in San Jose, Costa Rica, where we expect to gather 200 groups.

Now, with this newly born Iber-American Web of Light, we're planning the construction of a huge, spiritual portal in cyberspace, with all-new consciousness resources available in the Spanish language. We'll be printing a bi-monthly magazine with a synthesis of the new information selection services, to make available this strategic information to all Lightworkers still off-line in Latin America.

We now have 25 PAGs (Grupos de Activacion Planetaria - GAPS) in 16 nations, and they are growing every day! Our database has 3000 on-line subscribers and 10,000 by 'snail mail'. The GAP Forum (a discussion and organization mailing list) now includes 200 participants. The PAO Latina Forum (Intranet for PAG coordinators) has 25 members, and acts as the coordinating board of our Web.

We also founded the Global Meditation Focus Group and we're part of the seven-member board that every week, issues a meditation foci for peace, which is translated for all of our Spanish-speaking network. As an advisory committee, we organize an Iber-American Focus Group to write drafts, proposals and research. Each day, we deliver the RedLuz-LuxWeb Free Community New Info Selection Services (for the English service, you can e-mail:, with three modalities each: four daily messages, one daily message luxwebII and one weekly message luxwebIII, selected from around 100 different sources, organizations, websites and mailing lists. These services are ecumenical, universal and uniting, empowering Lightworkers and respecting all groups, perspectives and traditions. In total, we manage 15 different lists in both languages and we're the main English-Spanish translator bridge of the Web on these specific subjects. Of course, we continue to translate and distribute Sheldan's updates every week.

If you need more info and details, please E-mail me at: or

Greetings! Selamat Ja!
Ricardo Ocampo
PAO-Iber-American Coordinator
Director: Anahuak Radiant Centre

by Rosemary

The Rainbow Bridge Centre in South Africa sent the following letter for us to share with our PAG network of Light.

On 11.11.2000, we of the Brotherhood of Light envision a joyous world celebration to unite all who love God, the Great Spirit, Giver of All Life, into a vital, joyful planetary family - God's great planetary family - bringing accord to the many peoples and religions on Earth, bringing humanity into harmony not only with themselves, but also with Planet Earth and the Nature Kingdoms, and with us in the Eternal Realms.

At whatever time is convenient on this day, let your Joy and Love be made known in whatevery way is meaningful for you, in groups or singly. Link consciously, in loving thought, with the many lovely people who are participating around the world in this blessed event.

We ask you, our dedicated Lightworkers (bringers of Love and Peace), and Lightbearers (bringers of aligned Truth), to send forth this call to the masses of devoted and seeking souls on Earth and to assist in melding the various races and religions, under the Banner of Love of the Almighty, into a harmonious whole, into God's Great Global Rainbow Family.

We suggest a Rainbow Flag as emblem of World Unity and Harmony, with each nation retaining its national flag.

This celebration is to be held on 11 November 1994 and every year thereafter, up to and including 11.11.2001.

The Cosmic Christ for the Brotherhood of Light will be over-lighting the proceedings with their Love.

In Joyful and Loving Service,
Rainbow Bridge Centre
P.O. Box 95, Noordhock 7975 South Africa


Lecture #2 of the 9 EB Lecture Series:
"Consciousness and Contact"
(October, 2000, Maui, Hawaii)
Topics covered in this one-hour video with overhead slides/graphics:
o Galactic Peace-The Hows and Whys o Mother Earth: Linchpin to Unfolding Creation
o Some Reasons for a First Contact o Foundations for a Conscious Universe
o Beyond Quantum-a New Paradigm is Born o The Physics of Spirit
o Making Us All Physical Angels o Connecting to the Whole-A Return to the Creator

#LV-702U (NTSC video for U.S. VCRs) ...........US$19.97
#LV-702P (PAL video for European VCRs).......US$29.96

To order: Go to PAO Products Click Here

"If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for life is even greater than their fear. People who can open to the web of life that called us into being, and who can rest in the vitality of that larger body."  Joanna Macy


  1. The Roswell Incident - Origins and Aftermath
  2. Cloud Ship Photo Gallery
  3. Crop Circle Workshop with Ron Russell
  4. Messages From The Movies

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