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The Vision Explained

The vision for the Planetary Activation Groups came to me during a meditation in the Summer of 1992. In the middle of it, Washta told me that a part of my original message was to outline a global organization that could both pave the way for the Galactic Federation’s first contact and teach Earth’s humans about GF organizational principles. This world-wide web of Light was briefly alluded to in my first book, You are Becoming a Galactic Human (1994) and later explained in Galactic Human Handbook (1995).Washta spelled out to me that, initially, humanoid Galactic Federation personnel had mentioned an incomplete version of this organizational idea to various early contactees in the early 1950s. These GF personnel had landed in the Mojave Dessert and had given the contactees a message of love and harmony, and a warning about the coming dangers to Earth from our overly-aggressive and exploitative planetary civilization. In the 1960s, a similar message — of a deep conviction about the outcome of Earth’s problems -- began to emerge. It came from the world’s indigeneous peoples and from many concerned environmentalists. These diverse movements had one important strand that locked them together — a very deep caring for Mother Earth.

When Washta gave me my messages about the future of this planet and its civilization, the original Galactic Federation messages were relayed to me. But now, they were more concise and understandable. The vision was a bridge between the social technology of Earth humans and that of the extraterrestrials. What Washta requested was a connected series of world-wide core groups that would aid Earth’s society through its coming planetary crisis. Planetary Activation Groups, or PAGs, are this type of unique group. They are special groups based on goal-oriented and talent-led principles. These PAGs needed a central arm both to nurture and to advise them. The Planetary Activation Organization or PAO was created to fulfill this special role. Together, they form a unique human organization that is now being used to help transform our priceless planet’s human society.

A deep caring for Mother Earth is the very basis of the vision given to me by Washta. Its message is about the future of this planet and its human civilization. In this vision, the original Galactic Federation message was made more concise and understandable. It gives Earth humans a way to bridge their social technology with that of the GF. Washta outlined a connected series of world-wide core groups to help Earth's society through its coming planetary crisis. Planetary Activation Groups, or PAGs, are this type of unique group, based on goal-oriented and talent-led principles, and in need of a central arm to nurture and to advise them.

A PAG is a special creation that combines known forms of organization with the "fluid management" concepts (see Glossary) practiced by the GF. Its purpose is to immerse itself in the community and to help bring the various spiritual, environmental and indigenous peoples' groups together. In short, it is an advocate for change with a very special focus. This special focus is Mother Earth’s transformation. The coming planetary transformation is one formulated upon the utilization of heart logic and a major change in human consciousness. This consciousness metamorphosis is grounded in the fact that the Spiritual Hierarchy has raised our own spiritual (Light body) frequencies, as well as those of our planet. This divine action has helped us to realize that we are part of a vast spiritual entity much larger than ourselves. Whether one considers the planet or the infinite dimensions of existence, this growing movement in consciousness is providing the backdrop for a new reality and for a new planetary society. The time has come to expand this concept and to network it everywhere.

So let us put these principles into motion. To do so requires a number of actions. First, look inside yourself and realize that you are changing. Catalogue these shifts and see that you are a true catalyst for change. Become goal- and talent-oriented. List what you want to do and begin to network it with others. Second, know that you are not alone. We are here to help you in your quest. Right now, many such groups (PAGs) that are working for the above-mentioned goals exist throughout this planet.. Third, you should learn more about "fluid management", and how it can be applied to the operation of your group. To aid you, I shall publish a revised handbook on PAGs. Shortly, I shall provide on this website a number of exercises and learning principles about "fluid management". Let us make this operation as interactive and exciting as possible. We are about to go on an adventure — an adventure in consciousness that is filled with many surprises about ourselves and our reality.

Mission Statement

An organization established to support Sheldan Nidle's four-fold mission: Its purpose is:

  1. To prepare the world for first contact with the Galactic Federation
  2. To spread the message of the Galactic Federation
  3. To establish a network of Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs) around the world
  4. To establish a short-notice global communication network on earth changes.

Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs) work in coordination with PAO. They are inwardly guided and actively involved in awakening people to the effects of earth changes and consciousness transformation.