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What is a PAG?

A Planetary Activation Group, or PAG, can be defined as a spiritually committed ally of Mother Earth (Gaia). Its members also support the evolution of human culture to a full galactic one. PAGs are spiritually committed defenders of the Earth's environment (Gaia's physical essence). They are to be Mother Earth's informed and trusted champions. A Planetary Activation Group's primary purpose is to help create a special spiritual harmony in their respective community. This special spiritual harmony can then be used to provide a flexible bridge to other spiritual and environmental groups. PAGs are 'way showers' and are able to inform and educate their local community about many vital issues.

A major new reality facing PAGs is the emergence of a reemphasized spiritual and moral order. We are on the edge of developing a new era of spirituality. What characterizes this period is our need to connect with ourselves and with each other. Consciousness is currently expanding on our planet and we are now looking for a truly acceptable way of applying this new-found reality. PAGs make use of this new reality in a novel and more effective way. That is, Planetary Activation Groups seek to help reform the planet and our society. A major part of this program is to move society away from its present paternalistic patterns and towards a more maternalistic model. PAGs interlink the various intellectual and spiritual aspects of this new reality. For this reason, they clearly help to infuse the new planetary consciousness and to spread it throughout our world-wide society.

Planetary Activation Groups can be divided into two types. First, there are those groups that are primarily devoted to working with the Spiritual Hierarchy. These special organizations are mostly meditative, or similarly spiritually-minded, groups. The major difference between them and the more traditional "guardian groups" is their immense networking capabilities. Second, there are those groups who are very devoted advocates of Mother Earth and of this planet's indigenous peoples. These groups work to improve the environment and to understand the meanings of the culture of the world's indigenous peoples. In all cases, their orientation leads to a protection of a living Earth — an Earth that is now under tremendous attack by our present planetary civilization. In other words, Planetary Activation Groups serve as one of the major means to assist Earth's human society in its move from a planetary civilization to a galactic one.

Planetary Activation Groups are the vehicle to assist Earth's humanity during this period of consciousness transformation. PAGs are here to form a planetary web of Light. This web of Light can be used to bridge the gaps created by the transmutation process itself. The key is the community in which we all live. It is now ready for a shift in its reality. Yet it is unable to understand what is truly happening to it. This confusion has led most communities to fear and to worry about their future. Every community needs to realize that it is now being empowered, but in a much different way. PAGs are there to inform, educate and assist their respective communities through this potential period of crisis. Furthermore, they are linked to other groups in other communities throughout planet Earth. We are all really one. Yet we are also unique individuals learning about who we really are. These two levels of existence are merged in a PAG. The key is to understand the principles of "fluid management" and personal sovereignty (please see Star Seed Glossary). These terms help us to define where the present revolution in consciousness is leading us.

PAGs - Planetary Activation Groups

Groups formed by lightworkers (Star Seeds and Advanced Earth Souls) who feel a deep desire to help the planet and her population during the transformation process. They are stewards of the planet and feel it is their mission to assist the Spiritual Hierarchies and the Galactic Federation to carry out our Divine Intervention.

PAWs - Planetary Activation Workers

Planetary Activation Workers are individuals who are not connected to a specific PAG group, since such groups do not yet exist in their community. They are, however, current with Sheldan Nidle's information and plan to eventually join or form a group in their locality.


A NETPAG is considered a regular PAG. Their only difference is that the members of NETPAG are connected by E-mail, instead of physically, as in regular PAG meetings.

How to Enroll as a NETPAG

If you are a PAW with E-mail capability, and you want to be part of a NETPAG , E-mail your area co-ordinator to tell her/him that you would like to connect with others.

Coordinator's Response

The area co-ordinator will forward your name and E-mail address to the regional or country co-ordinator, who will send you a list of those who want to form a NETPAG. The names will originate in or close to your community or, lacking sufficient people to connect with, will range farther afield. The regional or country co-ordinator will, in turn, submit the names of each NETPAG member to the Main Co-ordinator in order to maintain the current status of PAGs and NETPAGs.

How Large can a NETPAG be?

A NETPAG can comfortably consist of up to seven members. NETPAG areas are almost unlimited, as long as they are within national boundaries, i.e., USA or any other country.

NETPAG Contact Person

In the case of PAGs, one person acts as a designated contact with the co-ordinator in her/his area. So too, members of each NETPAG will select one person to communicate with their co-ordinator. This position may, if they wish, rotate on a monthly basis among members of the NETPAG.

NETPAG Activities

Everything described under the PAG definition and activities applies to the NETPAG concept as well.

PAG Activities

• Being current with Sheldan Nidle's bi-weekly updates
• Discussing the updates
• Meditating together
• Doing rituals initiated by them or requested by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth
• Practicing Fluid Management
• Inventorying members' expertise and talents
• Setting up goals for their group
• Allowing members to solve problems as a group, using individual expertise
• Helping individuals within the group to go through their healing process
• Connecting with other groups to exchange information and mutual experiences
• Helping to activate people outside the PAG group through contact or networking

PAGs and PAWs Network

Connects all existing and future PAGs (including PAWs who are individuals not belonging to a PAG), through a network of key people who will act as coordinators to disseminate information to their groups and/or individuals.

There are several layers of coordinators in this network:

Main Coordinator

This person's main function is to create and administer a global PAG network by Region, Continent, Country, States/Provinces, etcetera. To assist the Main Coordinator in managing large areas, Region, Continent and Country Coordinators were created.

The Main Coordinator has to oversee the entire PAG/PAW network and provide the Region/Country/ Continent Coordinators with information, news and tools for PAG groups, to alert them of rituals or anything that PA'O is guided to do. The Main Coordinator assists PAG/PAW network members to activate people in their surrounding communities. He or she must maintain constant communication with all other coordinators.
Regional / Continent / Country Coordinator

This is the second level of the PAG/PAW network. These individuals are selected by the Main Coordinator for their willingness to contribute their time and efforts in order to maintain the network. They will provide information, receive feedback and oversee their respective organization. They will base their actions on the concepts of "fluid management" as described in The PAG Handbook (soon to be released). To simplify their tasks, it has been decided to create another level of coordinators that are to be called Subgroup Coordinators. These Subgroup Coordinators are to be chosen by the Regional, Continent and Country Coordinators.

Subgroup Coordinators

These are the third and fourth levels of the PAG/PAW network. The first level of Subgroup Coordinators is responsible for providing the second level of Subgroup Coordinators with all the support that they need to guide their groups and individuals. These Subgroup Coordinators are selected by the Region, Continent and Country Coordinator within their areas. Again, the same criteria apply to them as to the second-level coordinators. The Subgroup Coordinators are assigned to a number of PAG groups and PAWs. They oversee these groups/individuals and ensure that they receive all information, updates and other tools from PAO to assist their groups in raising consciousness, practicing fluid management, etcetera. They are encouraged to forward any questions or suggestions to PAO through appropriate channels. PAO wants to know how each group is doing and how it can help them to achieve their individual group goals.

Subgroup Members

This level has two categories: the Planetary Activation Groups, and the Planetary Activation Workers. Subgroup Members network with other like-minded individuals to connect them with local PAGs or PAWs.

Global PAO Communication Network Organization

This is our sister organization. It utilizes the PAG/PAW organization described above in order to convey important and critical up-to-date information at short notice to as many people as possible. The people to be contacted are not necessarily a part of the PAG/PAW organizations, but are connected via E-mail, Fax or phone to the Global PA'O Communication Network (GPCN).

Main Coordinator For GPCN

This person's main function is to create and administer the Global PAO Communications Network by Region, Continent, Country, States/Provinces, etcetera. Region, Continent and Country Coordinators were created to assist the Main Coordinator in managing large areas.

The Main Coordinator has to oversee the entire network and help supply the Region/Continent/Country Coordinators with critical short-notice information This information will come to Sheldan Nidle from the Spiritual Hierarchy and/or the Galactic Federation.
Region / Continent / Country Coordinator For GPCN

This is the first level from the Main Coordinator. These individuals are selected by the Main Coordinator for their willingness to contribute their time to maintain and to connect the global network. These Coordinators are usually the same individuals that are in place for the PAG/PAW Network.

Contact Points

They are individuals who are easily accessible to a coordinator through e-mail, fax and phone. Each one of them does not necessarily participate in the PAG/PAW network, or may not even be current with Sheldan Nidle's information. However, they have many contacts and can quickly reach them when the need arises. They are capable of being put on stand-by alert. When the coordinator receives a crucial bulletin, she/he can immediately alert those contact points in their network.