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Working Lessons in Fluid Management for PAGs

Exercise 1 - An Introduction

This exercise will be the first of a series of working lessons. They are intended to provide insight on what “fluid management” is and how it can be successfully applied to your PAG and its mission.

Fluid management, for those who are not familiar with the term, is based upon the use of one another’s talents and abilities toward a common goal. My initial purpose is to move you through a full appreciation of what “fluid management” is all about.

Our first exercise is a simple one that many of you have probably already done. Start by asking each individual in the PAG group to list what she/he sees as her/his talents and abilities. The list should contain no less than three, and no more than ten items. Assemble the group and compare each person’s list to those of the others. Finally, ask the PAG members how they feel their talents and abilities intermesh. Discuss how these talents and abilities can contribute to the goals of your PAG.

Exercise 2 - Getting Started

This exercise is the second in a series of eleven working lessons. These lessons are intended to provide insight into the meaning of "fluid management" and how it can be successfully applied to your PAG and its mission.

Our second exercise builds upon the knowledge gained from the first one. Based upon previous discussions, your group will probably now have listed each member's talents and abilities, as well as your PAG's potential goals. Prioritize these goals. Discuss how the goals and the talent/ability "pool" intermesh. Out of this, create a series of goals and begin to implement them.

Whenever you implement goals, understand that each person has important insights to add. Use these insights and your group talents to successfully complete your goal(s). Remember that you are a team of enlightened and sovereign Beings. Use this process to learn how amazing and magnificent you all really are.

Exercise 3 - Implementation

This exercise is the third of eleven working lessons on Fluid Management. Thus far, we have assessed talents, abilities and goals. Now begins the time to implement them.

PAG members should appoint a "leader" for each assigned goal. The group should now sit in committee and lay out a plan of action for each goal. Base the group's actions on its available resources of people, time and money. The appointed "goal leader" should supervise and appoint project coordinators for each aspect of the project (goal). Meet at least once a week and constructively assess the group's progress and future needs.

As you work through the different elements of your goal, you will see the magnificent creativity that each of you naturally possesses. Let this creativity blossom, but use this process to learn to channel that creativity toward a common goal. In doing so, you will see how interchangeable we really are. Any formal title or position merely exists to aid in the speedy completion of a given project or goal It is not meant to signify personal worth or importance. Please stay in joy as you complete each project or goal. Remain centered on the main reasons you created your PAG and gladly assist each other on the project in progress. Bear in mind that you are here to share your wonderful Light and your magnificent joy with the local community.

Exercise 4 - Achieving A Goal

You are about to begin the fourth in a series of eleven working lessons on fluid management. In the last lesson, we discussed the use of leadership and creativity in carrying out group goal(s). The question you will probably ask next is, ‘how to evaluate the procedures needed to carry out your PAG objectives?’

PAGs should view the process of achieving any goal(s) as a mutually interactive creative endeavor. The project (goal) is the joint creative responsibility of the PAG and its various members. The appointed project leader and her/his staff bring forth various proposals for review and are responsible for their implementation. The process, however, invariably remains a group effort. Each member has the right, as well as the responsibility, to assist the appointed leader and her/his staff with constant suggestions and an examination of what is happening. One of the project leader’s main duties is to issue a weekly report on the project’s current status, and to open up this report to a general discussion. The project leader’s expertise is the key, but the PAG members must also give their valuable feedback and/or analysis on how the project is proceeding. In any case, carry out this activity in a loving and compassionate manner. To fulfill it will help you to grow spiritually, as well as to spread your increasing love energies to your local community.

Exercise 5 - The Project Leader

This is the fifth in a series of eleven lessons on the nature of fluid management. The last lesson briefly discussed the role of the project or goal leader. It also explained that the performance of any PAG goal was mutually interactive. We shall now see how this unique process truly operates.

Planetary Activation Groups are composed of members who are devoted to a number of specific goals (projects). They possess a pool of talents and abilities that allow them to carry out their objectives. The basic intent is that each PAG member discover her/his inner abilities and apply them creatively. Facilitate this by freely accessing available resources, and by freeing the PAG to attain its objectives imaginatively and without limitations (always be creative). Realize that when they combine creativity plus energies (intentions), PAGs can achieve whatever they wish. The project director provides leadership by assembling these key elements. The fluid structure of the director and her/his staff unites with the group's creative input. All members are fully prepared to accept the unique realities of each moment and to improve upon them. In turn, these improvements lead to the intended moment and, in this reality, they can achieve their objective.

In putting this process of fluid management into action, remember that the key elements are love and compassion. The purpose of PAGs is to grow as individuals and as groups. In achieving their objectives, they will also aid the growth of their local community. The purpose of a PAG is to create a win-win situation for all concerned, and to do it in an atmosphere of love and caring for each other.

Exercise 6 - A Plan of Action

Previous exercises have emphasized the need for cooperation within the PAG. One of the most important tasks for any project (goal) leader is to understand how to utilize the group's talents most efficiently. This critical process is achieved by involving the group in every key aspect of the project (group goal). Always understand that each goal is part of a process that helps to knit the group more closely together.

As the project commences, it is best to outline the overall plan of implementation. Look at how to best employ each person in the Planetary Activation Group. Discuss this procedure first with those group members who are most important for its success. Get their feedback and use it to modify the plan accordingly. Then, bring this plan to the PAG meeting and put it into action. Once all these preliminaries are accomplished, begin to implement the agreed-upon grand design. Bear in mind that it is a group project and schedule weekly reviews of what has occurred so far. Seek viable feedback and do not forget to utilize any agreed-upon changes when appropriate. The key element is the project (goal) leader's expertise in carrying out the plan, as well as the correct use of those PAG members whose talents will enable the project to be concluded successfully. The key leadership element remains the just use of fellow PAG members in achieving the leader's objectives.

As always, the major aspect of leadership is the right use of compassion. The leader must understand that she/he is creating a harmony by achieving her/his goal and by properly involving her/his fellow PAG members in it. Group participation breeds enthusiasm and this infectious atmosphere leads to even more creative ideas that can permit future projects to succeed. This group harmony will not only begin to tie the group together, but will also give it the confidence that it needs to effectively serve the local community.

Exercise 7 - The Liaison Function

The liaison function is one of the most important elements employed in fluid management. It can be used either to help the group to better understand itself, or to assist a PAG to approach another community service organization. Let us first look at how it can assist a Planetary Activation Group to better understand itself.

To facilitate means to let the energy of the group flow in an unimpeded fashion. A liaison in a PAG is a facilitator who can easily comprehend how to mesh a group together. That is, the facilitator has a knowledge of each person’s abilities and tendencies. She/he knows how to overcome potential blocks and dysfunctions that could easily pull the group apart. The liaison will often meet with individuals and/or small groups in the PAG to work out potential difficulties before they display an overt dynamic of their own. The key for any PAG is to search their group for anyone who ‘knows’ most or all of the members, and who also has a comprehensive background in working with “clearing exercises”, or a general knowledge of such procedures. Appoint her/him to this liaison position and give her/him the leeway needed to discharge the position. Ensure that the liaison constantly seeks feedback on her/his actions, and have the group evaluate her/his effectiveness from time to time. The key is to see if the liaison demonstrates the required capability to ‘grow’ into her/his appointed position.

The liaison must approach any member in a loving and compassion manner. It is also important for the liaison to see her/his job as a “win-win” proposition. As the liaison better learns how to function, the group’s effectiveness will soar. Moreover, the PAG’s liaison should begin to see how the dynamics of fluid management truly operate. This critical knowledge will help the PAG to better understand both itself and its objectives. In all cases, the key element here is to see this liaison function as both a position of growth and a means for the PAG and its members to learn how to better understand themselves and their desired objectives.

Exercise 8 - Liaison And Networking

A Planetary Activation Group's liaison is an important mediator when initially introducing a Planetary Activation Group to your community. One of the most important steps for the PAG is to have your locality see it as a positive and uplifting addition to the mix of local service organizations. A PAG needs to introduce itself in an uplifting and joyous manner and to explain how it can creatively help to transform your community.

The liaison acts as the director of a facilitator group informing your community how a Planetary Activation Group operates. Here, the liaison's skills in working with individuals and with small groups can come to the fore.

See the meeting with other service organizations as a mutually beneficial situation. It is an opportunity to utilize those principles of Fluid Group Dynamics™ that you have already employed in bringing your own Planetary Activation Group into greater focus with itself. Now, you have an opportunity to enlarge your scope by giving this knowledge to your community.

You are empowering your community's service network by giving it organizational tools that permit them to come together in a more focused fashion. Moreover, you are helping to create a local web of Light that can easily form a node in this ever-expanding global web. Hence, your PAG has an opportunity to see its goals accomplished and to help make other service organizations more effective.

Effective networking demonstrates how Fluid Group Dynamics™ works in a much larger arena. A major point remains how well your PAG liaison has mastered Fluid Group Dynamics™. Once mastered, this technique becomes a powerful tool to link individuals and groups together. It is important to note that the learning threshold is very short and can be very intense.

Fluid Group Dynamics™ is a 'hands on' procedure. It requires constant practice to be made powerful. Yet, it has the wondrous capability to express the compassion and Love that reside in all of us. Indeed, it is a tool quite capable of bringing together Earth's humanity and helping us to forge our new reality.

Exercise 9 - Large Groups

The liaison function, described in the previous two exercises, is an important part of our entire process. Only now, we are going to let it take on some new responsibilities. Once again, the major objective is to employ compassion in an effective way to achieve a desired objective.

Any objective requires you to develop a plan, make proper use of your personnel, and assemble a staff that can manage to put your first two elements together successfully. In Fluid Group Dynamics™, this staff emerges naturally from its members and uses the PAG's natural flow to achieve its set objective. A vital element is to get the members of the Planetary Activation Group to understand how the synergistic rhythm operates. Here, as we have noted before, the liaison they have chosen plays an important role as both mediator and facilitator in providing this knowledge for the group.

A Planetary Activation Group is both a way to achieve a set objective and a means for its members to grow and learn how to support each other. PAGs are organic organizations. Planetary Activation Organizations are designed to provide a special haven in which members are free to express themselves. Additionally, it is a place where they can work together to achieve goals that are meaningful to the entire group.

As you understand the subtle processes involved in Planetary Activation Groups, you begin to see that PAGs provide an environment for supporting the creation of a galactic society. View Fluid Group Dynamics™ as a tool which can aid your personal growth and support your expression of that growth to your community.

This process is a way to interconnect local service groups and to communicate their desires to the human global community. Fluid Group Dynamics™ is an organizational tool that encourages creative expression in an individual. It establishes the fundamental position that creativity is connected to successful individual and group efforts.

Exercise 10 - An Organic Principle

The key to understanding Fluid Group Dynamics™ is to realize that it is organic in principle, self-organizing by design and open in structure. It has the capacity to adapt itself to whatever situation it is put in. Fluid Group Dynamics™ 'grows' an organization by permitting its various members to employ their talents and abilities to creatively solve any possible problem.

Fluid Group Dynamics™ allows those best able to solve a specific problem to take charge and resolve it. It is a consciousness tool that combines the so-called 'team approach' with a fluid staffing component. You are the organization and the organization truly embodies who you are.

To see this procedure in operation, adjust your group so that you put each goal into a separate committee. Make each committee the pool from which the leaders of a problem-solving team can be established. Give this committee the right to meet with the whole group when necessary. As a liaison, make sure to appoint an individual who is best qualified to grow into this position in your group.

Be sure to allow for a system where all the parts can have a 'hands-on' learning curve. Give each other as much feedback as possible. Observe how the group's learning curve rhythm operates and see how each success builds a confidence that can overcome any potential shortfall.

Most of all, do not take what happens too seriously. The work is to be done with Love, joy and dedication. A PAG is meant to be an environment filled with compassion. Know that it is a special organization built on the need to share your creative goals with your community. Use this vehicle carefully to grow and experience the ways by which your joy can be given effectively to others.

Bear in mind that you are explorers of a new reality. This exploration permits you to grow in many unique ways. PAGs are a means to express this inner growth in a most effective way. Fluid Group Dynamics™ is a tool that permits you to give your 'gifts' or talents to your community. In addition, it is a means to knit your diverse community together. What the Galactic Federation of Light has given us is an organic structure that is able to adapt itself to whatever specific task we desire to accomplish.

Exercise 11 - A Visualization of Things to come

Fluid Group Dynamics™ is a means by which the group and the individual are empowered. Apply this organic tool to all your organizations. Use it to network and to connect them together. This technique is a highly malleable container into which all-possible personal training and inner growth modalities can be poured. It is a means by which each person can take creative expression to its highest possible potential.

Now, let me give you a visualization exercise that can be manifested in the very near future. Picture how a global network of PAGs that employs Fluid Group Dynamics™ would operate.

Each Planetary Activation Group is connected to its local, regional and worldwide coordinators. A steady stream of information and training seminars moves between the local and global networks. The various goals of the PAGs are easily met. A place for the personal support and inner growth of the individual now exists in all parts of this globe.

Important community service organizations are knit together. Information and vital resources are shared. Vast human spiritual and physical transformations are occurring and are being made known to the general public. At last, the scenario for a kind and gentle transformation of human consciousness can be made possible.

What we do with this gift can be carried out with compassion in our hearts and with joy in our soul. It brings us harmony and allows us to create organizations filled with passion and a deep caring for our environment and ourselves. Fluid Group Dynamics™ gives us the precious tool that finally permits each of us to express the inner creativity and magnificent compassion that lies at the core of everyone's soul.


As these exercises have shown, Fluid Group Dynamics™ is well suited to operate an organization as broad-based and original as a Planetary Activation Group. Together, Fluid Group Dynamics™ and PAGs are a marvelous way to educate humanity about its present transformational processes.

In addition, Planetary Activation Groups are part of a vast network of Light that is quickly forming around this globe. This is a key point. We are currently building a new reality, and its various elements need to know about the organizational tools that are its underpinning.

Fluid Group Dynamics™ is a means by which to structure our new reality. It permits us to express our sovereignty and to use our gifts in a most creative way. It is truly the bridge that leads us to our destined future!