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Otmar from South Africa writes:

Hello together, now this comes late - but rather late then never - for we are followers of this site for almost 10 years and of coarse also many others, mostly channeled messages about devine Love and Light. Following my inner guidance ever since i was a boy, i did not give too much about education from the outside, but rather from insight, learning by doing and listening to the inner guide.

Coming of a family with a spiritual father i was always very much interested in God and the „other side“ beyond the vail. This really hit me when visiting Egypt´s valley of the kings, sitting aside a sargophag of Ramses III 1800 BC, watching the paintings on the wall trying to read this picture story in front of me. A „download“ happend giving me insights of knowledge of that time long ago in the passed, i had no information of before and explaining my personal constellation completely which was rather mysterious to me before hand.

Living in Oregon´s forest for some years the first unexplainable moving light in the sky touched me deeply, a more closely encounter happend 1 year later back in Germany. With the turn of the century my life turned to the better as i found my spouse i was craving for, fulfilling my life ever since. We also had some exiting sightings here, now beeing in South Africa by the indian ocean. We both Ursula and me Otmar, are aware of the exiting times that have arrived and are awaiting eagerly the shift into the higher realms with our beloved mother Gaia.

May we all meet soon on a higher level.

Love and Light,


Margaret from Capetown, South Africa writes:

When I was a child, growing up in New Zealand, I had an idyllic life in a small village, where I could roam freely around the neighbourhood, up into the hills, into the beautiful nature of trees and flowers, or go to the beach and collect shells, or look into rock pools for tiny fish caught by the tide. When asleep at night, I used to go out of my body, and go to people’s houses, or follow my mum around in the house (giggle) she didn’t know about that ! While asleep I also used to go into this ‘river’ or ‘stream’ of feeling, I didn’t know what to call it, because when awake there was nothing like it. It was a flowing, all encompassing, feeling of – I know now it was Love - but then I couldn’t explain what it was.

Sometimes, it felt like I was HUGE, and sometimes I was microscopic.... but I never wanted to leave this river it was so wonderful. However, I eventually grew out of it, and with time forgot about it. Later in life, in my mid 40’s I remembered my childhood experience, and decided to try it again – I sat down lotus position, and imagined myself going out of my body by the silver cord. Almost immediately, I felt myself flying over trees, except I was also aware that I remained in my body. The surprise was enough to bring me back to normal, and disappointingly it never happened again.

However from that moment on, I became a ‘seeker’ and read every book I could about meditation etc. and eventually joined a Meditation group which I have been with for 20 years. Our main aim is to give Kundalini awakening to the masses, this we do without charge, to anyone who asks for it. At about the same time, in my forties, ’Star Wars’ was released, and I was ‘hooked’ line and sinker ! I couldn’t get enough of Space movies – as long as they weren’t the silly scary ones, or ended badly – I guess I will always remain a kid at heart ! About six months ago, I had a dream of seeing a space ship coming out of some clouds, and in my dream the shock was very real, as if I was really there..... as I awoke, I had the very clear words ”Galactic Federation of Light” in my mind, so I googled it – and have never looked back. From that website, I found Sheldon Nidle’s and I never miss a webinar!!


Rita from Hydrabad, India writes:

I am happy to share with you that we, in India have formed a PLANETARY ACTIVATION GROUP and meet once in a while and discuss the details and prepare ourselves mostly thru the COSMIC RAY ACTIVATION WORKSHOPS AND DNA ACTIVATION WORKSHOPS. Do a lot of visualizations and altering our thought process.

We are around 300 plus people spread across india. As a part of our action plan, we had organised a PRE PARLIAMENT ON 1ST WORLD PARLIAMENT ON SPIRITUALITY in March 2012 and had many Masters, Leaders and Legends participate and brainstorm on the subject of CONSCIOUS SHIFT 2012 and the preparation needed to support MOTHER EARTH.

We are also in the process of forming 1ST WORLD PARLIAMENT ON SPIRITUALITY an event to be held in India Hydrabad CITY during the exact time of the expected shift 17th to 21st DEC 2012. (

With love and Light,


Penny from Capetown, South Africa writes:

Hi Everyone, I am a Starseed from Lyra!

I have been consumed by esoterics from an early age, and in my twenties settled for a few years in San Francisco which I found so rich and exciting.!. While there I studied everything I could find in this vein, - astrology, theosophy, transcendental meditation, yoga, Science of Light, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, etc. etc. I had many fascinating experiences and met many amazing people. Then suddenly I had to return to SA with my 2 kids, and suddenly I realized I had to support 2 children and had to 'stop playing around with esoterics'. So I closed the doors on 'all that' and launched fully into the business of making money.

Then, probably around the 1987 Convergence, all the cosmic doors seemed to fling wide open and books, courses, classes, channeling, and the media all flooded our lives with richness, and the more we learned the more we realized how little we knew, and as you know, the information and opportunities grow richer by the second! The comfort and hope offered by the information must have helped save millions of lives, hearts and minds!

I would love to be able to tell amazing stories of space trips, UFO experiences, etc. but as yet unfortunately, even tho I keep BEGGING for a UFO over Cape Town, I still haven't been graced with that, altho according to everyone in the know, the time is very shortly nigh!

I also am addicted to Sheldan's Updates, as well as all the other wonderful channelings that Coleen bestows on us all the time. Also Healing with the Masters, and Exopolitics, and the divine Melchizedek, and all the others whose teachings we consume with great love !

I would be interested in communicating with like minded people in the Cape Town area.

With Love & Light

Colin from Dongshan, Taiwan writes:

Many years ago I saw a lady who channeled a guide that would in turn draw your own spirit guide while telling you everything they wanted you to know. It was actually quite freaky as she would be drawing while looking you in the eyes and draw a perfect picture. It was the day everything changed for me. She told me to buy a book called The Journey of the Soul written by Peter Richelieu. I battled to get the book as it was already out of print but eventually found it at a secondhand bookstore in another city. My journey began, the more I learned, the more I wanted to know and communicate with my own guides. Eventually I found a teacher that taught channeling, but only attended for a few months when I had to leave the country for my job. I still continued practicing and the connections became stronger and stronger.

During my channelings, I was filled with the most incredible feeling of love and completeness beyond what we could imagine. It was actually because of this that I eventually stopped, as I would fall into an awful depression after the channelings. Being filled with so much incredible love and then suddenly be robbed of it...... too much for me at the time. One day while taking a nap, I partially awoke, and I felt as if a spirit had entered my body. I asked, "Who are you?" and he answered, "Don't you know? I am YaAn." Now let me explain what was so special about this. It felt as if the entire universe had entered my body, like my body was going to explode because it was filled so much, as if I had unlimited knowledge, love, and I understood absolutely everything. YaAn continued, "Imagine a glass of water. Do you know how special each of you are? None of you will look at that glass of water in the same way." I know it doesn't seem like a stupendous revelation, but I assure you, having that magnificent being inside of you and seeing it through those 'eyes' made all the difference.

I have always kept up with my conversations with my spirits and have only used them whenever friends wanted some advice about things in their life. They have told me that the time has come again, and this time my service to humanity must begin. So I have been working at silencing my thoughts and the energies to help channel them clearly. I believe I will start channeling messages soon, and will post them here. Love and light to all of you!


Dennis from Johannesburg,South Africa writes:

Hi, My first name: is Desmond (but I have always used the name "Dennis”)

Since I was a young boy of 9 I have felt different to others and I have been aware that I have something significant to do during my lifetime. I had an academic education and during my philosophy course I felt as though something had opened up in my mind which enabled me to think and see far more clearly.

I am now nearly 80 and over the years have studied and experienced a great deal outside the physical world reality. I investigated UFO sightings for the University of the Witwatersrand planetarium. I have worked under the guidance of members of the White Brotherhood, communicated with the Ashtar Command and read a great deal from those who published details of their communications with them (Eric Klein, Tuella, Dharma, Solara and others), given teachings on the so called hidden realities, been involved with James Hurtak, also with the Toltec nagual, Theun Mares (whose planetary life recently terminated), had out of body experiences, read about the planet Thiaoouba, and the 7, also the 9 Principles and Forces (Dr A Puharich, Phyllis Schlemmer and others) and the 12 (Anthony Kane who has a task to perform on the 11th of the 11 month 2011).

I have much more to communicate; but not possible in this excerpt. I have experienced so called miracles.

I am hoping to communicate with like minded individuals and I am ready to assist with the coming events leading to the ascension of our planet, all those on it and affecting the galaxy and entire Universe.


HC Yeoh from the Tanjung Bungah, Malaysia writes:

Hi everyone,

I am new to this group and really have no special story to relate but my spiritual experiences are there. I feel very weird that the greetings Selamat Jai used by SaLuSa is like our National Language- are we speaking like SaLuSa? I hope SaLuSa will use more of the language so that I can compare to see if we do speak the same lingo!

Light I Am,

Chloe from Dharamshala, Goa India writes:

Hi, it was about 7 years ago, when i felt guided by light- beings, who showed me movies on my screen, like a computer screen, when i have my eyes closed, there once in meditation seven years ago, appeared a magnificent golden being, God himself, this was in person..on the screen, once they showed me a vivid movie, i was sitting in meditation on the earth, and this huge white light wave, gently made it way across the planet, and swept over me, and instantly my physical body disappeared and all that was left was this golden light being, then the movie stopped and at the bottom of the screen somebody held a cigarette light, gently moving it from one end of the screen to the other, lighting up the screen with rainbow flames.!! it was magnificient...


Amir from Tehran, Iran writes:

hello , intresting website. i was in Iran on vacation from the UAE last year. i was watching a movie on my laptop in bed , because in Iran the tv stations are pretty much rubbish it was about 11pm (17th June 2010)

half way throu the movie , i looked out the window and from nowere a strange luminesent blue dics object flew by very slowly, with no noise at all it was medium sized craft, but it was flying pretty low. im thinking either its a secret military craft , or something else not from this planet.


Zhen Zheng from Shenyang China writes:

By destined coincidence I have got linked to PAG now the whole process of which is dim in my memory but the result is clear in my mind.

Zhen Zheng

Arthur from the Singapore writes:

Hi PAG Members,

I used to be skeptical about concepts like mass ascensions. I was thought to believe that enlightenment was to be an individual experience. I was given a book : The Third Millenium by Ken Carey, which spoke about ascension. I tossed it aside and never touched it for 10 years. Then in 2009 I got creamed by the financial crisis,and for some reason I picked the book up and what it said suddenly resonated within me. I must have read it 20 times since and never tire of it. However at that point (in early 2010) I was still skeptical of the Galactic Federation of Light, because it sounded far too good to be true.

Then on 19 September 2010 (Sunday), I experienced a sighting I will never forget. It was about 8pm and a clear moon-lit night. I noticed a bright star glide across the sky. Then it slowly vanished in the clear night sky. I don't know why, but something stirred within me that this was not going to be an ordinary nite . As I proceeded to scan the nite sky, I noticed approaching from the horizon a dark v-shaped object. As it slowly approached, I noticed that it was not an object but a v-shaped formation of bean shaped objects. As this formation passed over me, the bean shaped objects (brownish background & blackish in the centre) rearranged themselves into an arrow shape, then back into V formation. After that the whole formation just faded away. Theere were no lights and the objects were not glowing at all. They were opaque and looked holographic in nature.

After that I immediately ordered Sheldan Nidle's books: First Contact & Galactic Friends and devoured every word in them. I am now a fan of the GFL becasue Im convinced they exist. Can't wait for their return. I look forward very much to Sheldan Nidle updates. I keep in touch with Salusa- updates (Mike Quinsey), the Rumour Mill, & the latest news on Nesara.

By the way, did you know that in the Sirius Greeting: "Selamat Ja" and "Selamat Gajun"-the word "Selamat" is also used in the Malay language as a well-wishing or greeting word, too, here in Singapore.

End of my Story. Hope I didnt bore you.

With Love, Arthur

Jake from the Ukraine writes:


My name is Jake...I'm from America (Connecticut) but I'm currently living in Ukraine

I've been reading the updates of the Galactic Federation of Light for about eight months now, but I've been steeped in much channeled information since the 1980 beginning with the Seth Material, and soon after Ramtha, Mathew ( of the late Marge Turcott) D'Hartma, Emmanuael.

In the late 1960's a a teenager I performed in a Rock band of in NYC as I was born in NW Connecticut. That time period was really the frost wave of a door to higher consciousness shifting although at that time, we were not necessarily aware of all that was to follow. I new nothing of channeling at that time although I had been reading books such as Krishnamurdi and Allen Watts. The energy of that time period was unprecedented and I knew I was on the threshold of something big but I was not sure what. In the same year as Woodstock occurred near where I lived I had an unusual and profound experience one day that was to be a touchstone for the rest of my life. On one day in late fall, I had what is described here in words of The Galactic Federation of Light, and also in the writings of Saul ( John Smallman) and certainly Abraham, and many more…an experience…to use their words…of going into a state of full consciousness. for half of one day. It happened rather suddenly one day as I was walking by a lake. I've written about it and will post the full experience on a web site along with paintings I've done and also some music tracks as it is too long to write here. The descriptions that Saul posts every week on the Internet, are sometimes using very similar metaphors as I've used over the years to try and describe this experience and perhaps by writing about this others may get some confirmation being that I am writing this as one who is in the physical who knows without a shadow of a doubt that the state of full consciousness , which is being describe from non-physical, does indeed exist beyond all description and it is where Reality essentially begins and the illusion ends. We are all standing a paradise Heaven on Earth but we are partially blind to it, not allowing the depth of divine love and infinite knowing to infuse our beings…though it i our natural state of being…we have all forgotten and then forgot that we have forgotten it.

Also, Like many, over the last decade I've had difficulty adjusting to the ominous changes that seem to befall America and the world. I'm very aware of what is happening globally, politically, as the Internet is a vast resource. I left America sometime ago to travel to Russia and Ukraine. Not by choice but by circumstances, I am not able to return to America and essentially was taken in by a family as more or less a temporary refugee by default. I am on the verge of bare survival but I have an old cement building where I've been painting and and my compute set up in a basement where I record electronic music and write. when i read this post…to reach out to others who are light-workers I resonated with it because I feel a passion and an urgency for the Great Awakening and on the other hand I see too clearly the descending dark cabal. In some ways I feel in more ways than one that over the last two years partly due to being targeted by lets say, the dark side, i am fighting for my life. I 've had to reach out for help from God, from non-physical as never before, as sometimes I feel I will perish soon - it's time for our voices to be heard and vibrations to be felt. To stand up and pull the sword out and do not give up hope….The Galactic Federation of Light gives hope and upliftement as do Abraham, Saul and many other channels at least for me…going back to 1980…. On the other hand I read about the Black Pope and do all i can to put things into some all encompassing focus…as I am not sure if I will ever be able to return to America again or see my family and friends…but I am beginning to assemble photos of paintings and music tracks and writings with the hope that through reaching out through the Internet ….the doors of the universe will open unforeseen opportunity and all will begin to turn around in some remarkable way.

Be well, Jake

Annie from Durban,South Africa writes:

Dear Miles, Sheldan, Colleen & all my family & friends, residing on Earth, in Nirvana (Heaven) & throughout the entire Cosmos,

I don't have any 'PAG' story to share as such, but much of what you experienced Miles, so resonated with me.I guess that my biggest & most significant 'enlightenment' came about on discovering Suzy Ward, Matthew Ward's dearest and most precious Mom in 2005, and on reading their 4 books in the Matthew Book series at:

Suzy & I have exchanged numerous brief emails over the years, and both her and Matthew know just how grateful I am to each to them, as well as, just how much I eagerly await Suzy to share Matthew's monthly messages, which are also made available on their website. Over the years my group of 'Galactic' & 'Spiritual' mentors has grown considerably, but Sheldan, David Wilcocks & Michael Quincey are most definitely 3 most trusted, respected & valued favourites.

I simply cannot wait for our Galactic family & friends to join us! The waiting feels like a lifetime, and the goal posts often seem to shift farther & farther away, causing much frustration & disappointment too, but I'm prepared to 'hang in' and hope for the BEST ~ when the time is just right for ALL parties concerned.

Thanking you for this awesome opportunity to link up with more like-minded brothers & sisters.

Love & abundant LIGHT, Annie

Slava from Moscow, Russia writes:

Never writen you or any pag member before but now i feel i must do it and tell a word... as I'm reading Sheldan's "updates" for some time and they played a strong part in my personal transormation.

My story, but.. not a story itself 'couse it's too loong to tell, but current results and my feelings at present time:

Story so far

As a result of series of strange events and deep inner transformations I managed to realise my deep personal connection with "love of the stars" - it's a short name i've given to very special feeling.

This feeling going from some point above my head resonating with dense Love in my body, it feels as very strong and warm physical pressure on and under my skin, it aslo gives me feeling of a large yellow sphere of light above my head surrounded by circle of stars. The flow of love descending on me from above is tremendous and overwhelming. Also i feel how this Sphere and "stars" are resonating when i embrace them with my own love.

As far as i feel and understand it, this connection keept me from suicide a lot of time in my life, it gives me a strong purpose to live on. But now i feel i can embrace it with love and let it shine its love on me. and i feel how it continue some sort of transformation process while my feeling of myself shifting into love and joy every moment now.

I'm sure it is from the stars and some star beings and star people whom i feel as my true ancient Family, and especially with some people i could feel and call "nords".

PS: Also i want to tell that Seldan's work played a great part in what is happening with me now on, and i'm very thankfull for all the support from him and all galactic family of star people behind him.


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