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Ray from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia writes:

Toowoomba is a beautiful place, with quite a few Light workers present.

Over the years I have experienced and done things that have surprised myself.
A basic person and family man, I started out driving trucks.
After marriage I settled down and started studying. I have 2 adult sons.

Yet there is another side of me. I have always felt part of the Whole world
and a member of the human race. The space programs have excited me.
I have refused military service. I led a demonstration against nuclear weapons.
I have a higher self awareness and I meditate; I want to serve in the Upliftment
of Humanity and the cleansing of our dear Planet Earth. I want Peace.

Recently my Heart has opened. I am all over the unfolding Transition.
I can Organise and Speak to people with confidence and power.

All the Best to you All. Let us Unite and Succeed in this great endeavour!


Renate from Melbourne, Australia writes:

Blessings, I have had the most incredible journey the last year, being at the right place (Gold Coast Qld.) at the right time. When I first arrived I searched for likeminded people starting with the local Spiritualist Church that led me to the Invisible College with Jennifer Starlight channelling the Masters Min and Maitreya. I found Telos the teachings of Lemuria, the Ascended Masters and Galactic Heart. I felt I have come home. I have always had a close connection to Star Beings and witnessed many UFO sightings in the past and felt an overwhelming closeness while I was there. I have attended many workshops, took part in 12.12.2012 celebrations, opening the 5 new Chakras and the 4th Eye. All amazing experiences. I also found all the Centres I attended were attending each-others workshops and now back in Melbourne wish to share my knowledge, I know I am in good hands to whatever comes next. Trust and Surrender.


Merrilee from Byron Bay, NSW, Australia writes:

I have been on the spiritual path for many years. I have studied many religions, went to a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas for one month. I have started communities as I believe it is important to come together in love and light and share our wonderful gifts. Have felt a loss of not having light minded souls around at this planetary time that we are all living and experiencing, as more than ever it seems we should be sharing and celebrating the gifts of wisdom that we are receiving . I look forward to meeting and sharing with like minded souls love and light.


Madi from Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Australia writes:

Hello everyone,

I can relate to being in the right place at the right time…or is that just living in the ‘now’ between parallel universes?!! When I was a child my nickname was ‘Mars’ (it was a family joke that I came from another planet!) Maybe the joke is really on them!! Anyway I’ve always been very sensitive and pick up on things. As a kid I had many encounters with the spirit world & have developed my communication skills.

Then I just happened to be ‘there’ at the right time to witness many UFO sightings and have met many people who have had direct contact & been on-board spacecraft (these people have held this secret & have only told those they intuitively trust.)

I was born on Oct 28 (the day of the researcher) and have always been obsessed with how & why things happen. How many years have world governments kept secrets & why? Such as UFO files, bankers, wars. Illuminati etc! Time travel, Source, dimensions…love it all. I am so excited for the coming months with disclosure, contact, space-trips & so much more; bring on the Golden Age!!!


Nicolaas from Cundletown, NSW, Australia writes:

I came from Holland in the sixties, learned my trade as a solid-Plasterer in the construction industry.

As a teenager I became interested in the bible although born a catholic.

Having studied with the Jehovah witnesses for about a year. I decided to leave them after meeting a girl. Subsequently I married her and had two sons. All things worked for about 20 odd years. In this time I became a probationary police officer for a while. Things did not work out and I left. Also worked as a storeman and packer/ forklift driver for about 11years. Also spending some of that time on the floor as a union delegate representing people on the afternoon shift. Now I’m a bit of an old fellow with my present wife who believes in Christianity and furthermore believes all new age is of the devil sort of. So that’s a bit of a problem for me.

At present I’m working as a volunteer at an old peoples home.

I also did a course in electrical engineering but couldn’t quite finish it. My interests are drawing, electronics, Ufo’s, New age etc and vegetable gardening although my wife’s the expert in it.

I likewise became interested in Sheldan and have some of his books and videos. I like his sense of humour and the beautiful future put before us. I’d like to participate to the best of my ability realising full well how few people know what truly is happening in our reality.


Ian from Sunshine Coast, Australia writes:

Hey everyone, I am only 26 but i feel or i was feeling like i was on my own with this way of thinking, i truely hope that we as a nation can step up and embrace what Sheldon is talking about, i have always believed that we are not alone in the universe, and ever since i was a kid i knew there was things in our history that just did not add up, but with the information that is available to us now i think i am putting the correct peices of the puzzle together, i am still 'fround' upon when i talk about this subject at work and from my freinds or what little friends i have left, my family know i always or try 'to speak the truth and i think i am getting through to them bit by bit, but i cant see much more happening unless 'full media Disclosure happens. which i wish is very soon, i would love to be able to catch up with like minded people around my area and discuse other peoples view points in this growing phonenoema. thanks everyone, and feel free to email me :)


Marie from Melbourne, Australia writes:

Hi, I have always felt like a lightworker but thought that because I didn’t do lightwork consciously, that it must be my over-active imagination! About 3 months ago, I came out of a dream in which I KNEW that I had been doing healing work for the planet. An appointment with a woman, who is able to read one’s energetic constructs, confirmed for me that my purpose for being on Planet Earth at this time, is to hold a certain vibration. This has eased my mind a bit about whether or not I “should” be doing “something” with my life. Still, I find most people in my circle have no concept of what a lightworker is, or does. So I enjoy getting on websites such as these to touch base with like-minded people. Thanks, everyone!


Rebecca from Mandurah, Western, Australia writes:

I am an American living in Mandurah, Western Australia, for a year. ( Nov. 2011 - Dec. 2012 )
I would love to meet other like minded people in the Mandurah area that would like to start a PAG.
Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks :)


Carol from Whangamata, New Zealand writes:

Hi, I am Carol from the beautiful nature and beach resort Whangamata.

I recently joined the PAO, having been directed there by my inner guidance. My story began in England, when as a young child, I found myself having out of body experiences due to traumatic events, and spent time in a safe location with a beautiful being who comforted me until I was able to return to my body. As a 7 year old, I had a realization one day that I could have chosen any person on Earth to focus my consciousness, although at that time I was not aware of that terminology, nor of reincarnation.

Over the years I have been led by inner guidance and the 'coincidences that aren't' to become aware of reincarnation, and one thing leading to another, I have felt out of place and time here on planet Earth. I have longed for the stars, yearned to be up there and longed to have the freedom of interstellar travel. I have always questioned how people can be so cruel to each other here, and have always known that we can be so much more loving. I have been drawn many times recently outdoors, in time to see a distant space ship traversing the night sky, and said 'Hello.' I have felt a love connection with them, and have wondered since, if they are my real family.

It wasn't until watching Sheldans free u tube movie, Galactic Human, I think was the title, that I became aware that I am most likely a star seed. From that moment, I have had downloads of memory, and know that I have recently come to this planet, and my history belongs elsewhere. It is exciting to be here on Earth to contribute to the massive awakening, and yet it has been lonely too. I long to connect with other star seeds, and am looking forward to the day when I will see my 'real' family again.

Thankyou Sheldan and Colleen for your wonderful work and for being here.


Dave from Geraldton, Western, Australia writes:

Gday from Australia.

My name is Dave Ashwell, born in New Zealand, and I live in a Country Town in Western Australia called Geraldton with my lovely wife Mary Jo, a former American. We are a farming community, and my wife and I work in our own business marketing Vehicle Maintenance Products.

I have been a follower of Abundant Hope since I “discovered” them about ten yours ago, and have been following Sheldons postings since he started. I also followed The “Dove” postings and the Nesara posts as well. All these were intriguing to me as I KNEW from an early age since my mother walked me down the aisle of the Local Church of England Church and had me “Confirmed”. What a shemozzle that was, Pots of smoking incense, and words of gibberish, together with men in long coats mumbling to themselves. At that time I KNEW that there was a BETTER and DIFFERENT way.

It wa not until years later when I was first married and I turned to the Jehovah’s witnesses for answers, realising that they too had got it wrong, that I started my search in earnest. I then had a lapse for about 30yrs and in the early 90’s I finally found the spiritual path, and I am getting stronger day by day. I have never been fortunate enough to be spoken to as a “channel”, and I have gone through some bad times (probably Karma) but I BELIEVE very strongly, and all I am able to say to those out there that have doubts, Take a kook at a newborn baby or an opening rose, and you will SEE God.

I am VERY interested in receiving emails from anyone in any country word-wide (in English please) to join my small “Group” here in Australia. Also thanks to Sheldon and his wife for this opportunity.

Love and Blessings to you all.

Dave and Mary Jo Ashwell

Fay from Tasmania, writes:

Hello, I live on the north east coast of Tasmania. I moved to my property eleven years ago from mainland Australia without knowing why, other than I wanted to enjoy a tree change after many years of city living.  I am still trying to understand my spiritual purpose and hope that some day soon I will receive guidance that will give me more of a sense of 'purpose' that will enable me to be more proactive! Several years ago I came across Sheldan's 'Mission Possible' DVD and it struck a cord and I have accessed most of Sheldan's information since and especially enjoy his Webinars, as they allow me to feel in touch with other like-minded people even though I live a fairly isolated existence. 
I live in hope that one evening I too may see a space craft overhead and know that I too am in telepathic contact with out Galactic neighbours. Thank you Sheldan and Colleen for showing me that my 'thoughts' are real and that a major shift in our collective consciousness is nigh!

Yours in love and light,


Maggie from Noosaville, Queensland, Australia writes:

I live in a delightful enlightened part of our Mother Earth..

I feel very blessed to be a Pag Member and look forward to receiving Sheldan and Colleens emails. They have helped me enormously in my personal Ascension Journey and I enjoy watching Sheldan’s D.V.D’s. I now run Meditation classes and I am a Reconnective and Reconnection Practitioner and have Movie Nights for my groups. People are now becoming more aware and asking questions, so it is very handy to have Sheldons D.V.D’s in my collection to show them. I am happy to connect with other Pag Members,

Love and Blessings,


Brad from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia writes:

Selamat ja! Hello everyone thought it was time i posted my experience. My name is brad thompson and come from a family of the free masons my grandfather was grand master 33 degrees of sydney.My aunty also worked closely with the windsors (brittish royals) ironside her name was she was a famous artist/painter.My childhood was a mixed bag of strange events.Firstly my family was involved with super natural rituals for years summoning spirits from the spirit world .Growing up i knew that we were not being told the truth about anything and was told that a small group of families make all the decisions concerning this planet.After hearing phil scnieder(deceased) speak in 1995 expo all my hunches were right.thankyou philip for opening the door to the truth you will be remembered.Researching tesla technology came across a man named sheldon nidle that was a turning point for me.I joined the pao in 2006 formed PAG in 2007 have 20+ paw members.thankyou sheldon and colleen the truth is very peacefull love and light to all mankind selamat ja!

brad xxoo

Susan Nesbitt from Williams Bays, South Western Australia writes:

Selamat Gajun! to those who are awakening,

As a little girl, age of 3 I knew I was someone very special. My Guardian Angles set out to guide and protect me from the skies above. Ive allways allowed my mind, body, and soul to endure enough pain and suffering that the love I embrace heals all wounds. My soul was searching for Answers and much needed rest. I suffered the worlds pain. I imbrace the love from all that is.

Internal prayers to my sacred soul led me to PAG in 2005. Love to Colleen and Sheldan.
Embrace all that there is above.


Kerry from Brisbane, Australia writes:

Hello Galactic seekers,

I live in city of Brisbane, State of Queensland, Australia, and feel quite isolated as it seems my Galactic interest is a rareity amongst my circle. It could be that there are many local people interested in ET's, ascention etc. but I have kept my interest to myself, and have effectively blocked the flow of like-minded people into my life. I am hoping this PAG member forum will help change that. Now's the time to "come out" and not be shy in our quest to become fully conscious 5D Galactic Humans. I am keen to meet up with like minded people, so that we can join together in numbers and strength and be of assistance, when the time is right. Sheldan's messages and webinars are just amazing, and also Colleen's extra messages and snippets of information are very much appreciated. I think I first encountered Sheldan's message from an on-forwarded email, but at the time, was not quite ready. I had been receiving Mike Quinsey's messages for years and I think I was worried Sheldan's would conflict with Mikes and render some confusion. One day out of the blue, I decided to check out Sheldan's website.

(I have no doubt, that I was prompted) This time his up-dates sat perfectly with me, and I realised that he and Mike compliment each other ! Love the webinars, and can't get enough up-dates. Currently reading Your First what a ride !

I was catapulted into the mysteries of Metaphysics in the mid 70's after an encounter with a psychic man who was so accurate about things in my past, it was life changing ! Have became a sponge for information ever since, however, this Galactic information from Sheldan, Mike and some other very selective sources has "hit the spot". I have had no "encounters", am not psychic, not a "channel" and not part of a spiritual group. In fact I am just your basic human who works in a 3D environment, with a desire to ascend to 5D. I know I can be of assistance at some stage and that when the time is right, my purpose will shine ! Bring it on GF, so looking forward to meeting you.

Peace & harmony to beautiful Gaia and all inhabitants...

Kerry W

Anne from Warrubullen / Innisfail, Far North Queensland, Australia writes:

My name is Anne. I am living at Warrubullen / Innisfail, Far North Queensland. Australia. I would also like to have contact with kindred spirits. I have been taking steps with kryon school and the 36 High Councillors of the Light /The School of New Consciousness and am wondering if anyone else at PAO is with the Kryon School?

I was into Rebirthing for many years and went to California to the community there. I have always had a passion for Metaphysics and Cosmic Spirituality. I was a professional Gardener in Brisbane for a while and then shifted to FNQ, Massage and Healing. I have worked as a masseuse during the last twenty years and had a few years at home with children. We live half an hour south of Innisfail. Lost my satellite in the Yasi cyclone.

Would love to hear from you.
With Love and Light, ANA and ELEXIER, Anne

Alison from Sunshine Coast, Australia writes:

Hello everyone, I guess I have had experiences to do with the spirit world since childhood. Around 9 years ago I helped run with my parents a "New age book shop/mail order" business which we had many topics including Sheldan's books. I was hoping to find like minded people in my area (sunshine coast) Australia. that would like to have a chat, or maybe meditation/healing groups, etc. I love Sheldan's webnars and news letters, I look forward to them as the energy that surrounds them is wonderful, as well as the tools they both mention, help me in my effort to remember my purpose here. It is interesting hearing about Sheldan's childhood stories with our space brothers, as it has brought back some similar memories that I experienced as a child.

For every grateful, Alison

Iris from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia writes:

Dear Colleen, Hi there, I have search through your PAO groups and see that there are two mentioned in the city I live in, namely the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. However there is no contact addresses or email addresses attached to any of the groups so I am none the wiser as to meeting with any other interested PAO people here in Australia.

I have signed up (maybe twice now as once was to receive the newsletters and the other to become a member - they may have been the same thing) if so, sorry for the duplication.

SO, maybe you could forward my email on to somebody in my area and I could make contact with some like minded people downunder.

Thank you and have an enjoyable Easter break.

Cheers, Iris

Ralph and Sushie from, East Warburton, Victoria, Australia write:

Ralph first encountered Sheldan Nidle's work in about 1997 when a channeling friend showed him a copy of "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human". This resonated incredibly deeply for Ralph and helped him access various past-life and off-planet Syrius & Vega connections. This was all part of a vast Awakening for Ralph. Then when Ralph and Sushie got together shortly after this, Sushie too found Sheldan's information incredibly interesting.

Some years passed (with lots of potent expansions of consciousness for both Ralph and Sushie) and by this time they had moved to their current home in a beautiful part of Australia at the top of the Yarra River in sacred healing land. Here Ralph wondered what had become of Sheldan and googled him. Lo and behold there was the PAO website! This was about 2005.

So together with Starseed friends Helen and Marie we set up a small but powerful PAG - which continues to the current day.

Sushie would like to add: When Ralph joined us up as a PAG there were only three of us, Marie was yet to join. But the very next day a ship appeared in the sky over the mountains and I knew this was linked to the PAG welcoming us! Every night for months after, ships would appear and sometimes we would get a real lightshow and I knew that they knew that we were making contact. Helen's family came over one night and we saw over half a dozen scout ships high up in the sky all scatter in different directions over our house! At one stage after six months of this I knew they had changed crew because the new lot were a little different, not so playful but more focussed on their work. We felt they were working on the earth grids around these parts. I enjoyed showing our friends and Ralph's sister and her family the lights in the sky, and our front porch became a popular spot with them. One night I flashed a torch at the sky and a ship suddenly flashed back and then grew into a huge bright ball. Ralph's sister and her family had no doubts after this night.

Our PAG meets for meditations around the full moon and eventually our lovely Marie joined us and met a star being one night in meditation whom she ended up doing a painting of. Marie is a galactic artist whose paintings are getting more and more popular. She is also a talented singer. So now there are four of us and we usually watch Sheldon's webinars at Marie's place once a month and her family join us.

Recently we have been having some direct telepathic exchanges with the ships and various star beings who visit us in the etheric - it seems like we are setting up a communication link for the upcoming major work.

We are a firmly connected group and look forward to the next developments of the plan as it unfolds for all of us.
In fact you could say that right now we are cosmically bored and time dislocated with current earthly life.
We are really ready for the Big Shifts!

You might also like to check out Ralph's website which is listed as "Entering The New Reality" under Links at

Sushie, Ralph, Helen and Marie

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