Pag Stories


Miles from Vancouver, BC, Canada writes:

In 1994, I was visiting a musician friend in L.A. We both love to improvise music, and it was a very special time for us creatively and energetically. One day, I found a book lying on my guest room bed. Titled Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, it was about the Pleiadeans. Being largely a reader of esoteric philosophy, I had never actually explored the subject of channeling. During my stay I read the Marciniak book. Back home, intrigued, I rushed to our largest local metaphysical bookstore to find other similar books.

The book that most caught my eye was You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. I bought it but, soon after, came down with what seemed like the flu. For the next five bedridden days, I devoured Sheldan’s book. It stirred up overwhelming inner feelings and, at times, I wept uncontrollably. For the first time, I felt that I was learning the truth about Humanity. That truth pierced my soul.

Having read Galactic Human 6 times, I was hungry for more. I had many questions and desperately needed to connect with this Messenger of Truth. Happily, synchronicity was now in play. Soon after I had shaken the flu, a friend called to say that he had noticed an ad for an appearance by Sheldan Nidle in a nearby community. My friend attended, taped the lecture, and gave me a copy.

Captivated, I surfed the web and located a Sheldan Nidle website but, aside from a few basic postings, found it of not much help. Another friend suggested that I get in touch with Sheldan directly. When I made contact with his organization, I learned that their website had recently been sabotaged. Being a graphic designer, I immediately volunteered to re-design it. At that time (1994), website creation involved manual coding and was more difficult to learn, especially for a visual person like me. With techno-savvy help, I eventually mastered it and was on my way.

In 1997, Sheldan and his support group moved to Maui, Hawaii. Late that year, we joined them for several weeks. Up till that time, we had neither met nor spoken to Sheldan himself: all contact had been made through his support staff. Soon after our arrival, Sheldan and his core group realized that they needed an official organization. The "Planetary Activation Organization" (PAO) was born and became its new website address. Since that day, PAO has posted over 1000 of Sheldan’s updates.

Sometimes, I become impatient for the announcements to be made. When one reads about the state of the world and its corruption, one cannot help but feel hopeless. But, over the years, I have learned to trust my heart, not my head. While my head loves to mimic a computer, my heart remains all-knowing and resolutely senses the truth about our future. In occasional and extraordinary galactic dreams, I have been vividly shown confirmation of Sheldan's messages. As we approach the Shift, many of us (Starseeds) are experiencing extreme feelings, bodily changes and mental confusion. To me, these are simply further proof of coming change: our vibrations need to be adjusted to prepare for the energy we will require for the Shift. Even though I have no idea when the announcements will come, my inner voice tells me that they are very close. Of this, I have no doubt.

The PAO invites you to share your stories. Your positive energy will help propel us ever closer to our true destinies.

Miles Simons
Webmaster PAO

Annie from Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada writes:

In 2007 my sister and I went on a trip together to the San Francisco area. I found Barbara Marciniak's “Bringers of the Dawn” in the home we stayed at, that woke me up. Also my sister who was eons ahead of me did past life regressions. When I was back home I noticed a small white scar and a microchip on my left wrist. Recently I moved way up north in BC, made some new friends and jokingly told her about it and showed her, she touched it. It was not small, about a centimeter by a centimeter and a half in this tendon. A week or so later I woke up and remembered being on a ship and grabbing their wrist and saying I know I am here and what you are doing. The white scar is now thicker and I turned my wrist and the microchip was much smaller. I guess I got an upgrade:) I showed my friend and she said, oh my gosh that is much smaller now. Good to know I am not going nuts and I have a witness.:) I never felt that it was a bad thing, just my people keeping track of me.

Recently I have received much information in downloads. Sometimes it's just that, I am downloaded words or information, it's not even a dream. Sometimes for my health. One time I woke up as I was told Interplanetary Galactic Federation. So I researched, there is a lot of information on the internet and YouTube about the Galactic Federation. Sheldan Nidle's is the one I resonate with the most.

I did the Star Seed activation. I have Reiki treatments every week and the individual that works on me worked on me last week. She was told spiritually to go to the back of the head to the communication center. She said but that isn't the throat Chakra. They said just do it don't question. I laughed afterwards when she told me. I told her I did Sheldan Nidle's star seed activation and that is the Well of Dreams communication center at the back of the head.

Of course my family cannot even handle me getting Reiki treatments, they would send me to the mental institution if they knew the rest of the Paul Harvey


Amerval from Roberts Creek, BC, Canada writes:

Greetings, Colleen, Sheldan and fellow PAO enthusiasts,

Just a few words to introduce myself and what it means to be connected with PAO. First let me say that Tuesday has become my favourite day of the week! I look forward with great anticipation to the "letter from Home" Thank you Sheldan for all you do... and have done to get this out to us (and Colleen because we know behind every great man... there is a great woman : )

My earliest memories as a child are waking up from dreams of being in Heaven... and desperately wanting to go back to sleep to reclaim that I have always been very comfortable with everything to do with Spaceships and Extra-Terrestrials. Again my earliest dreams were vivid and awesome remembrances of being in and around Space Craft and always with a wonderfully positive feeling that was rarely duplicated in regular life and certainly is completely contrary to the Hollywood version of Aliens.
I have sought out numerous groups that have a focus on exploring everything Extra and Inter-Terrestrial and Extra/Inner Dimensional. A couple of these groups that have provided a wonderful source of education for me are The Aetherius Society and NICUFO Founders of both these organizations left plentiful materials about their direct experiences with Extra-Terrestrial Cultures. I am also very indebted to Perelandra, Ltd. and it's founder Machaelle Small Wright for her extraordinary books on Nature Intelligences and the Devic/Faerie Realms. I am excited about the progress groups like Exopolitics and The Disclosure Project that Dr. Steven Greer and many other people are involved with.

It is my understanding that as vast as the Universe is - are the types of contacts that are being made with Earth. I have never expected all communications to be the same truth(s) or presented in the same way - I see truth more as a progression bar specific to the individuals experience and ability to assimilate. I do not have a problem accepting major differences in the presentation of materials or even variance in the material itself. It is a delightful buffet that one can pick and choose from : )

Without rambling on too long... I am delighted that PAO exists! I stand by to be of service sharing information in whatever way is most appropriate. I have made a life commitment to advancing the understanding of the many Worlds and Beings we share the Universe(s) with. In my spot on the Planet there seem to be few people interested in these matters, however through social networking connections like FB, I enjoy the contributions and community of some wonderfully thoughtful people. Happy to "Friend" people with these shared interests : )

So once again thank you for creating a heartfelt connection through the wonderful newsletters and the opportunity to participate in growing the understanding of Earth-Humans residency on the Planet and in the Cosmos!



Louise from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada writes:

Since the early sixties I have been drawn to books like Edgar Cayce readings which caused me to remember that I had been here many times before to have some human experiences. Erich von Daniken books caused me to remember that of course there were other civilizations beyond earth, how could there not be because the more of God I became aware of the more I knew there was a billion times more I did not know of this Creator Source. It simply made no sense that just one peopled planet had been thought into being. Nor did it make any sense that people were born just once or that we were limited beings. Since a child I’ve believed that I would see world peace and all the people’s living their lives from the standpoint of love.

Around 2006 I stumbled upon Quincy’s channelling’s (later found Nigel’s) ...The messages were so validating. The truths, the teachings, the promises, the wonder, the feeling loved, the imagining of mass landings ... all coloured my life with hope while on a segment of my road that was rather rugged. Five times a week, at the end of the day, I would eagerly print the messages for reading before falling asleep and then filled with joy and excitement I’d dream of all that would be fulfilled.. in this lifetime! For at least six years my heart has been constantly bubbling in joy for what is to unfold when the galactic’s and the spiritual teachers set foot upon mother earth. In the meantime, from this perspective, it is interesting to observe the tsunami of the love energy taking form as it unrolls across the planet. Yes, I think very soon all my family, friends, and acquaintances will be turning a little “weird”, too. O what a happy day!

If anyone from Prince Albert, Sk. wants to “decloak” their thoughts, share their joy and excitement at the coming events by forming a local meet up, do contact me.


Stephen from Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada writes:

Hi everyone.

I live and work in Lake Louise Alberta. About two years ago I had an experience of being taken onto a ship. I had the shingles at the time so I was in physical distress. I remember lying on the table with a wire or something like it running up my body center line and on it was a bell shaped light. I remember being outside at dawn and walking down a hill toward what I thought was an ocean, but I noticed the stars were all out of place. I was then put back on the table and someone grabbed my jaw and poured a gold liquid down my throat. When I awoke in my room everything was coloured in rainbow light and that continued for several weeks. I also kept repeating “Oh, my God, I am going to be moved.” I was forced to look at the clock several days later and it read 11:11 from then on I kept seeing double numbers. I was also shown an event from childhood where I was with my brother, and suddenly thought I saw an object in the air. I yelled UFO run to my brother and took maybe eight steps laughing and giggling over the idea. I heard a voice say “we don’t want him we want you.” This was played back to me.

For several weeks I tried to rationalize the experience away only to find that I couldn’t, so I demanded to know who took me. I was told it was the Arcturians, I didn’t know who they were so I had to go look them up. I was also given a name, “Haja or Ajah” it came in backwards and upside down so I am not sure what it means, perhaps ... wheel of time or a name? I then had a dream where I was given a white tiger cub in a paper bag, since then I have been seeing white and normal tigers and lions as well as scenes from Eqypt. I was shown the star Sirius and the name Dog Star.

So, while all this is still new to me, I now figure it has been with me all my life. In a dream one night I found myself in a old dusty room. On a table was a oversized red phone. I was astounded when it began to ring, I was frightened so I didn’t answer it. Finally a voice spoke from it calling my name. The electronic nature of it turned me off so I refused to answer. Later in other dreams there was a doorbell that would ring in the distance, I still didn’t answer. I know, I know “Big Chicken!” So, in closing I do know that they are still around and I still remain a big chicken



Janette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada writes:

Hello dear Family,

I am very glad I found this site which allows me to finally be able to communicate with similar different humans.

When I was about 4 years old I was awaken one night by a very impressive military man not from earth, who was coming to show me something extremely important. I was recognizing him and was happy to see him. It was like if he was a family member. He took my hand and said telepathically that he was taking me far, and not to fear. I turned around and saw this silver cord attached still to my body in my bed. He was holding my hand and I kept on looking at him as we were moving so fast and so far from the planet in the empty space. He then stopped and said: you may look now. I turned around and saw the earth so far and small and while looking 360 degrees around me I saw what seems to be an infinite number of spaceships of all sizes, colors, shapes and many of them were looking like toys for children. In my mind I did not know why they would appear like toys. I started to feel terrified wondering why all this scene was installed around the earth watching it and I did not know for what purpose and why. He said to calm down and not to be so afraid, and that he had brought me there for me to know and remember always what I saw that night and make sure I never forget it. This was in the early 1950’s. Today I understand more what has been going on, since I made so many research on the subject. My life kept on filling with all sorts of strange experiences.

Of course needless to say that like many of us I did not find much echo in my tentative conversations or conversational bodies as life went on. I have learned to be alone in my space and I have learned to accept that’s how it works when we have this sort of soul.

But if anyone whishes to share and write to me I will be very happy to answer.

May our Light and Love support Mother Earth in this moment,


Ed from Mississauga Ontario, Canada writes:

Blessings to All:

I became interested in crystals and meditation nearly three decades ago. During one session, the 'group' visited one of the fleet space ships in meditation, and we all reported 'seeing', and 'feeling', the same things. Shortly after, I experienced my first channeling session with a loving energy of the Light. This started the process. My progress through this process has been filled with doubts and disappointments until three or four years ago. A veil seemed to lift, and I was blessed with more information and clarity.

I have a large crystal and copper structure, and a number of powerful crystals, that I use almost daily to amplify the Light energies. I invite many Light Beings from the Federation, and beyond, to assist me in bathing Mother Earth, and all life upon, and in, this beautiful planet, to send loving Light energy, to dissolve all darkness, and to awaken the desire to embrace the Light. I imagine receiving Light from Source, and expanding it through me to envelop the entire planet. I am beginning to include the solar system.

One day a while back, I felt the urge to Google the 'Galactic Federation', and that opened up a whole new vista. I am beginning to feel the energies from the many channelled messages, and I wait with baited breath for Sheldan's next update. I have pariticapted in his two most recent webinars. I send energized thoughts of love, gratitude, and abundance to Sheldan, and the special team he has created, for making this information available. The Light ever expands and intensifies, and accelerates our return to full consciousness.

Ed Riley

Astraelia from Montreal, Quebec, Canada writes:

I wish to establish a PAG GROUP for people who desire to gather, exchange, share, and also get the benefit of mutual support in the spiritual perspective of the coming Ascension.

I also whish to know if there are already such group existing in the area for such purpose, in the general area of Montreal in Quebec.

I am myself a contactee of the Gal Fed since a decade, and the discoverer of an important ancient megalithic sacred site of the realm of Agartha. I have been the spiritual care taker of this magnificent sacred site all my life, where many giant crystal obelisks shaped like Flames of Stone have been discovered. Hundreds of UFO sightings have occured there and over my house in montreal, with the latest, a major Armada sighting at very low altitude of over 100 UFO coming from a giant 100 miles circular Mothership over Montreal that was visible on the Dopler Radar.

I have a web site dedicated to the Ascension Process & Messages from the Gal Fed of Light, where I post updated messages from Sheldan Nidle with a special page dedicated to him, and also from all the other main channelers of the Gal Fed.

All welcomed!

Cordially, Astraelia

Michelle from Kelowna, BC, Canada writes:

Hello wonderful PAG members!

I have been empathic all my life but only began to consciously connect to this energy spiritually about eight years ago when I received my masters as a Reiki healer. I've always been attracted to nature, especially animals, trees, the water and dolphins. With the current energies that are coming to our planet now, the attraction to nature just becomes stronger and I can actually feel and interact with their emotions. I've also been contacted by Ascended Masters, Angels & E.T.'s and have experienced many amazing and miraculous events. I've seen their ships in the sky and have been able to communicate with them and feel their love energy.

I was guided by the E.T.'s to Sheldan Nidles's website to learn about them. Each time I would join a webinar with Sheldan I could feel the presence of the E.T.'s and Ascended Masters. Even my dog would start barking at something he could see in the corner of my office when they would physically visit. Sometimes their energies were so strong that I would need to lay down and sleep for hours after the webinar was over.

I sense very strongly that something really major is about to happen which will transform our planet and bring the energies of Heaven to Earth. Sheldan and Colleen are beautiful galactic souls and I want to thank and honour them for their service to Mother Earth and humanity. I would like to ask everyone to keep holding positive thoughts for a peaceful transformation of our planet.

Love & Light, Michelle

Julien from Laval, Quebec, Canada writes:

Three years ago, I went to visit my old friend Noel in Toronto, Canada, who I didn’t see for many years. He felt that my visit had an unknown hidden purpose. He showed me the last part of the Zeitgeist Movie which explains the functionning of our monetary system and the frauds to humanity made by our bankers, specially since 1913. It was a major turning point for me. Back home, I watched the full movie and cried like I never cried in my life before when I deeply understood the evilness of our leaders. That was the beginning of my obsessed quest for information on the internet. I watched all the documentaries that I could find about conspiracy and I was completely astonished about how much our regular medias are disconnected from the most important subjects for mankind. Conspiracy led naturally into the UFO subject and I realised: ‘My God, this is very important stuff!!'

After hundreds of hours on the net, I bumped into a radioshow of Sheldan Nidle explaining his views about USA politics. It was the best resumé I ever heard about what I was already beginning to grasp. I discovered the PAO website and I have to admit that the sceptic in me resurfaced when I saw the drawings of our alien friends: This was too crazy, but something in me was trusting Sheldan’s energy, so I continued and discovered the part about Starseeds. I read the description and the activation meditation.
I recognised myself so much in that description that I decided to do the activation. I had a real and powerful telepathic communication at the moment of confirmation! I asked my girlfriend Viviana to also do the activation and, in her moment of confirmation, she had a vision of a white spiral. She decided to paint it: A white spiral on a dark sky with burgundy shades. I saw it and thought it was her best painting. 2 days later, I "accidently" discovered on the net the videos of the famous Norway Spiral: exactly the same as the painting! I sent her the link and she told me that she never saw it before!? From that point, everything evolved and I began to have those unbelievable synchronicities, dreams, powerful insights and meditations, communications with Angels and my life began to synchronise almost perfectly with the messages of the Galactic Federation! My mystical perceptions arised to a point that I felt into this deep dilemma: Do I have the responsability to speak to the world about what I discovered? I tried, but the reactions of people around me are not always exactly what I hoped for! I'm no more with Viviana, I’m isolated too and now I need to meet other starseeds.


Paul from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada writes:

Hello my fellow travelers in embracing our ascension to full consciousness,

I have always had a close association with mother earth, since childhood. I would search the heavens on starry nights...wondering in what is out there....much before the advent of UFOlogy. Back in the seventies, I became engrossed with the idea...that we are not alone in this universe. It only made sense that there are sentient which we are all related to...the I Am presence in Creator God. Further study made me aware of Dr. Stephen Greer...and I attended his symposium in Toronto....addressing Disclosure. That turned my crank and made me come to the realization that indeed we are not alone in this cosmos. I also came to the realization that what is most that the whole of creation is based on LOVE. I commented this continuum to my partner....and breaking down in tears of emotion. Ever since, I tear up on many occasions...over sensitive issues, of past and present tragedy's , joyous happenings, wonderful atmospheric effects etc. My family is dear to me....and I wonder about past incarnations and the families and friendships that have occurred.

Having become computer literate over the past twenty years, brought me in touch with Sheldan and Colleen and the PAO Galactic Federation. I have every one of Sheldan's marvelous DVD's...and his book "Your Galactic Neighbors". I have followed his updates religiously. Thank you, so much Sheldan and Colleen for your insights into what will transpire shortly. I have also followed David Wilcock and Mike Quinsley and their interpretations into what their insights unravel.

Unfortunately...having this knowledge and trying to elucidate it to family, friends and acquaitenances ...has brought on disbelief and disturbing lack of interest and surreptitious looks of incredulousness. Therefore.....if any of you believers out there wish to communicate with another like soul...please feel free to correspond. I would also ask those individuals in my get in touch...for mutual conversations and friendships. May our Creator confer many blessings on all of our voyage to ascension.... And to our renewing of familial closeness with our Argartharin and Galactic brethren.


Pamela from Puerto Escondido, Mexico writes:

Since childhood, I have felt I am not part of this world. Indeed, I did not know that psychic abilities were not the norm. Climbing a tree and talking to the stars was a refuge for me. When I was 11 years old, a spaceship landed about 100 yards outside my bedroom window. I was put at ease telepathically and two hours passed in what seemed like minutes. In the mid-80's I was diagnosed as Bipolar and spent 25 years on antipsychotic, antidepressants, anti-everything to quelch inner voices, incoming voices and hallucinations. Although a group of three Genei Cucculatis visited me often throughout these years. I know that all of my experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, are culminated in this moment.

Waking up these past few years is like going home. Indeed, I was guided to relocate to the South Pacific of Mexico amid ancient sites in Maya land. With the use of the internet, I have put most of the puzzle pieces together. I research astrology, astronomy, numerology, ancient civilizations, mythology, religions, prophecies, physics, dimensions, aliens, spirits. Should I get stuck staring at a search list, my cursor would swiftly choose the site for the exact information I needed. I frequently wake at 3:33 am and check the night sky. I wake in the mornings humming a song, my lesson for the day. I was downloaded with sacred geometry, danced with light bodies in my garden and have seen the veil between dimensions shimmer on occasion. I have been traveling to powerful, sacred sites participating in ceremonies. On a recent trip to Egypt I saw the etheric blueprint of Giza, I laughed out loud and danced with 1000’s of orbs circling me.

I AM a Starseed, we are Lightworkers, the ones we have been waiting for and we are raising ourselves up out of the lower vibrations. I Am manifesting full consciousness everyday, no fear, with Love. I welcome the incoming energies and frequencies and I Love the magic. In my dreams, I can fly again and I go "into battle" or “rescue missions”. I Am told I Am a Warrior. Yeehah! And I Love swimming with the dolphins. In consciousness with all of you. Lots of Love and Light,


Bill from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada writes:

Hello all;

I have been an avid metaphysical student for over 30 years. I read out section 1 of the library without satisfaction `till1990. About then and since there has been an explosion of information I was thirsting for. Like you who read this I can`t get many people interested in what I call our subject--"THE TRUTH ABOUT THE NATURE OF REALITY'. Of my associates there is only 6 of us who concur. For new interested parties I made a short list of books to brief them up to speed as quick as possible if read in sequence. Sheldan's books are too extreme for the beginner.

1. Journeys out of the body. -- Robert A. Monroe. Shows what a human is capable of.
2. Far journeys. -- Robert A. Monroe. Much stronger, including a chapter called "the gathering" which corroborates the mass gathering of our galactic neighbors around our planet.
3. Ultimate journey. -- Robert A. Monroe. These 3 books are about 4D but great.
4. The disappearance of the universe. -- Gary Renard. Gary in conversation with ascended beings.
5. Ramtha. -- the white book, JZK publishing. -- an ascended Lemurian tells all
6. Sheldans books


Pierre from Saint Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada writes:

Greeting dear Star seeds Friends,

In my early age, 20, I was studying with the Rosicrucian Order from California. Years pass and all along my lovely life, I learn a lot of subject being married to a Registered Nurse. As we say, we follow or pull toward us the people we wanted to join, learn from them and share all LOVE on EARTH.

Now being almost retire, age 64, I manage to listen to a call from Archangel Michael a month ago, witch told me that HE was waiting about me to come back to HEALING and sharing my knowledge in making people more at ease, feeling good and restoring their Chakras. So being part of this group, I decide to come back and for a small village where I do live now, 1,000 lovely people , I am offering them, beside balancing their chakras, Roll Massage with a Mag Creator ( Magnetic device). They lie down on a massage table and the rolling Mag Creator roll on their back spine for 15 min. WOWWWWWWWWWWW the result is fantastic...they love it.

This village would never find out about this Japanese Technology if Archangel Michael did not wake me up. Now they come from all villages surrounding us. Thank you Archangel Michael and to all of you that I cherish and love.

Namaste, (avec grand respect)


Inga from Calgary, Alberta, Canada writes:

JUST VISITING THIS PLANET, is what the sign says that has been on my front door for a couple of decades; but it really all started back in good old Austria, when my dear Dad, sometime after the end of WWII, came into the house all excited about the flying saucer he had just seen. It still feels as though that could have been only yesterday. Later, in Canada, life became rather busy with the raising of three sons. I joined a book club and could hardly believe my luck when one of their offerings was the Betty and Barney Hill story and once again, I was captivated.

Even though a long-time student of mysticism, my UFO/ET library grew and somehow my secret relationship with the Pleïadeans (through Billy Maier and Barbara Marciniak); and the Arcturians (Norma Milanovich) coupled with a profound love of geometry (there are some 45+ mandalas in my collection which antedate Janosh of Holland’s holograms) and crop circles - fed a deep inner need.

In 1998, a year after my second husband passed away, I discovered the PAO website. I was in seventh heaven, but was all this to be taken literally? Being rather analytical, it soon became clear that the information gathered from books and online resources was not always in sync. By 2008, the world had changed dramatically. I rediscovered Sheldan’s website, and after reading his books and watching his DVDs, met him and his dear Colleen personally at the Galactic Gathering in Denver in 2009. That was probably one of THE happiest weekends of my adult life. Sheldan’s Updates and Webinars keep me connected to my beloved Galactics (as do an assortment of others) and give me a deep sense of that which is to come

I am immensely grateful to Sheldan for keeping alive the mystery of our Galactic Neighbors as well as the possibility that we may actually meet them face-to-face and look forward to a lively interaction. In the meantime, I’m JUST VISITING THIS PLANET.


Parminder from Vancouver, BC, Canada writes:

When I saw this, like many of us, I felt inspired to write. I came across PAG a couple of years ago. I had already been reading Mike Quinsey's writing and Matthew's Messages for a few years; I find Sheldan's work very much compliments these sources.
I knew right away that this was something that was coming from a higher source I can trust! I feel so much hope in my daily life from reading all of their work. Thank you Sheldan and Colleen for what you are doing!

Since childhood I connected with the stars. Always an intuitive child, I felt things about the world I could not explain. I knew that
I was here to change the world, but I had no idea how. Learning about Indigo children helped me understand and accept myself so much more. It was when I started to learn about Ascension and began to grow spiritually that I truly "got it". It's been a bumpy and interesting journey; at 29 I feel like a wise elder. I've noticed relationships, dreams, life missions, desires---all have changed. Riding the waves of transformation and the physical changes is exhausting, but it is easing. As I grow spiritually it's become much more difficult to be in our world.

I have been getting impatient waiting for the announcements. The state of our world is such a mess. Sometimes I worry that Ascension may be one big hoax by the dark ones…especially when the announcements are taking so long. But, my heart keeps telling me otherwise! Thank you for reading my story.

Contact Email:

Carol from Walhachin, BC, Canada writes:

I live in a very modest hamlet with many elderly, addicted and other sorts of regular folk, (Walhachin) in the interior of British Columbia.. It is a wide valley, under a huge open sky which is especially amazing because there are no streetlights. I have spotted on occasion UFO s buzzing about with their irratic high speeds and sudden disappearing, stopping , duplications. One first appeared as a matching twin to a planet in the West. I caught a glimpse of this as I was doing my dishes and looked up to admire the approaching evening.

As I kept glancing, I saw the the distance between the 'two stars' changing.. Drying my hands off , I used the trusted thumb-at-a-distance trick. YES, there was something happening.

I went out on the deck of my trailer and watched as the brilliant light was coming directly toward me ! It must be an airplane, I thought, at first. As this was happening I decided that 'now' would be the moment to welcome my Galactic Brothers and Sisters....Just In Case !! Then I suggested, that If they were up for it, possibly a 'sign' would be nice.

The brilliant light was right over my head at this point...high up.. Suddenly, it did a ninety degree turn to speed upward. Fixing my eyes on it fiercely , afraid I would lose it, it disappeared in the grey carpet which lies behind more evident stars. WAOH !! Needless to say, I hold this experience close to my heart and have found such strength from connecting to my brothers and sisters from afar.

I tell everyone I can if/when the moment arises. Sadly, I am mostly banned by my immediate family from speaking of such things.

I look forward to the time when we can get our shoulders behind the many projects which will become available to help Gaia/Terra , the suffering, inpoverished, ignorant, infirm and youth. Goodness knows what the new reality will reveal; What chores, what energies, what devices, who or what we will be working with !!!


Deva from South Slocan, BC, Canada writes:

Greetings Fellow Starseeds,

Like Miles, I came to Sheldan's work through "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human". A friend lent me a copy and a portal snapped open to The Galactic Reality!  Having read scores of New Age books, with his there was an exceptional quality: a crystalline Truth that resonated to my core. I began to check into the updates ocasionally, and, later, with great anticipation. In the early 2000's the quality of activation was immense! Having been contacted by St Germain some years earlier, i was well-versed in his unique vernacular, cadence and quality of energy: this WAS the Real Thing!  In these early days the Spiritual Hierarchy were providing maximum input: sometimes, as they did, 3D would warp and alter, and sacred geometrics would appear: as though I was peering through a portal to Future Time. At other times I would urgently have to lie down and take a "nap". Unlike Sheldan, I couldn't remember what had occurred on the Ships...which is where I Am assured I went! I would always awaken refreshed and energized...ready to carry on In Service to The Planet.....

I Am SO grateful to Sheldan for the post he has held as Chief Communications Officer for the Galactic Federation. Such a pivotal role! Such perseverence, tenacity, patience, compassion, insight, trust has been required, all so we may be~come in~formed !! My deepest, deepest Bows to You!

It seems like such a LONG TIME of waiting, visioning, feeling, tasting, touching the New Galactic Reality...It IS such a relief that it's finally HERE!!!

Selamat Ja: In JOY!

Woo Hoo...We're coming OM..!!


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