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Marjorie from Milano, Italy, writes:

Having once made fun of people who believed in ET civilizations, I had to reconsider everything I believed when a group of us founded a Native American support organization in Italy and the native elders told us about the ET technology in use among Native American tribes, and asked us to use it to help prisoners in high security prisons.

They suggested that we go to England to see the crop circles so we could find out more about ETs and their technology. On my first trip to England my companion and I had our first close daytime encounter with a ufo, the first of many meetings, and witnessed crop circles being created around us.

And so some of us decided to start an Italian crop circle research group which was able to document the arrival of crop circles in Italy and later, with photos, videos and taped interviews, the presence of people and entities from many different ET civilizations.

So now I knew ETs existed and believed they were all good.,Our group was beginning to become well known and to collaborate with many other crop circle groups around the world when a terrifying thing happened. A group of ETs who told us they were "beings of light" made an appointment with 30 of us researchers at Turin, Italy in 2005.

They told us they made crop circles and offered to teach us about how this is done. Instead of teaching us they destroyed our group by technological means: several people died, several had their families destroyed or lost their minds, and some, including myself, were abducted and chipped.

This is how we found out about the Dark and the galactic conflict. This story may seem unreal but it is true and an Italian science writer is now writing a book about what happened to our group. When the Dark captured me, they deliberately awakened my memories of lives on other planets, and this makes it very hard to go on.

Like many of you, I feel very lonely and am happy to correspond.


Hanna from Krokom, Sweden, writes:

I am here to help other to love them self and find their inner guidens, power and courage to be who they are. To create life in their life and a haven for the soul to be and experience its true self.

This is a message I got many times in meditation and writing. I have allways felt that I have a bigger purpouse here on earth and that I want to work with people. I found my starnamne for some years ago and it is Karistar. I have not yet decoded this name but I am on my way.

Since, what I remeber, I was a teenage I got information about things far away from me. I asked question and suddenly I just knew the answer. I have witnessed light phenomenas, one of them in Glastonbury that was big for me. I had a dream where one, who I don´t know, told me about Sirius and how to find it in a holografic spacemap. Later I went with him to Sirius, thats when I understod that’s where I come from.

One day I was out in the forest and got a song in my head, this is the song:

”Come together, come together, com together now. 2 times

Focus, focus, focus to your inner light. 2 time

Come together, come together, come together be as one. 2 times

Focus, focus, focus to your inner light. 2 times

We are one, we come together focus on our inner light. 2 times

Focus, focus, focus and the wisdom come. 2 times

Come together, come together, come together be as one

Come together, comet together, come together now.”

This song more or less sum up my intention in this world. I have come here to do the work and have a lovely time. For now I work in my own company, with the goal to help and support people to belive and love them self so they want and start to live from their hearts. I belive that in our heart we have all the wisdom and I belive that in our body we have knowledge to wake up. The world we experience is a reflection of what hapens inside and that whats outside you can find in your self.

I have started with my self, to clean my self from societys norms and made up beleives and of course my own made up truth about my self and who I am. In my heart I feel an enormous love to my self, humankind and mother earth. I want to help mother earth in her transition to higher dimension by helping mankind to open up to their own inner truth and love them self. Now I try to just be and create from there and when it is right it is easy, when it is easy it is right (in Swedish När det är lätt är det rätt och när det är rätt är det lätt).

With love and peace.


Jacob from Halmstad, Sweden, writes:

I woke up 2012 and have accumulated knowledge since then. I have never been a good obiding citizen. Have always felt something was wrong and that I was missing parts of this reality. I began early 2008 with the search for alternative energy and found out how much was being suppressed. The more I learn the more I want to do to help. I have been following the Galactic Federation of Light since 2012.

Me and my blacksmith colleague have started a peace project in Halmstad. The worlds biggest iron rose called Rosa Solidum. It was originally thought as a memorial for the fallen on Utøya, Norway 22/7 2011. But the project has grown into a giant symbol for cooperation across borders and free spirited cooperation for peace.

I seek likeminded souls in northern Europe and scandinavia. Together we will build ours and our childrens future!

Love and light!


Zoltan from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, writes:

Greetings Beloved. I grow up in a small town, with the proper mentality to go with it, I never managed to fit in. After a few low points in my life my guides have decided that it was time to awaken from my sleep and they showed me a glimpse of "Home". It was the moment when I understood who I was, what have I become and what should I do with my life (I was 22).

I followed no spiritual teachings, I only did what felt right, and I have seen and experienced many wonderful things during my journey and learned a great deal from my guides, who turned out to be E.T.s and they are my family from one of my past life's who are taking care of me. Was this the place where I wanted to end up, no, but I had the feeling of returning home, and accepting my true nature. It was scary at first, but after dropping my fears it became the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me.

Since then I have dedicated my life to help others facing their fears, to bring balance in to their life's. In the last months I discovered several lightworkers (some of them are starseeds) most of them are not ready yet to face their true nature, to them these are still scary concepts, but in a few months we will have a small group who will be ready to help people who wish to know what is happening in the world.

Anyone who wishes to contact us for help is welcome, (we offer you our unconditional help).


Ellinor from Gotehenburg, Sweden, writes:

For two and a half years ago I was given a message from my guides.They came to me that summer and told me too create and write a fantasy drama story which became a book, finallly. I have never written in my entire life before, and I sat down and start writing this story by myselves, with all the message inside me. This is a story about five friendly humans galactic person, who is placed here one earth to teatch people how to become fully conscious beings. To establich that, they create an onlinegame, called THE CRAFT. This game is suported by a frekvens from a planet called, Plajorna.There are no limits in this game. You are inside the game with your minds, and with your virituell created body. You are given commission by your guides, who is from a planet called, Esomsaala. This triologi is about light verse dark forces, and if people still want to live here on earth, they have to learn how to protect their minds against the dark forces. A dark parallell Universe called, Hardem has been manipulated many planets and the spices for a longe time. The people here an earth have a great abillity now, to develop gifts and minds and become greather beings.

The massage in the book are: The earth is a planet for everyone, just not for the ritch, and illuminati has no more influence over the people any longer. YOU will now and forever stand in your own craft. Dream big, have fate. You are an important human being. You can achive everything whith love and attraction. I have this dream, that we all over the world will come together more now, and I hope that we can help many people and doubters i the feature. This i our mission and we will as one, makes a big different to our world by spreed this informatin. We will together create a world for everyone, and I know in my heart that we already now are creating this beutiful world togehter with our friendly galactic humans. There is so much love in the world, which needs to take place now i many arenas.


Ricardo from Figueiró da Granja, Portugal, writes:

Hello, I wanted to say that all my live I felt something was wrong with the world. I always felt I didn't fit in. I started by trying to understand seriously (by my 20 years old), the world. And now for some time I know that we were being ruled by dark cabal. The world is an illusion and mention this is laughable. I have had viewership of UFO in several locations and at home. Since I started to investigate I make my exercises of the light. I feel that this does not need to be a solitary work, so I would like to know more about all of you Galactic federation of light and people in this world that are with the light. I have a good connection in earth Spiritually... and I wish I could help more. I have the seventh chakra very open and I am in the thoughts... I know that I am in the light but do not see ... Can you help me to be able to help more.

Love and light for all,


Vonda from Ustron, Poland, writes:

Greetings Beloved,

When I was a kid, wanted to teach, and be able to speak all the languages the world new. I sang at night to my younger brother each time announcing the song language I would sing. A few decades later, in January 1980 I had a dream: I have been living in the world, trying to communicate with people, speaking the same language they did. Each time I approached them, they looked at me like I was crazy and turned away from me. I tried it so many times with no result. Frustrated, decided to walk my path alone.

Walkig the path, the picture suddenly changed to the ancient like world. At the end of the road, I spotted old, half naked man looking like a Hindu, sitting at the edge of a curve. I carried with me clay tablets with the hieroglyphs and gave them to him with no word. In the moment we started communicating telepathically. Still, I am waiting for my mid brain to open up for the universal communication.

In 1992, I moved into the U.S. and for 10 years I've been living in CA and the next 5 years in WA. Growing in spiritual awareness, I advanced with great teachings of RSE, St Germain Foundation, A Course in Miracles and finally, since 2007 with my return to Poland, I met Sheldan and Colleen. Thank you, Masters, for leading me to the Light, to fulfill my function God gave me. I am blessed to be trully helpful, and would like to connect with like minded. I do feel like I am a stragner here, and
lonely one.


Andrea from Czech Republic, writes:

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for having a chance to join all of you, the light workers, to enhance our common effort in transition of all humankind. I am 41 now in 2012 and I am aware of my mission here since I was a baby. I remember everything, including the moment I have chosen my parents (father), which seemed funny to me when I was a child and parents thought I was really crazy telling them those stories. My life was always very carefully watched by someone - angels or other entities who always brought information, knowledge, situations and even hardships I needed to know. All my ideas and wishes are being coming true as soon as expressed which made me very careful then in what I really wished. As a child I had flashbacks of times I was coming to this planet but in a different position - as an extraterrestrial entity watching over the slowly developing life. I remember prehistorical times - the silence and quietness of almost dead planet with simple life developing.

I remember some pyramid building watching over from a height above many people working. SInce I was about ten years I knew my mission of a person adjusting chaotic energy into one solid direct stream of peaceful and loving pile of energy. I am very lonely in my way though guided by many loving entities I have never seen physically. This always made me sad cause I was afraid of being mad or something. I have spent hour watching a field over nights where or star relative will be landing one day. I always felt to be in a kindergarten with the humans around who are behaving like small animals or very irate kids. I had many prediction dreams, some of them very desperate but I never felt any fear or surprise, I was always standing fulfilling my mission of helping the humankind to survive and to raise higher, not to lose their trust in loving power above us. In my civil occupation I worked as a translator/ interpreter for 17 years, which is very satisfiable instrument to express emotions and influence people for better.

Last two years I work as a mayor of our community educating about 600 people plus others in our area - I was a teacher by my original education and I continue teaching "my kids" - the adults, children, old, men, women from our community, step by step, spoon feeding them with the basic human treasure they have in them, sleeping. My awakening to the truth was coming in waves while the largest came in the last two years - my visit to Finland which is a magical country of peaceful forests and lakes and places where our star brothers would feel very good, and now this year with a confirmation of my inner vision and feeling that the truth of our origin is really that I had in my head since forever. Crop circles and other evidence made me very happy and calm now. Thank you for continuation of our common work in helping the humans to wake up and survive. I would love to communicate sometimes with somebody having the same mission. I wish to meet our star brothers very soon. They have never visited me physically. So please if someone of you talks to them, say hello. I have been waiting, they know. Thank you.


Richard from Netherlands, writes:

Hi, my name is richard and i live in the Netherlands. i am following the galactic federation of light for a few years now and als of course sheldon and salusa and other channelers of the federation. they give me much hope and my life has changed. i have had a few ufo sightiongs in my life at least i believe they where ufo's becouse i was alone when i saw them exept the last time i was with my brother when we saw a red ligt hovering above us for a few minutes and then dissapeared. anyway i would love to start a pag group with like minded souls who live and believe in the coming assention and be part of the light.

Of course you must live in the Netherlands or close to like Belgium so we could meet. and otherwise i would love to come in touch with people all over the world to become friends or do good for the cause.

sincerely yours


Kevin from Dublin, Ireland, writes:

I have to keep this short but have no quarrels with elaborating if needed.

Having been aware of these type of groups from a early age I have also be involved especially lately and my story is quite complex. I've been in different places globally over my lifetime through what might be called a starseed program. Having nothing but praise for people like Sheldon & co. for they're tireless work in keeping us updated to reality and the goings on of this planet it is great to know the truth is finally being heard and taught to willing and good people.

My full story reaches into the prophecies made millennia ago about the milky way galaxy and ends in me telling my story (hopefully). The best thing I've seen and having been affirmed by this website is a good will and no matter the event it's good to know that people reading this are still going at it!


Christoffer from Örebro, Sweden writes:

I live in Sweden in a town called Örebro it is locatad in the core of sweden right in the center where all the big lakes are (if you look on a map) and it is seen as a kinda large city by our standard.
I am 29 years old with a lot of spare time and would like to try and spread the message as best I can. I would like to become a PAWorker later I will try to start a larger group (PAG).

I am on the net informing myself the best I can for now. I have had an intrest in these matters for a long time and thats how I found your organisation.

Vänliga hälsningar/best wishes

Grace from Nyon, Switzerland writes:


Since 20 years I don't live anymore in Poland, but I enjoy freedom of whole world.

In 2004 I've got depresion, and there was somebody chating with me and propose me to read Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. After this book I've got feeling that I have to change everything in my life. So I did and I continue till today and hope forever.

My purpose of life is to help our civilisation to race up the concious, to help our Planet to shift and to help each person in his/her individual path.

I love people, I love cosmos, I love each creature in this galaktic.


Andrew from Certaldo, Province of Florence Italy, writes:

Hello Dear Friends,

Fifteen years ago, I have founded a group for personal growth and the awakening of our consciousness in my area. They were beautiful and exciting year for me and my friends, in a period in which the energy was different than now, and the time was slower.

We have not lost enthusiasm, and now I think of creating a Planetary Activation Group, because I truly believe that we can be of help when the first contact will occur. I'm happy waiting for this glorious event, and we say with joy that we will be lovingly prepared. We stay in touch and we will be happy to exchange news with you all, Waiting to get organized with a view to future events, I thank Sheldan and the whole team of PAO for their extraordinary work,

Love and Light,


Igor from Netherlands-Belgium, writes:

Hello dear people!

I`m currently staying in the netherlands. I live offcially in belgium ...

For a long time I felt the wrong in this world, as a child I saw people different than they appear. I`m known to be sociable,but I tend to close myself from the masses I feel lost and anxious. I gave up on the "so called normal way of life" a few years ago. Thanks to my friend Liz here in holland who took me in and protects me I work most of the time in the garden. It gives me peace and loved it since early childhood. I design one of a kind jewelry made from bone and silver.

My attention to know more has been growing ,because I feel lost in this three dimensional world. I`m not much into computers,but this seems to be the only medium, for now, to interact. Thank you for leaving me to share this with you!

Wish you only but the best! Blessings.


Jacomo from Fuerteventura, Canary Is. writes:

We are here a group of about 30 people who meet since 8 years regulary at full and new moon and do meditation and chants together. We have created an "open air Tempel" in the sandunes of Corralejo.

I am delighted when more people will join us and help to send more peace & light to this world.


Liz from Sætre Norway, writes:

I am member of a few Facebookgroups and sent out the invitation re PAGS on the pages of the different groups...all alternativ groups. Some, I believe registered as members, but the response was rather poorly.I used the logo Ummac Dan and translated it all into norwegian. I would like contact with other members and need as much help as possible, please and I hope you can help me. I send you all Light and Love in unity with the ONE Divine Creator.

Liz to me

Larry from Denmark, writes:

Aahh where to begin???... I am now 55 yrs old, been married 7 years, no kids, 2 dogs. I was born in Chicago, and now live in Denmark. Don’t ask… My wife is a Dane..

My interest in all things Galactic began maybe 3 years ago (in earnest) I have always believed and maybe was just too busy running my own company till then. Now, however, I have had the luxury of not having to work full time .. and have been delving in head first to learn as much as possible. I spend a few hours nearly every day researching. I am fully willing to participate in some of the much needed government changes and raising the consciousness of our fellow humans. Feel free to contact me by email.

Best Regards , Larry

Cristiano from Monserrato, Sardinia Italy, writes:

Salve a tutti un abbraccio a chiunque leggerà.

Mi chiamo Cristiano Medas vivo in Sardegna-Italia e ho 41 anni, il mio avvicinamento a questo nuovo paradigma non ha un momento preciso, ma diversi eventi che mi hanno spinto ad approfondire, per non dilungarmi sui particolari, li citerò genericamente: a vent'anni ho avuto un obe, qualche anno più tardi ho avuto un brutto incidente in auto dove non mi sono fatto un graffio, ma ho attraversato un periodo di riflessione che mi ha portato a capire molte cose, un cammino di introspezione dove sentivo forte il mio sé superiore.Più di un anno fa un essere si e manifestato a casa alle 3:30 circa, un esperienza forte che ha alimentato ancora di più la mia curiosità.
Ho dei cambiamenti fisici che non riesco a spiegarmi, forse troverò chi ne sta vivendo uguali o chi sa cosa mi sta succedendo, comunque sto bene e non vedo l'ora di conoscere qualche isolano per formare un gruppo e aiutarci tutti, siamo una grande famiglia che cresce ogni secondo.

Un saluto a tutto il mondo, che Dio accompagni ogni vostro gesto e ispiri ogni vostro pensiero, vi voglio bene!!!

(Translation by Google)
Hi everyone a hug to anyone who read it.
My name is Cristiano Medas live in Sardinia-Italy and I am 41 years old, my approach to this new paradigm has a specific time, but several events that led me to investigate, not to dwell on the details, they generally cite: twenty years I have had an OBE, a few years later I had a bad car accident where I have not made a scratch, but I went through a period of reflection has led me to understand many things, a journey of introspection where I felt strong superiore.Più my self a year ago and showed it to be a home at about 3:30, a powerful experience that has fueled my curiosity even more.

I have some physical changes that I can not explain, maybe I'll find those who are living at or who knows what's happening to me, though I am well and I can not wait to get to know a few blocks to form a group and help us all, we are one big family growing every second.

Greetings to all the world, that God be with your every gesture and inspire your every thought,
I love you!


Alexandra from Greece, writes:

Hello everybody,

I’ve been reading PAG’s updates for many years now, since late 1997. But, I am in this path from the age of 14 by my first reading of Erich von Deniken’s books back in 1976! In my life’s quest I’ve been studding many cultures and philosophies from all over the world, ancient Greek philosophers of course, Buddist teachings, H.P. Blavatsky’s esoteric teachings, ancient Sumerian writings, participation in esoteric group studies and of course I have an obsession with UFO’s and Alien nations. I have learned and experienced a lot of things, which I am called to teach to other people now that are spiritually hungry to know and understand the truths of being in this planet right now, on this verge of change and ascension of our Planet Earth.

I understand there is an opening now to Spiritual teachings and Truths that were hidden before, so there will be an awakening of many people these days, and I am on my post to help as many people as I can to really SEE what is behind the veils. I wholeheartedly recommend the Blavatsky’s esoteric teachings’ books as well as Zecharia Sitchin’s books on the Annunaki and the 12th Planet, as a start to unveil the truth for our planet and humanity.

My best regards to everyone on this path of truth and ascension.


Michael from Denmark, writes:

Hi, all... All my life, at least as far back as I can remember which must be close to something like 40 years, I've "known/felt" there was more. More of everything. Felt like a string puppet. Been told over and over again that it wasnt true, that it wasnt reality, that it was all a teenagers wild imagination.

Finally "they" broke me and I started to believe that was it.... and slowly I got engulfed in the... go to work, make money, have no time for yourself slavery. But still, behind the facade, deep inside, the spark was still there... Whenever possible I have looked upon the stars knowing, as in knowing as certainty, there was so much more.Couldnt pinpoint or "explain" to others what was out there, but I knew, within myself I knew.

Some events in my life, finally got me knocked all the way down, lost family, home, job etc. and finally I had the time to start thinking and feeling again. Got a ton of time to surf the internet and slowly I started to "find" sites with similar stories, beliefs and convictions, and I started to believe in myself and my "experiences" again.

I dont really want to get into details around experiences in this mail. At the end of a long and winding path I stumbled upon Nibiruan Council, later on Galactic Federation of Light and finally Sheldan Nidle. All of a sudden all my bells were tingling.

Be glad I ain't living near U Sheldan cause I would have bathed in your light all day long ;-) At least till I realized I can have my own light.

What I am really looking for is likeminded souls in Denmark. Prefarably Sealand/Lolland/Falster area, with the goal of building a strong community of light to assist ourselves and our surroundings as we progress.

Love, Michael

Brian from Northern Ireland, writes:

About three years ago my brother and i was having a conversation about life and death and beond, At the time i was very badly depressed. Anyways he invited me to his bedroom and showed me the 1994 interview by Alex Collier. I have to say i was totally blown away by it. Ive allways believed deep inside that there were differant levels of life and that when you die you go to the next level as so to speak. I was born a catholic in a chaotic northern ireland in 1971. For most of my life i lived through the brutality of war and seen some horrible things happen to innocent men woman and children. I have to say ive never believed in religion never practiced it because deep inside there was a knowing that it was all wrong. anyways my brother then gave me 2 CDs. Micheal Tsarion was the guys name that was on the CDs. I spent the next two weeks watching them. And i was blasted into a whole new reality. He then introduced me to the galactic federation website my whole life in the past three years has become a search for truth and my depression has totally disappeared.

I blame the disappearance of my depression to the finding of the truths. My friends think im crazy sometimes when i bring the subject up. But i do feel that they (my friends) are now secretly doing there own research. i am currently living with my lady partner we have two children and my two children are the first in the history of my family not to have been christened. recently ive recalled seeing a very bright light shaking across the sky before vanishing at very high speed when i was about 7 yrs old. and it was my brother who was with me that day. Im glad im slowly but surely learning who i am and that we are indeed all one. Just thought ide share my story with anyone who reads it. Thank you Sheldan thank you SaLuSa

Love, light and peace to the world,

Sade from Vassa Finland, writes:

Selamat Ja! My name is Sade and my Home is a planet I believe is from another universe. I got to know my family few months ago when a humanoid started visiting me and told that he is my brother. Before the first contact I constantly saw and see electric blue energy around me. Those humanoids look like humans, but their body is electric blue in color

They usually visit on Saturdays and guide and energize me. There also is another group of sentient beings that use to visit me and their are really warm and loving in nature. I feel so grateful finally getting aware of my true nature and Home. I know two other persons who are from this same planet! Our connection is very strong!

Light & Love, Sade

James from Spain, writes:

Hello...When i was 19 I felt something was wrong with the world. I always felt I didn't fit in. Consequently I always read the sort of books that people usually laugh at. I had an experience with some ufo's when i was 15 and always thought it was a dream. I then became hooked on ufo stories and by the time I was in my mid twenties I new they were real. Any mention of this to my family brought hoots of laughter so i kept it to my self.

Thirty years on i stumbled on the dark cabal running our planet. I have 2 children now grown up and it worried me as to there future. Whist surfing the web I came across "Consciousness" and know today its a fact. I have learnt many things over the years but I feel so isolated and wonder what what my purpose is in this reality? I have tried to correct peoples thinking but they all seem to be asleep................This is what I do all day (now retired) I feel as if I am on a merrygo ride and cant get off. Its an obsession............what to do? any ideas.



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