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Dora from London, UK writes:

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone responsible for this opportunity.

I am very happy to find out that through this page I may find people who are in similar or perhaps even on the same journey as myself.

Around 2004 I started having a dream in my sleep as if I was being taken by some weird force and I was not able to move my body nor speak or shout for help, my tongue was tied.

I have recently found out exactly what happened to me in those occasions and I have recently had a real out of the body experience.

I have been interested in UFO subjects since my teens but was brought up in a strict Traditional Christian family that put a veil on my eyes as to who I really am and my purpose in this life.

I have broken free from religion a long time ago though and have searched for the truth in many ways where a few different types of religion have been like stepping stones leading to the beginning of the expansion of my mind.

I have had a massive experience in terms of revelation of the truth in the past 6 months by reading, videos and exchange of experience with a few friends who I thought could handle the information I was going to share with them at the time.

Now it has come to a time where I have placed a page online where I share my views and put up videos and information that may help other people, especially my friends to search their own truth as I no longer am able to get through to them, for some reason we don't really speak the same language anymore. Which is normal as we are all at different levels of understanding our own consciousness.

I am the first child of a couple who had been trying to have a baby for many years until I was born, 20 years after their actual marriage! In between Mother had a mission which was to help one of my cousins to live! She had been born very poorly and at the time the doctors said that she'd never live more than 6 months! My mother looked after her so well and so dearly that she not only lived but has been a very healthy person and is the mother of a healthy young man today!

Then I came in 1965, after Mother had a few miscarriages, I've been told that some extraterrestrials may have incarnated in that period of time and that because of their trials with the body frequency to come into Earth some would not live and die before birth.

There is an event about my life that was quite bitter and that I came to understand with light in to what I have been reading about some extraterrestrials.

Therefore, in order to be able to share and talk about some intrinsic information I will welcome contact with people who have understood this message thoroughly and with whom I can speak or perhaps even communicate telepathically.

Much love, Dora

Emma from East Yorkshire, UK writes:

I have been an avid student of Sheldan & many other teachers of awakening & ascension. I am very keen to speak to like minded people & perhaps look towards joining forces with other PAG members to create a UK PAG if one does not already exist. It is clear to me that more & more people are awakening & becoming aware of the illusion we are living in. Whilst we are waiting for the changes that Sheldon & the Galactic Federation speak of, I do feel it is important for PAG members to come together & support each other. There seems to be a common theme between PAG members & that is other 'non awake' people thinking PAG members are crazy, delusional or ridiculing us for what we believe in when we speak of the changes that are going to occur in our world very soon. I think now more than ever PAG members & other like minded souls need to be connected & stand together in the truth of love & light. I look forward to hearing from others soon,

Love & light, Emma

Christopher from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK writes:

Hello all!

I don't feel I have much contact with those beyond my 5 senses other than subtle/subliminal things or perhaps in my sleep. So I have no idea if I'm from the stars or here on Earth (even though many of the characteristics are something I feel as being very resonant with me) and although I'm incredibly curious to know, all I know for sure is that I want to help people any way I can.

Friends and family think I'm just talking rubbish or living in a fantasy world. I try my best to explain but I just get looked at like I'm going insane or looking for excuses to 'lay about and do nothing with my life'. I have believed in all of this since a young lad and it has only become more and more cemented in my heart and mind the more that I research it. I can't stand conforming to things I don't agree with anymore, simply to fit into society and follow the 'status quo'.

I feel I have made great leaps and bounds of progress in recent months and the past year or two though I know it is just the beginning. I just figured it was about time to jump in at the deep end and try to find those who are similar to me in my beliefs so, here I AM. I am more than happy to connect with people regardless of distance (or country) though it would be lovely to find some locally.

Many, many thanks to Sheldan and Crew. You help me so much!



Steven from Redditch, UK writes:

Hi all,

I'm new to all of this but feel I needed to send out this message to try connect with more people of like mind. This is, as I have said, still fresh to me but I have embraced it as much as I can and am trying to find my way, hopefully I can with help and guidance.

How I found out about all this was out of the blue, I connect with someone and a friends birthday! How bizarre, and they pointed me to Franco Denicola, interesting stuff. Investigated further asking mediums etc. to find out more, they were all with angels and guilds but not as expanded as I needed. Then found some one who is helping me at the moment and given me more information.

So if you want to talk to me about this and to give me your experiences and me to give you mine, then please feel free to contact me.

Take care, love and light,

Keith from UK writes:

Hello everyone I thought I would share this with you. As a young boy I was playing outside with my football in the fog. I was resting on my football when I felt a static charge of electricity go right through my body and the hairs on my body stood up. I opened my eyes and just above me was a sight I will never forget. It was a large gray looking disc that was the size of a football stadium. I could also see windows with beings and I could hear them laughing over what I can only describe as a tannoy. I could also see them waving to me and was absolutely shocked but wasn't frightened. As quick as it appeared it disappeared, but it has never left my memory. I am now glad that I have seen this object because it strengthened my belief in another existence. Some people reading this will probably think I made it up but have no worries, I know what I saw.

Lots of love,

Toni from Weymouth, UK writes:

I'm so glad to have found this site and relate to people who are awake! This isn't a subject that I have convinced myself with... This is just a knowing of the heart when nothing makes sense to the mind. I'd like to talk to some like minded people in the Dorset area and make some kind of support group to prepare us for the beautiful change that is so close to happening, and share our stories.

Peace out to all of you,

Anne from Kettering, Northants, UK writes:

Hi there everyone,

Just so glad that I can make contact with other like minded people. Have been reading the updates for 10 years now.When I first read the updates and went on the PAO website I couldn't stop crying.
I was so relieved to find that everything that I had been through spiritually and emotionally since I was a little girl was really OK and that I was not mad or mentally ill. My family still think I am 'cuckoo'! but I know I am not,I have always known it.

My Mum who is 91 looks into the night skies for any sign of spaceships! I have seen enough to know they are definitely out there.If anyone wants to meet up in this area I would like that.

Love and Light to you all,

Ria from London, UK writes:

I would like to start a group in my home in the uk london area. The purpose is to connect every one up that wants to be.

Second if i hosted with a couple of other sheldan'ites we could introduce othere people to vidios, books, etc and set about what we can do. If there is a co,ordinator or group in this area, please could i have email, phone number, thank-you. Things look very exciting at the moment,

Love and best wishes from


Pardip from Kent, UK writes:

My intial contact began with hearing about Shelden about 10 years ago and i have been an avid reader and absorbed the information on the site regularly, often feeling delighted and in awe with the feelings of seeing him on his dvds and webinars. Shelden and others like him have added to my journey into higher realms and raising my vibrations.

Since finding out about Shelden i have been more in touch with who i am ..... I have travelled through many aspects and facets of meeting myself and going through umpteen emotions from being a explosive person then in a matter of minutes returning with both feet gently drifting like a parachute again... this has led me to analyse and ask deep seated questions about who i was , why this was happening and taking me the journey and meeting many people and exploring the facets of where ultimately i am now.. wonderful and joyful l and i wish to help others , making it a mission to bring the same feelings that i have and to help us feel lifted and inspired , since we are all part of the connection back to source , the pure white soul of perfection.

I often feel surrounded by many 'helpers' and my own spiritual guides , and am seeing colours and auras and take that as how close we are coming to the grand movement to ascension.


Sylvie from Gloucester, UK writes:

Hi, my name is Sylvie and I live just outside Gloucester. I have been reading Sheldan Nidle updates for 3yrs now and have always found them uplifting. So a big thank you to Sheldan and team for their wonderful work!

I am a full time carer to my Mum and as such can’t get out too much, but I have been able to spend a lot of time researching for the truth/knowledge on the internet. I have garnered so much information that my head could explode any minute. So I think it is time for me to start talking about these subjects rather than constantly reading and listening. My family members know about some of it but not all. I mostly concentrate on revealing my own experiences because they know I would never lie about such things. Basically I have been seeing lightships nearly every time we have a clear evening which has been going on for the last 3yrs or so. They also blink on and off in answer to my train of thoughts when I start to talk/think about living and thinking even....from the heart ... in order to raise the vibration of this planet. They do respond if already in sight with a ‘power up’ or pulsing their light, or they will suddenly appear out of nowhere when I think about this and that unconditional love is the strongest force in the cosmos. I would like someone to come and film this if at all possible and put it on Youtube.

In order to make getting together for chats easy may I propose using skype? We just seem a bit scattered around the country at the moment don’t we?


Jane from West Kent, UK writes:

I follow Sheldan's updates, and for whatever reason sense more reality and integrity in these messages. My mother and myself do hope for the fireworks to start as soon as possible, we feel so weary with the status quo.

We are awake, but it seems the masses are still asleep, carrying on in the their amnesia, (said without judgment).

We feel we are right in the changes now, 2012 to us is a date, but we feel that what is called Ascension is an ongoing process of change in consciousness. We are looking forward to when our space friends, really become so obvious that no one can suppress the reality of their existance. Roll on the mass awakeningSmile emoticon

If you wish to email me at any time feel free.


Mike from Newbury Berks, UK writes:

Hi everyone

Throughout my life (I am 64 now) I have always had 2012 in the back of my mind. I used to think that it was the year of my retirement until I would stop and work out, that that date would be in 2008. Still, the year 2012 would force its way to the 'front' again. During all this time I was also aware that things were not as they should be. I knew something was wrong but couldn't put my finger on it.

Four years ago I found the website and from there worked my way through the 'alternative' political parties until I found they were part of the problem too. I then focused on who was running this planet above politics and found the illuminati. From there I found NESARA and Sheldon Nidel.

Today I am a completely awake being and am looking forward to our fabulous future together as we ascend. Also I am here because I chose to be here at this time. Sadly, I have not been able to convince my partner of the things I know instinctively are true. She and my two children think I am going through a 'loony' stage and they remain well indoctrinated by the lies fed them from birth. I have however, sown many seeds that will come to fruition soon which should help them awaken when they occur.

I talk to any one who will listen, and, if I think there is a glimmer of interest then open up a little more. Most people tho' think I am losing the plot. If there is anyone in the Newbury area of like mind that wishes to contact me then then I would be only to happy to chat online or meet up.

Heres to us all.


Amanda from Hereford, UK writes:

Hi. I've recently moved to Herefordshire and am looking forward to connecting with like minded people in my local area as well as around the world. I wait for Sheldan's updates with great excitement each week and I feel that they are starting to reach a crescendo lately. I certainly feel that time has sped up notably in the last couple of years as was mentioned in a recent update and have been convinced my whole life that I would experience teleportation. Fingers crossed - flying can be so time consuming!

The most remarkable event that has so far occurred in my life, which led me down this path of alternative theories and self discovery, was an NLP session in 2007. At one point during the 6 hour session I started a dialogue with my subconscious (with the help of the NLP practitioner) which rocked my world, as follows:

Prac: So Amanda, why are you here?
Me: I've come to help people.
Prac: OK, why do you want to help people?
Me: Because then I can leave.
Prac: Leave where?
Me: This planet!

Coming from the black and white world of tax and accountancy this really was a bit of a turn up for the books! My life changed from that day and I have been exposed to and experienced many different things and have been shown a world that I never knew existed and that which most of the rest of the population are unaware. As so many people have mentioned here not everyone is ready to hear some of what we can tell them and I have been searching for the right method of 'helping' people ever since my NLP session. I'm still looking....

Please feel free to contact me if you feel drawn to do so. I look forward to hearing from you.


Robert from Stratford upon Avon, UK writes:

Hi there.

I'm a starseed connected to the Elim order of Angels, my world view is entirely one that fits in with ascension, illuminati and annunaki, conspiracies etc.all as Sheldan has explained with extra understandings from ascended Masters, Archangels along with whistleblowers and their earth experiences. I've been living through ascension for the last 7 or 8 years and I've seen all sorts of spiritual beings and other worldly things. I trust my eyes and my self implicitly to know the truth. I have a memory of ancient technologies and beings from Atlantis and ancient Egypt so whatever I see, such as pyramids, I know innately what they do and so I can easily ignore all the false explanations. Knowing what I know with the clarity I do, I find it difficult to meet people because I don't conform to social standards and I don't care about their problems the way they do so I simply don't fit in with the normal social rules. So I write this in the hope of getting to know others who get where I'm coming from.


Mark from York, UK writes:


Around 3/4 years ago my brother mentioned to me about the 'revolution of human conciousness in 2012', Id never heard about it before but I was instantly intrigued. After spending many hours searching the internet and reading books to get as much information as I could, I stumbled across the PAO. I read the recent updates and looked at many of the archived updates, and felt an instant resonance with them. I couldnt tell you how, but somehow on a deeper level I knew that what these updates were telling me was the truth. I now excitedly look forward to each and every update that Sheldon does, and I share the information with anybody I know that I think will be interested, the problem is that I really dont have very many people to share this wonderful information with. I think getting people to post stories on the website is a fantastic way of connecting people, together we are stronger!

I am very interested in starting a PAO group in my area, so please email if you are also intetested, or if you aware of a group already in this area.

Thank you Sheldon, the Galactic Federation and the PAO for all the hard work they are doing.


Lea from coventry, midlands, UK writes:

Hi, I am very interested to know if there are any locals groups close by? I was born in 1972 I am a starseed! Had loads of experiences more so when I was attuned to reiki! Met some very interesting people, which now I have lost! Looking for a circle of friends that are like minded! No body around me understands me! Feel slightly lost! Doing alot of reading at the moment which I have been guided to! But I would share my feelings with someone.

Please feel free to contact me on:

Dave from Great Britain writes:

Hi, Around 1996 I was attending a meditation group and during one such evening I experienced the most wonderful thing during the meditation, I found myself traveling down a tunnel which was very dark with a pin prick of light just showing, I wondered if I had died and was going to meet my maker, anyway I traveled closer and closer to the light and when I eventually reached the end I was greeted by a great throng of beings holding up a huge light blue silk banner which said " The Galactic Federation Welcomes You" the love I felt was amazing and it still makes me tingle thinking about this as I write.

It was soon after this that I found Sheldan and and my partner and I have followed the updates to the present.

We always print off the updates and pass them around our friends and I post them at work on the notice board, it is hard to imagine the world as it will become, but we try to hold that vision


Graham from Wakefield West Yorkshire, UK writes:

Like Alicia, i too don't really have a story, i just want to be up on here to lend supprt and for if anyone wants to contact a like minded individual.

I live in Wakefield (West Yorkshire, UK), and my name is Graham.
I can be contacted on:

Alicia from South London, UK writes:


I've been following Sheldon's updates now for many years. I don't really have a story, but I'm curious to know if there is a PAG in South London...


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