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Mark from Arkansas, USA writes:

Hello Friends,

I am so grateful to be able to participate on this amazing journey. I appreciate the efforts of all who are involved. I read the sections on Starseeds and instantly realized that I am One. I would really enjoy finding a local PAG to be active in.
I have been reading Sheldan's Updates for a few years. I find peace, awareness, and gratefulness as I read. I am 33 years old and happy to be here.



Lorie from Texas, USA writes:Lorie McCloud <>

Greetings; I'm a member of a Pag that doesn't have a geographical location. We meet on Skype and on conference lines. All of us follow Sheldan's work and friendquently discuss it.

Our desire is to participate in the shift by raising our personal consciousness levels and thereby that of the collective. The man who started this pag, George Duisman, designed a method of tapping which we've been calling: "Tapping For Transformation". It contains elements of the Emotional Freedom Technique but it's much simpler. It contains elements of Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprogramming but does not actually use the eyes. We access traumas in this life or in past lives and completely shift the energy around them which removes their charge. It's amazingly affective!

We welcome any and all who would be interested in contributing to the planetary awakening in this way. I am in Texas and there are members in Oklahoma, Washington State Canada and the U.K. & possibly a few other places I'm not aware of. to join, contact George at:


Kathy from San Marcos, TX, USA writes:

In August of 2012 my whole life turned totally around. My spirituality journey restarted with a vengeance! What Shirley MacLaine started in me back in the 1980s, became my salvation and destiny. I did research on ETs, UFOs, ascension, cabal, dimensions, angels, ascended masters, enlightenment, and conspiracy theories consumed me and my life.

Being a writer and speaker, I developed a story “The Cover-ups” and a workshop/ebook “Your Spiritual Awakening.” Plus I make videos on spirituality/ascension. I’m always looking for more info and videos to help me understand myself, ascension, and impatiently waiting for NESARA to start.

Now I feel a need to help others, and shout it out to the whole world about our golden future.


Cherry from Little Rock, AR, USA writes:

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and feel all alone as I continue my work as a Light Worker. I continue to meditate for the new earth and would like to meet and have contact with other Lightworkers in Arkansas.


Lilly from Ward, AR, USA writes:

It started when I was a child. My first sighting was when I was eleven years old. But I had weird things happening in my life since I was at least nine years old. I can remember these very tall beings coming in my room and moving things around on my dresser. i always had this strange feeling that their were pods in my closet. I could see them but yet no one else seemed to see them. When i saw the movie cocoon I cried seeing those pods because they were the same pods i had seen as a young girl. I was told at nine years old that i was a "keeper of the knowledge"and i began to have visions which have come true and continue to come true to this day. I have more stories but will tell more later. you can go to my website to see the stories about when I went homeless to see what they are going through... more strange stories.. thank you for listening


Diana from Portage, WI, USA writes:

Hello, I have been awake since a small child. I could see other beings and see colored auras.
My mother was not impressed with my senseless chatter and discouraged me at every turn. Thank
goodness, I didn't listen and kept communications open. I wasn't sure who they were, just that I
trusted them. When I first heard Sheldan's webinars, I felt a turthfullness in them that I couldn't find
in other sources. The "New Age" jumble of half truths and intentional misleading information was finally
being replaced with accurate accounts of other realities, other worlds and ascension truths. I also read
"Galactic Channelings' and Steve Beckow's "2012 Scenario". I have also attended Ascension Training and am very fortunate to have my daughter along with me on this journey with her open heart and light of GOD.

Blessings to all for our New Golden Age


Susan from Kansas City MO, USA writes:

I excitedly welcomed the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. I read a little bit of everything along these years since - lots of Barbara Marciniak. Several years ago, I found Matthew's Messages, which I love because it is so positive. Connections through that lead me to Sheldan's and the Galactic Federation's messages. This information has helped steady me a great deal these past few years.

I've always been an empath, but didn't know it for a long time - I was just way more sensitive than most people. I still am, but I understand it in a different way, now. Although it makes no logical sense, I feel like I am somehow from the future, come back to hold the energy that it's all okay - that everything works out. The bad guys go away. Everyone gets to do what they love. Health and enthusiasm are normal. The arts are upheld in society. War is a fading memory. The Earth is pristine. You can drink from the streams. There are bees in the flowers and all of Nature is free and in balance.

This is how I feel if I really get quiet and listen. This core optimism has been beaten down hard in this incarnation. If I reveal my optimism (that now includes talking about NESARA and possibly our Earth Allies) mostly, people think I'm weird or delusional or a flakey PollyAnna. Usually, I keep quiet to the 'outlandish' stuff, and I do my best to live here in this density and hold the vibration of peace. I don't always do such a good job of it and my natural optimism has not stopped my own fears from seeping in nor my own karmic completions from being upon me. Right now, I'm living very sparely, with some serious health symptoms that have necessitated a career change, of which I am smack dab in the middle of right now. If I didn't have people helping me financially, I'd be homeless and hungry. As it is, by the goodness of Light, people ARE helping and I am humbled and thankful.

Like so many of you, at this point, I feel exhausted. I can't actually give up, but if I could, I almost would. This has all dragged on for so long. The endless politics, the pollution, the chem trails... I really thought we'd be liberated by now. It would help me to communicate with others who also feel our liberation is at hand.



Alex from Euless, TX, USA writes:

Hi, I have been getting the PAO newsletter for a while. I have been following Sheldan Nidle's updates on galactic channelings for over a year now .Haven't attended any conference calls or webinars. Don't have any of the books either. I am looking to connect with fellow starseeds and truth seekers. I am also a recovering addict of sorts trying to find my path and passion.

I am in the Mid-cities area, between Dallas and Fort-Worth and can go to either one. I am looking to join a group of like-minded people.


Jennifer from Taylorville, Illinois, USA writes:

I have been aware for about 16 years. Many events occurred to bring me to this point.

At this time, I am reading as much information as possible to help me to learn exactly what ascension means for us and our world. I have only lived here for a little over a year and don't know anyone who is really at my level of understanding.

I would love to connect with others that are close to me to share and assist where necessary.

Thank you so much,


Raul from North Chicago, Illinois, USA writes:

I found PAO late October 2012, after all my life looking the way home, I born in 1970 I learned to read in a book called the life of Jesus, when I was 11 my father died, at 13 began studying Greek philosophy (Socrates) at 15 ( Indian Krishna ) that’s mean chakras, dimensions, successive lives, life on other planets, the correct use of sexual energy, the awakening of consciousness and the ego elimination, since 2006 live in USA where I study many teachers some appear in the movie (the secret) others are Mayan, Mexican, European and Asian. I'm currently studying quantum physics and our life in the fifth dimension, PAO now has my full attention.

I infinitely love this humanity throughout his sufferings experienced and I am ready and willing to assist in this process by all means e-mail, video, phone, online tv channels, blogs and webinars. (English or Spanish)


Dennis from Fort Worth, TX, USA writes:

I have read two of Sheldon's books: "Your First Contact" and "Your Galactic Neighbors". I have also read Sheldon's updates over the past 2 years. I found all this material fascinating. These along with other material I've read in the last 18 months have really opened my mind to new possibilities. I'm looking forward the changes that I believe will come by the end of 2012 including disclosure, release of new technologies and lots of other wonderful things.

I have no one in my circle of friends to talk with about these kinds of topics. So, I would like to find people in my area to discuss esoteric topics. If you want to find someone to discuss esoteric topics feel free to contact me.


Phillis and Dale from Pampa, TX, USA writes:

My husband and I would like to have conversations with others who are awakening. We are from a rural area and many are not aware of what is happening at this time. We have tried to talk with some, but they and even our family look at us like we are crazy, so we would just like to have communication with others who are awakening.

Thank you,

Phillis and Dale

Tammye from Canadian, TX, USA writes:

I live in a small rural town in the Texas Panhandle. I would like to find people in my area that are like-minded & also looking forward to the changes ahead for us as we approach full consciouness & Ascension... My husband & I know only one other couple who live within 50 miles of us who believes as we do. We would love to find others in our area to associate with in this wonderful time of our planet Earth .... Please feel free to contact me thru my email address I have included.


Lamont from Dallas TX, USA writes:

Hi, my name is Lamont I am a 16 year old kid who loves to find the truth. Im initially from kansas city, missouri buf now live in Dallas, Texas. As a kid my father who is a deeply spiritual man has always told me that I have a light that draws people to me. I always felt I had a purpose in life but I cant figure it out. As a young kid I was a avid reader and loved researching things to the point where adults said I knew more than them. When I sense things my body starts to like shake but sometimes nobody is around me and sometimes I see things but then I look closely and nothing there. As a kid I was mostly a peacemaker but sometimes not but I always loved the environment and wildlife and always wanted to help. I want to help the human race move forward toward the 5th dimension. Im also looking for a local pag in my area. Thanks for the time to share my story.


Basha from Thiensville, WI, USA writes:

Dear Friends,

My story goes back over 40 years ago at a young age feeling of being from somewhere else. Through the years my story evolved unlike others around me.  I am enormously grateful to all of my teachers seen and unseen.  As a young person, I ventured off the conventional American culture that I was brought up in to study other spiritual teachings. My  main studiy was that of Yoga, and studied with some of the most prominent teachers and became a teacher myself.  I have had the honor to be in the presence of Babaji in Herakahn, India in the 80's, where I encountered my first space ship hovering in the mountains near Mt Kalash.  I had been waiting for some time for that actual sight.

My first study of Galactics was with another teacher named 'Bud' who I will say was a 'walk-in' who taught me in detail about our purpose here. He was American, and I met him on another trip to India. This was in the 70's.  I learned much from him.  My journey was of what I called 'assignments' in various areas, unlike most people's lives.  As a teacher, healer and artist, I find every day a miracle leading to this wonderful time.

It is a true honor to be of service to humanity at this great transformation.  I am very happy to have connected with PAO, the Galactic Federation of Light, Sheldan Nidle, Colleen and their wonderful group of beings of service.

Love and Light,


John from Paris TX, USA writes:

My name is Johnny Amin Allen and I'm 44. I started doing my own research about Life the moment I left home at 18. I have read at least three hundred books since 1999 trying to fill a void in my life. Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh was a life changer at the time when I became a father. My wife, two kids and I are very close and love has never been a problem in our home. I can't remember any past lives. However, I do know that I have chosen to be here at this time. I pray and beg for answers as to what I am to do but to no avail. It's not to whom God speaks but who listens. I listen but maybe I am insecure about what I hear. Delorees Canon spoke about three different waves of souls that have chosen to come to Earth at this time and maybe I am one of those souls who came to spread love energy.

I dont know. I am a very clear thinking and loving man but I dont care to be around people as most that are around me are asleep. I long to be with my space family again but can't remember any of them. I'm sick of seeing chem trails in my skies and beg to see a Galactic Federation Ship also to no avail. I have known about aliens for years and also know that I am one but none come to visit me. Am I impatient? I think so. I am an Enviromental Scientist because I wanted to help mother earth. Is this all that I am to do? I feel alone. Maybe I sound negative, and for that I apologize. However, I write this with a smile of satisfaction and I am known by those around me as positive, loving and kind. Galactic Federation of Light, would you at least fly overhead and say hello or something? Please? I live in Paris, Texas and go jogging every morning at 8am. I ask for your protection and will do what is asked of me as long as it is for love and light.


Jenny from Newton KS, USA writes:

I live alone with my precious dog, Cinnamon in a basement apartment, eagerly awaiting the global financial restructuring, so we will be able to move into permanent housing & create a comfortable nest. After many years as a single mother of 4 kids, working as a nurse to support them, my health suffered, & I am now on disability. Every month I help out my best friend (another Lightworker, who lives in another state) with several bills. My meager income barely keeps the two of us afloat.

I'm grateful to live a life now that is free of abuse, & that I have plenty of time to study & read, as well as knit, sew, quilt & ride my bike with Cinnamon. I talk to my best friend on the phone every day. I live a very quiet, simple life.

I've been studying metaphysics since my early twenties (in spite of being raised by very dogmatic Christian parents). For over a year now I've been closely following the writings of SaLuSa, Sheldan Nidle, John Smallman, & a few others online. I knit & do my other craft-arts as a meditation that allows me to open to spirit --- learning to trust my intuition more.

My mission is simple: I plan to teach knitting & quilting, & be able to counsel my students & offer support to help them get through the coming changes. I would welcome emails or phone calls from anyone who would like to have a conversation.

XOXO, Jenny

Craig from Dallas TX, USA writes:

Hello friends

How do i contact other pag members here in dallas?

Thanks, and Selamat Ja!


Jeff from Knoxville, TN, USA writes:

I don’t know if this a story or a plea for help. About 6 months ago I received a rieki session from my mother’s friend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where my mom owns an organic day spa and has attracted a fair amount of spiritual souls. The lady that did my rieki is very advanced and very aware of everything that’s going on here on Earth, especially the shift into the fifth dimension. There she introduced me to a book, Star Kids, and said it was my time to receive it. She also told me that most of my reincarnations we’re from the star Cirius and that was basically my home. I didn’t know what to think at the time and honestly was overwhelmed by the information I was given. It’s not like I didn’t believe it b/c deep down I did. It’s more like I denied it. I’ve always felt I was different than other kids growing up. Feeling alienated, alone, and misunderstood. I was a mystery to even myself.

Now it’s 6 months later and I’ve relapsed on hard drugs for the 3rd time. I’m financially broke, emotionally alone, jobless, and homeless. I felt my energy level was diminishing to an extreme low and was consumed with hopelessness and helplessness. I needed a change. I needed purpose. I needed positive influences. My mother knew of my situation and how serious it is. So I spent the past week with her trying to recalibrate myself and clear my clouded head from the poisons polluting my body. I started reading the book, Star kids, and it just blew me away. It opened up my awareness level and gave me hope that I’m not alone. So I went online and looked up Star Seeds and this website came up. I felt an instant connection and comfort. I would like to meet other’s like me and am very new to all of this. I’m 26 and have gifts I have yet fully developed and feel a great sense of purpose overcoming all my fears. I’ve been in the dark closet for far to long and am willing to let go of the past. If anyone can help me become a part of this movement, which I strongly believe it is, it would go GREATLY appreciated. I am willing to help heal Planet Earth and awaken other lament star seeds like me. For I am ready!!!

The Power is in the Present and Love is in the Making.....Let's Create!!!


Holly from Nashville, TN, USA writes:

I m sorry i dont have a story yet! I just would like to be part of a PAG asap! Thank you for your time,


Connie from Chattanooga TN, USA writes:

My name is Connie. I am from Chattanooga,TN in the US. I began awakening in 1987 reading everything I could get my hands on. Two years ago I read "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human" and "Your First Contact." I have been on fire ever since. Finally I have found the TRUTH and everything is falling into place quite beautifully for me.

Childhood was very difficult for me. I always felt that I didn't belong here on this earth. My higher dimensional experiences were not validated by family nor friends and I perceived myself as very different from everyone around me. This led to isolation and a deep sense of abandonment which led to less than desirable relationships in my early adult life. Religion was NOT helpful. Enter metaphysical bookstores in my early 30's.

Sheldan's books urged me to finally breakdown and purchase a computer. I have been following his updates regularly and would love to connect with fellow Starseeds. I am also very interested in locating a PAG in my area.


Jane from Verona, WI, USA writes:

I have consideed myself a Lightworker all of my life. I have had spiritual experiences since I was a little girl which made me feel that I always "wanted to go home" but yet I didn't know "home" was.

After my second childhood near death experience at the age of 12, I realized I was 'here for a reason'. That feeling has stayed with me for all of my life. It was at the age of 18 that I discovered a individual spiritual path where I started on the road of meditation (contemplation). Since then I have been on this path for 35 years.

Life has definitely has had its ups and downs but reading Sheldon's inspirational newsletters along with Mike Quinsey and many others, provides me inspiration especially during current chaotic times. There's so much information presently versus when I first started on this path. I look forward to meeting and conversing with others
of the same. Please don't hesitate to email me.


Mazie from Tomahawk, WI, USA writes:

My story goes back to when I was a child but then I believe so does every story if one thinks about it. I was in a home where I was abused severely and found that I only felt it once in awhile as I was protected by what I now call Angels and guides, my first contact with the unknown. I now have a group meet up every week that encourages new thoughts on what is going on in the world. I love groups as they are the mouth pieces of loving news. We can spread the news far and wide by just meeting up with a few.

I encourage others to read, read, read all the thoughts that the people such as Sheldan are given from the masters, and to form their own thoughts provoking them to share with others and continue to think.

I encourage people to live from their hearts and souls and not this earthly stuff we are so inundated with and programmed by. I am following Sheldan's work because it resonates with me and it has for many years. I only recently became free of so many past life challenges that I am able to write you this letter and let you know how much I appreciate all that PAO stands for and it's many accomplishments with all of us.

I cannot wait until we are free of oppression and have everyone know who we truly are, and I am excited to meet up with our Planetary Sisters and Brothers.

Blessings to all, Mazie

Sherry from Kansas City MO, USA writes:

I am on the verge of my awakening with a large sphere of influence and a decent background in all things spiritual, metaphysical, energetic, and psychological. I would LOVE any help I can get for making a smooth transition toward becoming a more effective light worker.


Cody from Austin TX, USA writes:

Hellooo hello. My name is Cody and I love everyone and everything. Upon finding paoweb by some sort of synchronicity which I don't even remember, things just started making SENSE. All through my public school "education", something about it never seemed quite right. Now I am empowered by knowing that it was a bunch of hoo-ha, if you will. As a child, I saw a ufo after a dream where the cartoon beings asked me to come with them, but I was afraid to leave my family. I was afraid of extraterrestrials due to those late night specials on abduction and hollywood spin. But I was always facinated by it all, and I overcame this fear in middle school.

In high school, I began to research metaphysics and then found paoweb. I keep up with the updates and by chance found a copy of "Your First Contact" staring at me at a Half Price Books....niiiice.
Still reading that. Anyway, Sheldin, you rock bro! I love you and every being. Thank you Great Spirit! Mother Gaia! Extraterrestrials! Agarthans! Human kind!!!! Oh yeah hook me up to a PAG in my area! I want to help! Thanks!!!


Dawn from Oklahoma City OK, USA writes:

I was watching a NASA video on television with my 4 year old twins. It was of a video of NASA launching a huge something they called a tether and the the astronaut in the background talking and I guess was reporting back to Houston about how the launch was going, when I heard her say "And the Pleiadean Community was very pleased as well". Those were her exact words. So of course I was curious so I begain searching the internet but wasnt spelling it right. When I finally did spell it right and within a few minutes I was just relieved and over joyed when all the sudden there was an explosion and the house shook and the lights went out it got silent. The entire neighborhood was walking toward my house. A pole in the backyard had blown up, the fireman said they cant explain it but a serge of energy must have built up and caused it to expload. But I already knew what it was.


Reverend Dot from Montgomery AL, USA writes:

I don't remember when I got acquainted with Sheldan's was almost from the beginning. My awakening happened after the death of my first son many years ago. He was 3-1/2 weeks old, but came back for a visit 3 months later and appeared as a young man...a VERY happy young man. This gave me the courage to honor him by growing up spiritually. I left the Catholic church and eventually started my own truth-seeking church, and have; from the beginning, shared info. about our off-world friends, and Sheldan's messages. So the church became a PAG. We were blessed to have Sheldan and Colleen come to Montgomery, AL two years ago. It was a desire I just couldn't get out of my mind, and FINALLY Colleen and I got it put together.

We joyously look forward to today and all the tomorrows that are going to be INCREDIBLE.

Much love, Rev. Dot

Carol from Amber OK, USA writes:

I'm not sure when I started to believe, I think I always have. I would really like to have someone to talk to about the coming changes, announcements, 1st contact, all things to come, every time I mention it to anyone here they seem to think I'm nuts.


Doug from Oklahoma City OK, USA writes:

I am looking for like minded people to talk with about these issues. I have tried talking to my friends and co-workers about these things but they just think I am strange because they are not awake yet. I started waking up in the late 80's. I first started getting info from books and then when the internet came along I started surfing the web for info.
I still read about a book per month also. If you email me please put "PAO contact" in the subject line. After researching all this stuff for 30 years, I have some pretty good info to share with people...


Carissa from Fairfield IA, USA writes:

Hi all.

I am happy to see so many of you. I have been waiting since I was little to go up in the ships. But now that I am 35 I am glad I got to live a semi "normal" earth life before the shift. How lucky am I to have the experience of such a major transformation. I got to do all the things that make us so human and vulnerable and really understand the human condition. Now we get to advance into the next story. I have been feeling it happening. The other side is so close. It is so easy to meditate. I can almost smell it, like the sea; feel it like the morning awakening just before the birds begin to chirp their welcome of the sun. We will do this together. And unlike a few years ago, I do feel that humanity has made it. We have earned the great privilage of partaking in our mothers great transformation. I am so proud of us and so grateful to mother.

With all the love in my heart, Carissa

William from Elk Grove Village IL, USA writes:

I formed PAG recently as I have felt I may be helpful in sharing information and Light with family, friends, and neighbors as coming "Announcements" may need clarification using a human and loving touch.

A few years ago, I discovered Sheldan and others, providing guidance from the Gallactic Federation and other Lightworkers which melded nicely with my spiritual beliefs. Now anxiously await heaven on Earth, but anticipate the following months leading up to it should be exhilarating for those who are ready.

I offer to help the process from Announcements to full consciousness. Welcome your communication.

William (Bill)

Kay from Austin TX, USA writes:

My conscious spiritual journey began around the Harmonic Convergence in the mid-1980's. I started working with a teacher who was psychic, taught classes on the metaphysical aspects of stones/crystals and channeled a Being that I now associate with the Galactic Federation of Light. I read and absorbed every book and cassette tape and cd's, when they came into being, I could get my hands on in a wide range of metaphysical and spiritual topics. I learned to meditate and was joyfully surprised how good it made me feel and wondered "where has this been all my life?".

My teacher invited her students to a Harmonic Convergence party at her house and I saw my 1st spacecraft. We all stood around in her backyard as she channeled and everyone was amazed when a huge craft "uncloaked" and appeared overhead. It resembled the shape of a plane but the feeling wasn't even close to what our planes look and feel like. It hovered for about 10 minutes with a quiet humming sound then it disappeared from view. Later when it became dark outside we were given a show of what looked like many "stars" (lights) in the sky moving in all types of formations. I still look up at night hoping to see that amazing & fantastic sight again.

In the 90's I discovered Sheldan Nidle's books and began reading his earlier updates. I saw Sheldan Nidle speak at a workshop given by Dr. Joshua David Stone in Oregon and I have followed PAO's journey since.

My spiritual journey has been and still is ongoing as it shifts and changes in many different ways.

Looking up, Kay

Charlie from Dallas TX, USA writes:

Well, after reading this week's messages from PAG members, including some Texans, I'm coming out of the Closet and admitting that there is a Star Seed right here in Dallas,Texas.

The problem is that I'm having a problem finding any others. An example: Since I'm receiving Medical Help to recover from the after effects of a stroke, and most of the folks I talk to are part of a medical team, I sort of "spilled the beans" with them about what's going to happen soon on a Galactic Scale. Not a good idea!

I got a call from a staff member in my doctor's office wanting to make an appointment for me with a Psychiatrist! Needless to say, I declined.

To better introduce myself to you Folks, I'll include a link for a Memorial that I put on the Internet 4 years ago when I lost my beloved wife (another Star Seed) to Cancer --

Love, Charlie

Gerry from Nashotah WI, USA writes:

I joined the PAO over ten years ago upon first glance. Something inside told me there was truth here. I was directed to the coordinator for my area for membership. She was a nice person, so nice we eventually married. One month
short of four years later she passed away from complications from cancer. That is when my spiritual purpose for being here came on line in full power. Through the Saint Germain series of books I found the source and knowledge of who and what I am. I found a strong correlation between what Saint Germain was saying and Sheldan's messages.

All my life I was a spiritual lone ranger for the most part. From the renewed spiritual power that I now found I was compelled to reach out and join with others of like mind to prepare for the roles we will play after the up coming
announcements. I do believe that how Sheldan describes life after the revolution is the way it will be and have thought that way for most of my life. The way we live now is meant to divide and concur. I am hoping that we the members of the PAO will now start to reach out and get to know each other and eventually start to form PAGs. Someone has to lead the way and I believe who better than we.

Personally I hope to be involved with the development of the free energy technology since my area of expertise is in the electronic area. It is through this free energy technology that allows PAGs to come into existence. I have been contemplating this for many years and I am excited to know that it is just around the corner.


Donald from Des Moines IA, USA writes:

Is PAG a group that meet in a local area? I live in the Des Moines, IA. area and was wondering how to make contact with other like minded people. What information can you give me?


Peggy from Houston TX, USA writes:

Dear Miles,

Thank you for your help with PAG interest and for your recent messages.

I don't have a PAG story ready yet, but wanted to send a quick note and let you know that I'm interested in forming a PAG in Houston, TX. I'm familiar with and am thinking about using that, as well as possibly using Facebook.

I send you and Sheldan and Colleen much healing Light and energy!! Thank you!!


Peggy Price
EnergyWorkz Wellness

Doc Troy from Houston TX, USA writes:

My name’s Doc and fixing to be 50 years old---- Ive kept quiet/avoided the whole

Alien abduction issue for many reasons but feel compelled to find resolve and hopefully find others

With similar desires in the area. Ive had 2 encounters knowingly and possibly many more between ages 7-9 and again in the past 2 years (prior to last 6 months). Im looking for people who are serious and have a certain degree of decorum and restraint as well. By saying that im trying to impress a degree of…shall we say ethical behavior/decorum in the hopes of preserving everyone’s integrity and pursuant of answers in an effective manner.

Thanks for your time/consideration


Derek from Kimberling City MO, USA writes:

Hi there, My name is Derek Strayer originally from San Clemente beach California. I have always been awake and aware all my life of the spirit realms and always interested in galactic beings. I really became awake at the age of 19 while living in Boulder, Colo and found P.A.G. at that time aswell as many others. I lived in Hawaii for 7 years to expand my artistic horizons and now reside on Table Rock Lake ,Mo. at the age of 34 earth years.

I am spreading the message to everyone I can about our coming changes and just about everyone who knows me indeed knows my views on this. The ridicule can sometimes be tough but I shrug it off and move on. I have a great support system here and I'm ready to serve for the Federation in any way fit. I am very excited to become a fully conciencous being like I used to be back in Lemuria.

I am totally open to talk with who ever might like to have this type of dialogue and build on some ideas to help PAG and others toward the goal of a new galactic society.

Selamat Ja ! Aloha,
Derek, D-roc

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