Pag Stories


Rebecca from Walled Lake, MI, USA writes:

Back in 2007, I received the first of several channelings through Michael Ellegion in exchange for doing his book cover.

Through the channelings I came to understand a few things: who I am, why I experienced certain things, and what my mission is. Ever since I was very young I experienced other-worldly phenomena.

I am a Starseed, and part of my mission has been to help others get through some bad karma that would have otherwise kept them reincarnating continuously. That phase is over.

Now I am in a new phase of energy work such as helping others with their Spiritual evolution, helping Gaia, people and animals heal, assisting with Planetary activation, suppression of further catastrophes, and timeline changing. Activating and healing myself, learning and remembering more and more as I go along.

Doing Michael’s cover has also been the beginning of inspired artwork. I have been nudged to write my story today, and begin connecting with others in the area.

Am looking forward to connecting with some of you soon!


Susan from Columbus, Ohio, USA writes:

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years but recently forwarded the PAO website. She also gave me the book Bringers Of The Dawn. I am becoming more and more enlightened every day. I am a Reiki Master which has helped me in my own enlightenment progression. I have had experiences in my house with my Mom seeing hundreds of beautiful orbs dancing around our dining room walls and ceiling. And many spirits visit my Mom in her bed room at night. We call them our night visitors. I thrive on the information I read from PAO and look forward to what is coming. All for the greatest good for this earth and humanity. There is too much darkness and evil in this world and it is time to eliminate it through our global efforts of sending out Peace, Love, And Light. I would love to connect with others in my area.

Yours in Spirit,


Joe from Grand Rapids, MI, USA writes:

My story starts as a child, when all I could think of was going to space, and getting into space camp.

I moved as a teen and got bad into drugs and doing not so good things. I was joining the Navy, when God said "O no you dont" After that my daughter was born. Her mother took her from me when she was born, I faught for almost 2 years to get back custody. Now shes 5 and I have full custody.

During that time I started learning the lore from the Xbox game "Halo". That opened up its way into the illuminati and opened up the path I am on now.

I also held a job at a grocery store, I ran the whole store 20+ employees at a time. I realized I have become a low paid slave to my bosses. I did not find it correct they got raises, while my co workers lost hours and insurance.

Now im happyer than I ever have been, and closer to God than I ever had been. He knows now I am just vessel for him, and my life is now Gods, I will follow his path wholeheartedly. Want to close it with something I read "All is as should be, All is not what it see-ms." God bless your journey's.


Yongwoo from Rochester, NY, USA writes:

I incarnated on this planet in the country of Korea to a father who just joined the United Nations, and a mother who was from a lineage of Korean shamans. Interesting combination. My father had a sense of International Brotherhood and my mother taught me about Spirit. As a youngster, we lived in many countries and I learned the ways of the East and West. At around the age of 11 I had a vivid haunting dream that had a devastating impact on my life. In the dream, I was talking to a person who told me that I couldn't return home yet. I had a mission to accomplish first. She then explained what it was that I had to do. When I awoke from the dream, I had such a longing to return home that I was depressed for about a month. Soon afterwards, we moved to Rome, Italy. There, by coincidence, I met a disciple of Master Morya. This again, was a shocking experience. I reacted by crying uncontrollably. I learned about the Ascended Masters, Astral Projection, and Meditation from her. A year later at the age of 13, I was blessed by the Glorious Radiation of I believe Master Morya (I never physically met Him). His Light was so Intense, so Powerful, I nearly passed out. At age 16, still in Italy, I had my first encounter with an UFO. It hovered silently over my head for about what it seemed a couple of hours. I know something happened but I have no memory of what. From then on, I tried to fit in as best as I could in this world.

Two years ago, I started to have a feeling to contact UFOs again. I telepathically managed to contact several. It reawakened me to the Galactic and Spiritual reality that this world is so adept at discounting as not real. I have kept quiet for many years, but now I feel like screaming it out to the world. I hope that my story inspires others to awaken or reawaken or gain confidence or whatever. The Spiritual Reality is Absolutely Real!

Love Peace Joy, Yongwoo

Paul from Gainesville, Florida, USA writes:

When I was 5 years old I decided god did not exist. After that I saw my first entity that had hands, face, hair made of white light. The body resembled the shape of a dress and looked like a lightning bolt. Her body was facing towards me but her head was looking over her shoulder. I starred at her and hid under the covers when she looked at me. I looked at her again and when she looked at me I hid but this time I woke up under the covers. I saw different types of entities. One experience I woke up and climbed down my stairs and sat on the middle cushion of the couch and asked my mom what was for breakfast and she said pancakes. I then felt myself sit up and wake up. I was shocked because I thought I already was awake and on the couch. I tried to figure out what happened and climbed down the stairs and sat on the couch and asked my mom what was for breakfast. Once I said that I realized what happened. I knew by now there was something like a god so why would god make everything in life played out and setup for you just to automate through life. How boring that would be because there is no chance or freewill it’s just a waste of time in a sense because you are never challenged.


Valerie from Coconut Creek, Florida, USA writes:

Hello, spiritual friends! So happy to be able to connect with you! I don't have any special abilities, can't see or hear anything, but have always felt different, a fish out of water, a black sheep. I love reading everything from the Masters and our galactic brothers and sisters. I moved to Florida in 2001 but have never felt at home (well, this planet doesn't really feel like home at all), and the loneliness is maddening sometimes. I would love to hear from other fellow seekers!

With love,Valerie

Masa from Brooklyn, NY, USA writes:

I just awakened a few weeks ago. I am being downloaded information quickly by not of this world. I think God is talking to me and Jesus.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Well medicated for 19 years and was able to get off the medications 6 years ago cold turkey with EFT and LOA. They tested my IQ it was 161 I always wondered why they did this test on me because they did it before they medicated me when I 12. I was able to stop them when I was 31. They only kept me more and more medicated. It made me very sick. I was sick with it and sick without it. I tried 3 times to get off unsuccessfully and then with EFT and LOA I was able to stop.

I was working in the Corporate world for 5 years until July of last year and I quit. Believing that I can do it by myself with LOA. I did EFT, LOA, Vision Boards, Mind Movies, Gratitude Lists, Quantum Jumping, and then I started sleeping on Scared Geometry.

I woke 2 weeks ago. It's going very fast and I'm downloading information and understanding information very fast. I also think my information is coming from the Universe not from Human Beings. I never knew what the this was or any of this until 2 weeks ago. I heard Gods voice 3 weeks ago. In a dream, saw my third eye. It was blue with a white glow around it. I saw Three Pyramids in the dark but I could see them from a warm glow around the darkness they started to spin like a fan and then turned into a Blue Orb with a white glow. God said to me "Now you will understand" Then I woke up a week later.

I am very new and really need help to get my energies aliened with you all. They are telling me they are coming very soon.

Please message me anytime. Love you!


Wayne from Gaylord, MI, USA writes:

Hi. I'm 47. It was about 1990 when my mother and I started to learn about the 11:11 gate awakening and proceeded to awaken ourselves. Then I think it was 93' when she was suddenly asked by her boss if she wanted to attend a 3 day spiritual sort of class which turned out to be Drunvalo's 1st class (and get this) in Waynesville, Va. or I can't remember the exact state, but it was kindof a Whoa! moment for me when she told me where it was. Anyways, my mother ended up owning her own metaphysical book store from 93' through 98-99'. Now there was a lot that happend through those years if you can only imagine, including Ashtar Command which seemed to slap me in the face and just grab me, but one of the things that truly stuck with me was meeting Benu. Benu is Karen Cook channeling Arch Angel Gabriel. Thing is that I've experienced quite a bit of channeling and anything else you can imagine in that realm up to now and this was more like "he embodied her completely". This definatley hooked me. There is a great deal more to Benu, but that's another story. I met Benu in 93'. I then proceeded to learn from the workshops that Karen put on cd. Now from 2000 till now I've done my share of searching and have had the honor of 3 solo sessions with Benu.

Believe me, there is so much to talk about that I have studied with my friends, wife & mother about the spitual & metephysical. Like when my wife & Mom went to a 3 day seminar with Barbara Marciniak somewhere around 94-95'. Stuff like that. When I look back at all that We've experienced, it was obvious to me that when I started to experience Sheldan, I litteraly FELT a connection. Now this was when I really started checking out Youtube. Obviously there's a lot to take in on this wonderous App, so it took me a while to come across him. I think I discovered Sheldan around mid 2010. As you all probably know, it's now a part of your day , your life, that you can't live without. I've been preaching all that I know and all that I have learned through paoweb and much more, but as of now, this is the only place that I look to each day for motivation and inspiration. We're all having a hard time dragging ourselves out of the muck. Paoweb is truly helping me get on with it. Let's all tell our friends and anyone we meet about NESARA. The more people we tell to educate themselves about this, the faster it will happen. I know you all can think of great ideas to send this flying foreward. -- Many Bessings & So Much Love - - Feel free to contact me - -


Daniel from East Rutherford, NJ, USA writes:

Hello Everyone.. I have been on an amazing spiritual journey for the past fifteen years, which now has lead me to Sheldan and his inspiringing material. A great way to share the Galactic information is in groups, I have a center in East Rutherford, NJ where I give lectures on Bashar material and do Sound Healing Meditation. I would love to host a group viewing of a webinar with discussion afterwards. We have a large projection screen and surround sound system. Please email if interested.

Self Awareness and Transformation Center:
126 Park Avenue, East Rutherford, NJ 07073
(Train and bus service from NYC)


Chase from Atlanta GA, USA writes:

I remember driving in a car during 2010. I began to think as an Aquarius this is a custom. Out of the darkness came a vast open universe, with so many galaxies and lives to hold. Then I saw terra and her portals. For weeks and weeks then months and months I continued in my mind about space.

In2011 I went to a friends house to his back porch. I brought up the point about life outside our walls. I couldn't stop thinking about extraterrestrials. In 2012 I was almost fully awake calling earth a prison planet to wake others up and had discovered the galactic federation of light and that they are here. I wake up more and more everyday and ever since, it has helped ease the pain I feel deep in my heart just aching for truth. I cry when i try to remember the begining, or the wars i might have fought in, or died in. i try to remember old friends or enemys. i cant get the truth just yet. the show must go on...Last night I watched thrive for the third time. The movie thrive needs to be globally broadcasted or spread like dandy lions. I know this might not be an amazing story, but I only insist to get to the point. We have won. It's only a matter of months before announcements and contact. Viva la resistance and I love you all.



Dave from Johnstown, PA, USA writes:

I have always been interested in UFOs,Ets paranormal . Ready for disclosure. found PAO from american kabuki site...Always thought i was wanderer/starseed. Have an innate knowing of truth when i read/hear it.


Clare from New York City, NY, USA writes:

Hi everyone, My spiritual unfoldment has been ongoing since I was a young child; all my life without a pause and I'm in my fifties now. I hate labels and titles, though I know they help, but I have never cared whether I was a "starseed" a "lightworker" a "wanderer"...(this comes from the Ra Material books that I read in 1993) or any of the definitions I've learned about through the years. Been meditating since I was a teenager; have used alternative healing all my life with great success; am very familiar with all we consider "new age" - so though I was born and bred in NYC, I have always had my head in the clouds you might say!

I like Sheldan's work because it does seem like we are "heating up" with changes all around us and he gives us some reference points which are very helpful. I feel he is sincere and the info he has to offer resonates as truthful, though of course, according to all "rational" minds, we have no way to prove this or anything except in what will be "future" moments of contact ourselves. I have also worked with the Bashar transmissions for a while now and very much appreciate Essassani humor, clarity and logic so I'm thinking that's why I apprecated Sheldon so easily.

I have a wonderful life here in New York City, but don't have too many folks to discuss our 2012 changes with. I tend to act as "way shower" to my friends, who are wonderful people, but would like to talk and hang out with folks who have had their own experiences and "ways to show"...would be fun to exchange and I feel more compelled now to do this than ever. Not surprised, huh?

I am a multimedia artist, business owner, writer and educator. Would love to meet any other New Yorkers for coffee sometime and talk about our experiences.

And I want to thank Sheldan and Coleen for helping folks reach out. I know that many other groups have done this or attempted to do this in the past, and these didn't seem to work out....but maybe this is just the right time.

Love to you all....


Majah from Mt.Laurel, NJ, USA writes:

Thank You so much for sharing your stories; they are exciting, helpful, and inspiring. I have been a devotee of Amma Sri Karunamayi, Embodiment of Divine Mother, for the past 8 years or so. Amma refers to Beings that have come from other parts of the Universe, at various times, to help us-ie. Rama. Every year She does a tour and when She comes to Philly She gives Blessings, teachings and also lately, been doing a One-Day Meditation Retreat.

This year (2012) Amma showed about 20 different slides of technical drawings of what She called, “Flights”, what we may call "Starships". This was kind of surprising to me-i looked around the room, looked at Amma. She didn't say a whole lot about them - but She did say something like, "my babies, (this is how she refers to us), the Rishis developed these "flight machines" to travel wherever they wanted..whenever they wanted.." (The Rishis are considered extremely advanced, enlightened, High Beings - that are also attributed to giving Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma their sacred texts (the Vedas), and I believe that even Shiva bowed to the Rishis).

She also said something,"My babies, they are still here (the Rishis)"; and that we just need to develop the "receptor" inside of us to see them. She is always advising us to meditate more (at least an hour a day) and to go deeper and deeper into our heart. She said this year to "go inside": to go, stay, keep going deeper "inside."

It seemed like all of this fit together when other devotees of Amma put me in touch with Sheldan's work! Amma said this for a reason this year, and it is very exciting to think why!!

I am grateful for Colleen's & Sheldan's messages, which is fuel for the fire, and i look forward to the coming months. Would be happy to get together with anyone in the area to meditate, raise our vibrations, etc..


Oen from Ohio, USA writes:

I am so happy to have found you, my brothers and sisters. It’s a joy to come back home.

I am a 57 year old Indigo Starseed who lives in the Midwestern USA. Oen Cedereth is not the name on my human birth certificate, it's my Spirit Name, given to me in a vision in the 1980's. As nearly as I can find a translation, I believe it means Lamb (Oen) Warrior (Cederth): Warrior Lamb.

By day I lead a very typical, middle class American life as an Administrative Assistant, volunteer worker and wife. That's my Cover Identity, my "Clark Kent" life. Who I really am is a spiritual seeker and student of the Light, who is seeking others of like mind and spirit who want to share, teach and learn together.

As a child, I always perceived things differently, understood things differently, than other people did, which troubled my parents and teachers to no end. The world isn't fond of those of us who are "different," and the world nearly succeeded in silencing my voice and molding me to fit its standards. In the 1980's I lost hope and went "dormant," trying to forget who I am and what I know, pretending to be just a "normal" person. I put away my books, lost contact with The Great Teachers and Guides, and immersed myself in the so-called real world. I was sleep walking through life, depressed, overweight, dowdy and miserable without knowing why.

In 2011 I was re-activated through a relationship with another Indigo and Starseed, possibly my Twin Flame. He reawakened the light in me, reminded me who I am and what I am capable of. We are no longer a couple; we work each in our own spheres of Earth life, but he is always with me, always guiding me.

Since my re-activation, I have been on an amazing journey of learning and discovery, some of which I will be sharing on my Facebook page, Oen Cederth. I am excited to read the stories of others who are sharing the journey of spiritual growth in this amazing time of transformation.


Chad from New Castle, PA, USA writes:

For as long as I can remember I've never felt normal or from here as many say. My mother felt the exact same way when she was growing up. We have both had an untold number of supernatural and paranormal experiences all of our lives. These experiences continue to this very day. I've had numerous lucid dreams of grey visitations and most recently Pleiadians. I'm not comfortable at all with the greys. I've seen the real MIBs. Dreamed of vast underground bases. Seen so many ufos that its impossible to remember all my sightings. I'd love to know if I'm a Starseed, and my mother would as well. Are these just dreams or are they really happening?

Seeking the Truth,


Kathy, Newport, RI, USA writes:

Hi, I learned of Sheldan through 2012 Scenario website/InLight radio interview earlier this week.
I am continuously amazed as to how quickly my new "teacher" shows up, either by way of book, individual, or other resources. I am 59 yo, and I know that my personal evolvement/progression . . . and Higher Self are telling me I AM my own teacher. My awareness of this fact encourages me everyday, and now I feel free to accept my strong attraction to current global facts (i.e., UFOs, ETs, Ascension, Gaia's Asension etc.).

I have always been strongly aligned with Spiritual Realm of Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Guides, as well as, UFOs, crop circles, other Light Beings from other worlds. And naturally I assumed all others were like me (they too want only to align with Divine Love). As my life proceeded through to current age, I am utterly stunned as to how tenacious I've been by following my guidance (promptings . . synchronicity), because it has not been at all that easy for me. I am a Star Seed, Indigo, but more specifically, my heart has always been in acknowledging Truth. My life has not been without Traumas or traumas (major or minor), yet, I am strengthened, and feel so drawn to my next step, which is not so focused on Ascension now, as it is on what I will be doing at the next dimension to continue my service to Creator.

Thank you for allowing me to share . . . I look forward to having contact with others of likeness.


Joseph, from Niagara Falls, NY, USA writes:

I've done a 'spiritual weight loss' these past few years and have been waking up to a lot of things, at first it was finding things out through fear but now I've come to accept it all with love and feel great hope for the time ahead of us.

I expect that I am a starseed but have had no confirmation on any of that. I thought I was an indigo for a while but only met part of that criteria. From what I've found I meet most of the criteria of a starseed. Though, I don't really know how to communicate telepathically or anything like that and can only account for spontaneous occasions of clairsentience. I guess I'm not really disciplined, but I am working on that.

In the past few years I've preached about global changes and brought forth great ideas in alternative medicine and spiritualism that most people didn't pay attention to. During this past year however I've noted the mass consciousness of everyone I know and encounter to be increasing with an empathic quality; this, and the obvious global changes that are somehow being ignored by the mainstream media are the two things that I can bring home with me as proof of this entire endeavor.

I realize my responsibilities are with my own friends and family in this life here on Earth and being there for them and being a positive ray of light throughout all these changes, a role I am only now becoming aware of and taking up with great joy.

I look forward to reaching out and communicating with starseeds in hope of verifying all that I know and have come across, and offer to assist and motivate any who lack the faith to continue on.


Damon from Frederick, MD, USA writes:

I came into the knowledge this month in June that I'am a Pleiadian Starseed during a meeting i had with a medium. This was a birthday gift from my wife, ( i just turned 39 :). My father passed away from pancreatic cancer 4 years ago. This meeting was very special to me as they came through before my father to speak with me about being one of them and had applauded me for doing well in my spiritual questand they gave me some insight on what i need to do. Since my father had past away i had slowly been awakening to this knowledge and researching for more information. When i read Sheldian's First Contact book it really opened up my crown to all the information i felt as a young child, watching all the science fiction movies and having a facination with space, i wanted to be an astronaut as a child. This and always questioning religion as i was raised catholic, but didn't really identify with organized religion. I look to connect with others of like minds and feelings.

Looking forward to connecting,
Love and Light,

Jared from Boston, MA, USA writes:

Hello, as part of my own unfolding I found Sheldan's website and all of the wonderful information contained there from the Galactics and Sheldan and his team. I'm really grateful to have developed the intuition to absolutely know the validity of the events unfolding and the plans for our new world. In any case, it's been quite an amazing ride from the realization of the existence of ET's 10 years ago, to the massive and life altering kundalini awakening 5 years ago, to the present transformation I continue to undergo! Looking for anyone who would like to get together in my area for a discussion group related to these topics. We are getting so close and it's ever more important to Network and to be prepared for the upcoming changes to serve humanity the best way we each know how. Shoot me an email, looking forward to connecting with you!)


Keyon from Norcross GA, USA writes:

Since I was a child I've always gravitated towards anything labeled Sci-Fi. Whether it was book, movies, tv shows etc. it didn't matter. I have always had this feeling of not belonging here or not fitting in with any group. And most times I didn't fit in I was a loner and a daydreamer. I just could not imagine that there was nothing else out there this gave me comfort in this strange world. I feel as if everything on external planet Earth operates in reverse to what resonates within me. I just can't relate to much of anything. Such as caste systems, slavery, war, brutality, foods, weather patterns, sleep cycles, darkness, crime, competitions, vanity, egos, organized religions, racism, prejudices, most music, politics and government, programmed society, corporations, money etc. In my mental world these things just don't make sense to me. I spend alot of time researching various topics such as starseeds, indigos, lightworkers, holographic universe, life force, esoteric, alien beings, history, healing and manifesting equipment and software, orgone, shamanism, conspiracies, inner earth,. etc. Love nature and also getting back to being vegetarian/vegan. I am family oriented, love music and water activities. I am looking for like minded people with a purpose. Also I have this longing to return home.


Kenneth from Chadds Ford, PA, USA writes:

Hello, I am 24 years old and currently reside in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania (45 minutes south of Philadelphia). I graduated from the University of Delaware in May of 2009. I was laid off from my first job six months later. The next six month period began my spiritual awakening. I became obsessive in my quest for truth and the Internet made all of this possible. For the first time in my life I began to understand why the world is the way it is. I began to learn about the cabal and how they have shaped the world for thousands of years. I also began to learn about my galactic heritage and the Galactic Federation of Light.

The coolest of the changes I have experienced over the past three years has been the activation of my third eye. The color of my third eye has changed from red to orange to lime green. The complexity of my third eye has changed significantly as well. Within my third eye are the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They look like tiny colored balls rotating in circles within my third eye. I also have a glimmering golden chain connected to it now. Pretty cool stuff.

With that, I am ready to serve humanity during this time of magnificent change and upheaval.


Peace and Love,

Art from Miami Florida, USA writes:

I am 51 and live in Miami florida. Like a few others that I have read my story begins with a book called Bringers of the Dawn by Marcinicak.

Apparently this book is a gateway. It was given to me by a woman I knew who owned a spa. I had always been a science fiction fan and thought it woud be an interesting read. That was 1989. The book resonated with me and I then bought her next one EARTH, These books paved the way for many others. Whenever I picked up a book in a store, upon opening the book I noticed that the previous book or author would be mentioned. It was like I was being led to

Do some sort of research and to gain knowledge for an as yet undetermined purpose. I have consumed books on indigenous people and native theology.

I have consumed books on frequency, synchronicity, resonance and Quantum science. I have read Capra and Laszlo. I have learned about tesla tech. the Akashic field and Zero point energy. I am an avid crystal and stone collector and work with reiki and crystal healing energies. As some others have posted I too am an avid Urantia book reader. It is a must read for all open minded people . I have studied it thoroughly. I do not post to sites normally but the PAG stories

Make me feel less isolated. P.S. I am a Chef/Pastry Chef

Love and light,

Rosaria from Alexandria, VA, USA writes:

Looking forward to being part of a Community, helping with The Ascension and Changes
that will be occurring soon

Thank you for all your help and support.

Love and Light,

Pat from Bethesda, MD, USA writes:

Although I cannot claim to have early childhood memories of seeing or hearing spirits, I have always believed in their existence and that all things are possible. In my twenties I was VERY sick, very close to dying, and read a book that changed my life called "Life After Life". I said to God that I couldn't take the pain anymore and I asked him to either take me or heal me. As soon as I said this, suddenly I felt a chill beginning in my toes and going all the way up to the top of my head and I knew, intuitively, that I was heard and that everything began to get better from that day on. I saw a UFO when I lived in Charlotte, NC, dancing around outside my office window for close to 8 minutes. It was lunch time and, unbelievably, in an office of 50 people EVERYONE was out to lunch but me! I think it was there for me. I have come to believe there are NO coincidences.

Two years ago I changed jobs and ended a difficult marriage and, at the new job, met a person who opened me to the spirit world. She taught me to talk to my guides and companions and masters through rods and meditation and I have been riding a wave of excitement ever since. Since then, my journey, though short, has been intense, having been to a regression hypnotist who showed me I have been both men and women in many lives. I was a Pharoah's son dying at 4 years old of fever, a Civil War Soldier who died at Gettysburg, the first Cousin to Jesus, a French woman who died of the plague and so on and so on. I have learned that I am a Lightworker and my two best friends are Cherubims who have been placed on Earth for our ascension. When we are together we get amazing messages both from the Galactic Federation and from the Angelic Realm. Every day has new exciting messages. I feel I am blessed with new found fellowship with others of like minds. I am so happy! Thank you Father/Mother God and the Federation for opening me to such wonderful revelations.

I know, now, that my origins is from Sirius and I am part of the Holy family group but that I have been on earth a pretty long time, though not in Atlantis. I came here after that. I am excited about the lifting of the Veil so I can meet my galactic family and renew my relationship with them. I too would love any communication with any like minded people in our Washington DC area.


Aura from Jacksonville, Florida, USA writes:

Ive felt out of place since i was a very young child, i was painfully shy til adulthood.i never felt comfortable or felt i belonged my whole life.
i am now linked to what i call the galactic library, where i download information about topics needed to continue my work and knowledge to aid humanity. i am looking for others who i can connect with about this and to work with to bring about acceptance of our future as galactic humans. I am greatly honored to be a part of this and to be finding my galactic heritage and complete awarness of who i am and what i am here to do.feel free to contat me i would love to have a connection with a jacksonville florida kindred spirit.


Justin from Brattleboro, Vermont, USA writes:

My name is Justin Clough and I am a Sirian Starseed living in Brattleboro Vermont USA. 12 years ago my activation began quite abruptly. i was in shock and did not know how to handle it. i broke down and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. recently i have made a miraculous recovery and found that it was all the process of activation. i have in the last four days gone through tremendous change and am nearing complete activation. i am now linked to what i call the galactic library, where i download information about topics needed to continue my work and knowledge to aid humanity. i am looking for others who i can connect with about this and to work with to bring about acceptance of our future as galactic humans. I am greatly honored to be a part of this and to be finding my galactic heritage and complete awarness of who i am and what i am here to do.

Love and Light.


Melissa from N.Charleston SC, USA writes:

Hi! Well i believe im a starseed as I've been drawn to ufos since i waa a little girl growing up in El Paso,Tx,me and my family even saw some at night. My parents read books on ufos and abductions and i went always knew and believed in reincarnation as ive had vivid and lucid dreams of being other people yet its me. I never really spoke out about it. Just research and read everything i can discerning what resonates with me etc. I'm especially drawn to the channelings from SaLuSa from Sirius. Im so excited to read and watch what Sheldan has said! I want to do whatever i can to help awaken the rest of this beautiful planet! I have so mych more to say but i'll stop for now. Looking forward to hearing from anyone close by.

Melissa Pierce

Yowkebed from Miami Florida, USA writes:

Hi family,

My name is Yowkebed I have so much to say and I am so full of emotion right now for all of you. I have been searching all my life for spiritual understanding. I never felt comfortable here with the doctrines taught under the present ruler ship. I have always been very sensitive crying when I watched a movie etc. I was told by a medium that I was an empath in a previous lifetime. All my life I have I looked for true unconditional love. I have been blessed with 7 talented, amazing children. I share Sheldan’s wisdom and love with all of them. I was taught that UFO’s are real and I always felt I came from another place.

I happen to find Sheldan while surfing YouTube, I felt his love and honesty and I was immediately drawn to him. I have been with a group that did not believe religion but that taught history. Sheldan’s information and what I already knew came together perfectly. I have been one to show love even if it hurts. I am going through a lot right now just knowing and seeing the deception that continues to deceive and manipulate the the lost souls on this planet is overwhelming to me at times.

I have indigo children and my last one is a crytalin child, she needs hugs and love daily, or she is not happy she has a strong connection with animals. I come to tears when I read or listen to all the love and light information flooding our internet it is such a blessing for the world it gives us hope to endure to the end and to the future.

I love you all so much, my true family


Nancy, from Colonie NY, USA writes:

Hi there!

My story is simple. When we got our first computer in 1999, one of the first places I found was the Honolulu Church of Light. At that time, Rev. Fred was channeling Master Kirael, and everyone who listened was involved in sending/receiving healing in some way. I learned of Sheldon Nidle because his was one of the links Fred provided. I have been reading about the Galactic Federation of Light from the updates for many years, and it all makes more and more sense to me the more I read about it. I did take a break in the 2000s because I couldn’t deal with the slow way that things were happening. I am very enthusiastic and wanted it all right now! Since I have returned to reading the updates and attending Sheldon’s webinars, I understand more about the whole process, although I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. I am a first grade teacher by day, and an astrologer, healer, and participant in global meditations by night. There is no one locally that I can talk to about this, and it would be so nice if there was.

Nancy Crom

Rod from Ocala Florida, USA writes:

Hello fellow Star-Seeds & Light-workers !!! I am 47 years young and I received a MAJOR ET/Star-Seed awakening in January 1999. I was living in Virginia Beach at the time going to an Advanced Communications school on the Norfolk Naval Base. I retired from the US Navy after 22 years in 2005, I retired as a CWO3 (Warrant Officer) Communications Technician.

I was just getting into spirituality because of my wonderful girlfriend at that time. She got me the "Conversations with God" books. I was so fascinated with the "Life on other Planets" section. I have always been extremely interested in ET species and life on other planets. While reading this book about other planets/species, here come my ET guides to give me an awakening that I could almost not handle, because it was SO powerful !!!

I could feel their strong and extremely strange energies, because they were reptilian. They had green skin, big heads, big almond shaped, black eyes, only 3 fingers/toes with sharp claws and they had tails. They were around 7 feet tall. What they did was inject pictorial, sound, smell, feelings into my brain while I was awake, it was scenes of their spaceship. It was like - I was there !!! They said telepathically that I was one of them in my previous life-times, just prior to this incarnation.

I remember sitting in the space-ship with my ET friends and we had such awesome telekinesis capabilities. We would move a small object from one side of the ship to the other so fast and with such precision that we would not even have to look. When the object flew across the room into our hands it would go so fast that it made a rapid swish sound that amazed me !!! Many other amazing memories took place as well, even of their planet. At that point, I got really scared and was crying to my girlfriend and told her what was happening.

She luckily picked up a list of psychics from the Edgar Cayce Center a couple days prior. Freaking out and almost having a panic attack, or even a heart attack, I called a few psychics on the list and I finally got a hold of one. I told her what was happening to me and she said "Millions of people are awakening now, this is big news and it is real", she said "you HAVE to read just ONE book to explain all of this; "BRINGER'S OF THE DAWN". I went out and got the book the same day and I could NOT put that book down for one second, it was like I already knew the information in there, and it was encoded in my DNA. I cried my eyes out for probably three days.

Anyway, the past thirteen years have been extremely challenging with all of the Light Body/Crystalline Conversion/DNA Reconnections with massive, severe symptoms.

I need some like minded people to talk to and interact with, because I am an Aquarius, very awoken and tuned up. It is very difficult to live here in this situation right now, I will finally get to live MY/OUR purpose when NESARA kicks in and the planet starts getting it's game on !!! And remember, Sheldan and the PAO is NO joke - someone has to have the master plan, right? He is the one !!! I have studied many materials and NOTHING touches my heart, as the supreme truth that Sheldan and the PAO puts out. Thank you PAO and all you other Star-Seeds & Light-Workers out there !!! Please contact me via email.


Nick from Hazel Park MI, USA writes:

I am 19 almost 20. I am a star seed from the planet Sirius. My life has been chaotic up until march of 2011. I was medicated for awhile but in the end you can't fight fate. Since march my life has been a series of awakenings and psychic experiences ultimately letting me understand the need for everything I've had to do up to this point and where i go from here. I need to connect with others of like mind in my area. I live in Michigan. It is just so lonely and would be nice to talk to someone with out wondering if they believe me. We are here for an important reason and that is what i try not to lose faith in even though i can find it hard when the world still seems asleep as we rapidly approach our new beginning. Feel free to contact me anytime. In fact I'm hoping you do.


William from Belville NC, USA writes:

Ok, this HAS to be real! I first began my journey- er, my earthly journey- well actually I guess my first real awakening was the day I figured out that I was leading a life of absolute nothingness in the Marine Corps. Before I made this realization I was reading the words of Jesus and somehow Myself finally broke through and told me to wake the heck up and stop wasting my life!!! So I did, and it has been a spiritual battle like no other since then. I have made astounding (at least to me :p) discoveries about this beautiful reality we live in. I ALWAYS knew there was a divine purpose for my life, and I know now that I've found it. I have had visions of angelic beings and places of light carrying me through the darkness and I even had the experience of "heaven", seeing my most ancient Mother, seeing her beautiful voice and face, and it finally all came into focus the night I saw the awakening video sent by the Pleiadians that I knew was directly to ME, or US, or BOTH! I am excited to join my family once again in this epic quest for consciousness and evolution, I feel and know my direction now

With love,
Member of the Family of Light

Isaac from Highland MI, USA writes:

I have had such an interesting, unusual, and zany life on this planet. I've had so many awesome experiences (both negative and positive). I can't remember ever being fully asleep but I truly look forward to being fully conscious, awake, and able to remember where it is that I came from. I miss being home very much and I miss remembering exactly "where" home was, even more. I am so glad that I stumbled upon Sheldan's website last year. His information has given me much support during trying times. I look forward to the life on and in earth being reconnected and for peace and agape to wipe away the pain of our dramatic yesterdays.

My human birth name is: Isaac "he will laugh" and my blackfoot (indigenous american) name is: Screaming Mountain. I have a brother named Caleb and together we talk about the coming changes, but we aren't an official PAG. I guess you could call us "undercover" light workers. With changes coming more rapidly I felt compelled to reach out and connect more. I hope to converse with more of my awakened family so that we may combine our spiritual forces and help to nudge the rest into belief. Feel free to contact me via email so that we may share stories and dreams together. Nosotros encontramos dios (oneness) en todos cosas.


Monica from Greenacre Florida, USA writes:

I am originally from Mexico. I have 4 years old son ( Alan) and 9 years old girl ( Emma). I consider myself like a smiley person since I was born. In my 18's I felt in the middle of the nigth that some one was putting something in my througth! I had several "trips" sleeping. I saw myself sleeping on my own bed. Since then i get into meditation sometimes and Read Zen books. It wasn't until the end of my 20's that I start like Yogi and vegetarian! Until I met my husband now! Since then I was a "normal" person. I have 10 years of marriage!

I moved to a new house in Florida! Like one or two months latter from we moved here! My daugther told me that she saw a girl at home! At the beggining i was scared! Because she could see her and talk to me at the same time! I could feel her too! My son could see her too! I knew from a neigthbor that a girl died in my house, so, i ask for help and a person from internet told me a ritual to send her to heaven! So, I did it!

Emma told me that some angels came to pick her up! since then i become more spiritual! I have been meditating and I know that big things are happening now ! Sometimes I am so confused! My husband doesn' t want to believe in me! But, he allways listen ! :) If someone want to speak with me about it! It is welcome! I know that there are more people like me! But, not around me! I feel like I am the only one with this "crazy ideas".

Hoping to get in touch with "crazy and funny " people like me!

Namaste, Monica

Justin from Columbus Ohio, USA writes:

Personally the message that I got from it changed my perspective on what life is really about. Like many other people, before hearing the message of the GFOL I had thought just like any other black guy in the hood, like was messed up and there was no cure for it. After looking deeper into the subject I noticed myself gradually change from accepting other people's opinions on who i am, to looking into myself to find out who I truly was. When I first came to that understanding I felt a need to tell the world of my discovery (because most black males in the hood knew little or nothing about the subject) and when I did I realized how brainwashed a lot of people really was for the first time. I even tried showing the exact same material that I had watched and read to some of the people but very few grasped the concept of what I was telling them. Eventually I started to feel like I had lost my mind because others didn't agree with how I feel about the topic until one day at work I just happen to talk to a co-worker about the topic to find out to my surprise, he knew more about the subject then I did. And when others heard us talking, even MORE people joined into the conversation. And that's when I tended to separate myself from other people who wasn't for the federal of light and now I have a whole knew set of friends and a new life that I probably would have never reached before.

Peace and love from your extended family in columbus.

Alvie, from Indianpolis IN, USA writes:

I am 43 years old and I am married to a wonderful woman named Julie. I was born and grew up in Oklahoma, mostly in southern Oklahoma. I lived for about 16 years in northern Texas where I worked. I have been married this time for 3 1/2 years. I first met my wife when I was 16 years old and her mother sent her to live in California to live with her uncle to split us up. We had a very strong relationship for teenagers. After 23 years apart we were brought back together by the internet and phone. I first began to awaken shortly after we were drawn back together. I began by watching the video of "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch. I then began reading all of his material and searching for more and different material that resonated with me.

I have always believed that there had to be inteligent life in other parts of the universe. I did see a very interesting looking UFO when I was a teenager, but have not seen anything since. I look forward to disclosure and to being able to visit with our cosmic brothers and sisters, and with our Agarthan brothers and sisters as well. I have had many dreams throughtout my life of the skies being full of different shaped UFO's and look forward to the day this dream is realized.

The Galactic Federation Messages really inspire me and keep me going, I am really greatfull for these messages and all of the messages from Sheldan Nidle. I would love to be able to communicate with others that are awakening as well.


James, from Somerset NJ, USA writes:

Hello Everyone. In 1997, I was very unhappy. So, one day I decided to do something about it. I practiced choosing joy and replacing all negative thoughts and emotions with enthusiasm and happiness for one year. During that time my mind grew quiet. All the random thoughts stopped entering my mind, and I could look at life around me more holistically without judging things and people. One day, I paid a Regressionist to help me deal with my disjointed and scattered childhood memories. At the start of the session i suddenly told her to take me back 2000 years. All of a sudden i was in another body at the Sermon on the Mount. At that point, I got to experience the etheric record of Jesus's Ascension. From that point on the only real thing to me was this: Anyone incarnated here in physicality can earn their Ascension as an Ascended Master if they can neutralize 51% of their Karma and provide enough Service to Life that will cause the expansion or advancement of their I AM Presence. Only your I AM Presence can authorize your ascension so you no longer need to incarnate in physicality whether it's 3D or 5D experience. So, in order to discover the meaning of my huge experience I ended up reading 16 volumes of Saint Germain's I AM Discourses by The Ballards. In that series I discovered that there was indeed an etheric record of Jesus's ascension in the Earth's Atmosphere for anyone to contact.

While living in Mount Shasta City, CA, I did witness a Sirian Scout Ship fly into the Ground 100m from me and phase out at the last instant. I also saw the same thing in New Jersey where I reside currently. This happened last fall. So, I did read Sheldan Nidle's 2 books, and I do believe I am a starseed. I do believe I was being signaled by the Galactic Federation to understand my connection with them. I always assumed my UFO experiences happened because I was an Ascended Master Student. Now, I realize its because I have off world origins also.

For the past year, I have been doing my best to dissipate the effects of Chemtrail spraying and weather modification technology (HAARP) along the NJ/NY border. I use Ascended Master Decrees to do this. It's a scientific and alchemical means of applying Cosmic Law to charge the atmosphere around me and change imperfection into perfection. I agree with the last update in which they stated that Chemtrail spraying has been drastically reduced.

I encourage each of you to find a 'Mission" and make a difference as a Steward of this Planet even though you are in limited consciousness. Don't wait to be 'saved'. Be powerful and do what's right here and now. I welcome any communication from all you Light Bearers out there.


Joanne from Rhode Island, USA writes:

I “woke” up first, I know my exact date, 11/2/10. I have had lupus and panic attacks since I was about 17, which makes perfect sense as so much turmoil was going on in my life. I own a Travel Company, I had to fly to DC, usually
I do this with my husband but he had to work, I was on my own, it’s a Tuesday, who has a Tuesday off anyway. It’s 11/01/10, I was reading a “Fear” Prayer, over and over, I had no choice but to go to this meeting, I can’t do etc. by myself. I went to bed.

Upon arising I packed, got in my car, drove to the airport. Took elevators, flew, stayed overnight, drove home. No clue, I was not doing that alone. It was very robotic. When I pulled into the garage my husband Brad had his head poking out the door with his mouth open in disbelief. “Did you just?...” my response-“Yup, and I don’t have a clue how, don’t ask me to do it again”, I wasn’t sure if I could. Because of “panic attacks” which is basically fear of nothing, my life was planned around not driving. Or at least not driving alone. So story is, I woke up after that and my husband saw enough to know, she didn’t do that alone, no way, Brad has never even seen me drive alone and we’ve been together for 12 yrs. So that’s what woke Brad up. Brad and I are and were before we even met Spiritual. Brad got me thru losing my Dad (BF) in 2000 to cancer. He taught me a lot about life. Brad and I feel very alone, we would love to meet some people in our area which is a small one but hopefully someone is close by.

Brad and I are Light Workers, Way Showers, we are here to assist in getting humans to ascend with an understanding thru light, love. We are Star seeds.


Nancy from Naples Florida, USA writes:

I have been experiencing LOTS of fuzzy head and body sensations. I am clear one day and fuzzy the next. This morning I had the fuzzy head feeling. I felt the webinar coming up and was full of anticipation - it was my first webinar. I did some meditation for an hour and then felt to lie down and just drift. I did. Over the next hour I had visitations in the form of a series of faces. I've seen faces all my life but this morning the faces had love in them! The eyes gave me the most wonderful love feeling. The faces were very very fine like etheric quality, but they moved in close to me, very close, and there was such a love, such a consciousness. Such a beautiful soul-warming feeling from each of them. One face after another after another. I felt a strong link to Shelden's upcoming message. Since reading The Galactic Human I have been contacting Washta and the Sirian Council in my meditations, asking to link with them. I learned about Shelden through my sister several years ago.

My starseed background is this. I had a supportive family, lived on a farm. At age 15 I read "The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" by Baird Spalding and the word "ascension" triggered memory in me and put me on the spiritual path. I knew I was here for the ascension. Also at 15 a significant book was "Ye Are Gods" by Annalee Skarin who ascended. She left her manuscript mysteriously at her publisher's door after she disappeared.

I love this idea of the PAO groups and letters. Thank you to all of my star family out there. Thank you for making yourselves known. Blessings to you all for coming forth. I send open-ended Galactic Love to everyone who reads this and a big warm Galactic Hug! Let's keep our light on in the window and let them know we are here waiting for them.


Kezia, from Chestnut Hill PA, USA writes:

I am an artist and healer, and though I am in my mid years, it has been mostly within the past ten years that I have become seriously committed to my spiritual path. While I feel isolated in the world at large as many of you do , my guides certainly communicate with me constantly, and I have several friends with whom I feel deeply connected. I am also involved with a group called the Group of Forty, an international group which connects via phone and does planetary healing using Arcturian healing technology. Being an active participant in this group has helped me feel more connected, and is providing me with the opportunity to serve. I mention this not as a way to advertise this group but to share a bit more about who I am!

I, like many of you, know my true home and my true family exist somewhere among the glittering stars. My longing to reconnect seems to grow daily! I have been reading Shelden's informative and inspiring messages for several years now, and recently "attended" my first webinar! It was wonderful! I just signed up for the second, and will now participate every month. Tonight I watched most of the Galactic 101 videos which are also truly amazing, and will watch the rest tomorrow. I certainly felt I was being activated, uplifted and " worked " during it! I especially loved Shelden's stories about his childhood. They are the most vivid descriptions I have ever heard about being a contactee! Oh my!

My guides have been urging me for weeks now to find out if there are like minded people in my area and told me very clearly that I should write this tonight! I am moved to do this not so much because I desire the social contact, but I do feel first contact approaching and I am told that it will be very important for me to participate and that I will play a key role in helping my family and my community to come to acceptance and understanding. I sense it will be important to connect with people in my area before this occurs, so that we have a network, a PAG group in place. Many of us have had years to prepare, and still, though I long for it,it is hard to truly imagine! Think of what it would be like for someone who still has the myopic illusion we are alone in the Universe!

Love and light to you my fellow star seeds and light workers!


Jeffrey, from Poland Maine, USA writes:

In 1984 during a ONENESS experience with a Pine tree I saw the magnetic flux lines around the Earth as well as the butterfly. For three days I went around everywhere smiling and bubbling and repeating “joy and harmony, joy and harmony.” I began to do yoga positions naturally in lines at the bank, or at the beach, without ever knowing the word, “yoga”. When we compared before and after pictures, I appeared 10 years younger, and I still act and think from my inner child. My life is a meditation and I am on automatic pilot to grow and love and learn as I even have initiated a new Monastic Brotherhood, ASCETIC FRIENDS.

Twenty seven years ago, right after this much joy and harmony, I started meditation every day and went to study Holistic Studies and Healing Arts in Cambridge, MA. I joined other devotees with Siddha yoga, taught yoga, communication and meditation, in groups, and in an intentional Spiritual community we called “Avalon”. The last 5 years fourteen books, including ASCENSION, FORGIVENESS, ONENESS, NURTURING, MIRACLES of PEACE, and INNER REALM have written themselves through me after prayer and meditation, and now my everyday life is devoted to ascension and healing ONENESS groups in Maine.

Jeffrey Pinetree

Matthew, from Lima Ohio, USA writes:

Let me start first by thanking Sheldan for giving us a place to share our stories it has givin me hope on several occasions reading the stories of other starseeds and lightworkers. I personally have always known that something wasnt right like i did not belong and like this planet no matter how beautiful she may be was not my true home. So all throughout my life here (25 soon to be 26) I have questioned everything but it wasnt untill 2009 when my son of six months died in his crib of S.I.D.S. that I started on the path Im on now. See after he died i was alomost mad with a need to find out the truth of what was really going on so that is exactly what I did for almost a year before I came across the Galactic Federation and Sheldan.

Soon after I started my very own PAG with my life long friend Kalib and one other who is awake at this time we have for the most part decided to live together untill ascention and we dedicate all our time to spreading the light so to speak. If you are in the lima ohio area we would love to sit and talk or meditate or whatever really just shoot me an email.


Star from Greysonville, Kent Island, MD, USA writes:

Hello! My name is Star and I live on the Eastern Shore of MD, Kent Island, just on the Eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I am a star seed from another star nation and have awakened to be of assistance during Earth's planetary awakening! I was born on this planet with my identical twin sister. We spoke another language until we were almost 5. It was foreign to everyone but we understood each other. We finally started speaking near age 5. We have been entirely telepathic as children and to a lesser degree as adults however I have had success in healing people with health conditions where Medical Doctors have failed. Energy work, healing, visionary, astril travel, lucid dreaming, etc. ect. you name it, I have experienced it or tried!! I have recently been receiving messages of encouragement from the Galactic Federation Guides and also very recently my Inner Earth Agarthan friends ..I have always been driven towards things such as this and I would love to meet or communicate with any people in my area who want are participating individually on their ascention process, and who are wishing to be a grander part of assisting humanity during this pre-ascention time of change. Or if that doesnt make sense, send me an email!! I want some friends over here who aren't asleep!!

I'd like to form a group to help spread the message to the people who live around here. Anyone in my area would be great but Washington, DC or Maryland is also pretty close by. It will be really nice to meet with people who have read Sheldon's Books, are conscious, and are on the same page. Also Ditto, who don't think I'm nuts.

I wish to spread the word on what is about to occur, and also to be assistance to the Galactic Federation of Light or Inner Earth Agarthans in whatever way is needed..This will be a wild ride and it will be so awesome to connect with fellow light workers at this time.


Larry from North GA, USA writes:

My interest in new age subjects has persisted over 40 years. Although I have some of the starseed characteristics. I have had no defining "a ha" moment to make me believe anything specific. However my interests, beliefs and continuing study leads me to the point which I know that I have a job to do. Are there people in North Ga. who have similar feeling and is there a way to contact them?

Thanks for your assistance, Larry

Patrick from Cumming GA, USA writes:

About two and a half months ago I heard about starseeds, and so I started researching and I found that most of the questions that define what a starseed is described who I am with startling clarity. Baffled and amazed I stumbled on the pao site and after reading through some of the pages I went to the posts of the eastern USA emails that had been sent in. As I'm reading all the emails I think to myself 'wouldn't that be cool if someone closer to home wrote in, but no that's not probable'. As I'm thinking this a female light being appears in my peripheral kinda smiling, almost as to say 'keep reading'. Afraid she would vanish if I looked directly at her I kept reading and the next post was from Atlanta. Me, living in ga was astonished and the entity to my right had a vibe like 'do you believe now?' in her friendly way. I didn't know what to believe.

Then as I'm reading the Atlanta post I think 'wouldn't it be cool if someone even closer to where i'm living wrote a post, but naw that's impossible'. Then the entity to my right grinned wider as to say 'keep reading.' Hoping, but not putting to much faith in the idea that someone in a closer town could have written a post on this site I just stumbled upon, I kept reading. And the next post was from Cumming. Where I have been living for the past 6-7 years. I was blown away, after that there was no question. That was my verification and confirmation that I am a starseed.
Thank you for letting me share.


Jack and Susan from St. Augustine Florida, USA writes:

Dear Fellow Starseeds,

We have been dutifully informing ourselves and our spirits about the fantastic and important journey we humans are on. As we gain personal insights and comfort from the knowledge we may now access, we have been rather disappointed when we try to talk with others about the subject.
Apparently the propaganda in mass media and entertainment is very effective as we've found so very few people who are interested or can even get past the "Blank Stare" response enough to converse at any level on the topics of disclosure, spirituality and the times we are privileged to be in.
Anyone from our area who wants to converse via e-mail, please do so. We welcome contact with fellow travelers and will respond to stories, experiences and opinions shared for the highest good.

Sincerely, Jack and Susan

John from Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA writes:

I am 65, happily married with three grown children, two grandchildren, five sisters and two brothers.
I've a lot of experience with "groups" both as a seeker of light and a retired psychotherapist. However, all I am really interested in is at this point is humanity's, and my own, ascension.

Before committing to a get together, I would like to know "who you think you are".

Here is a very condensed timeline of my life's journey which, hopefully, will help you to get a sense of "who I think I am": Between 1959 and 1969: I intended, and learned, how to open my heart in a group setting through, among other things, and people: Gestalt Psychology; Graduate School/Sensitivity Groups, and John Denver.

Between 69 and 79: I intended, and learned, how to open my heart on a one to one basis with the help of Ram Dass; Poldi Orlando/Creative Dancing, Swami's Muktananda and Chidvilasananda, A Course In Miracles, and Six more years of Graduate School/Adlerian and TransPersonal Psychology. Between 79 and 89: I intended and learned how to make a Soul (Higher Self) connection with the help of: A Spiritual Sabbatical which took me from FL to CO, CA, and WA where I spend time in and with The Ark (An Institute for Spiritual Individuality in LA); The Enneagrams; Abraham/Hicks, and my " Non-Physical Guides".Between 89 and 99: Re-entering FL, I started another private practice based upon my learned heart and soul consciousness methodology, but, now in my 50's got caught up in my "need" for security. Between 99 and 2009: My security fears led me into a corporate environment in which I closed my heart and drowned out my Soul Consciousness. This finally culminated in a heart attack requiring 5 part open heart surgery in 2008.

From 2009 to The Present: Noticing that I was still here and remembering that I am a Light Bearer, I returned to the statement from ACIM that states that: "There must be a better way" ... for this planet, and for me who is emerged in this 3D experience, ...

And that is when I found Sheldon. God, I hope he's for real! I am about 70% confident and 100% praying. I realize that I may not sound very optimistic, but actually I am, because either way I will ascend! It would just be really interesting to experience it from a human 3D perspective... after all, I went through a lot of trouble to be here.


Lynn from Buffalo NY, USA writes:

I encountered Sheldon's book You Are Becoming a Galactic Human in a bookstore in the late 1990's. I do believe that I was led to pick this up and I bought it right away without hesitation. Growing up in the Buffalo NY area, I immediately connected with Sheldon, and, like him, have always, from childhood on been a seeker for more than the "truth" that I had been told. I did not have an "alien" experience but did sight one UFO in the area when in my 20's. Always a believer in the unknown, I sought out Science Fiction to read, wrote short stories of space travel, spoke to invisible "friends" all through childhood and my teens.

As an adult, I knew that my spirituality was not the usual, so I sought out metaphysical teachings from Concept Therapy, to Unity, to Theosophical Society, Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery and many others-books, workshops, retreats etc. Later, I explored Wicca, Avalonian, and Goddess traditions. As an astrologer, also (not my work, I'm and Occupational Therapist), I became more attuned to my gift of clairsentience. All this led up to my discovering Sheldon's book and PAO and the journey I was on began to fit all the pieces together.

I am solo in the Buffalo area and would love to connect with anyone else who would like to e-mail or possibly meet to form a PAG. As I read in others stories, I have not been met with great enthusiasm when I selectively talk about the current major changes our world and humanity are going through, but I am very excited about what is to come very soon, I hope. I am ready!!!


Hilda from Toledo Ohio, USA writes:

Hello all. My name is Hilda living now in Toledo, Ohio. I belong to The Central Sun in Alcyone. In 1985 I started searching answers to a lot of question, because I didn’t feel at home here in Gaia. I started to receive telepathic communication, in that moment strange for me, so I make a journal about all that I was receiving. In 1992 I had a vision where I saw myself stand in a some kind of "angar" waiting for our vehicle to depart to planet Earth. I was crying, because I didn't want to come leaving my mother. She was so beautiful, and I remember she was dressed with a crystal tunic. She told me "my dear you have to go, you have a mission" and I said that I knew that I had that mission, but she wasn’t going to be with me. Se said, "from now on I tell you that I will look at you when I get there, and I don't going to rest until I find you". With my mom's promise I departed to this beautiful planet with some others of my people. In my vision I had a very close friend who was all the time with me in that journey until we get here.

Have been a hard journey, the adaptation have been hard, feel you are different is hard, feel you are not at home is hard. Thanks to our Masters, Angels, Lightworkers and brother and sister of our original planets we can keep doing what we have to do to accomplish our mission here in Gaia.

Remember, love was, is and will be our signal. Infinite Love and Blessings.


Maria from Maine, USA writes:

Hi, my name is Maria and am looking for people in Maine who want to form a pag. I have some experiences with ETs but would like to know more. Please email me so we can get together for the big day!


Krista from Camp Hill PA, USA writes:

I truly realized myself as a galactic human one year ago after going to a spiritual conference. I have ties to pleides and sirius but have traveled throughout the galaxys. My life has gotten much more joyful and better since I connected to my higher self and my galactic roots becoming consious of my mission on earth . I also know that I will ascend one way or another . Life used to be more challenging and confusing before I knew who I am. Many people knew I was unique and I always felt I was forgetting. I am here to help assist gaia in her ascension and humans and I have all the tools I need. I am a energy worker and love nature .

I consider myself a sociable people person although I usually enjoy the company of consious people. If you live around me and would like to meet or go to meditation group or the amythyst spiritual center please contact me. Even if you want to write a email or call feel free I like to share.


Theresa from Virginia Beach VA, USA writes:

I was smart enough to arrange a father in this life who was a closet intellectual. Hard hat during the day at the refinery, thinking cap in the evenings and on days off. All during my high school years he and I read Jeanne Dixon, Ruth Montgomery, Brad Steiger and Edgar Cayce. I was raised Catholic, but I was the bronco who couldn’t be busted, and after high school joined the Rosicrucians and later Eckankar and for many years now aware of the God Within. I’ve always known that it’s like Star Trek out there and been quite vocal about it.

Just like so many of you, I’m 58 and still the weirdo, always the odd man out, but I’ve still managed to have really good times and lots of adventures. I’ve done much the same reading as you all have through the years and studied a few healing modalities. So many interesting subjects, so little time! I love being around people who are searching and open to questioning the old ways and trying some new ones, to have good honest communion with them.

Thank you, Sheldan and Colleen!


Adam from Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA writes:

As a teenager, I used to tell friends that true one-mindeness gave powers of God, even though I didn't know how I knew this. But in the Army, I was surrounded by "Peter, Paul, and John" (lol) who convinced me of strict bible adherence and hell even to the point that I pleaded with my parents to do the same cuz I didn't want them to go to hell. Around '92 I started questioning how God could be so great, yet kill, or command to kill. About the same time, the Conversations with God books were coming out and I devoured them. Later came an awesome book called Love Without End, Jesus Speaks which opened my eyes further and then, between '06 and '08, I studied A Course In Miracles, which totally transformed me, and of course, I still turn to it often.

I was introduced to Sa Lu Sa, Sheldan Nidle and the gang around early '10 and enjoy listening to the messages put to computer voice offered by "komurosan" portal of Youtube, although now I also read the originals as well. It is time to come together! Please, all of you, email me soon! I have no idea what we will wind up doing but I'm sure it will be Earth-changing.


Elizabeth from Imlay City MI, USA writes:

Hello all. My name is Elizabeth and I’ve been reading Sheldan for the past year and a half. The first time I read one of his updates, it was as though the words vibrated a sense of truth someplace deep inside of me. I realized why I’d always felt so different. And I came away feeling like I’d just found my real family. Even if at that very moment I couldn’t reach out and physically touch them, it felt like they had reached out to me.

This is the strength that sustains me when I explain to others (often in the face of denial/disbelief) why it is important to stop poisoning this planet, and stop believing the mainstream lies that perpetuate these mass poisonings.

Right now with so much going on in our world, it is an on- going struggle to keep the faith, and not let the fear take over. Most days I am filled with a sense of victory when I see that more people have woken up to the truth. I think the hardest part is having to deal with family and close friends who are still sleeping. I would truly love to find like minded people in my area.


Jasmine from Hastings MI, USA writes:

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I find it so inspiring to learn about so many Awakened Souls striving to heal this planet and work toward their full Ascension! Like many others, I felt very displaced most of my life, not being able to understand the consciousness humanity often displays and, even though I've always loved the Earth, animals and nature, I've felt like a "stranger in a strange land." As a child I loved reading about other planets and wished I could fly away and visit the stars! When I was 13 I was introduced to the idea of reincarnation and various metaphysical studies through Edgar Cayce. Learning about spiritual truths was (and still is) such a joy!

I was always fascinated by the idea of UFOs since I first learned about them. I've never seen one, but I did have a unique experience in my early 20's of being taken out of my body by my spirit guides and flying through the depths of Space past a myriad of stars. The feeling was total ecstacy! This happened twice, and I heard the voices of my guides as we traversed the skies. At one point there appeared a golden triangle which I knew to be a symbol of the Blessed Trinity. Such spontaneous praise came from my being in tandem with my guides! I knew there could be no joy on earth that could equal this! When I can back to my body I felt tears streaming down my face. Years later when I had channelling session done, I asked about this, and was told I was taken to the region of Andromeda, where I had lived. It sure felt good to be back home!

My attention continues to grow daily on working toward Ascension! I love the St. Germain book series brought forth through the Ballards, along with other books about teachings from the Masters. And, of course, Sheldon's updates have been keeping me so inspired and excited looking toward a future interacting with our Star Families! I've been reading them for 8 or more years. I'm also attracted to David Wilcock's work and Michael Ellegion, Patti Cota-Robles, amoung others. I am so ready for first contact!! I would love to connect with others, esp. with those in my area of SW Michigan, for sharing and growing in the Light and preparing for the Golden Age that is our future!

Thank you, and many Blessings to All!


Patricia from Greenville MI, USA writes:

Hello everyone,

I just recently started receiving emails sent to me by a friend. She knew how much it would touch me. I have been studying The Course in Miracles for 15 years and find there is so much truth in both. They are very compatabile in that we know we are one.

I live in Greenville, Michigan, it is about 30 miles northeast of Grand Rapids. If you are near please let me know, I would be happy to know there are more people to share ideas and knowledge with.


d'tewa from Brunswick, GA USA writes:

I AM d'tewa. I AM a Warrior of Light and a Seeker of Truths.

In the year 2000, I was awakened by the kundalini. This awakening is still transforming my body and my life. Those who I know and meet are witnessing a miracle of great proportions as I speak of Light and Love, and great changes to Earth and Humanity. As I begin to incorporate my special gifts, I look forward to becoming well-known to all as d'tewa, and what I stand for. Until this occurs, it is not only my duty, but my choice to send Light and Love to those who are still sleeping, with the intent of awakening them to the greatest show on Earth! I Am truly honored, blessed, and grateful to have been chosen to assist in this huge, exciting endeavor. I also wish to thank the PAO and Sheldan for giving me the opportunity to speak out. I AM grateful.

Be in Love and Peace Always. I AM d'tewa, A Warrior of Light and Seeker of Truths.

Randi from Brevard County, Cocoa, Florida, USA writes:

My spiritual awakening began on September 8, 2010. I had been dreaming for 3 nights in a row that I was having very intense and long conversations with my departed grandparents, Lois and Donald Dix. On that day at 6:00 am I awoke feeling completely different, open, wise, joyful and full of love and light. On the following evening I held meetings with different star relations until I met and became great friends with various members of the Dragon race. They taught me a great many things and I will always remain grateful for their intervention. They also opened the door for other great spiritual advisors such as Quan Yin. I find now that if I have a specific problem I will present it to all my Relations to ask if anyone has an answer, solution, or insight into the problem. I continue to be amazed at the plethora of help I continue to receive.


Corey from Highland, MI, USA writes:

I recently have awakened to a new spirit of my self, going through some spiritual and mental changes, Literally feeling the mental separation of the dark and light in my mind. this has been a uniformed journey and i was dropped in the middle of it. my comprehension of spiritual events is described in my 3 NDE experinces and nothing else. which the three of them brought me extreamly close to The Creator.

Now im Being opened up to The Creator personally and a new kind of life. i have made many shifts personally from my vocabulary, to my depression. and continue to create more and more shifts with the personal help of many spirits

this has been an eye opening journey, and i look forward to learning more and more. most of my knowledge comes from the spirits as they show me life with out all the rules and rely on the pure cause and effect of sound, light and vibration one of my most memorable experince so far ( well there are two) the first one was when i felt The Creator come to me and explain to me he was going to fix my head. i was ecstatic i was speaking with him and broke down in tears. then the spirits proceed to enlighten me through contact. the first true contact experince was when they filled my body with the light of The Creator. this allowed me to see my whole inner body. due to all the life sustaining medication of the past 10 years i felt all the destruction through pain of every organ. and this showed me how important are organs are to us. and gave me the comprehension that each
organ including are body can be a separate entity then ourselves.

This is becoming a great journey and i hope you all get to have your personal experince as great as mine.


David from Cape Cod MA, USA writes:

Hi, I came to discover Sheldan when I was researching Astral Travel on the internet. Exactly how, where and when I don't remember. However after much research on OBE's Out of Body Experiences, I came across youtube videos by Sheldan and his messages. I found out about PAO about a year ago early 2010 and have been a fan ever since. I have enjoyed and appreciated the correspondance i have had with Sheldan, Colleen and staff, as well as all their great effort in keeping us informed. Selamat Ja!

I would love to have communications with like minded Galactic Friends.


Lynne from Orange County NY, USA writes:

My Earth name is Lynne, but my off planet name is AraSha Le-Ah. Forever, it seems, I've felt like a foreigner here on Earth, and have longed for my home. I felt like I was grieving for most of my life, and I'm 62 years old now. I never understood religion, the way things are taught in schools, or the medical world of pharmaceuticals that make one feel worse than the illness itself. I found myself finally "ignited" when I discovered the healer and spiritual teacher within, and for the first time had a passion for learning when I began to study and integrate understanding about UFO's and our off planet siblings, and the manipulation of the dark side. More and more I stepped into who I feel that I am, and began meeting kindred souls. Teachers like Sheldan and other beloveds helped to keep the fire burning when I was timid about speaking up and out.

My own family does not understand what I speak of, and I pray that my children and theirs reap the benefits of all the work that's being done in this Universe to make a better way for them and those that follow. For now, they roll their eyes when I share things, but I know seeds are planted and perhaps it will be familiar for them when they fully awaken.

With joy, I am facilitating and hosting our One Voice~One Heart Ascension Circle in my healing space in Orange County, N.Y. where we are guided to open our hearts and assist in the healing of our beloved Universe. Thank you for being wayshowers, and teachers, Sheldan, Colleen, and all who join together with the common purpose of love.

Gratefully, and with much love,

AraSha Le-ah
aka Lynne Newman

Rosie from Lutz Florida, USA writes:

I’ve been following Sheldon’s updates for at least 10 years….I read You are a Galactic Human at about the same time that I found the Barbara Marciniak books . This information just simply rang true to me……I have always anxiously awaited Sheldon’s updates and I always felt that although I may not have grasped all of the information on a conscious level, it felt important for me to keep reading the updates and allow my Soul to embrace this information……because even though I may not have an open discussion with everyone that is in my life or that I meet as I go about my daily routine…it feels that on some level I’m sharing what I know about the Truth of who we are and the extraordinary changes that we are all experiencing now.

I’ve really LOVED the monthly webinars and the fantastic information that Sheldon shares with us… feels so incredibly wonderful to connect with everyone during those webinars……I really feel incredible closeness to every one listening in and our beautiful Galactic family….I feel the energy of Love embracing all of us and Mother Earth.

I’ve had only one experience of seeing a ship and I’ll share it here…. It was about 20 years ago and I was driving in a very touristy area of Orlando Florida….I was driving down a street in broad daylight and it was filled with hotels and restaurants…..there was lots of traffic and we were moving pretty slowly. I was looking out of the window and up in the sky hovering above some high clouds in the area of what is Universal studios was this ship that was gold in color and had a dome……I was with a girlfriend and she saw it also…. We were amazed and virtually speechless…..right there in such a populated area! We continued to observe it and it began to change its shape…..getting horizontally longer and flatter all the while nestled in a large fluffy cloud with the sun shining on it… appeared to be glowing….then it just slowly disappeared…..what an experience!

I’d be so very happy to connect with others from the Florida area… son is also a follower of Sheldon’s updates and webinars but it would be wonderful to be able to connect with more people here….I would welcome it!

I want to thank Sheldon, Colleen, Miles and and the PAO group for all that you do… are so dearly loved and so very much appreciated!!!


Deborah from Rising Sun IN, USA writes:

Hello Folks,

I stumbled upon Sheldan's work on various utube sites about 2+ years ago. For the past 8 years I have read many channeled books from the Pleiadian and Arcturians. As a kid I always expected anytime to "ascend". Throughout my teenage years and adult life I've read as many spiritual books from Eastern and Western philosophies to indigenous beliefs that I could get my hands on. When I discovered Sheldan's dvds I purchased most of them and they are to this day my inspiration and hope. I especially resonate with his spiritual truths.

I wrote in an application to join a PAG group over a year ago but heard from no one. And after writing to the website a couple times, Colleen wrote me to say that there is not enough man power to get that going so I did join the yahoo pag group site but seldom access it. I try to keep my life simple so I get my inspiration from Sheldan's updates, webinars, dvds, and Mike Quinsey's Salusa updates as well. I really appreciate Sheldan,Colleen and staff members for all their loving service and look forward to seeing this come through fruition as soon as possible. I have been waiting, like most of us who are awake, all my life for this glorious new reality!! Selamat Ja!

Blessings to all, Deborah

Bill from King George, VA, USA writes:

My story began with a knowing that something did not click being Catholic. I never got why there had to be a go between for God and I to do business. I searched and searched, reading Native American stories and just about every other religious dogma out there until my Dad sent me Neale Donald Walsch's Conversation with God series. That opened my heart enough to handle my Mom sending me Kryon's The End Times. Since that point about a decade ago, I have immersed myself in the work of Tobias and Adamus St. Germain in Crimson Circle and the work of Steve Rother and The Group among many beloved others. I AM a lighthouse to the kids I teach on a daily basis, but really would like to have people my age that have a clue to talk to as well. I know I have more to give than I am giving, just want to talk and be with other physical Angels.

Namaste, Bill

Reane from Indianapolis IN, USA writes:

Hi... I'm Reane...54 years old...on a lifelong spiritual quest for in search of ONENESS. My life fell apart in the 80's and God sent me an Earth Angel named Joy...who has been on a spiritual quest for knowledge, teaching and various studies on her journey. We found a connectedness that we'd never found in any we are not gay...but we are old souls and have never felt like we belonged on this planet. She God-Adopted me (in every sense of the word) when I was 31 years old. I've had alot of health problems...and there is no doubt of our journey together...and the many miracles that occur on a regular basis...we believe there is no such thing as coincidences. God speaks loudly in our lives and we wish to connect to others in our area. We read the Journals, and keep up with Sheldan's site and serveral others. Please let us know of any in our area that are interest in PAG. Thanks

Sincerely, Reane

David from Hartford CT, USA writes:

Hello my name is David deHaas and I am from West Hartford CT. Some friends and I are very interested in joining this group, I read that there are two groups in Connecticut, one in New Britain and one in Griswald.

Please send me the contact information for these groups so I can meet them and learn more about what is out there.
My whole life I have only wanted to do one thing, and that is to inspire the world. I am an aspiring filmmaker and writer and I feel that I am meant for great things in this life. I hope that one day our society can be a part of the GF, and that we can all live in peace.


Vivian from Atlanta GA, USA writes:

Hi Sheldon and Crew!
This is so much an answer to a request that I made not two days ago to Mother/Father God. I am in the Atlanta Area and have not been following the Federation's activities but for one year but I have been researching for about 38 years as I KNEW something was NOT RIGHT!
I love writing and have many notes and journals. It appears that I may be helping re-write our history. I even wrote for an Atlanta area newspaper for a short time.
For the last year I have been compiling notes to share family, friends and those even on the streets that I meet who are still not awake. I need someone to talk to who is working on their Ascension that I can relate to. It is very exciting to be alive and participating in the Awakening/Ascension but not having someone to share it with on your own scale is disheartening, as you well know.

Kathy from Cumming GA, USA writes:

I went through a financial and medical meltdown in 2004. I started to research a way to start my life over again but with meaning. I started to read some esoteric books, started with Sitchin's book and I was hooked! I have read and researched just about every thing I could lay my hands on since then.

The BEST information and site that I have ever found was the PAO. Sheldan get's his message's right from the Federation, no middle man here. I cannot wait every week to find out additional information on how close we are coming to actually meeting our space brothers & sisters.

The biggest obstacle that I find is when I do try to share this information with my children and friends they think I have lost it.

The BEST thing about all of this is I KNOW it to be true and this makes me very happy. The other BEST thing is the suffering around the world will soon be over.

Thanks for letting me share my story.


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