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Scott from Broomfield, CO, USA writes:

It goes beyond frustration knowing too few nearby, who share my knowledge of what's going on here on Gaia. I have only once seen a (huge green Hathor) ship cleaning the atmosphere at night over Colorado Springs while driving south on I-25. Not much ET contact other than that. No, it was not a meteor!

My somewhat limited knowledge of astrology appears in synchronization with that of which Sheldan Nidle speaks. Areas of knowledge/interest other than ETs include crystals and ESP. Most people I know are psychic, healing channels( of many alternatives), or white witches, or a combination thereof.

My nine year grand-daughter, a crystal child, sees things I only wish I could see: Light and dark energy, relatives no longer here and other dimensional beings as well. The young ones came in wired for the new reality.

I am willing to offer insight if anyone of the Light is interested as well as learn if you care to offer. Dark side not welcome in my space as it is protected by White Light and a Golden Bubble.


Chris from Saint George, UT, USA writes:

Greetings Fellow Starseed! Like many of us I have always been different, an outsider. I have been awake to our extended reality for a long time now. I moved to Saint George from So. California almost 10 years ago and really love the earth and energies here.

I had felt that I was a Pleiadian for many years. Last year got a reading from the wonderful Astrologist Lavandar at the that confirmed it. I recommend her to anyone wishing for some validation of your star markings. After the confirmation my life has expanded in many ways. It seems I also have Andromedan and Arcturians in my life and past as well.

I am an Earth Keeper working with the Meridian/Ley lines and healing the earth. I have a strong communication line with my Star family and my guides and angels. So far my work has been singular. I only just recently got in contact with another earth worker like myself.

Sheldon's updates and Webinars are a mainstay for me bringing both hope and info. The InLight Radio is also a great source of love and information that has given me support along with the web site

I understand in this great time of The Shift that it is much more joyful and productive when we can work and build our New Earth together. I have had many experiences that are not easily shared with most people. It would be wonderful to find some like minded friends to share stories and ideas with.

Love to you all as we approach our New Nova Earth, and the time where Love Reins!


Sue from Prescott, AZ, USA writes:

Hello Friends, I have been interested in reading books about UFOs, aliens, Yeti, Lemuria and Atlantis since I was in fourth grade. I remember reading all the books in the adult section of our public library in Scottsdale, AZ, and being disappointed because there were not more to read. When I found Sheldan’s website, I devoured the information!

It has been a long time since I was in fourth grade but my whole life I have continued my reading pattern, preferring to feed my soul with non-fiction books, mostly in the occult and esoteric sections of libraries and bookstores. I always knew that there was a truth beyond what we had been told!

Now, in these times of change, it is wonderful to meet more of my soul brothers and sisters, Star Seeds who are coming forward and sharing their experiences. I am so eager for the events to take place that have long been discussed in Sheldan’s presentations. When one considers all of the information out there, I resonate most strongly with Sheldan’s as being truth. There are so many people presenting varying perspectives but I believe that Sheldan is truly linked to the “source” as opposed to channeling or guessing as so many are doing.

Thank you for the work you do, Sheldan and Colleen. I look forward to the day when we come together in celebration and I can give you both big hugs!


Sheri from Highlands Ranch, CO, USA writes:

At age 5 or 6 I told my off world friends to " quit watching me". Lord knows don't know why I said that, I say now that I didn't mean it ! During my very early 20's I attracted some passing through my life-teachers, one older German man(I didn't know) announced I"d be leading people to ships in the mountains. He asked me to do a healing on him I never saw him again, same with both the Rosicrucian & Egyptian teachers. A friend remembers a blue light appeared in my room

One night. I have seen many ships,. I have been awakened with a ship pulsing light and deep sound though my house it woke one daughter and me, an erie bluish light, pulsing strong almost dizzying vibration within our home. Of course I have felt all my life like I don't fit in here and once told my kindergarten teacher my parents were not my real parents. I gave up trying to fit in. Jobs, marriages

Never worked for long. I hated the school and job system. Last year I had a vision of attending a transfusion of some kind between an off world infant and a human infant that I still don't understand. I know everything is about to become very clear and celebrate that so many of us world wide are waking up to what we are, where we are from, and we chose to come here and have this experience.,


Ruth from Provo, UT, USA writes:

I was born in England, As a child I was a loner I guess, I used to go off daydreaming all day, I was very quiet , and mostly around grownups so I was used to being very good. As I grew older I found myself a bit and became more social , my parents divorced and even though my Mum had a really hard time it didn't seem to upset me too much the fact they were not together. Even when I was young Ii really didn't feel I was in the right place and used to daydream looking over the ocean or go for walks in the forest, I knew I was supposed to be somewhere else .

I became Married and moved to Utah, I thought it was wonderful. We tried to have a family but we adopted two children instead who filled my days. I was still finding myself lost, to the point after almost 23 years I couldn't go on anymore. he is a very good man don't get me wrong, something still was not right, I still felt like I was in some dream/nightmare/lost and was going crazy. Both my parents died in early in 2000's, and I felt even more lost, I had grown close to them both and felt even more lost. My mother had given me the gift of A LOVE OF ANIMALS and that is what has kept me going, I have a great love for all life, I have also a connection with the stars and find myself looking up to the sky in a waiting for something, not sure what until now, I do feel that I am not home here but one day will find out where. I am ready for change and pray that this is it .


Kathereine from Denver, CO, USA writes:

How much of my lifelong feelings of being foreign were simply because I am foreign has now been revealved to me, and I am now so happy to know that I am what I always sensed I was: somehow set apart... not in an ego way, just in a simple, descriptive way. The joy I now to feel when in contact with others is like wearing a newly discovered old suit, one with all my old, beloved trinkets in the pockets, a suit that fits me better than I remember, and one which fits me better than anything else I have tried on.

I remember seeing a craft when I was a youth, maybe age 3 or 4, and I can remember even now then increbible peace I knew as I looked at it. I know now I was being reminded of a central truth to my being, and given concrete evidence of the greater reality. Around 1980, I encountered a staggeringly huge, jet black triangular craft. I had no conscious memory of the event for years, and when it did surface, I found it had not been a great experience... I was seen as a "Loose cannon", released and not revisited by that group. That sort of an event also served to make me feel set apart... whether the intent of those who picked me up was benevolent or malevolent, it served to confirm that I was fundamentally different from others.

I chose to incarnate into a difficult set of circumstances. I understand now, perhaps in the last month, that although the road was brutal, my old patterns around betrayal, secrecy and cruelty (themes central to this and the most recent of my incarnations) made one final pass through my awareness. The details matter less than the outcome: I am here NOW in physical form. What mattered more to me this lifetime was the timing of my being physical, and my rough geographical situation. That's all.

I worked with GAIL KALI, a trance channel who brought forth THE TEACHERS, who I am humbled to have worked with in the early '90's. The collective ascended 12-12 of 1993 or 1994 (I have never been able to anchor time well...) , and I was left unplugged... although given confirmation of much information and reminders of the plan, I had few tools. I knew I needed to write about what I knew, but.....

I will one day understand why it was I chose to wander thhrough the desert after receiving three years of instruction on ascension... others given the information may have been able to find peers, but I did not. In fact, even with the internet's power, my searches, until this last month, have been relatively fruitless. Is this because I wasn't ready, or because others weren't ready? I wish I knew. What I do know is that a switch flipped in me on January 25, 2012, and since that day, I have been fundamentally different.

It was a surprising but rather passively attained clarity. The clearing actually has been in process for my lifetime (and beyond), but this phenomenon of finally waking up FEELS LIKE it "just happened". One day I was paralyzed, the next, I was dancing. One day I was an R.N., the next day I no longer was. And there was no violence or trauma associated with this final phase of quickening. It was as simple and beautiful flipping a switch.

I am so grateful to be here now. I love how happy I have become. And this is not written by a personality whose past associates would describe as happy, joyous, light or playful. Quite the opposite. But the heaviness is lifted, and I am ready.

I am eternally grateful for my previous teachers having shown up.... their willingness to assist me is something I fervently hope I will be able to thank them for soon.


Nimueh from Phoenix, AZ, USA writes:

Starting in 2001, after 9-11, I heard about Sheldan and his work. It sounded aligned with my global concerns, so amazed, I began to read his Updates and take heart from his sharing. Shortly, Sheldan’s site announced that Sheldan would be touring and asked for volunteers to help with tours to their locale; I volunteered! Soon, I was contacting venues and friends, and talking to Colleen and others in PAG for his presenation here in November.
And I was feeling uplifted, energized, connected and happy.

We had a lovely few days of events here in Phoenix, and I met many who became my friends for years. Sheldan even celebrated his birthday with us – 11/11! And we had a cake with the Galactic Calendar symbols for that day on it – in chocolate, of course!

Over the years, Sheldan’s updates and now Sheldan’s webinars have continued to sustain me through life’s peaks and valleys, and I feel, understand and know that the positive directions that Sheldan indicates are true and are happening now. Sometimes I telepathically connect with the Galactic Federation myself and just feel the connection, or ask for assistance, and I feel that I receive support. I am grateful for the Planetary Activation Organization, PAO’s global and galactic grid, and the Galactic Federation! Selamat Ja!



Sue from Albuquerque, NM, USA writes:

Ever since I was a child I have been visited by, well, they like to be called The Visitors. They never abducted me but did show up occasionally. I feel like I have been educated ever since, at night by these people through my astral body.

I have had many puzzle pieces shown to me over the years and the final one was only this year which connected the pieces all together as to who I was and what we all could do if all connected by Unity Consciousness. That seems to be the name of the game on 11-11-11 so I am now, I think, up to speed in creating portals and ridding myself of the 3 dark entities that have plagued me all my life. I missed the information about doing this on Oct 11, 11 but have found the key to banishing them until the 11-11 portal opens. It is a great relief. If there is anyone in my area I would love to contact them for a chat. My story is much much longer but with the restriction in space that's it for now.


Lanaiya from Salt Lake City, UT, USA writes:

I would love to connect with more starseeds, and all newly awakening or old souls.... beginners, the curious, and of course more seasoned lightworkers. I re-discovered my galactic heritage and blueprinting codemaster skills after a sudden and pretty amazing wake-up, back in 1986. Since then I have been working as a transformational healer and galactic emmissary, assisting those desiring to become more connected to their true identity and soul mastery.

Colleen and Sheldan have been my beautiful friends for many years, and I truely honor and dearly align with their mission and purpose. I feel it is is critical time to bond with anyone and everyone who wants to play an active part in the very exciting times immediately ahead.

Please call or email me, no matter where you are in the USA, or world. I do travel extensively with my Lightwork, so perhaps we may even be able to meet up in person.

Selamat Ja!

Gavin from Denver, CO, USA writes:

Hmmm... where to begin? Where do I start? Like so many LightWorkers, I've ALWAYS known throughout my entire life this was my Path: Ascension. In fact, countless times as a kid or teenager, I'd come across the word (Ascension, Enlightenment, Illumination, Oneness), and felt THAT was my destiny. Of course, when I was younger, I didn't have words for this feeling, or for this knowingness there was more to life than what we were living, more than what we were being told; and I surely didn't have an understanding of what “Ascension” was. I ONLY KNEW in my heart-of-hearts that Ascension was where we, as a civilization, were headed. I simply knew intuitively there was more out there, and we were missing some key components to the full story!

Growing up, there was no internet. I had joyfully and incessantly perused through my many books: Dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedias were some of my favorites ...oh, the fond memories! Shuffling through the pages, I stumbled upon Eastern cultures and philosophies. As if being welcomed into the Pearly Gates, I immediately heard my Council of Angels singing in jubilation and echoing in my head, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh,” as the vibration within these chapters harmonized with the vibration of my Soul. Peaceful and joyful music filled my Being as I completely and whole-heartedly resonated with the message within these pages from these ancient sages throughout the ages (oh, I'm a poet, and didn't know it :-D).

That was back when I was a teenager. Fast forward around 25years, and nearly one year ago today I found Sheldan's update: “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” Again, the majestic and angelic choir rang throughout my Being, validating for me the accuracy of this new information. I FINALLY found the missing link, which eluded me the first 40years of my life: We are from other planets, civilizations and galaxies --NO ONE is originally from earth... “DUH!” I say that with a huge smile on my face, because certainly it was NOT OBVIOUS to me.

I AM not playing the victim anymore and blaming someone else ...I AM only taking full responsibility for my decision of volunteering for this earth life and the lessons it teaches: thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU. And so it is! From this humble place of the heart... committed to continue learning & healing and to being of service, I stand in my Light seeking others also willing to live in Unity Consciousness by working together, by being examples of Oneness on our Path to Ascension and beyond.

Namaste, Gavin

Bill from Goodyear, AZ, USA writes:

Sometimes we wonder about the power of our meditations and sending out light to others. Occasionally, we may get a bit of confirmation. One of our sons, who is a computer analyst for a governmental institution and has been experiencing cutbacks and other economic problems. He lives alone with his dog, who he loves and which is mutual, but the dog is quite old and needs help in getting on its feet once he is down--also has trouble walking on hardwood floors. My wife told him that we have been sending LIGHT to him and filling his condo with the Christ-Light. He said that he knew that and had felt it and that "Jeremy" was getting up all by himself and was having no trouble with walking on the hardwood floors and was a happy dog. Things are improving for Mark also. It helps to have an occasional confirmation that we are on the "right track".


Aeon from Sedona, AZ, USA writes:

Seems like I have always been outside the norm. apparently since before I was out the womb. I was trying to figure out things. i can tell my mother conversations she had with my dad... (my nemesis, commited suicide when i was 17)... she says that when I was 2 I made up my own language and would talk to her and my sister in it... I speak many strange languages. I see the world from a higher perspective. My mom says I started running away from home before I was 4. She tells me two men in black suits showed up in Fallon Nevada when I was two and offered her money for me. She told me dad and he got us out there... he was a powerful wizard... dark though... so dark.. It took me many years to get away from him.. He forced me to learn things. He wanted me to be violent.. I did not like the me he was creating.. When I was 5 I asked for a warrior and I think i got a walkin to help me, all I know is I changed and started doing crazy things.. I had more courage and I stood up to my father... .. I have spent many years contemplating those times and only some makes sense to me..

38 now.
I have seen so much unexplainable stuff, but no room here.. All I know for sure is that I am here to HELP this Planet fully evolve.. and never be limited again.


Cathy from Phoenix, AZ, USA writes

Hello everybody! My Name is Cathy and I live in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ. USA. I have for the past year now been reading and listening to Sheldan's updates and listening to some of his webinars, and bought some of his material. I had a sudden awakening or activation in the early nineties by a females voice that told me that it was time to remember and wake up. I always ask for guidance and wisdom and try to follow my intuition about finding the evidence of the truths that have always been present within me that constantly begs for recognition. This inner knowing of things that doesn't follow the mainstream line of thinking has always been in me from as far back as I can remember. This thirst of needing to remember, I find hard to quench. There isn't anything that anybody has said that has shocked me, but only confirms what I already feel inside. I am compelled to remember the truth of things and I feel compelled to talk with people about what I know even at the expense of me sounding like I've lost my marbles. I don't know where this drive comes from, but it is strong. My family sometimes thinks I'm weird. Ha,ha! Oh well. I would like to find other like minded people in my area to converse with and actually participate in some active group to help the community in some way to help pave a path for a more enlightened society. I am feeling the pressure from within to hurry up! I am anxious and excited to hear from anyone who would be interested in contacting me.

Thank you. May the Light of Love and Joy be with you!


Nikki from Santa Fe, NM, USA writes:

Dear Fellow PAGs

I presently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States, Terra Nova. I have spent my life thinking and living outside-the-box. I know that it is necessary for us to cooperate with the galactic beings. If we want them here they need to see our actions in how we tell people about them.

For many years I have wanted to know what is going on in the world. I used to look for people to give me the answers. I never thought I was smart enough to come up with them myself. I spent many years aligning my heart with my head, going up many blind alleys while I did so, wasting lots of time and energy before I learned to trust what I was getting. Now that I am 68 I am finally starting to not care whether people like me or not, so it is easier for me to speak the truth in what I see.

Right now I am learning social media, because I want to start getting my articles out to the world. I’ve written basic information with references so that people can research and learn for themselves. To me social networks have been nothing but a waste of time so I don’t yet see how to use them. I have not been able to afford anyone’s help yet.

I am working with a composer as I have developed a meditation/exercise for people to use every day so that they become more aware of their 6 new chakras. People need to know they are changing. It amazes me that they are tripping over themselves and still do not realize they, life and our planet are transforming.


Brian from Salt Lake City, UT, USA writes:

My name is Brian and for about a year or two now, unfamiliar with PAO myself and two friends had started getting together in the Salt Lake City area. One is from Ogden. We have expanded to up to about 6 or 7 people at one of these "meetings", as we call them. Though not many people come back , we usually try to get together every Saturday afternoon. We would love to find more people to talk about these earth changes and the bigger picture that isn't so easy to get at with "normal people," as it were. Please feel free to contact me to get together and get a bigger and wider network going.


Sherri Lynn from Phoenix, AZ, USA writes:

My Dear Starseeds Family,

My name is Sherri Lynn. I am originally from Lemuria but currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. I am fortunate to be connected to a family of Starseeds even though it is not the man I share my life with, "that thinks my cheese has slipped off my cracker," or my biological family that I love and adore. My heart goes out to those of you that do not have someone close to share your experiences with. My Starseed family and I have all experienced the emotional and physical challenges, amazingly all very similar, even down to the horrific leg cramps.

I have spent my life time knowing that I stood in line for this event. It hasn't always been easy, but my compassion ( come passion, God loving God) has allowed me to align my life purpose to touch as many souls with love and light. As of January 25th, spirit has led me to create 'Mirror Me,' so I may guide those in confusion unaware of whats to come to remain in their hearts.

There is also a consensus with my Starseed family that it feels as if we are creating our everyday lives, but it feels if like we are just going through the motions. We have all expressed a strong desire to go home. In the meantime I find joy in the simplicity, listening to my morning messages, loving my animals, riding my horses, working in the garden, being in nature as much as possible, and giving lots and lots of hugs...

Many Blessings
Sherri Lynn

Rebecca from Phoenix, AZ, USA writes:

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rebecca and I live in Phoenix, AZ, USA. I am so delighted to find other souls who have the same interest. I've always been interested in the paranormal, angels, synchronicity, law of attraction, ascended masters and of course, our wonderful galactic friends and family. I am so excited about ascension and seeing and meeting our galactic friends. I hope it's very soon!

For those of you on Facebook, I created a group called SaLuSa and the Galactic Federation. I post and send out all messages from SaLuSa and the Spiritual Hierarchy received by Sheldan Nidle as well as others. There are over 2000 members now. We would love for you to join us for we have created a family of like-minded individuals.

Namaste! Rebecca

Paul from Castle Rock, CO, USA writes:

So much positive and negative energy surrounds all of us at this time on earth. I have noticed increased expressions bursting out all over the Internet with many fine sites manifesting metaphysical truths for all to read and digest. Very little excuse for those who are not yet informed about the changes for humanity.

While meditating yesterday it came to me that perhaps the time has come to process less external detail and look instead to the simplicity of what is required to express the "Light" here and now on earth. We humans have a tendency to dissipate much of our energies and lose our way in the labyrinth of detailed truths that bombard us while searching for what is right in front of us. All that has ever been asked of us is to simply "practice the presence" unceasingly. This means every moment that we can remember to break away from this worlds activities/ illusions and in faith release our physical selves completely to the Higher Self to handle all aspects of our lives. The more we are successful with this thought in action the more the law of harmony manifests on to the physical plane as well as to our personal selves. We will find less stress and more balance on all levels with positive results flowing forth. Certainly sounds easy, but we all know it isn't. Disciplining our minds to reserve this time in our hectic lives requires great intent. It is a task to be reckoned with but is also very achievable. If we stick with it, the blessings that out manifest pour forth not only for self but for our humanity and our earth. Isn't that why we are here?


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