Pag Stories


Kerry from Orangevale, CA writes:

I have always known I was different. When I was little I saw three huge bluish white looking orbs traveling down my street one night. I have ways been drawn to metaphysical world. Would really like to connect with other like minds. I am a HSP and feel like I am a earth angel.


Rob from Mountain View, CA writes:

I don’t have a PAG Story written yet but am interested in learning if the is/are PAGs in my area of Mountain View California?

Just as was described on your PAO website I have felt alone and doing all the searching and digging by myself and am tired of it and would like to know if there are any star seeds or light workers like myself nearby to talk to and if need be form our own group.


Ruth from Santa Clarita, CA writes:

I am a child of 7at least that is what my dream told me and l am here in divine right tIme ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work! I have a very special

guide who has been a wonderful friend and he has lead me here. I am not really very sociable but I am willing to join PAG. I learned about Sheldan around 10/28/2010 and I have been going to his presentations ever since. My favorite book so far is My Galactic Neighbors and my favorite presentation is Resetting our Solar System.

Ruth Valero

Safiyyah from San Francisco Bay Area, CA writes:

I am new to the Starseed community. I came across the PAO website by fate. One morning I received a vision of the numbers 1111, which are also part of my birth time and birthday; I've had a connection to 1111. Initially I thought the numbers were for me to play in a Lottery game, but I soon realized that was not the case. Weeks later I intuitively knew I should do a Google search, which I did. I read articles on 1111. At the bottom of the article's page I came across a link that said "1111 Starseeds." I immediately connected to the name Starseed and clicked on the link.

After reading articles on 1111 and Starseeds, i.e. the characteristics of a Starseed, Starseed Mission, etc., I took the Starseed test. I was pleasantly surprised because it spoke of me! Additionally, for further confirmation I asked Spirit for a Sacred Sign, which was affirmative. Since then, I have activated myself as a Starseed, I've done my DNA activation, and I am realigning my chakra energies as needed. I have been meditating on a regular basis for over 7 years, and I continue to do so. As well, I've been practicing Reiki on myself for 7+ years.

I am writing because I want to connect to other Starseeds. I am interested in joining a PAG group in my area, which I am hoping you can assist me with.

I thank you in advance for your reply and assistance. Have an enjoyable day.

Much Appreciation, Light & Love!


Pamela from Tustin, CA writes:

I am looking to find and join a PAO group in my area or start one if there is interest.

I am close to Anaheim, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, etc.

Thank you!


Eric from Lakeside, CA writes:

Hi there fellow lightworkers, starseeds, and much more! It is nice to know that I am not alone. I feel like an outsider among friends and family as they think that talk of ET families, nesara, new free energy technologies coming soon is just crazy talk.

I am very concerned about the planet, that humanity can evolve beyond obsolete things such as war, disease, poverty, racism, greed, corruptions, competition, corporate and government control, separation, divisions, us VS Them mentalities and more.

I want to see a planet rising up to a more loving, peaceful, cooperative society based on sharing, caring, and working with ET societies and spiritual helpers. I am interested in Alternative medicine, clean energy technologies, space travel, working with ET groups in the Federation, and working with all different races from across the cosmos.

I am located in San Diego, CA, and am open to meeting others of like mind in the local area. I also would love to hear from others all over the world. Feel free to contact me.

Love, Peace and Light to all of you.


Tony from Sacramento, CA, USA writes:

Hello there. I'm a HSB, (highly sensitive being) and am very intuitive and very much a Empath. I tend to zap electronics and my energy is very strong and sometimes can overwhelm those who don't know or understand my kind. I have a HUGE HEART and therefore I would like to start up a group in Sacramento area. I resonate with the Pleiadian star family and also feel I resonate with being an Indigo Type 1. A lot of you, including self, come from a very lonely and altered world. So let's meet up, start a group, and become friends. I am looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.

Much love to you always!


Sage from Vallejo, CA, USA writes:

Hello, I am responding to your offer to connect other starseeds. I am working with my spiritual intentional community, called Artpeeps Spiritual Intentional Community and Sanctuary Space, and also, running Blue Phoenix Sage Productions, both are on Facebook. I am finishing my doctoral degree, yet reluctant to work in corrupt places. I am a psychic empath, medium, telepath and channeller. That is what I teach through BPSP.

I am acutely sensitive to the vibrations of others, and to conditions, sounds, loudness, grossness, etc, and I have asthma and skin disorders that make me too sensitive to go into the sunlight. I am all the things that your Galactic Humans 101 Webinar covered. I can only HOPE that the visitors come very soon, and that I can be part of the first contacts to help with the changes that need to happen.

I am reluctant to become involved in school districts at this point becaue I see corruption in the schools and I want to help Native American disenfranchisement. Like you, Sheldan, I had a challenging childhood and a mother who was a bit mentally out there and she was very abusive, which just further triggered my natural abilities to come up sooner, and my role as a healer came up very young.

I presently work with a Sassani guide named Bashar (automatic writing and in trance)and he meets me during my meditation on the deck of a Pleidian ship with those big windows. I also see a huge violet flame on the deck with a round series of seating where we can sit and watch this 15 foot high flame, and it is a sacred meditation spot.

I would love to know how to work with the Earth allies who are already here, and I would love to work with the non-corrupt. So, please connect me with my borohters and sisters. I need the light NOW. I feel I am witing for the change, and in suspended animation...

Love and peace,

Julie "Blue Phoenix"

Mirra Rose from Maui, Hawaii, USA writes:

Dear PAG Members, and of course, Sheldan and Colleen,

A small group of individuals from all over the world, identified as Earth Crew, have organized themselves to be of service to the Celestials, Agarthans, and particularly to the Galactic Federation of Light to assist In the creation and establishment of a new peaceful society on Mother Earth. To that end we have established several committees such as the Telepathy Committee, Good Governance Committee, the Learn and Teach Committee and created a website to report our progress and participate in the world-wide effort towards Ascension of our Planet into 4th and 5th Density (see We have successfully served the Federation in several roves to parts of the planet needing assistance and participated in the clearing and energizing of certain sites to prevent interference in Mother Earth's ascension process, and this work is ongoing. Please refer to our site for further information on these activities. If desired we can instruct others as to how to participate.


Mirra Rose

Marty from Glendale, CA, USA writes:

I'm looking for others in the Los Angeles area who want to Meet-Up & bring this thing Forward. I'm a Starseed Recruit through Commander Ashtar of the GFOL. My desire is to meet with other Starseeds or Incarnates from other Realms who are like-minded in Expanding the Awareness of those who are open to it. Feel free to contact me!

Love & Light from the Christed Realm,


Karen-Marie from Sparks-Reno-Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA writes:

Greetings and peace to you!

It would be ineffectual to add my personal, struggle-filled, solitary-feeling journey to the tales already shared.

Suffice it to be said, that it is so--but that, now, may, 2012, it is certainly *time/space* to move toward what we souls may offer the rest of the universe.

I am a (life) coach, dream coach (r) certified by master marcia wieder who is a member of the world transformational council; i am a very clear and fun public speaker, and a full time lover of others. I am a visionary, and pray for the entirety of creator-source's life forces as i breathe.

My essence is that "i am the joy of god's heart", and my master has always been, jesus of nazareth, and my path is loving empowerment of others, as i am so sweetly empowered and supported in love and service toward our mutual *one-ness*.

I have many blessings to share in metaphysics, (any) spiritual and physical=body healing, animal/plant life-whisperings, and angelic and ascended masters presences, intuitive-knowingness et al... And more...-- multi-culturally, any-generationally.. Etc. <smile>. Perhaps i might be of divine service in finding a purpose, or clarifying 'hurts.'

Recent study/revelations have shown me the path of "access consciousness" through the (larry crane, master student of dr. Lester levenson, now ascended.)

Passing on sheldan nidle and colleen marshall's (life partners extraordinaires) pao knowledge and preparedness for a full, joyful (future-almost here!) *time-space* is giving me great reason to continue to live on in physicality, and to especially be a soul of all-light-that-is. Oh! Such joy!

Please contact me, if i may be of help to you, in any way. We feel called in love to be able to offer it to all.


Gerardo from L.A., CA writes:

Hi, I have just started a blog aimed to connect lightworkers in the LA area. I am an artist in several fields of creativity and am willing to put together any kind of events out here to help spread the message of our galactic families and ascension. Feel free to contact me.


Kim from Sacramento, CA, USA writes:

I am Love living in the Sacramento area here in California. I have been following the messages that Sheldon brings forward for all of us here on Gaia for awhile. I am a Pleiadian Starseed here on earth to help bring the Divine Love through the heart of Humanity and assisting Gaia in Her ascension.
I am intending to start a PAG group here in this area. If you are interested please email me at the email below. Until then blessings and Love are sent your way.

Much love,

Glen from Long Beach, CA, USA writes:

So filled with anticipation I could burst. we need to form groups everywhere! to support each other and those newly awakened. we all know the difficulties so the easier we make it for newbies the easier we make it for Gaia, the solar system, and the universe. enough stories about ourselves. now it is time to seek out assist and embrace others.


Robbyn from Kalama Washington, USA writes:

When we moved up to the Pacific Northwest, I felt very isolated and alone. I was involved in the New Age Movement back in Arizona but here it was not very prevalent. Fortunately there was this wonderful thing called the Internet. Through it I was able to locate PAO. Having listened to several webinars and updates, I began to believe that the message was true. I was determined to be of help.

I have a lot of free time and I am eager to help in any way that I can. I enjoy writing and doing any research necessary. My background includes 7 years as an adult education instructor. I am comfortable speaking in front of groups of all sizes.

I look forward to helping Heaven’s Plan move forward.


Noa and Joseph from L.A., CA write:

Owing to the growing list of projects needing our attention, we also feel more can and should be achieved. At this moment both the light and the dark are doing the best they can to establish their preferred time lines. We are not sure what story we could write for PAO yet, we are very interested in finding members and friends of the Planetary Activation Groups in our area.

We are a couple man and woman in our early 60s and we reside in LA. At this time we believe a living together situation on the same land, is likely. We need a broader area of free activity, if some one has home or land where we can set up with a tent and grow food.

I must say though that we are not sleeping, we are waken and more each day, and hughly active.
The sooner you contact us the better and more certain we may become.

Noa and Joseph

Emily from North Bend Oregon, USA writes:

I would like to connect with others and become a pag member.


Karen from Oahu, Hawaii, USA writes:

Aloha Fellow Galactic Beings,

It’s very exciting to find this opportunity to speak with others of like hearts. I had a Wonderful Being come to me when I was 5 years old and although it was full of love and light, it scared the living daylights out of me, without a reference point for what I was experiencing. I went into shock, and it started a string of negative events in my life.
All of it unraveled in a good way over my life. I later found out that that Being was an Antarian, a Light Being without a body. I really related to the movie Cocoon very deeply. I have Pleidian, Arturian, and Antarian roots. I have worked through and transformed my Reptilian DNA.

Anyhow, I have been in the Spiritual folds throughout my lifetime, and right now I focus on allowing my heart to guide everything I do. I subscribe to Circle of Light, Salusa, Sheldon Nidle, Tom Kenyon, and Drunvalo Melchezidek.

I belong to another group called Group of Forty, groupof, which is a more personal, fully active group of over a thousand Starseeds all over the world who are assisting in bringing in 5th dimensional energies to facilitate the ascension process. We are building Cities of Light all over the world. I am making a personal appeal for more Hawaii members to do group meditations to establish a City of Light here in our beloved islands, but as of right now we only have 3 members on Oahu. So I am putting out a call for more active members who might be interested. Please email me if you are interested so we can connect!

Aloha! Karen,

John from Huntington Beach, CA writes:

Hi, I have been reading PAO communications introduced to me by my friend Suzy Star and I would like to become a PAG member.

I live in Huntington Beach, California - USA and have a desire to be connected to other PAG members in my area and abroad.

I am inspired to start a PAG group and would like to learn how.

Best Regards,


Jackson from Mountain View, CA writes:

Hi, my name is Jackson Lee. I am from Mountain View California. I have discovered the ascension process about a year ago from now. And I am very interested in Sheldon Nidle's work and efforts to teach us about the Galactic Federation of Light. I believe in everything Sheldon Nidle and the Galactic Federation of Light stands for and tries to achieve. I have also discovered that I am a starseed! I would like to get together with some members of PAG and PAW in my area, to learn more, and to help out, how would I approach this?


Chéri from Portland
Oregon, USA writes:

Greetings: A friend of mine introduced me to the PAO website last December. I have been keeping up with PAO and othe links and just finished "Your First Contact", and listened to one of Sheldon's webinars. Thanks to all the consciencious lightworkers who inform us of such good news everyday. I've always been on a spiritual path and it is my greatest passion. Iam connecting with my tribe of like mind and heart galactic beings of light to ascend with ease and grace, joy and harmony. I would love to hear from you, especially here in the Great Northwest! I found one lady here in Oregon would love to connect with more if you're out there. I would love to know what star family Iam from so I can call forth my star brothers and sisters for all the support I can receive.

INJOY, Chéri Lynn

Don from Ontario, CA writes:

Hello PAG members,

I have been following and supporting PAO and Sheldan's messages for 2-3 years and would love to interact with other PAG members in my area. I live in Ontario, Ca. located about half way between Los Angeles and San Bernardino along the 10 Fwy (Inland Empire).


Carolyn from Chico, CA writes:

I live in the Butte County area, Paradise, Chico, California. I would like to meet those who live near me for general conversation on Sheldan Nidle books and seminars. Maybe we can form a planetary activation group.


Ginger from Hawai'i Island, Hawaii, USA writes:

Aloha Ka Kou,

Up until late August last year (2010), I had my head deeply in the sand around disclosure, ETs, UFOs and the truth of what's really been going on upon this planet historically. The head-in-sand was mostly out of fear and a sense that once I opened the can of so-called "conspiracy", it would be endlessly immense . . . and anyways, what the heck was I supposed to do with some alien supernatural powered being bent on evil?!? Forget It!!!

Now that things are feeling so close to finally popping, I would like find others on the island of Hawai'i whom are interested in assisting others in different towns / communities to diffuse the fears, somehow. Contact me and let's talk story.


Bryan from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA writes:

When i was a kid, i thought cars had the ability to travel great distances, and that they moved slow, because there was no need to move fast. And then one day i asked my mom, "can this car go faster than 120MPH", and she said, "No", i was like WHAT!!! and then i began looking at the propulsion system (this is the way i saw the engine), and i couldn't believe people were still using, petroleum to move around, they were using the slowest possible mode of transportation, and then i realized, that it wasn't just my mom's car....But everyone's car. I couldn't believe that this many people, were using petroluem, which one: is not renewable, two; was extremely slow, ; and three; it was actually putting harmful toxins into the air.. (I was around 5 yrs of age) And i thought , " OH its simple why don't they just put that reactor inside, and then they'll be able to move about freely, and easily". But then to my amazement, this reactor, didn't exist. I was extremely confused, i couldn't understand why they didn't have this (fusion reactor), it was simple to make, use, operate, and safe. And so at age five I set out to construct my first reactor. the idea was there, the definition to describe it weren't. it seemed simple, but when I tried asking my mom to get stuff for me, i couldn't describe what it was that i needed.

So long story short, i blew up the house, the dog, and my left arm........ I'm just kidding, in order to run my test i would need a lab, and certain radioactive elements, which i determined, that at my age, i would not be able to acquire, i gave up on the idea. But yeah, i've always known that i wasn't from here, and yes i always thought the world was backwards, and people acted weird, and not the way things should be. And so i just gave up, and decided to ignore people , and live in my own happy little world, the only problem is that people, are always trying to bring me down into their crappy world, because i think they're jelous. I have an extremely beautiful smile, that i've been told many many times.(eve though i think i'm tenchnically borderline ugly) (my charisma is what makes me attractive and border line sexy) And my smile has the power to brighten a whole room of people. I don't really know what planet i'm from, but i don't care to know, i'm here in this life, on this planet, and so this is where my focus is on, I"m not sure if i want to have a family/wife, but it would make sense, at least this is how i see it. in this life, people marry, have kids/ grow old, and so on, so maybe i will have kids, and get married.

Bryan to me

Karen from Arcata, CA writes:

Hello Beloved Lightworkers! I have been on a quest for the past 12-14 years. It began in my early 40’s, and at the time I began to earnestly seek for the “higher truth”. A wonderful man who was a learned shaman introduced me to a whole new reality through our email chats. I’d been living in a spiritual box for so many years that I was hungry to learn from others about life on other planets, our upcoming ascension, and the truth about our abilities. Any metaphysical subject I could grab my hands on I’d read, and through internet contact with others I became an energy based healer in 5 different Reiki modalities, something I had never dreamed possible in my 30’s. I am truly thankful to Sheldan and Colleen for their willingness to share their experiences with our Galactic neighbors, and I wait with eager anticipation for the countries of our world to publicly announce their first contact with the Galactic Federation. Yahooo! Thank you, beloved Galactic Federation for all you have done for our beloved Gaia! Namaste all, and thank you for your contribution to our earth’s ascension.


Aros from L.A., CA writes:

People have asked me through the years. Aros where are you from? Jokingly I say. My Starship crash landed in Sweden and since that moment I have full earth duty. There is much truth to that statement and as I was experiencing various states of consciousness and energies in many different ways I felt lonely and could not understand this world, everything seemed to be backwards. I also had visions and dreams about flying starships and understanding at an early age how ships flew in and out of different dimensions and how they could be perceived in this reality, and in school I had a hard time with simple calculation. The contrast was truly bizarre and many times I simply knew things and took them as a matter of fact and finding out that people around me had no idea what I was talking about. For what ever reason there was a part of my consciousness that was not veiled and yet I could not access it natural. It was very frustrating to know that I knew and that could not access what I knew. My life became a quest to return back to full consciousness and that longing was strong enough that it propelled me forwards and still does. Later in life in a state of grace I have had experiences beyond the mind where I understood who I am and why I choose to come to this world as a walk in. Playing and interacting with Dolphins and whales in Hawaii for many years has been another wonderful way to stay in contact with my galactic family.

I am grateful to be able to share with you all. With love and respect.


from Olympia Washington, USA writes:

I've been searching for truth all my life. I started in the hard science field, as that seemed the most solid and verifiable knowledge source.  It has served me very well, especially in sorting out false information or disinformation.  I've kept branching out and growing until I've become what many call "Way out of the box" in my projects and accomplishments.

Years ago I was sent a Sheldan Nidle report. I noticed the “Dear ones” at the bottom and thought “Oh no, here comes some more BS / sales pitch.” By the time I'd read down to the bottom of the report,  I was genuinely choked up, and the knowledge hit me with HUGE power that whoever said “Dear ones” here REALLY meant it!!!

Over the years, I feel that I've learned some really great things. One of the most crucial is that we have been dis-empowered in many ways.
The biggest way is by traumas we have experienced over this or other lifetimes, which are still registered in our souls and having a negative effect in our present life. Releasing these traumas permanently is a big key to regaining our power. For instance, you may not be able to fully love if the process is hampered by the triggering of feelings from an old relevant trauma.  

I've developed a quick, easy and fun process to release old traumas and I want to share this knowledge to help everyone to move forward. One way I've been doing this is by connecting with groups of like minded people via free conference calls.
This can be done pretty much world wide. Let's start an internet / phone empowerment PAG.


Wajid from Santa Cruz, CA writes:

I haven't had any ET encounters or seen any space ships but I have something to share that may make your Ascension process easier and smoother.

While sitting in front of a spiritual teacher named Gangaji one evening, a kind of energy happened in me and it was made very clear to me that I am not a person. And as soon as I saw that, it was also very clear that no one is a person. That's not what we are. We just think we are. In fact, every morning before we get up and get dressed, the first thing we do is resurrect our person and 'put it on', so to speak. What we never realize is that we made up this 'person' in the first place. We definitely weren't born with it. And we spend countless hours protecting it and trying to improve it and just plain old holding it together. When I realized that I'm not a person, it was a relief to my being. Not only did I feel a very nice lightness but also I felt to be much much closer to the truth.

Each 'person', each persona, is a fiction. And it is a baggage we no longer need. We already are. We don't need to make anything up. The fewer fictions we carry the easier the Ascension process takes place. What we really are is never born and never dies.


Nina from San Rafael, CA writes:

Hello, I just recently found Sheldans work but it resonates with me deeply. I have watched a lot of his videos on youtube and I like them a lot. I believe everything he says. I would like to form a group in my area if there are any other people in my area that love Sheldan work too and would like to come together. We could watch the webinars together. I live in Marin county in the San Francisco bay area.


Lori from Palm Springs, CA writes:


My name is Lori and I am interested in finding other pag members in my area to get together with.

I first found this site about 6 years ago or so and it has been a way for me to feel that I am not alone on this planet in the understanding of what is going on with this planet and who we are. I am here as a spiritual guide and it helps to know others on this planet who are aware of what is really going on...

Thanks, Lori

Chris from Poway, CA writes:

I love this site, and everything on it. To be able to talk to others who "know" that they're starchildren is intriguing. I'm from Sirius A, and have spent the majority of my existences as a Pschat (a Lionoid) as Sheldon refers to them. So yes, I became aware when very young that I was what most people call an Angel. From the age of five, I knew that I was different, not from this world. I never bought into any of the damaging mysticism that unfortunately clouds so many people's minds. I've always been drawn to the spiritual aspect of existence, and eventually as I got older, I began studying Buddhism, meditation, ascension books, etc., learning that I had been doing many of these things without being consciously aware of it.

I've always been an observer, an analyst, and as a musician, I am now bringing this knowledge to people through my music and art (Facebook: T Christopher White, music page is called Band Profile--a red star in a black box). So naturally I'm excited to be able to talk to others like me, and hopefully to collaborate on projects musically. I'm currently looking for a vocalist, and have concluded that only someone interested in expressing these type of concepts will work. And that feeling of loneliness comes from those around us. It will eventually pass as we are the light to show them the way.

Namaste, Chris

Anne from Newberg Oregon, USA writes:

Here is my PAG story...

It is now May, 2011, over four years since I first began following the PAO updates by Sheldan Nidle.
I felt desperately hungry to learn about the truth of our galactic connections, and was even having dreams about it. I then started a writing project. Three years ago, a friend and I managed to bring together a small group, with 3 other people, interested in the exciting times ahead for planetary evolution. For awhile we were able to meet every 2 weeks, but life and time has intervened, over the last 6 months. As a writer and teacher, I approach the research into our galactic history very seriously, wishing to help by personally communicating in my community. Without Sheldan’s books,
I would never have had the depth of understanding which has motivated my growth, and fired my enthusiasm. Sometimes it is far beyond words. So far, it is a joy because of the greater numbers of people who are beginning to be interested, and come into contact with ideas on a grand scale. I post on message boards, about the hopeful future that is open to us. Even though some oppose the message, my private emails say otherwise.

Hope has seemed out of reach, and many are afraid to hope for anything better, but internet communication changes everything! Any PAG group can be scattered all over the map, and still keep in touch. One friend is in California; my two brothers have been initiated into the PAO ideas, in other areas of Oregon. Three friends just recently opened up to me, about their interest in a galactic reality, who live nearby. It’s popping like popcorn out there, so we’d better be ready! Sheldan’s PAO DVD’s are ideal for small groups, and passing along to others. My three personal favorites, are:
1) “A Personalized Tour of a Sirian Mothership.” 2) “Inner Earth, Your Future Home,” and, 3) “Back to Being Galactic Humans,” the latter being most advanced, and covering a great quantity of information. For a good discussion group, perhaps breaking these DVD’s contents down into smaller, 20 - 30 minute segments for a beginners’ discussion, would be ideal.

I am very grateful to be in on “the ground floor,” of this incredible opportunity of sharing the joy of our galactic future, as it breaks in waves across the world consciousness. Hopefully, Sheldan & Colleen will soon be selling PAO books and DVD’s in ever-larger quantities, as the good word gets out.


Dave from Mission Viejo CA, USA writes:

Hello, all,

My story is simple and without epiphany. Gradually, through many sources, it has become obvious that our current, generally experienced Reality is lacking in so very many ways.

The Mainstream Controlled Media continuously presents to us and manipulates us through negativity and fear. We are diverted by so much. As a species, we have violated our Earth Mother (Gaia), and likewise what I believe are the Divine's intentions for us. We have been largely ineffective in changing the way we generally live and relate to each other.

I firmly believe that the vast majority of everyday folks, worldwide, are warm-hearted and generous and well-meaning. I believe that most of us yearn for life's simple basics: love, joy, food, shelter, family, health, and meaningful work. Our Governments, and those who control them, have given in to all manner of vice and evil.

But, those who control us do so unfairly, through 4th Dimensional Technology, immense wealth, and corrupt power. We truly need, and must continue to ask for, the guidance and help of Upper Dimensional Light.

Though I have not personally had any "special" signs or revelations, my intuition and gut-feeling have led me to embrace the kind of Divine Intervention and Soul-Reality changes that Sheldan and others espouse.

It is time. Personally, my standing by the wayside and simply watching is over. Please let me know if you share these feelings.


Janis from Lake Tahoe CA, USA writes:

Hello potential friends throughout the world. My name is Grandma Janis and my husband is David. Before we had the exquisite pleasure of meeting Sheldan and Colleen in person, I had had a near-death experience, written a book called Cosmic Map, Metaphysics Demystified, and done a past-life regression with psychiatrist Dr. Ernest Pecci of Walnut Creek, California that revealed that I had been Jesus' disciple, Peter. That regression ended in my horrible death where I was stabbed from behind through the back and chest and buried alive in a dirt grave.--Anyway, I was a committed metaphysician and so was my husband by a different route.

A lovely light worker, now 89, still active, Anne Card of Kelseyville, California told me of Sheldan's work and I read You Are Becoming a Galactic Human whom Sheldan co-authored with Virginia Essene in 1994. I included their publication in my book at the end under Advanced Books. With passion and thirst to know more, I also follow his weekly update that he does for the Galactic Federation. After we sent in a substantial donation, Colleen called to thank us and invite us to a meeting they were holding at their house, which is just an hour and 45 minutes from ours!

We went and have been invited to two or three more, plus we started attending his seminars at Bushwillow Santuary in the Los Angeles area.

Sheldan is shy, modest, humble, brilliant, patient, a very sweet man. He answers questions that are sometimes almost insulting when they insinuate that Sheldan doesn't know what he is talking about with an equilibrium and compassion that is simply remarkable. That what he says is true and accurate has never been in doubt for me because I have two other teachers I rely equally on, James Hurtak, PhD who wrote the Keys of Enoch and the Sirian Master, SaLuSa channeled by Mike Quinsey. All three are saying the same things!

Colleen is the oposite of Sheldan, she is vivacious and outgoing, very friendly, warm and welcoming. We are so blessed that our treasure, Sheldan, has Colleen to care for him and continue his work while he recovers!

My husband and I have been priviledged to have eaten with Sheldan and Colleen and rode in their car to the restaurant. They are fun people to be around!

We invite you to join a small group of us PAGers who meet once a week if you are ever in the high Sierras of California, near Lake Tahoe. Just email us!

Janis and David

Iris from Yelm Washington, USA writes:

Hello Sheldan and Colleen,

This is Iris Moore in Yelm, Washington--truly feeling one with you: one heart and one goal, one love that makes us whole. Just checking in; not a post here.

My introduction to Sheldan was his book, "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human." Later when there was a PAO website, I learned so much more, and could hardly wait each week to get the reports every Tuesday evening! I have seen and shared most of your DVDs.

Although I am not part of a PAG group, I do send out reports from Masters, Archangels, Galactics and of course YOUR reports to over 100 people. I do this daily, as my Pre-Ascension mission is to share information. I LOVE it! Many people have come to realize our Galactic friends are truly that and why they are here-- because of these messages. So this is not necessarily to share with your PAG group, but just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you are and do for the world and its people.

Peace and Love abide always,

Iris (from Sirius, my home planet)

Penny from Ridgefield Washington, USA writes:

Hi, During the 70's, I began searching to try and satisfy an "insatiable hunger" to answer the
many questions that kept bubbling up.

Every once in awhile, I would read an article or hear something about the ET's and I would feel a "leap of joy."
A little over a year ago, I had a Edgar Cayce Life Reading done and the person doing the reading attached a
note saying, "I don't if you are aware of your star connection to Sirius and the Pleiadean System? Aha! That
seemed to resonant.

Family and friends either roll their eyes or quickly change the subject if I brought up anything about UFO/ET's.
I've learned to respect where they are coming from and do my own thing.

Thank you Sheldan and Colleen for helping us to be aware of the galactic connection.

May your days be filled with JOY!

Penny Peterson

Sean from San Diego CA, USA writes:

I have been drawn to architecture since boyhood. Later, this interest grew to include ancient civilizations and structures. However, the more I researched, more and more seemingly unanswerable questions arose. Also, my wife has exhibited amazing psychic abilities to me and this became a catalyst for expanding my interests in metaphysics. About 5 years ago I stumbled across some material from author Laurence Gardner which opened a new doorway in my consciousness. This lead to an insatiable hunger for all subjects typically categorized as “forbidden knowledge”.

I am technical and scientific by nature and education, however, the more I uncovered, the more truthful this “esoteric” knowledge became in my heart and soul. I can’t describe my excitement and growth in finally receiving the answers I have long sought! I thank my wife for nudging me onto my present path. She has truly been a blessing in my journey!

I found the PAO website last year and quickly devoured Sheldan’s updates, DVDs, and books. I have found heart-centered joy in his messages and my life is changing in balance and priorities each day. Now my heart is telling me that it is time to reach out to other awakening souls in preparation for the events to come. I lovingly welcome all contacts in this endeavor!

Love and Blessings to all!


Darlene from San Diego CA, USA writes:

Greetings my fellow light bearers…

When I found Sheldan’s website was in search of like minded souls traveling this path that I have found myself on, and for me, like so many others, the path does get narrower. Family and friends seem to lose interest in us as they just don’t understand us and so the feeling alone sets in.

I was very excited when I saw that there was contact and group information and was looking forward to connecting with others in my area, and then that didn’t happen either. So I am very glad that this has started up again and possibly there will be others in my area.

My present passion is “remembering” my dreams and making a dream journal; I would love to get this “perfected” and then move on into lucid dreaming and really developing my psychic gifts for myself and others. Right now I am learning the right foods, food combining and powerful natural/organic supplements, all of which will be perfect for when we transition. So that is a little about me and I reside in San Diego, CA, USA

Namaste, Darlene

Sandy from Ojai CA, USA writes:


When I was about seven I remember thinking about 'heaven' and intuitively knowing that it was not another place but another vibratory level of being. It just seemed so logical. From then on I felt a pull to understand the big picture, how everything fit together when there was so many different beliefs, etc that were opposite one another.What was the unifying umbrella which held everything. I asked to go to church (Catholic) thinking that they had the answers since they had a 2000 year old tradition. By the time I was out of high school I realized there were too many questions that they couldn't answer and too many answers I didn't believe. And organized religion just seemed to limited. So in my twenties was when the Seth books were published and I devoured those and intuitively felt the rightness of those ideas.

In my early thirties I had an experience that definitively showed me that there is a more absolute reality that does not contain the concept of 'No' and that identity is not dependent on being incarnated. It confirmed for me what I already felt.

It wasn't until the nineties when the Kryon information starting coming and the Walsh books, the Group with Steve Rother and reading Stitichin that I started to consider the impact of ET attentions to our planet. And maybe three or four years ago I found the PAO site and also the Mike Quinsey chanellings. And I feel the truth behind these communications because there is a deep longing in me to become a Galactic Being (and travel the stars!?) and I know I am here to help in some way with this Transition.

Since the mid nineties I have been doing energy healing work and deep personal process work and am looking with, again, that deep longing to a return to full consciousness. I also wish to connect with others of like mind and heart. As I also feel the frustration of not being able to openingly welcome our space family to Earth, I guess I will just continue learning patience!

Reading through the messages on this part of the site I am gratified that there are others that 'get it'.

Sending Light, Love and Blessings,


Lori from Yelm Washington, USA writes:

Dear Lightworkers,

I am at a young age of 85. I have lived a wonderful show business life as a vocalist with big bands and some of them famous. I first became familiar with Sheldon Nidles"s work back in 1992 and have kept up with it through the years.
I read his messages every week to two of my friends that have macular degeneration and cannot even seeTV at times, That is my good deed for them. They relish the time I read to them and of course I get great rewards from the messages themselves. I am so honored to even have a relationship if only by cyberspace with this wonderful being.
I have his DVD,s and when he appears in the pictures, you can tell that he is from the Galactic Society of which I belong also. Thank you for this opportunity to tell a little story.

My name is Lori, If you would like to contact me, here is my email address

I live in a town that is growing by leaps and bounds, Yelm WA.,USA

Thank you Sheldan for all you do for us,

Namaste, Lori

David from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA writes:

When I was five years old two creatures showed up in my house. They were pure white and were both about three feet high, standing in front of my bureau, nad there was a glow around them. They had strange large eyes -- I recall one of the creatures had a red eye and a green eye -- no eyballs, just large oval eyes that pointed downwards at a slant. They winked out and were not there longer than ten seconds, but they made a deep impression on my memory because they were so different from my normal world. There was also a vibrational feel when they were there -- almost like a sound, but I could feel a humming sensation in my body and ears.

Because I was five years old I thought they were ghosts and I called out to my mother and sister who were in the same room that I could see "Obake" which means ghosts and they obviously couldn't see them andjust laughed at me. It was after I was fifty years old that I saw those same creatures drawn in an UFO book and realized that I had seen Acturians. I still don't know why they even visited me unless I'm an Acturian but don't know it.


Moema from Maui, Hawaii, USA writes:

Since I was 14 years old I read esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual and UFO books. That's my passion. I absolutely love Sheldan's updates from the Galactic Federation of Light, I've watched almost all of his videos and interviews on Youtube.

I also feel a very special energy from the webinars that stays with me for a few days, it's wonderful. Right now I'm having a great time reading his book "Your First Contact". I would like to know if there is a PAG here on Maui for me to join. My email is

I'm sending Sheldon and Colleen my love and prayers for a speedy recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work that you do.

And thank you Miles for this great idea and opportunity to connect with each other, and for all your support.

Mahalo nui loa, Moema.

Jimmy from Mill Valley CA, USA writes:

Im 21, working on a non-profit (need staff members still actually) and im unconditonally following the flow and without the ego.

selamat ja! Jimmy

Carol Ann from Las Vegas NV & San Diego CA, USA writes:

I was born in Ireland and as a young child I remember wondering why children were mean and adults uncaring and controlling –especially, those in charge of the Catholic Religion and Catholic school that I was forced to attend. I knew that most of what they taught did not make any logical sense to me even as a small child. I never felt as though I fit in because I was so much more compassionate and sensitive than the average person. After dancing for years, I took over my mother’s ballet studio and also began classes in the “Silva Mind Control Method” whereby we would practice using our minds to not only heal, but to manifest, people, places and things. I actually became really good at it ! I then began a healthy vegan diet, fasted and studied Buddhism - chanting two hours daily. During this time I had many amazing experiences of a paranormal nature as I continually studied everything about the reality of life. In 1995 I read “Bringer’s of the Dawn” about the Pleiadians whereby I had an amazing” out of body experience” with a “White Light Being” who I was to find was there to raise my vibration in order to save my life from a fateful future event. I wrote a book called “I AM THE POWER AND SO ARE YOU” about all of my experiences. I know that I have chosen to be here at this time to help humanity- but I miss my home planet!

Carol Ann

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