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Starseed Self Activation Process

For those who know they are starseeds, this is a ONE TIME ONLY activation process. For those who are not sure, this process will allow them to activate themselves. At this time, a lot of starseeds are not activated. Their energies are necessary to help anchor love and light to Mother Earth.

This is a 12-minute process:

Step 1 Starseed Activation Image 1 Sit down, close your eyes, and start a series of three inhalations and exhalations. Inhale Light through the top of your head and down into your body. Exhale all of the stress and worries you have, down through your feet and on down to the earth for about one minute.
Step 2 Starseed Activation Image 2 Place your left hand, palm up, on your left thigh. Your right hand should touch the area one or two inches below your navel.
(This is an energy vortex.)
Step 3 Earth Angel Image Ask the Earth Angels to come to activate this vortex center for you. Stay in this area for about four minutes.
Step 4 Starseed Activation Image 3 Move your right hand up one or two inches above the navel (another energy vortex) and ask the Earth Angels to activate that area for you. Keep your hand there for about five minutes.
Step 5 Starseed Activation Image 4 Now place a hand, palm up, on each thigh and ask the Earth Angels to send a confirmation that you have been activated. Wait about two minutes to receive.
Now that you have been activated, you are ready to actively participate with the rest of the starseeds in doing rituals and in clearing and balancing your chakra systems. You are asked to stay attuned to learn other ways to help Mother Earth and the population, before the earth changes occur.

Love and light,
Bil El Masri