Commentary by Susan Nidle

January 15, 1998

Dear Readers:

Greetings to you. Thank you for your correspondence.

      Events in life and the world seem to have been causing trauma to more of us lately. Sheldon’s update spoke of "fears and traumas ...coming to the fore...many relationships and friendships are now being sorely tested." It has seemed, perhaps, as if we must hunker down and ride through a particularly big windstorm of the soul. The "conclusion of karmic cycles..." (I can well believe that.)

      I have had a recurring dream lately in which I wake up with the word "avatar" on my lips. In his Jan.10 update, my brother says, "Look to some of Earth’s great avatars, like Buddha and Christ for examples of what you could do in any given situation." I heartily agree. Being a Virgo, I won the sixth grade spelling bee; I was awarded a Webster’s Dictionary, from which I quote: "avatar = The incarnation of the Hindu deities, or their appearance in some manifest shape upon earth; a manifestation, as in a person, of some principle, theory, etcetera." (It is an old dictionary, to be sure, but you get the idea.)

      As an example of the manifestation of a guiding principle, one of my favorite sources is Alice A. Bailey, whose work was published by the Lucas Trust beginning in the first quarter of this century. Alice Bailey was the amanuensis for "The Tibetan", a being who was himself a disciple of the Master of the Second Ray, as in old occult tradition. The Tibetan accepted the task given by his Council of dictating to Alice Bailey a wealth of knowledge that is of infinite use to us now. He spoke of the coming changes in consciousness which we are now experiencing widely. I have been particularly interested in the letters he wrote to a group of "disciples" during World War II. These people were mostly in Europe, in countries such as Italy, France and England - in the thick of the conflict - and were experiencing hell on earth. Yet they were trying to maintain and expand their spiritual understandings and disciplines. His words to them are sometimes harsh, always honest, and very inspiring. He wrote this to one who was a dedicated beginner:

      "Learn to stand in spiritual being, remembering ever that to BE is a greater realization than to know or to act. The constant steady effort to dwell in the Secret Place of your own soul and from thence to go forth into the world of men, pouring both love and understanding, should be your prime endeavor." (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, p. 417.)

      Twenty years ago when a group of us studied these letters, I never thought that the general public would care about this. Discipleship, service, centering - these are all concepts on which many have worked diligently and secretly for years. Buddhist meditators, Theosophical thinkers and students, spiritual people in pockets around the globe, have worked on such things. It is apparent from your letters, from books and from the programs available on TV and radio, that a great many people are eager to study and devote themselves to the inner life. I think that this is because we have collectively reached a point where the outer life is devoid of real meaning and is so unsatisfactory as to be silly. For a great percentage of us, I think, it just doesn’t work any more. This is very trying to our souls, but in the long view of things, it is truly an amazing time to be awake and alive. Consider our opportunities for growth and change.

      To me, there was a thick curtain that separated this dense reality from the beauty and fluid life that existed concurrently with us. The barrier was real and, at times, insurmountable. Lately, however, strange things have been occurring, and I do believe any of us can sense the thin layer which separates us now. The curtain has been rent, and soon there will be no separation. What seemed, years ago, to be so far away, is almost upon us.

      This realization makes it even more imperative for us to try to refine the vehicles we use to help us function on this level: the emotions, the mind, the body. (There is such a serious polarization of emotions and mental energy lately, that I feel compelled to advise you to concentrate on your mental and emotional centering. The physical body will follow, as long as you endeavor to pollute it less.) We are being assaulted on the emotional level with energy which, if we are not careful, can cause us to lose a part of our soul energy. Remember, we cannot prevent those we love from their karmic path. We can only pour love and light by example into the lives of those around us, but we cannot live their lives for them. In the past, at a karmic level, I think that people were able to step in and take karmic hits for others, to sacrifice for them, etcetera. But now, it is all up to the individual soul to make that decision. We are all becoming sovereign. We cannot hide in that sacrifice, as some have in the past. Nor can we run away from the need to face the test. The time is here.

      As a child, I had the support and love of beings who knew much more than I did at the time. But even they could not shield me or my brother from the karmic situations and problems we had to face as individuals. They could only lovingly watch as we, or those around us, dug deeper holes for ourselves. (Can you see how difficult that is? Watching those you care about in danger, in stupidity, in anger and foolishness, and only being there to comfort and support by loving example. This is what they did for us.) I resented this for years. Why did I have to go through this or that horrific lesson? Why couldn’t they just (A) beam me up, (B) tell me what to do, or (C) help me some damn way so that I wouldn’t have to go through the inevitable Pain!!! Well, the truth is, we don’t learn anything if someone is also there to shield us. That is the meaning of this level of existence. And we learn in so many sumptuously thick layers of understanding. None could communicate those rich emotional truths to us any other way than by us cramming all of these horrendous and beautiful experiences into our lives’ play. We authored it. We produced and directed it, and ultimately, we are starring in it. (Welcome to your world. Is it going to be a "B" movie or a truly moving theatrical experience? I am always asking, "who changed the script without running it by me first?")

      Those of you with children, or who influence children, think of ‘the guys upstairs’ as adults trying to deal with some of us as children. What a mess! One of my favorite old books is "Childhood’s End" by Arthur C. Clarke. What a writer, one of my favorite visionary humans of this century, or any other. That book says it all, and it was written almost 50 years ago. If you have the opportunity, read it. It is about the human race growing up and facing reality, nightmares and all. And of course, watch 2001 again. For now, keep the faith. Pray, meditate and concentrate your energies so that you may be a beacon of light for those around you. Disasters and tests are upon many of us. If you are safe, warm and happy, be thankful, but take the time to pray for others who are not. Open your heart and "serve where you stand"

      "A disciple has major lessons to learn. He has to learn, first of all, to stand completely alone (though only apparently so) and (only for a space of time) detached...Sometimes even his own soul seems silent. But this is all illusion. Circumstances are staged to bring this condition about...The disciple must be thrown upon his own must demonstrate that steady calm for this life, the "poised position at the centre"..." (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, p. 593) One other request. During the time of the full moon, try this. Meditate/pray facing east. Imagine a golden door opening in front of you. When the door is open, you may make your wish. But don’t clog the pores of the Divine Mother with small selfish requests for help. Don’t waste the energies.Ask for the most wonderful, altruistic wish of your heart, and ask fervently. The door will be open and they will be listening. I have faith in you, that you will know what to ask for.



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