Commentary by Susan Nidle

January 30, 1998: Part 1

Greetings to you, and thank you for your questions and comments. Events are occurring swiftly indeed, but in every cycle there is a harmonic point of “beginning”.

“Who knows the secret? Who proclaimed it here?
Whence, whence this manifold creation sprang?
...Gazing into eternity Ere the foundations of the Earth were laid, Thou wert.
And when the subterranean flame shall burst its prison and devour the frame,
Thou shalt be still as Thou wert before.
And know no change, when time shall be no more.
O endless thought, divine ETERNITY.”
“Rig Veda” (translated by Colebrooke)

“The Eternal Parent, wrapped in her Ever-Invisible Robes, had slumbered once again for Seven Eternities.”
“The Secret Doctrine” Volume I, Adyar Edition, by Madame H. P. Blavatsky (first published 1888.)

      Everything changes yet everything remains the same: nevertheless, another cycle begins, but on a slightly different level. Lately, I have been reading, contemplating, concentrating and meditating on the Goddess Virgin Mary / Magdalene / Tara / Isis. Whatever name we give her in the calling, she is the same Energy, the Eternal Parent.

      In Christian cosmology, there is the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Ghost. Some feel the Virgin is the fourth. I prefer the idea that she is the first, from whom all the rest spring. From the first all- encompassing point, life energy differentiates into the 3, or the energy of the trinity: 1 + 3 = 4, or a four dimensional reality. Our personality, or what we are taught to take for our personality, is made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, or 4.

      What of the other triad? The one representing the “higher” or deeper triad of our own activating awareness. The first three levels, which correspond to the lower chakras (first, second & third = base of the spine, sexual/energizing, and solar plexus), are only balanced when truly enervated by the fourth chakra -- the Heart. The Heart, in turn, when enlightened, also enervates the next set of chakras, and wakes the being to the abstract level of concepts and symbols and truth (throat = fifth), the divine will (third eye = sixth) and the beginning of soul-connected energy, activated when the crown chakra lights up. Seven levels of awareness, seven states of consciousness.

      The upper four chakras (the fourth through the seventh) seem to involve timelessness and a completely different awareness of reality from three dimensional life. With all of the chakras fully linked, the “kundalini”, the ida and pingala, can now be activated along the spiritual spine, and the physical being is then fully functioning on many levels at once.

      “You are the fulcrum of a very complicated series of energies and realities. Each one of these many ... realities has to be allowed to coincide with each other. This fact means that your world is now encased in many different realities. Each one has to be altered properly...” “Galactic Federation Update”, January 20, 1998, page 1.

      Reality on Earth can be extremely confusing. How do we tell what is truth? Perhaps too often ignored, the Voice Within knows the Truth. She calls us to contemplate the night For as the daily/alert consciousness falls asleep, the real work begins. The night, to me, has always brought redemption and healing and not a fear of hidden devils. It is the time for us to open the hidden places of ourselves and to bring them out. Contemplate Them in the light of Truth.

      “The purpose of your enlightenment is to make you aware, and not to cast you into some Earth-created purgatory. Your beloved Mother Earth loves you very deeply...This love has made possible the divine intervention on your behalf and in support of the elevation of your consciousness.” “Galactic Federation Update”, January 20, 1998, page 2.

      Why do we let change provoke fear in us? Growth can often bring out the truth. If we have not faced the truth for a long time, it is this that could be cause for fear! It is not the outer demons that scare us in reference to a great transformation. It is the inner ones. Those little gray thoughts that steal our masks away. The masks that we use to ‘get by’ during the course of the day.

      Guess what? Those masks don’t work when exposed to the Light. We might as well be standing nude with a one-inch square of cloth covering our privates. (I don’t know about you, but I have been slightly amused by the exposure of truth that is occurring all over.) If we look just a little between the lines of the mass media, we can hear the truth. It is not even cloaked as heavily anymore, because all of its seven veils are slipping at the same time!

      Sheldon’s update reiterates the idea that sovereignty is the key. How much I agree! I have been noticing that even the most vested people are actually beginning to question their reality. As the glamorous costumes that veil the truth suddenly appear tawdry, silly and tattered, the true aroma of decaying selfishness is gagging us. More and more of us are waking up. As Sheldon says, we are asking, “who am I and where am I going?” Many of us are awakening to the reality we knew in earliest childhood. I believe that to most people, this awareness is not new. We simply accept the idea that it was not real, that it was just the stuff of little children. (However, have you noticed how incredibly wise some little children are? Listen to them. They know full well what you are struggling to understand.)

      I truly accept that many of us have had profound childhood knowledge of the truth. We have had sentient Beings communicating to us, as well as having had the real nature of reality, on other levels, revealed on an ongoing basis. Nonetheless, most of us had this stuff squashed out of us by the overwhelming prevailing belief system which dictated the nature of this three dimensional reality. This logic system was brought to its heights by the supremacy of concrete intellectualism in the last 50 years, and by the onset of twentieth century “science”. The priests of that scientific creed have been funded by the power-hungry, greedy beings who have directed our political and financial systems. This system is what is crumbling, not us.



January 30, 1998: Part 2

Greetings to you, and thank you for your wonderful letters and comments.

      The age of “Reason”, which brought the overthrow/rape of the goddess and the onset of puritanical values, was a power system based on misogyny and hierarchy. Much of this process has been occurring for 2,000 to 5,000 years, but the real pinnacle of this energy has occurred in our own century. In our history, we have gone from one extreme to the other. It is time for the tilt back. Only this time, a tilt will move us to the middle pillar, the balance achieved through a wisdom and an awareness of both sides. We need ALL of our energies, whether male/female, dark/light, to understand fully what to do and how to live.

      Most importantly, we need to go within. The deep, dark well within is akin to the womb from which we emerged after nine months of preparation. It is a familiar place. It is one filled with comfort, sleep, redemption and grace. We go back to the Mother when we return to our soul self in the midst of our being. There, no one may tell us who we are or who we should be, or even what to believe. There, we know the truth. When we look into that place, we are placing ourselves at the foot of the Goddess who is the eternal Mother and the One who will always love and forgive us. Whatever our belief system, know that she sits at our Core and she is waiting for our return.

      As I said earlier, I have prayed a lot lately, and I am using the Rosary as my anchor. Reciting the prayers quiets the mind and the emotions and stills the heart. Then the real work begins and it is not easy. I can feel the Mother smiling at me when I complete the task that I assigned myself. I picture her as happy when any of us willfully activate ourselves in service to her. She does not expect anything. Yet she asks for all and deserves more. Would not we, if we could see her in all her Glory, give her everything?

“Her Beauty is the Green Earth and the White Moon Among the Stars”
-from an old chant to the Goddess

“She will bring the buds in the spring and laugh among the flowers,
In summer’s heat are her kisses sweet, she sings in leafy bowers,
She cuts the cane and gathers the grain. When fruits of Fall surround her,
Her bones grow old in wintry cold, she wraps her cloak around her,
But She will bring the buds in the spring ...”
-Unknown origin...(somebody gave this song to me about 15 years ago)

I don’t, in any way, mean this just for women. She has been appearing to more and more people, and leaving signs more frequently. She appears as the Virgin Mary cloaked in a white luminous shawl, or dressed in a blue gown. She even appears as a pure white calf born against all odds. She comes forth as a luminous and beautiful being who inspires love, and not fear. The message seems to be one of redemption, forgiveness and service. It is truly time to take heed.

      Yes, the present reality carries great stress. This phenomenon is always true before a breaking point. The brittle structure becomes thinner and finally shatters. The previously well-hidden strings that pulled the dancing puppets and orchestrated this reality are about to break and the curtain will soon fall down. We will see the reality that has been behind it, always. The Wizard(s) of Oz who have pulled those strings are fallible, selfish, fear-ridden beings. Their magical hold will be broken by the truth. It will be the end of the silly childhood’s “dream” and the beginning of adulthood.

      We on this planet have a responsibility, which we have not lived up to, to all of the beings here. No matter what the media says to confuse us, we must look around. We know that every aspect of our physical lives here is at risk. The food chain is poisoned at a basic level. The water table is affected. The weather is different, and so on.. I still hear people who deny this. But we also have answers in front of us. There are animals who have chosen to present themselves to us: whales, dolphins, wild animals - as well as the little beings around us -- our “house pets”. Some of these beings understand and Know much more that we want to know. We should quietly listen to them, also. We must talk to those around us: compare our inner thoughts: be honest and real with our friends: read and study what is out and available: gather in groups and discuss our inner thoughts. And keep our minds open.

      We must do whatever we can to allow the change in vibration to happen. That position means paying great attention to what we eat and drink. We should think about the effect on our physical body before we involve ourselves in any activity, and think about how we use our energy. In Buddhism, right action, right thought, and right speech are topics for deep study and meditation. In other words, we must think of the ramifications of each action before, during and after any activity. We must strive to live thoughtfully. This action can only be done if we take each thing as it comes, if we respond to it and do not just react.

      The road to understanding the changes is also taken when we listen within during prayer and meditation. All of these suggestions perhaps seem trite and simple, but therein lies the power of our Being. If we truly perform in a clear and thoughtful manner, and with the intent to do the least possible harm, we can increase the happiness of the Mother with each act. Believe me, she is joyful at the slightest effort and is happiest with the largest sacrifice. Just imagine what could be if a great number of us remained thoughtful and acted with purpose in our daily lives.

      And what is it that we are supposed to be doing? Good question. We must do what makes the DEEPEST part of our HEART happy. We must not satisfy our GUT, but only our HEART. (Don’t feel it “in my gut”: feel it “in my heart”.) That is when we know it is okay, since that deep part of our heart will not be happy to hurt the ones she/it loves.

      And if we hurt, we MUST forgive ourselves, and act with more clarity the next time. We must be GRATEFUL for the opportunity to have a next time. We shouldn't be ashamed to ask for forgiveness, or to forgive fully in return for the hurts. We must strive for humility. We are all guests here at the Mother’s behest, so pray and do not take it lightly.



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