Commentary by Susan Nidle

March 1, 1998

I Know You Know

      Well, here I am back again, after a brief sabbatical.

      Sheldon’s February updates were intriguing, particularly one sentence which sparked off a response in me from childhood.

      “Inside you, a great revolution is going on. This...will eventually go beyond the limits of your current technology. It is the most feasible way in which a technology that seems presently inconceivable to you can be introduced to your world. This...negates artificial borders...It...emphasizes connection, and a creative flow between all sentient Beings...”Update, Feb 10, 1998

      In relation to this paragraph, let me tell you two stories. As children, Sheldon and I were exposed to concepts in ways that were not easily verbalized. In other words, the concepts that explained the evolution of life and how energy unfolds on this level were not easily put into words, especially then - the 1950’s - because the underlying theories were not discovered or acknowledged at that time. How would quantum theory, or chaos theory, or fractals, be described to someone 45 years ago? What is the easiest way to convey an unknown concept? Let me digress.

      I caught a program on Public TV — it was a repeat — produced and written by Arthur C. Clarke. (One of Nidle’s idols, and I consider him to be one of the premier visionaries of the mid- to late-20th century.) Anyway, it was about fractals and Mandelbrat sets — a fairly recent “discovery” amongst the world’s greatest mathematicians. At the end of the program, Clark acknowledged that these M. sets/fractals resembled Mandalas - spiritual art - and even the “reported” visions of people wacked out on LSD. This program mesmerized me because, right there in front of me, unfolded the very pictures and visions presented to me as a child. I had very severe asthma, and, at times, the only way I could survive was to sit very still in a "meditative" pose for hours on end, during which I had visions, and lost a heck of a lot of Earth time. To describe this is very difficult because within this description, I feel, is the key to describing the main way in which the 'guys upstairs' taught me and my brother. Before there was a definite voice in my head, there was the presence, and there were these visions. I was within them, and through them. I went up and down and spiralled with them. I experienced bodily sensations — being pulled or drawn up or down or through swiftly, so swiftly that my heart beat very fast in response, and I actually felt a tiny bit of fear - a loss of control, I guess.

      Then I would feel my upper self go 'way up while the lower half of me was still 'way down, and I could look down (in my mind) and have a particular sensation of being stretched. It is very difficult to describe these sensations and feelings, as there really is no English for them. There were colors and sounds commensurate with the physical experience, having a direct relationship to it. Also, there was a thickness and a lightness and density of the level, and this would change as I spiralled through the “fractal” image. What I mean is that I was moving through a plane which had a changing density and thickness. Each plane also had a certain tone and vibration, in addition to its density and mass.

      At the time, I couldn't explain it, but I always understood completely what they were showing me as I was in it. In fact, the younger I was, the more completely I understood the underlying principle. I would go off into blissful states of total understanding as to the creation and evolution of this level of vibration. Unfortunately, as I got older, it became easier and easier to forget what it all meant. As a youngster, I do remember the 'Knowing' that this was how everything came into being at this level. Let me speculate more. I think this is how DNA works, and I think it is also the key to perfecting holograms in the future.

      Chaos theory in math is blowing away many old theories and views cherished by the Newtonians. Life is not like clockwork. There are many possiblities. I guess I see the fractal image as corresponding to what the crop circles are manifesting for us. It is the Earth energy telling us how life is created from vibration and sound.

      At work, I frequently take my patients to CT scan to have soft tissue problems diagnosed. Each CT scan picture is a diagonal slice of a field, and this is also what constitutes each fractal form. They are a diagonal of one possibility of creation, and there are endless views of creation. Which view the consciousness focuses upon at one given moment in time gives the clue to the truth. And I guess time is the ultimate clue to the truth of the situation.

      Anyway, back to childhood. I remember that as we grew, my brother was able to verbalize some of the theories and connect them to physics and math. I had none of those talents, having a good grasp of the abstract, but not the ability to translate it using numbers and theorems. Unfortunately, whenever he expostulated these theories, they didn’t jibe with the current scientific jargon. They were not related to Newtonian physics (at all).

      Einstein didn’t really buy into Newtonian physics, but he had not proved the obvious ramifications of the Unified Field Theory, so he went as far as he could at that point. We have finally reached the beginning of the overthrow of the tyranny of logical, clockwork science. I heard Stephen Hawking say that he believed this spiralling fractal energy had to have a beginning, somewhere, at a minute level of matter a millionth of a millionth of a millimeter reduced to a “plank”, or something. Well, I don’t buy that. From what I have seen, there is no end, it is a spiral from the smallest to the largest and back again. These guys just can’t picture a spiral. It is an in-breath and an out-breath, each lasting countless millennia. Quantum physics is getting to that...

      So, as a teenager, my brother was considered a nut, talking about theories that had no relationship to the physics dept. at the local university...ho hum. Later, he did experiments with alternative energy machines based on some of these theories, and some originally patented by Tesla. Tesla worked with theories based on that universal electromagnetic energy, which, lo and behold, some astrophysicists are now theorizing about.

      On CNN the other day, they spoke about scientists who had been observing the growth of distant galaxies. Using known math formulas, they could not justify the way in which some of these galaxies were developing. They announced that they thought this must indicate gravity was not a law in some parts of the universe. (I never believed in gravity, anyway, just call me Susan Lawless. It’s sort of like the Old West, eh?) No, it must be a “different” law of physics in operation, but they didn’t know what. They speculated it had something to do with anti-gravity and a new form of electromagnetic energy. I had to laugh. Well, guess what, how do the “other guys” function in the physical? I’ll give you two guesses.

      Perhaps the powers-that-be on this planet are getting us lubricated up to accept a bunch of new theories, introduced by the 'other guys'. They don’t want to just drop it on us, they will “tell us” gradually of their “new” discoveries... I don’t know. All I do know is that there are several other forms of energy, and just because we have not put a name to them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Did the western hemisphere not exist before “Christopher Columbus discovered America”??? Please. The reality foisted upon us can be truly absurd at times. You must keep your sense of humor.

      It is similar to my dilemma at work, where people do not acknowledge the idea that our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic field whose meridians can be plotted. They say, “it hasn’t been discovered.” Which means old white men in universities have not been paid millions of dollars to perform research studies and then publish technical papers in acknowledged journals. It doesn’t matter that people have been using these “theories” for countless thousands of years! It sort of reminds me of Gulliver’s Travels, and the great timeless sarcastic wit of Jonathan Swift as he deftly pointed out the silliness of the “logic” of his time. In a not-too-distant (hopefully) time, people will look back at some of the beliefs now touted as 'universal truths', as so much bullhooey. (Ok, Susan, get your knickers untwisted.)

      People sometimes e-mail me, asking: “can you just prove this stuff to me, just send me some proof, please.” I am sorry: you must look around, yourself. If you keep your eyes and your heart open, there is plenty around. If your eyes and heart are closed, I cannot open them. It is truly up to each of us. All that we can do is to be examples of change, to live our beliefs and to continue to have a sense of humor.

      Keep on laughing and keep looking up. It is all there.

With love,


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