Commentary by Susan Nidle

March 20, 1998

Greetings again.

      Have you noticed how things are more complicated and multi-layered lately? To turn it round and round does not yield the whole picture; there is yet another dimension to be considered. And this is true from the largest issues in the present political miasma down to the tiniest details of my picayune personal life. Perhaps my wits have been dulled and this has been happening all along. Did I simply not notice this before? With all my Virgo planets, noticing little things has not really been a problem. (In fact, quite the opposite!) Perhaps an intense phase of Libran influences? Or merely the quandary of a clouded mind?

      Now I am not implying, either, that the world was simple before, because hasn’t the complexity and mystery of things always been one of the wonders of being here? No. It seems now that matters which at first glance could be construed as slanted one way, upon further investigation are found to be filled with paradox, metaphor and shadow upon shadow. This seems to be a theme again and again lately, a point to ponder in my dreams and waking life. (Where’s the difference?)

      Take, for example, the ideas fostered by my old friends, the Albigensians or Cathars of the middle ages. These people are a source of constant fascination for me. They are the direct spiritual descendants of gnostics, neo-platonists, and even the Essenes of Dead Sea Scroll fame. They were progressive on many levels, but the most dogmatic - and, therefore, fascinating and strange - aspect of their theology spoke of existence on this Earth as a literal manifestation of dualism, positive and negative. In other words, we are spiritual beings manifesting here in the physical realm or dimension. Spirit/physical, heaven/Earth, death/life, male/female, love/hate, black/white, etcetera. And the inherent nature of beingness here on this level implies good/evil. Evil is exemplified by things of the flesh. The Cathars’ doctrine was very complex and, in some ways, difficult to understand due to time and cultural differences, but the gray areas of life did not occupy space in their doctrines.

      I think the increasing complexity of our lives is a symbol and a barometer of the intensity of the changing dimensional energies that are descending upon us. For most of us, it is getting very difficult, I think, to maintain the belief that all is as it appears and we need not look deeper to find any answers. But this is not something to worry our little heads (my little head) about.

      In Sheldon’s update of March 14, he said, “...many of you will begin to rediscover many things about yourselves that were either lost or deeply discouraged during your childhood.” Just remember back — as children, weren’t we encouraged to believe in the idea of definite borders and uncomplicated, clear answers to life’s problems? Certain sacrosanct “understandings” were foisted upon us as TRUTH. And if we were good little kids ( I wasn’t), we went along with it all and accepted all of the explanations? On TV our problems were solved, and the truth illuminated before our very trusting eyes, within a 28-minute tube of time, interrupted by important commercial messages about toothpaste and deodorant.

      Did we question, for this bizarre signal was even manifesting itself in our living rooms? Did we wonder who these strange people were who were going to all this trouble to convince us that their food group was actually essential to life, or that their mouthwash would ensure our success? The sixties certainly represented a time when people threw off old values — the black and white — and blew their minds out, or threw away all inhibitions imposed from childhood.

      And some probed more deeply into their consciousness and learned valuable lessons. But I think most people took it at face value, tried to change their social reality but did not experience a core or spiritual change. They acted without responsibility or sense of their own impact, merely blindly changing, like the children they were. They caught a wave of energy but did not have the spiritual base to know where to go with it. But it had to start. And because they mostly had no idea what a frightening concept a total change in reality represented, they threw off their pseudo-change as soon as the social structure put too much pressure on them.

      What I am saying is that what has been happening lately is a much deeper core change. The energies of dimensional change are shaking up the planet — the weather, the oceans, the wind, the earth itself. But those energies are affecting us at many levels. Sheldon mentioned that, “...we have activated the so-called third strand of RNA/DNA found inside every cell nucleus in your body”. These changes, including genetic changes, are happening in waves. I remember a few years ago when the physical bodies of many people were struck with incredible fatigue, flu-like symptoms, etcetera, and then people’s lives were upended socially and emotionally. For a while that subsided, but now it seems that a new wave of energy has brought with it even more complicated sets of “problems” or challenges.

      It seems as if many people are just beginning, as it were, to really shake off our old acceptance of the structure of our belief systems and to say out loud that the basis and the reality of much of our society is founded on shifting sands. In order to do this, we have to look deeper and not take things at face value. And that implies accepting that the world is not “black” and “white”. Most political conflicts in the world seem to flourish in the atmosphere of good/evil, black/white, you’re wrong and I’m right. “Blah, blah”, in the words of an old friend.

      So think about this. These could not continue if the parties involved approached the issue with the question, “What can I do in this situation to encourage unity?” What if, at the point of most tension in each situation of our lives, we said, “what is it here that I can tap into, to encourage unity?”. To opt for the choice to bring things together, rather than to try to be right, is a multi-layered thought. And that choice occurs in even the most private moments of our lives. So this idea is relevant in the macrocosm and the microcosm. In fact, speaking of microcosms, many little children do seem to possess a deeper understanding of the changes than the adults. To repeat, I think we need not worry about how the little ones will be affected by the big change. It is the adults and teens, who have fixed ideas and expectations, who will have more problems.

      Of course, in seeking a solution, we must always preface our intent with the old adage, “please manifest that which would serve the greatest good for all”. Not a new concept, of course, and simple in theory, but, at times, difficult to imagine. When we take the stand to seek unity, it does not imply the denigration of the courage of self-conviction, nor does it encourage a wavering self-indulgence. Unity may call for a severe courage of the soul. To take the unifying stand is often unpopular and difficult.

      It is indeed a challenge to strive for unity and to maintain perseverance in the face of a situation where to foster conflict, partiality and factionalism would make it personally easier. In a nutshell, it seems that there are no longer any simple solutions on this small blue planet, except love and unity... In Sheldon’s March 14 update, he brings up another issue close to my heart. He wrote, “What has served you well are the procedures that you have permitted the Spiritual Hierarchy to perform upon you and your planet. The key element is your approval of your soul’s elevation in consciousness.”

      We need to keep in mind very strongly that when we perform rituals, pray and meditate, we must explore our intent. The clarity and honesty of intent is what determines the quality of the response. I have often heard it said that we must invite the S.H. (the Spiritual Hierarchy, the 'Guys Upstairs', etc.) to aid us. We must pray and allow and invite their intervention. They will not come to us or bother us unless we ask specifically, and with a clear intent. Therefore, let me reiterate very strongly that as we concentrate upon the “sealing of our intentions”, we must give energy to clarifying how, why, and what we are asking.

      We must visualize those beings with whom we feel a connection. “Here we go with Mother Mary”...yes folks, I use Mary, Mary Magdalene, and White Tara to re-visit that established connection. I also use the connections from childhood and those who bless me with visions in my dreams. But no matter how we form the connection, we must make it an emotional one from the heart. And include an element of humility and sacrifice. If you are connecting with an archetypal Being or avatar, and this image is not inducing humility in your soul, I strongly advise you to revisit your reasons for that connection.

      There are all kinds of entities who are available to give us “wisdom”...look within your deepest self when connecting with these. They can attempt to connect with our intellectual illusions and play. If your heart is not touched, and a feeling of unity and working together is not activated, pull back. The “dark” forces have lost much of their power and glamour of late, but our own clouded thought forms can lead us down paths of silliness and delay our growth. Why waste “time”? Anyway, we are responsible for our own decisions and choices in this realm. We can choose to “become unencumbered by lack and limitation”. We must ask specifically for what we need and choose that which produces more love and more growth.



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