Commentary by Susan Nidle

August 12, 1998

      Inner Sanctums, or Give Peas a Chance

There seems to be a lot of talk lately concerning safety and survival. What with all of the natural disasters that occur weekly, it is sort of difficult for anyone to deny that the earth is beginning to go through some heavy trauma.

      With the talk of disaster, people debate whether two years of food supplies will be best: perhaps we should bury the gold in the back yard: where is the safest place for us to move?

      I confess to having joined in these discussions and speculations. It is definitely in my future, sometime in the next 12 months, to leave the West Coast. A primary thought. Gold does not seem relevant. After all, who knows what will be a standard later? And food, I don’t know…but it seems to me that if we are forced to leave our homes quickly, secondary to earthquakes, fires, tidal waves or whatnot, what good would two years’ supply of canned peas do for us then? Can you carry all that with you, like Pharaoh, into the pit?

      But what is really the issue here? For me, it seems to be the same issue that inevitably appears before us at every turn in life at this sort of silly level where we find ourselves now. Safety. Do we persist in viewing this coming set of profound changes in a state of fear? In need of safety? Or do we understand this as an inevitable growth of the ‘Us’ and as a blossoming, united organism, and welcome it from a place of inner safety?

      It is a choice at a deep level, I believe. To be present here makes it difficult not to feel some sort of apprehension about what may occur. To be physical means to have to endure pain, pleasure, and all that comes with those sensations. Pain isn’t fun. Each of us knows from experience that, even as we change our vibrations and as our lightbodies become more evident, the physical still persists in having an immense impact upon us. As does the deeply emotional.

      Well, the fact is that things are still pretty dense and murky in general and this can be discouraging, because to deal with both levels is very confusing. But have you noticed that it is becoming a little easier to access and encounter those humongous, overwhelming states of being that offer us clarity at new discounted rates? It sometimes reminds me of those old blue-light specials at K-Mart. (“Attention, shoppers and children of the Light, there is a special blue light in aisle 3, just beyond the goopy mess of the 4th emotional maelstrom. Step to your right quickly and turn counterclockwise...”)

      You turn the corner in the aisle and there it is, the infinite All.

      But I digress...oh yes, safety. It seems as if more and more people are not approaching the Big Change with the intense fear that used to be manifested. A few years ago, it was all dismay and fear. Now, in fact, there is a slightly comical aspect. I know of people who voluntarily give up almost everything they have and leave their known local world for the great OUT THERE. Go with their eyes wide open into totally different situations. These people don’t need an intense fire or earthquake or tidal wave to sweep them off their butts and into a new world. They do it gladly. Not without some fear and apprehension but, after all, what profound change can occur without some healthy wondering? Courage of the heart carries one through.

      So let us be glad that for many, fear is not the main factor, but merely immense impatience. "I can’t wait for it to just CHANGE. Let the games begin!" What a change.

      Ultimately, the place of safety will be alive within us at our core levels. This makes it doubly important to be familiar with how it feels to live in that core level. The only way to do that is to do the work of meditation and individual ritual. "Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’, plannin’ and dreamin’..." no, no, that won’t do it, it is a non-linear task that will do the trick. To focus your intent and fill your heart with healing redemptive energy is herewith worth a million wishes. To train yourself to be comfortable at that level, sooner or later involves meditation upon images of peace and healing at a global level.

      Whether you believe that ultimately we will be whisked away by the 'Guys Upstairs', or that the painful changes will be somehow mitigated, or whatever, the truth is “out there” ... and it is out there in the great land of your heart. The greatest place of safety lies in the eye of your own storm, whatever that is. Face it and find the center of your soul. Like Mission Impossible -- “Jim, if you choose to accept this mission” -- it is our individual task to find that place. Not logical, but finally more fulfilling than any sensational high found in 'these here parts'. Get ‘em, Broderick.


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