Commentary by Susan Nidle

August 21, 1999

     Shifting Sands

Dreaming and waking lately. Thick curtains and light years of thought do not separate the levels anymore. Beginning with the eclipse week of August 11, now and the coming months will bring a much- awaited opportunity for all of us. We shall not let fear enter into the equation; we shall allow forgiveness, redemption, and expansion to be our guiding themes.

      Who do you feel comfortable allowing into the deepest, most protected regions of self? Who is it that you genuinely TRUST to watch you, comfort you and provide you with refuge? Whoever and whatever that is, picture that being (or those beings). Practice conjuring their image in your mind's eye. Feel and see their essence, their beingness, their smell, their movements, vividly, in your mind and heart. Allow them to enter through the blue door. Let them encounter your openness. You will know them by their familiar vibratory essence.

      Honesty, truthfulness and self-disclosure are the keys to opening the kingdom waiting. The door may close in front of you if fear is allowed precedence in your thought patterns in the coming months. But do not fear, for if we succumb to anxieties, that door will close only temporarily. The stumbling, shambling misstep of one day will be replaced with the sure-footed lithe tread of understanding the next day.

     "My footsteps home were just as light
     as the tap-dancing feet of Astaire,
     and like an echo, far away,
     A nightingale sang...."
     Quoted from A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
     by Eric Maschwitz, 1940 copyright by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc. NY

You live and learn, as my mom used to say. You move ever through. Time is a farce, and we must but wait a moment for the next opportunity, the next fold in the warp and weave of the dimensional fabric surrounding us to blip through to a new segment. If we cannot hear, at first, the whispering wisdom of the loving beings around us who long for us to hear them, rest assured we shall hear them at last. The will exists within our hearts to seek the truth.

     "May the Power of the One Life pour through the group of
     all true servers.
     May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of
     who seek to aid the Great Ones.
     May we fulfill our part in the One Work through self-
     forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech."
     For World Servers, an invocation used by the Arcane School, a service branch of
     Lucis Trust, associated with the teachings of Alice A. Bailey.

     Years ago, this was an invocation that I used frequently for centering my thoughts. It has so much contained within it, rich with food for thought. Unfortunately, after going through a particular set of circumstances, I found myself thinking of this as limiting and almost prudish. Here I am now, arriving at the point of understanding and appreciation of many old teachings, at still another level. Life is a spiral experience on this little blue planet, with the sphere ever widening.

      Did we ever think we would live to see the day when we would actually witness everything changing? It seemed so strange and far away years ago. We have arrived, and the time has come to utilize our understanding. The time is now. I am reminded of the first time I had to deal with an emergency at work, a cardiac or respiratory arrest. (In the hospital, where I work as a nurse.) All the training and endless re-enactments finally were called into play, and the real thing occurred, in a much different way than described in our sterile, controlled classes. It all was dirtier, grimier, smellier and more dramatic, but it made me understand more what was really meant in the training by "coding a patient". Think of seminal experiences you have had. I remember when my mother died 17 years ago. I thought contritely...."so this is what they meant by death?"...It was an awesome, terrible process without a beginning or an end, but with a beauty and symmetry all its own. It left me struck dumb by its inevitability, and its commonality.

      I hear you as you protest that the small print on the paper you "signed" before you got here did not tell you all of your duties. Perhaps the realization of their extent is dawning lately? It was not a fool's errand that brought you here, nor a misbegotten wish for transformation. You came here with a true commitment to this rapidly unfolding challenge, and to the hidden adventure. All of your energies will be called upon now, and you will begin to really understand what is meant by transcendence, transformation and growth. All of these trite, overused words, including power and energy, will assume new meanings.

      Hope, prayer, trust and honesty are also overused concepts, bandied about by organized religions and infomercials chiding us to rise to new levels of "success" and "wealth". They slip off the tongues of smooth orators who beg us to believe. What do they carry in their hearts? It centers really down to the truth, the bottom line. We must each of us go within and find our inner center of heart. We must really use the inner being, and rely upon that to guide us through coming opportunities. Those who have ignored inner being tap, tapping in their minds and hearts, will now have the opportunity again to choose to sit with the One Who Knows. Take that opportunity as she/he offers it to you. She/he will appear in many guises, but we must listen within to know the truth. She will come to you; you must only be open enough to know her when she whispers. (I only use the feminine for ease of communication.) Your dreams and your inner thoughts are VERY important now. Listen, write and speak about your inner life. Share with others your understanding - not to preach, convert or scare, but to create bonds of love and connection. The ones who are your family of understanding will appear in your life in the coming months and help you to see the path to your new vibratory level. Have faith and hope, and send fear back to its source, with love.

      All that you do has a new resonance, and the more you believe and understand your impact, the more resonance you will have. Realize your impact and its consequences and understand that we are all expanding at a great rate now. Be aware of how you use your energy, conserve it and do not waste your time on those who cannot understand. Everyone will be guided to their own home if they listen quietly and lovingly.

      My own inner voice responds to versions of Mary and her life vibratory resonance, found in many religions, rituals and dreams throughout time and the world. Not only limited by the image expounded in Christian writings and legends, my loyalty to Mary covers her multitude of manifestations.

     "My lady look so gentle and so pure
     When yielding salutation by the way.
     That the tongue trembles and has nought to say.
     And the eyes, which fain would see, may not endure.
     And still, amid the praise she hears secure,
     She walks with humbleness for her array;
     Seeming a creature sent from Heaven to stay
     On earth, and show a miracle made sure.
     She is so pleasant in the eyes of men
     That through the sight the inmost heart doth gain
     A sweetness which needs proof to know it by:
     And from between her lips there seems to move
     A soothing essence that is full of love,
     Saying for ever to the spirit, 'Sigh!'
     "La Vita Nuova" (The New Life) by Dante Alighieri (translated by
     Dante Gabriel Rossetti: London, Oxford University Press, 1959 edition).


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