Commentary by Susan Nidle

September 12, 2000

      Keeping Your Head Above Water in a Sea of Empathy

In this time of magnetic energy flux, many of us are being placed in the position of "healer". As our circle of influence spreads, we may come to be identified as one who seems more focused within a center of compassionate wisdom. Those around us seek us out as grounded listeners.

     Why are we professing any ability to handle these new energies in a balanced fashion? Because, over the past few years, we have WORKED our way through complex, confusing dilemmas involving physical, etheric, emotional, mental and inter-dimensional energies. We have slogged through miasmas of our age-old thought-forms. Haven't we been forced to deal with our own inner healing and emotional balance, even as we dealt with these electromagnetic shifts? Because we have had to face enormous issues in private, we are learning ways to sustain focus and create fields of balance and peace. This allows others space to feel safe and secure enough to struggle with those same issues and processes.

     We speak to you, and to all of the thousands like you, who have maintained connection with Spirit and are doing the work needed to anchor powerful energies that stream from the realms of Light. We all have pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps, grateful for any help from those around us and from our inner councils and guides. We are becoming like Houses of the Sun; as we expand and develop our Inner Light, we radiate more and more energy to those around us. YOU have built the energy center within you; how could it not affect those around you? Consider the extent of your impact upon the whole.

     We are now better equipped to handle light energies and so to attract others struggling through changes. Major transformations are being presented to all of us, eliciting overwhelming feelings of fear, sadness/depression, rage and anxiety, which in turn can disrupt the unified field that surrounds and interpenetrates us, individually and collectively. As each of us transforms our own core issues in relation to these feelings, we in turn facilitate the mending of grids that hold the interlocking fields around us.

     The Realms of Light Beings, who are working ferociously to mend and interlock the upper levels of these inter-dimensional fields, appreciate our efforts. In order for these Beings to work through us, we must focus and clear our density to allow more light to flow into us. Our fear-created miasmas appear as a black hole in the field, individually and collectively. As that black hole is surrounded and sealed with love, the miasma is transformed, gradually or immediately, into more light. As the light intensifies, it creates a powerful vortex, pulling proportional light into its core and streaming out love in a wider and wider circumference, eventually absorbing or consuming the hole. 'As above, so below', is the ancient rule. Beings of Light transform the planetary grids; it is our task to facilitate the evolution of our own field and of those around us. Who else could do this work but we, who are physically present and, simultaneously, building our own rainbow bridge connection? With each resolution of a core issue, we are healing the linkage between our soul's purpose and our ego's desire.

     As we move into expanded roles within our communities, we will be called upon to listen, facilitate or give spiritual counseling and healing. We need to focus, carefully and with discernment, and not distract ourselves in phenomena. As we continue to work through our core issues and attempt to facilitate healing of the surrounding field, we must not forget that which keeps each of us in touch with our True Self. We need to keep in focus our true connection with God/Spirit/Universe.

     As people work through their own miasmas, they are more easily able to see the light in others and are attracted, magnetically, to radiating light. Those of us who draw others within our beam must maintain spiritual balance. What does this mean? When you surrender your power and your boundaries, you lose precious inner balance and focus. The practice of willful discernment, of choosing where and when to focus your time and energy, is a useful tool of the balanced healer.

     How can we expect to help others if we allow ourselves to swim in oceans of emotions spewed out in the course of their processing? To clear somebody else's thought-forms indiscriminately may make your ego swell, but your body will suffer and your life will become a constant "process". When this happens, we become tired, listless and overwhelmed. We are less useful, and lose our desire for empathy, compassion and healing. We build thought-forms that separate us from friends, family and loved ones. We perpetuate a vicious cycle.

     In this article, we have touched only briefly on very complex, very basic issues of healing. In future, we would like to offer methods we have found helpful in dealing with these and related issues. Let us know if you are interested in hearing more. Blessings to you, as you deal with the complexities of all of the countless incoming changes.

With loving compassion,

Susan Nidle & Sheilah Blaxill

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